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Financially delinquent immigrants are immortalised in the 
List of Immigrants, Debtors to the Provincial Government of Otago for Passenger Moneys

New Zealand Bound

- (Assisted Immigration Passage 
Money Account."
) Corrected from Treasury Books, 4th August., 1869 inclusive.

The date after the immigrants' names are the dates of last payments.

In 1869 an official list was published of all those people who had part or all of their passage to Otago paid for by the Otago Provincial Government since 1848 and who still owed any part of this money.  In 1872 another list was published. These lists gave No. of Bill, ship's name, date of arrival in Otago, immigrant's name and the amount of money still owing. The dates after the Immigrants names are the dates of the last payment. Some of the passengers were colonial nominated (  ) s/b - sponsored by someone already living in New Zealand.

24 pages  Work in progress

The 1869 List  - ships arrived at Port Chalmers
 ("Assisted Immigration Passage Money Account") ; corrected from Treasury Books, 4th Aug. 1869, inclusive.

page 1
Ship "Wickliffe" arrived March 23 1848
Duncan 		Andrew

Ship "Larkins" arrived Sept. 11 1849
Bennie 		Jamca
Barr 		John

Ship "Mootlan" December 26 1849
Bowers 		David

Ship "Royal Albert" March 1853
Speid 		Alex
Ship "Gil Blas" September 3 1853
Matthews 	R.
Burridge 	Fanny

Ship "Challenger" January 23 1856
Cassidy 	Thomas
Duncan 		George
Tootall 	William
Gourlay 	James
Price 		John
Cole 		Michael
Ship "Gil Blas" February 26 1856
Davis 	John
Downes 	Thomas S
Galones 	Patrick
McCartney 	Michael
Cooper 		Eliza
Eadson 		John
Downes 		Thomas S
Dallas 		Alexander
Shape 		William
Kelly 		John
Provan 		John 
alias Peter McLean
Ship "Southern Cross" Feb. 26 1856
Falconer 	David
Ferguson 	Robert
Barr 		James
Barr 		John Senr.
"Strathmore" October 2 1856
Hastie 		Alex
(Robert Hastie, N.E. Valley)
McLeod 		John
"George Canning" November 30 1857
Chittock 	Fred
Carless 	John
Jago 		John (Chas. Tilly)
Ship "Strathallan" January 8 1858
Burns 		Richard
Campbell 	William (Peter Campbell)
Christie 	David (R. Christie)
Gillies 	John
Howley 		Agnes
McHardy 	Wm
Scott 		Mat. Gardener (James Scott)
Simpson 	Walter
Hutton 		William
Mercer 		Robert
Mclean 		William
Henderson 	David
Thomas 		Andrew

page 2
Ship "Robert Henderson" Feb. 9 1858
Ship "Palmyra"
Ship "Strathfieldsaye"
Ship "Nourmahal" May 5 1858
Ship "Three Bells" July 13 1858

Ship "Jura" September 23 1858 off site
Robert 		James
Thomson 	George
Wilson 		Jno. (John Anderson)
Anderson 	Agnes (John Anderson)
Wilson 		John Richard
Wilson 		Margaret R
Clarke 		Henry
Polson 		George
Robertson 	Agnes and William
Deans 		Alex.
Hayes 		Susannah
Paterson 	Anthony and Mrs J.
Mclean 		Hugh
Wallace 	Mary
Wilson 		Alexander

Ship "Lord Wesley" 
Bray 		Benjamin
Home Immigration
Weaver George
Steeck 		James R.

Ship "Gloucester" Dec. 26 1858 off site
McTainsh 	Peter
Wilson 		D. 

page 3
Ship "Alpine" Sept. 12 1859  off site
Aitken	Robert 
"Sevilla" December 2 1859 off site
"Gala" February 23 1860 off site

page 4
"Storm Cloud" April 28 1860
List of some of the assisted immigrants, Debtors to  the Provincial Government of Otago for Passage Moneys.   
"Henry" Auckland Feb. 8 1860
Trimmer		 George
"Airedale," Auckland, Feb. 1860
"Dunedin" Melbourne March 12 1860
"Gil Blas", Melbourne March 31 1860

page 5
"Pladda," August 20 1860
"Robert Henderson," Sept. 3 1860
"Henrietta" September 24 1860

page 6
"William Miles" October 1 1860
"Evening Star" October 14 1860
"Silistria" Oct. 29 1860 off site
"Chile" December 26 1860
"Lady Egidia" June 28 1861 off site

