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New Zealand Bound

"From the Lyttelton Times"

Lyttelton Times 4 Dec 1861
Arrived. Nov 30, ketch, Pryde, 40 tons, Ford, from Otago. Passengers - Messrs. Harston, Halse, Black, Dallis, Bunnell, Moule, Jackson.
Dec. 1. s.s. Maid of Yarra, 110 tons, Gay, from Otago and Timaru. Passengers: Captain Millton, Maria Estitath, Messrs. Henderson, Small, Davis, Somerville, Leary, Hobbs, Dimond(2), Lerceval, Boyd and wife.
Dec. 2. ship Derwentwater, 567 tons, Thompson, from London via Otago. Passengers - Cabin:
Second cabin: Robinson, Worthington(2), Milner, Ashmore, Merchand.
Steerage: Balmouth, Makin, Mills(3), Green, Moffatt, Shepherd

A barque which sailed from London on July 11th  1861 and arrived at Lyttelton on December 2nd, via Otago with 160 passengers and a general cargo. On this long and eventful voyage the barque sailed from Gravesend on July 18th and three days later turned into the Downs.  The following day she made another start but when off Portland on the 25th struck a fierce westerly gale during which a top gallant mast was washed away.  Off and on she had execrable weather until the Snares were sighted on the 20th.  Port Chalmers was reached on the 26th November, after landing 93 passengers the ship sailed for Lyttelton.  Passengers by the Derwentwater.  Lyttelton Times 4 December 1861. Arrived December, 567 tons, from London via Otago. Passengers Cabin: 
Major and Mrs Coote
Mrs Jane Morgan and child
Mr Williams
Rev. W.F. Oldham
Mr P.M.C.I. Odham

Second Cabin: Robinson, Worthington (2), Milner, Ashmore, Merchand. 
Steerage: Balmforth, Makin, Mills(3), Green, Moffatt, Shepherd
The Derwentwater, owing to a succession of contrary winds has made a long passage, being 115 days from land to land.  The passengers speak very highly of the ships Captain Thomson, her commander, to whom they present a testimonial expressive of their appreciation of the uniform kindness and attention which they have received from him and his officers since leaving England. [note: The Worthington's disembarked at Port Chalmers.]

Dec. 3 s.s. Lord Ashley, 296 tons, Wheeler, from Sydney, via Nelson and Wellington.
Nov. 29, s.s. Gazelle, 79 tons, James, for Akaroa and Timaru. Passenger - Mr Armstrong.
Nov. 30, cutter, Julia Ann, 20 tons, Swanson for Dunedin, with 46 passengers.
Dec. 3, s.s. Lord Ashley, 296 tons, Wheeler, for Otago.


Sailing for London  From the Lyttelton Times February 28, 1863
Cleared February 25, ship Dewentwater, 568 tons, Thomson, for London.  Passengers: Mr and Mrs Sparrow and six children, Mrs Robinson, Messrs. Traherne, Jones, Smith and Dr Kenny.

The Southern Cross, Feb. 3rd. 1863 pg2.Another voyage:
Dewentwater departed Gravesend 9 Dec. 1859, arrived Wellington 24 March 1860


otagowitness 1861

Timaru Herald, 23 November 1896, Page 2
The many friends of Mrs Rowe will regret to learn of her death which took place on Saturday afternoon. The deceased lady Who was 73 years of age, was born m Gambourhe, Cornwall, England, her father being the late Captain Charles Davey. The late Mrs Rowe came to New Zealand in the Derwenter in 1862, arriving at Dunedin, where she resided until 18 years ago when she came to Timaru. She leaves three sons and two daughters by her first marriage.