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'David G. Fleming'

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The David G. Fleming arrived Lyttelton December 9 1863, 1467 tons, Cruickshank, from London
Passengers- Rev. W. Hogg, Mrs. Hogg and seven children, Miss M. Marron, Miss F. Ellis, and Mr. R. J. Tucker; 300 Government immigrants in steerage. (See list below.)  The passenger list appeared in The Lyttelton Times Thursday December 10, 1863.

Another listing

The ship David G. Fleming arrived in harbor on Tuesday evening, after a passage of 100 days from London.  She brings an addition to our population of 12 passengers in the cabin and equal to 300 statue adults on account of the Provincial Government.  Every department on board appears in a very efficient and cleanly state.   A numerously signed address was presented to the captain by the passengers.   Three births and three deaths occurred on board, two under one year, and the other eight years old.  A seaman, named James Duey, a native of Stoke, lost his life by a fall from the topsail yard to the deck; he was all but dead when carried to the forecastle.  The David G. Fleming brings a large cargo consigned to Mr. D. Davis, Norwich Quay.  Columns represent name, spouse present, number of children, occupation and origin

Arthur       Henry A.   Y  6  Carpenter                Somersetshire       
Banton       John             Farm Laborer             Cheshire            
Bates        Mary                                      Worcestershire      
Baxter       Andrew           Ploughman                Lanarkshire         
Baxter       John             Ploughman                Lanarkshire         
Bethune      John       Y  3  Shepherd                 Rosshire            
Bishop       Walter           Farm Laborer             Sussex              
Boyce        E. A.            Domestic Servant         Lancashire          
Boyce        William    Y  4  Carpenter                Cheshire            
Brightmore   Arthur           Bricklayer               Middlesex           
Brown        James            Farm Laborer             Ayrshire           
Burgess      Charlotte        Cook                     Northamptonshire    
Burnett      John       Y  2  Farm Laborer             Cornwall            
Butler       W.H.       Y  3  Bricklayer               Notts               
Calder       George     Y     Carpenter                Caithness           
Calder       Margaret         Domestic Servant         Aberdeenshire       
Campbell     Catherine        Dairymaid                Rosshire            
Carlisle     Watson           Domestic Servant         Carlisle            
Carter       John       Y     Farm Laborer             Cornwall            
Christison   Joseph           Shepherd                 Aberdeenshire       
Connell      Thomas           Farm Laborer             Galway              
Connoe       Hannah           Domestic Servant         Cork                
Cowan        Andrew           Shepherd                 Rosshire            
Croy         Wm.              Ploughman                Orkney              
Dixon        Thomas     Y     Farm Laborer             Renfrewshire        
Donaldson    George           Cabinet Maker & Joiner   Forfarshire         
Donnelly     John             Farm Laborer             Dublin              
Duffey       Alex.            Farm Laborer             Carlisle            
Duffey       Elizabeth        Domestic Servant         Carlisle            
Duffey       Gregory    Y     Farm Laborer             Carlisle                    
Eastwood     Bridget          Domestic Servant         Lancashire                                 
Eastwood     Mary             Domestic Servant         Lancashire          
Farrell      Patrick          Farm Laborer             Lanarkshire         
Ferriter     Ellen            Domestic Servant         Kerry               
Finlayson    Catherine        Domestic Servant         Rosshire            
Franks       John       Y     Farm Laborer             Yorkshire           
Fuller       Agnes            Neddlewoman              Middlesex           
Gamblin      Mary             Domestic Servant         Hants               
Gawen        Chas. A.         Tailor                   Wiltshire           
Gollidge     Margaret         Dairymaid                Somersetshire       
Gourlay      Thomas           Farm Laborer             Down                
Gunn         John             Farm Laborer             Sutherlandshire     
Handling     Catherine        Domestic Servant         Limerick            
Handling     Mary             Domestic Servant         Carlisle            
Hanna        Robert           Limeburner               Down                
Hatherton    Mary Ann         Domestic Servant         Cambridge           
Hatton       Elizabeth        Weaver                   Lancashire          
Haughey      Arthur           Farm Laborer             Down                
Haughey      Edward           Farm Laborer             Down                
Haughey      Mrgt.            Domestic Servant         Down                
Heard        James      Y  2  Bricklayer                                   
Hogan        Judy             Domestic Servant         Tipperary           
Hogg         Robert           Farm Laborer             Down                
Hogg         Susannah         Domestic Servant         Down                
Hulden       John       Y  2  Farm Laborer             Carlisle                    
Innes        Peter            Farm Laborer             Aberdeenshire       
Irving       Joseph     Y  1  Farm Laborer             Carlisle            
Jones        George     Y     Plasterer                Gloucestershire     
Kennedy      E.A.             Domestic Servant         Down                
Langhorn     Thomas     Y  1  Tailor                   Surrey              
Lusk         David      Y  4  Carpenter                Buteshire           
Madden       James            Farm Laborer             Lanarkshire         
Madden       Margaret         Domestic Servant         Tipperary           