page  7
"Lady Egidia" June 28 1861 con.
"Melbourne" March 17 1861 off site

page 8
"Storm Cloud" July 30 1861
"Pladda" September 8 1861

page 9
"Robert Henderson" October 6 1861
"Derwentwater" November 25 1861
"Chile" December 10 1861

page 10
"Silistra" January 13 1862 off site off site "Sevilla" November 12 1862 off site female pass

page 11
"Star Of Tasmania" Nov. 5 1862
Ashton 		Margaret
Brooks 		Sarah
Brewer 		Mary Anne
Collins 	Jane
Farrell 	Margaret
Finch 		Elizabeth
Hughes 		Margaret
Hardy 		Sarah
Hollywood 	Margaret
Jossain 	Caroline
Kran 		Mary
King 		Margaret
Little 		Anne
Lee 		Emily C
Langford 	Elisabeth
Owen 		Anne
Wells 		Louisa
White 		Charlotte
West 		Hannah E

"Pladda" December 26 1862
"Chile" November 19 1862
Anderson 	Susan
Brian 		Anne
Banks 		Elizabeth
Berghoff 	Phillipine
Brazel 		Mary
Collins 	Ellen
Coldbreek 	Catherine
Duke 		Jane
Davis 		Elizabeth
Dalton 		Mary Anne
Graham 		Emily
Hearne 		Mary
Hudson		Emily
Harris or Haines Elizabeth
Jubber 		Harriett
James 		Mary Anne
Knowles 	Emma
Mead 		Mary Anne
Neilson 	Jane
Parsons 	Helen
Robinson 	Mary Anne
Randle 		Ellen
Randle 		Lucy
Stovell 	Elizabeth 
Sheldon 	Emma
Talbot 		Milly Anne
Talbot 		Jane
Williams 	Sarah Anne

 page 12
"Sarah M." December 31 1862
Besgrove 	Ellen
Birrell		Grace
Brooks		Esther
Brennau		Margaret
Brown		Ann
Brown 		Mary
Burns		Ann
Burke		Barbara
Butler		Ellen
Byrne		Mary
Coleburn	Helena
Cussen		Catherine
Craven		Margaret
Cryan		Bridget
Constant	Sarah
Daly		Jane
Donevan		Mary
Dunbar		Agnes
Drysdale	Jean
Evans		Esther
Fieldes		Mary A
Ford		Mary Jane
Galton		Martha
Hudson		Mary
Hayes		Lydia
Hayes		Eleanor E.
Hayes 		Emma
Hurst		Jane
Hough		Elizabeth	
Jackson		Ellen
Jackson		Elizabeth
Johnstone	Esther
Larkins 	Catherine
Lloyd		Bertha
McComb		Elizabeth
MacCarthy	Agnes
Mills		Mary
Moffat		Bridget
Morris		Catherine
Murley		Elizabeth
Murley		Rebecca
Malloy		Margaret
Megrath		Bridget
Mahony		Mary Ann
Martin		Emily
Millson		Elizabeth
Martin		Emily
Overington	Ellen
Roche		Ellen
Roche		Mary
Robertson	Margery
Reynolds	Eleanor
Shennan 	Jane
Sier		Emily
Thatcher	Emma
Williams	Mary
Young		Kate
"Benlomond" January 19 1863
from Glasgow

Aitcheson 	Letitia
Alexander 	Jane
Armstrong 	Mary
Armstrong 	Fanny
Brady 		Ann
Bell 		Isabella
Burke 		Catherine
Bragg 		Jane
Begbie 		Elizabeth
Brown 		Mary
Brown 		Beens C
Brown 		Ann
Beattie 	Elizabethl
Berry 		Margaret
Begbie 		Margaret
Begbie 		Jessie
Cooley 		Eliza
Cooley 		Sarah
Collier 	Mary
Campbell 	Mary
Carr 		Bridget
Clark 		Dinah
Clark 		Abbey
Clark 		Margaret
Cope 		Sarah
Crawford 	Janet
Cottingham 	Jane
Drummond 	Jane
Dodds 		Isabella
s/b Eliza Gunn and Isabella Gunn
Elder 		Jane
Folan 		Mary
Finn 		Bridget
Fitzpatrick	Ann
Fitzpatrick	Ellen
Flemming 	Francis
Galway 		Mary
Gordon 		Barbara M
Gordon 		Elizabeth
Gilchrist	Anne
Gillespie 	Elizabeth
Harrison 	Jane
Hardiman 	Margaret
Heggie 		Mary
Harvey 		Eliza
Joyce 		Mary