Maitland     Isabella         Domestic Servant         Aberdeen            
Maitland     Thomas           Farm Laborer             Aberdeenshire       
Marshall     Mary             Laundress                Middlesex           
Martin       Peter            Farm Laborer             Kent                
McCann       James      Y     Farm Laborer             Lanarkshire         
McCartney    Ellen            Domestic Servant         Antrim              
McCartney    Mary             Domestic Servant         Antrim              
McColl       Paul       Y     Shepherd                 Argyleshire   wife Amelia       
McCormick    Neil       Y  2  Farm Laborer             Argyleshire         
McDonald     John A.    Y     Carpenter                Kircudbrightshire   
McDonald     Maria            Domestic Servant         Carlisle            
McHarvey     Jane             Neddlewoman              Somersetshire       
McLachlan    John             Farm Laborer             Argyleshire         
McLaughlan   John             Ploughman                Renfrewshire        
McLean       John             Shepherd                 Rosshire            
McLennan     Hugh             Ploughman                Rosshire            
McLennan     Murdo            Ploughman                Rosshire            
McLeod       Arch.            Farm Laborer             Inverness           
Meckin       Charles    Y  3  Farm Laborer             Lanarkshire         
Menzies      Robert           Shepherd                 Perthshire          
Milne        Henry            Ploughman                Aberdeenshire       
Milne        James            Shepherd                 Aberdeenshire       
Munro        Donald     Y     Schoolmaster             Sutherlandshire     
Nelson       William    Y  4  Carpenter                Ayrshire            
Nullington   William    Y  1  Painter                  Middlesex           
O'Mara       Maria            Domestic Servant         Tipperary           
Olson        Donald           Ploughman                Rosshire            
Pate         J.W.             Cabinet Maker & Joiner   Suffolk             
Pearson      Sarah            Domestic Servant         Armagh              
Pearson      Wm.              Farm Laborer             Armagh              
Philp        Edwin      Y     Mason                    Cornwall            
Phillips     E.P.             Domestic Servant         Surrey              
Pickard      M.A.             Domestic Servant         Leicestershire      
Pleasance    William    Y  2  Farm Laborer             Durham              
Poole        John       Y  3  Farm Laborer             Cornwall            
Pope         Ellen            Domestic Servant         Lanarkshire         
Potts        Emma             Cook                     Derbyshire          
Pratt        David      Y  1  Carpenter                Aberdeenshire       
Price        M.A.             Domestic Servant         Cheshire            
Ray          Neil             Ploughman                Argyleshire         
Rearg        Matthew    Y  2  Farm Laborer             Carlisle                    
Robertson    John             Shepherd                 Rosshire            
Roskruge     Samuel           Farm Laborer             Cornwall            
Rowe         John             Farm Laborer             Dorestshire         
Rowe         Peter            Farm Laborer             Dorestshire         
Rusbatch     Moses      Y     Farm Laborer             Gloucestershire     
Rusbatch     Samuel     Y  3  Farm Laborer             Gloucestershire     
Rutherford   Robert           Shepherd                 Inverness           
Ryan         Michael          Farm Laborer             Tipperary           
Santar       John             Gardener                 Isle of Man         
Sarah        Carlisle         Domestic Servant         Carlisle            
Sartar       David            Farm Laborer             Isle of Man         
Sartar       James            Farm Laborer             Isle of Man         
Scott        David      Y  4  Carpenter                Lanarkshire  wife Lilly, David 6yrs, John 4, Andrew 2,  Lillias infant 
Smith        Elizabeth        Cook                     Pembrokeshire       
Smith        S.J.             Domestic Servant         Somersetshire       
Sontar       Jane             Domestic Servant         Isle of Man         
Sutherland   James            Farm Laborer             Sutherlandshire     
Sutherland   James            Ploughman                Cathness            
Sutherland   Margaret         Dairymaid                Sutherlandshire     
Sutherland   Mary             Domestic Servant         Sutherlandshire     
Tegg         William    Y  3  Carpenter                Middlesex           
Thompson     Harriett         Domestic Servant         Yorkshire           
Thompson     Wm.              Cabinet Maker & Joiner   Yorkshire           
Todd         George     Y  3  Ploughman                Lanarkshire         
Treganowen   Emily            Domestic Servant         Cornwall            
Treganowen   Mary             Domestic Servant         Cornwall            
Triggs       James      Y     Farm Laborer             Cornwall            
Tucker       James      Y  3  Smith                    Kent                
Walker       Wm.              Farm Laborer             Banffshire          
Walsh        Michael          Tailor                   Clare               
Welsh        Patrick          Farm Laborer             Clare               
Whitten      Geo.             Farm Laborer             Armagh              
Wilson       Elizabeth        Domestic Servant         Carlisle            
Wilson       Sarah            Domestic Servant         Carlisle            
Wilson       William    Y  1  Farm Laborer             Carlisle                    
Woolterton   Eleanor          Domestic Servant         Norfolk             
Woolterton   Mary             Domestic Servant         Norfolk             
Woolterton   Robert     Y  5  Farm Laborer             Norfolk             
Woolterton   Sarah            Domestic Servant         Norfolk             