page 13
"Benlomond" January 19 1863 cont. "John Duncan" Feb, 13 1863

page 14
"Gananoque" March 12 1863
"Arima" March 19 1863
"Silistra" April 19 1963

page 15
"Prince of Wales" June 26 1863
"Mataoka" July 3 1863
"Victory" July 12 1863

page 16
"Crimea" September 1 1863
"Mataura" September 14 1863
"Vectis" June 30 1864
"Severn" May 13 1864
"Andrew Jackson" July 17 1864

page 17
"Ajmeer" September 5 1863
Lyall 		Emma Mary

"Hamilla Mitchell" September 21 1864
Cummock 	Mrs Jane
s/b John Cummock and Peter Lindsay
Dickson 	Helen
s/b Hume Dickson and Wm Black
Gillies 	Helen
s/b Wm Christie and Archibald Smith
Gillies 	Maggie
Gillies 	Alexr.
Gilmour 	Elizabeth
Kennedy 	Flora
Lyon 		Maurice
Munro 		Christina
Noble 		Mary
Reid 		Robert 
s/b Wm Welsh and James Melwain
Ross 		Catherine
Ross 		Grace
Ross 		Janet
Saunders 	Mary
Thompson 	Deborah
Todd 		Thomas 
s/b John Logan

"Black Swan" October 10 1864
Pyke 		Lydia
Harley 		Mary Ann
Harley 		Eliza

"Gala" October 29 1864
McCombe 	Margaret
Draper 		Christina Keir
Draper 		Margaret
Dow 		Isabella 
s/b David Scott and James Wilkie
Fleming 	Eliza and Johanna
s/b Michael Fleming and J.R. Mills
Lamond 		Henrietta
Morrison 	Sarah
Neylon 		Mary
Reid 		Mary
Smith 		Sarah
Wilson 		Agnes
Wilson 		Isabella
Young 		Ann
Young 		Mary

"Chile" November 17 1864
Bruce 		Clara
Chalk 		Emma
Knowles 	Ann
"Celano" December 16 1864
Jolly 		Maria
Martin 		Elizabeth

"Aboukir" January 5 1865
Currie 	Janet
Cossgrove 	Henry 
s/b James Cossgrove and Thomas Aimers
Doberty 	Bridget (Ballyrordee)
Fitzgerald 	Mary
Houston 	Jessie
Houston 	Jane
Houston 	Mary
Kennedy 	Cornelius
s/b Nich. Maloney & William Maloney
McKinlay 	Janet
McKinlay 	Margaret
McColl 		Mrs Margaret
s/b John McColl and Andrew Smaillie
McKay 		Mary
Petrie 		Jane
Robertson 	James 
s/b T. Ronaldson and J. Steadman
Roxburgh 	Allan
s/b George Cowans and John Anderson
Young 		David
s/b John Young & John Roberts

"Gloriosa" January 17 1865
Cunnes 		Eliza
Friend 		Arthur and Arthur
s/b George Friend and Henry Doig
McGruer 	Marion, Georgina, Eliza and Catherine
Phillips 	J.E. 
s/b George B. Phillips and John Cornwall 

"St. Vincent" March 17 1865
Brown Mary 
s/b David Gillies & Duncan McGregor
Crawford 	James 
s/b Thomas and Alex. McNeil
Cavanagh 	Margaret
s/b John Hyde Harris & John Loftus
Cavanagh	Celia
s/b John Hyde Harris & John Loftus
Develing 	Hannah
Fairburn 	Andrew
s/b Thomas Fairburn & D. Ferguson
Hayes		Archibald
s/b David Andrew & Esther Rowman
Hamilton 	James 
s/b James Muir and Hugh Russell
Imire 		Euphemia
McPherson 	Margaret
McCallum Hugh 
s/b Margaret Burnett 
Roberts 	Marion
s/b Joseph & William John Roberts
Scott 		Mary

"Esmock" March 26 1865
McDavid 	Jessie

"Jessie Gilbert" June 3 1865
Cussen 		Maria
Coleman 	Honora
Digman 		Mary
Gill 		Louisa
White 		Catherine