The passenger list can also be found in The Press ( microfilm) held in the Aoatearoa New Zealand Centre's (ANZC) Family History Centre at the Christchurch City Libraries, and on the microfilm "Immigrant Ships to Canterbury 1853-1885"

CARTER: John, 22 year and his wife Elizabeth Julian (26) left Cornwall for NZ one month after their marriage. In 1867 they bought a farm and settled in Moutoa, near Shannon, Manawatu County. They had 10 children; the 4th was Francis John Carter (Frank, FJ) b. 13 Dec. 1869 who became the founder of timber company Carter Holt Harvey. 

COWAN: Andrew Cowan (1839-1911) worked as a shepherd and fencer in the Mackenzie.  He purchased Tekapo Station in 1876 and sold it in 1900 to Emil Schlapher.  Mr Cowan was a member of the Mount Cook Road Board and Mackenzie County Council.  He was married, in 1871 to Miss Andrews and they have eleven children.. His son George was a shearer.  A grandson to Andrew, Andy (Andrew Alexander) Cowan died 1989, owned "Glensheil" Sherwood Downs, Fairlie 1972-1974.
Timaru Herald June 1871 - Married - On the 9th instant, by the Revd. Geo Barclay, Mr Andrew Cowan to Miss Florence Andrews
Timaru Herald 25 Sept. 1874 Death: COWAN - On the 15th September, at his brother's residence, Timaru, Alexander COWAN, aged 25.
Timaru Herald May 1878 COWAN - On April 29th at Burke's Pass, the wife of Mr A. Cowan, of Tekapo Station, of a daughter.
Timaru Herald 1881 COWAN - On the 16 Nov., at Burke's Pass, Mrs Andrew Cowan, of Tekapo Station of a daughter.
Timaru Herald Friday 9 Oct. 1891 Birth COWAN - On September 30th, at Tekapo Station, the wife of A. Cowan, of a son.

ELLIS: The ship�s doctor was G.H. Acheson, LFPS 1851, LM Dub & Glasgow, FFPS, 1854 and Miss Ellis ??? ran away together family saying or met on board the David G. Fleming.  Frances Ellis came from London as a cabin passenger and Dr. George Henry Acheson from County Down, Ireland, as the ship�s doctor.  They were in Havelock in 1864, George Henry being the Mine Doctor.  In 1865 they were in Greymouth, Dr Acheson was a medical practitioner.  Registered under NMO in Hokitika 28 Feb 1867; under 1869 Act 28 Jan 1871: Hokitika / Greymouth. Born in Co Down, Ireland. Regd in UK 1 Jan 1859: Gilford, Co Down. He died in Grey River Hospital from chronic bronchitis 28 Aug 1899 aged 67 and is buried at Hokitika. Frances, Church of England, died 26-May 1918 at the age of 81 in Nelson and she and Louis are in an unmarked grave in the historic Wakapuaka Cemetery, Nelson, block 05 plot #1, 023.  They had four children - John (1865), Joshua (1868), Jane (1866) and Louis E. (3 Oct. 1870) who died aged a few days old. They finally married in Hokitika in 1875.  NZSGI � NZSG cemetery fiche P03.06 + P03.07

INNES - Peter INNES b. March 1834 d. Fielding 1922. Ploughman Fyvie, Aberdeenshire. Purchased farm at Whakanui near Ashburton. Moved to farm Normanby near Hawera, then to Whenakura near Waverley. Travelled to NZ with Thomas Maitland. Innes biography "Canterbury Times" 11 July 1887. Family NZ and Scotland researched.

MAITLAND - Thomas MAITLAND believed to be son of Thomas Maitland and Barbara { Pirie }, born Fyvie, Aberdeenshire 1827. Descendants not researched.  Information on the Innes and Maitland family courtesy of Adrian Verry. Posted 12 Feb. 2002.

PHILP - Edwin Philp, together with wife Jane and son Francis (not shown on this transcript) arrived together.  They settled in Dunedin and were joined later by two of Edwin's brothers.  Edwin was a mason, and Francis became a plasterer but died in 1883 aged 22.

The May Queen arrived Port Chalmers Oct 1872. Mary Ann Philp (a 44) with her children, William (shown as single man), Elizabeth, Mary Ann and Grace were coming to join Samuel Philp, Mary Ann's husband. He may have come earlier as a seaman, but worked in Dunedin as a plasterer. Grace Philp (a 46) was coming to join her husband, John Philp, who had arrived several years earlier. John was also a plasterer. Many of the descendants and ancestors of the Philp brothers are known.

Reports in the Carlisle Patriot of 1863, about the families sent out by the Carlisle Emigration Committee.

July 11th 1863 (from a letter to the Times from the Dean of Carlisle on behalf of the Committee)
"We are promised 150 UKP by one gentleman provided we can expend 300 UKP on emigrants for Canterbury in New Zealand in September next".

August 22nd 1863
Another batch of emigrants numbering 28 left yesterday (Thursday) morning by the 8 o'clock train to London where they would join the ship David G Fleming bound to Canterbury New Zealand. The railway authorities very kindly provided a carriage especially for the emigrants and allowed it to be attached to the fast instead of the slow train. The names of the emigrants are
William WILSON, wife and four children
Gregory DUFFEY, wife and six children
Mary DUFFEY and daughter
Matthew REAY, wife and two children
Joseph IRVING, wife and one child
John HULDEN, wife and three children.
Twelve more looms have been destroyed!

October 10th 1863
Another batch of emigrants for "Canterbury" to New Zealand,
Thomas MAIN and family of 8 children
Thomas HUGHES and family of 6 children
John WALKER and family of 8 children
were sent under the auspices of the Carlisle Emigration Committee for Auckland, New Zealand. The Committee have made great havoc amongst those distress breeding implements, the handlooms, having since the last party went out broken into splinters 44, so as most effectively to prevent the possibility of any desperate individual stepping into the departed weavers shoes.

The David G Fleming was built at Saint John, New Brunswick in 1853. She sailed on North Atlantic routes for some years. When this trade was taken over by steamships, she moved to the Australian routes. She was finally wrecked at Cuba in 1877.

Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

Record Title : Gofton, T G, fl 1863, 1894-1895 Papers
Ref. No. : MS-Papers-2112 : 1 folder(s) (71 leaves)
Gofton lived at Baberton in the Transvaal, South African Republic, during the 1890's. Contains passenger contract ticket for Charlotte Burgess b 1833? on voyage of the `David G Fleming' from London to Lyttelton in 1863.

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