page 18
"Caribou" July 13 1865
Brown 		Eliza
Crawford 	Margaret
s/b Neil McKeown and Euphemia Calton
Craige 		Jane
s/b James Craige and James Grieve
Currie 		William
s/b Peter Crawford and Wm Welsh
Cox Patrick
s/b Thomas Quill and Patrick Dee
Cox 		Bridget
Casey 		Michael 
s/b Bridget Casey and Mrs Urie (Octagon)
Floyd 		Mary
Hannagan 	Bridget
Hannagan 	Francis 
s/b Francis Hannagan & John Fox
Hannah		Maria
Liddell 	Jane
Moses 		Martha
Magurie 	Redmond
Maguire 	Catherine & Bernard
s/b Neil McKeown & Euphemia Calton
McDonald 	Ann
O'Connor 	Francis
s/b Jane McNamara & Joseph Roberts
O'Connor 	Margaret 
s/b James McPherson & Joseph Roberts
Smith 		Ann
Jack (or Lack) Hannah
Todd 		Elizabeth 
s/b Thomas Todd and H. Lambert
Wilson 		Isabella
Waddell 	William
s/b John Blair and Robert Osler
Willis 		William 
s/b James Bergan and James McKay

arrived 29 August 1865
Adams 	Elizabeth
s/b John Adams & John Barr
Dunne 	Essly 
Farrell Anne 
Hickey 	Margaret 
"Peter Denny" September 2 1865
Burns 		Jessie
Booth 		Mary
Clarke 		Annie
Campbell 	Agnes
Daly  		Margaret
Daly 		Jane
Eddison 	Jane
Ewing 		Helen
Fitzgerald 	Ann
Gray 		Christina
Grant 		Mary
Grant 		Margaret
Hird 		Ann
Killheny 	Christina
Matthew 	Christina
Mitchell 	Elizabeth
McAdam 		Agnes
McLeod 		Williamina
McLeod 		Catherine
McLeod 		Isabella (Glasgow)
McLeod 		Margaret
McDonald 	Ann
McGavin 	Jane
Mackie 		Jane
Ross 		Mary
Sutherland 	Isabella
Stewart 	Margaret
Stewart 	Jane
Shields 	Janet Young
Urquhart 	Margery
Watt 		Mary
Wallace 	Margaret


Leichardt arrived August 3 1865
Alexander 	Mary Ann 
Droyer 		Mary 
Clark 		Mary Ann 
Dunne 		Jane 
Farrell 	Julia 
Ferguson 	Mary 
Fitall 		Ann 
Johnson 	Elizabeth and Isabella
Keenan 		Margaret and Anne 
McCullough 	Susan 
McSorley 	Lousia and Annie J. 
Overan 		Jane 
Stewart 	Eliza 
Thompson 	Jane 
Wilson 		Maria, Janet and Eliza 

arrived 23 September 1865

Bennet 		Ellen 
Everell 	Ellen M 
Jane		Keen 
Kennedy		Anne 
Meechan		Mary 
O'Donnell	Lousia 
Shuttleworth	Margaret 
Spillan		Mary 
Wray		Ann Jane 
"Robert Henderson" November 7 1865
Brown 		Jessie
Brown 		Margaret
Cherry 		Alexander
s/b James Cherry and Peter Walker
Ewart 		Margaret
Forbes 		Mary
French 		Elizabeth
McLean 		Georgina
McGown 		Ann
McFarlane 	Isabella
Murray 		Jessie
Nevin 		Bridget
s/b David Mullony
Rae 		Mrs Isabella
s/b James Dow and Donald Cameron

Paria - January 6 1866
Allison 	Janet 
Ferris		Janet 
s/b B. Ferris  & A. Maloney
Ferris		Timothy 
s/b B. Ferris  & A. Maloney
McDonald	Margaret 
McDonald	Elizabeth 
McDonald	Williamina 
McDonald	Margaret
McDonald	Charles 
McDonald	James 
McDonalds were s/by John
 McDonald & Stephen Letham
McLean		Catherine 
McLean		Ann 
McHardy		George 
s/b John Grant & John Reid
Millar		Agnes 
Oxley		Rose 
Rahilly		John 
Rahilly		Catherine 
Sharp		Mary 
Tubman		Mary Ann 
Treasurer	Margaret 
Taylor		Elizabeth 
Williamson	Elizabeth 

 Page 19
 - arrived December 14 1865 
Looker 		Rebecca 
Westlake	Phoebe 
Echunga - arrived 17 December 1865 
Burgess 	Louisa 
Burgess 	Hannah
S. Cate 	Jessie
Hocking 	Elizabeth 
Reid 		Catherine 
Robinson 	Annie 
Parisian  - arrived January 15 1866
Bain 		Jane 
Desmond 	Mary 
Day 		Anne 
Hilcott 	Clara 
Yarnold 	Ketarah 
Warrior Queen January 30 1866
Bailey 		Agatha Martha 
Lonigan 	Mary 
Little 		Elizabeth 
Marshall 	Ann 
Pilkington 	Amelia 
Robinson 	Betsey 
Reid 		Elizabeth Ann 
Rochford 	Margaret 
Ross 		Janet 
Whalton 	Rose 

Helenslee   - arrived 24 March 1866
Angus 		Mary 
Brown 		Mary Ann 
Campbell 	Elizabeth 
Connell 	Catherine 
Flynn 		Catherine 
Mulryan 	Kate 
O'Linn 		Patrick s/b John McCurchy
Petrie 		Mary 
White 		Isabella 
Houston 	Margaret
Bouchier	Francis 	
Jage 		John Westly 

Viola arrived July 26 1866
Ainslie 	Jemima 
Caldwell 	Mary A 
Fotheringham 	Jane 
Haig 		Helen 
Higgs 		Thomas 
s/b Charles Higgs & W.S.H. Roberts
Maloney 	James 
McLean 		Mary Ann 
McLean		Grace
O'Shaughnessy	Rosanna 	
Pearce 		Ruth 
Pearce 		Barbara 
Stewart		Margaret (Paid)
Wilson 		Alison 


"Resolute" September 23 1866

William Davie
 - arrived 1 November 1866
Dunbar 		Jessie 
McLeod 		Jane 
Nevin 		Martin 
Robertson 	Isabella 
Sheddon 	Elizabeth 
Sheddon 	Jane 
"Celeno" January 8 1867
"Caribou" January 8 1867

page 20
"City of Dunedin" March 13 1867
"Countess Russell" March 15 1867
"Beautiful Star" July 22 1867
"Silistria" August 25 1867

page 21
"Vickburgh" September 30 1867

"Echunga" October 12 1869
Booth 		Mary 
s/b Thomas Haigh, Francis Hare & Benjamin Dawson
Christopher 	John 
s/b W.W. Cooper & B.R. Baird
Coates 		Hannah
Dunstan 	James
Fitzsimmonds 	Ellen
Fitzhenry 	Kate
Haigh 		Elizabeth 
s/b Thomas Haigh, Francis Hare & Benjamin Dawson
Haigh 		Sarah
s/b Thomas Haigh, Francis Hare & Benjamin Dawson
Hughes 		Catherine
Lyon 		Margaret 
s/b John Barr and James Baxter
Tobin 		William
Williams 	Catherine
Willis 		Margaret

"William Davie" October 29 1867
"Chile" December 2 1867
Gilden 		Catherine
Gilden 		Letitia 
s/b Thomas Lynch and Bernard O'Neil
Gibbons 	Richard
Lindsay 	Catherine 
s/b A. Bray and J. Hislop
Lindsay 	Mary Ann 
s/b A. Bray and J. Hislop (Dunedin)
Murphy 		William
Phillips 	William
Richards 	George
Stephens 	Thomas
Trudgian 	Thomas

"Robert Henderson" December 14 1867
Boyd 		Helen
Cameron 	John
Dreaver 	Andrew 
s/b A and W. Dreaver
Dreaver 	Margaret 
s/b A and W. Dreaver
Dreaver 	Ann 
s/b A and W. Dreaver
Falconer 	Agnes
Glen 		John
Henderson 	Helen
Murray 		Murdo
McIntyre 	Agnes
Tweed 		Alexander R

"E.P. Bouverie" January 27 1868
Deeley 		Michael 
s/b Thomas Cleary (Dunedin)
Law 		John 
s/b James Diack and Peter Law
Mee 		Thomas 
s/b Agnes Ross and Donald Reid
Milne 		Robert
McNab 		Archibald
McCabe 		Patrick 
s/b James Byrne and William Burns
Sinclair 	Isabella
Tweed 		Alexander
Young 		Hugh 
s/b Thos. and Wm Young and Henry Doig
Young 		Christina 
s/b Thos. and Wm Young and Henry Doig

 page 22
"Warrior Queen" January 28 1868

"Viola" March 19 1868

"England" March 16 1868
Baines 		Mary A
Everett 	Maria
Sainsbury	William
Sainsbury	John

"Caribou" June 17 1868
Duncan Eliza
Enwright Daniel
Fearon Mary
Fearon Jessie
Fearon John
Fearon Charles
Fearon James
Fitzgibbon Thomas
Johnstone Wiliam
Martie James Stell
o'Brien John
Pratt Mary
Spence Daniel
Spence James
Wilson Hugh, senr
Wilson Samuel
Wilson  Hugh, junr.
"Ajmeer" July 7 1868
"Helenslee" August 23 1868
Barker 		William
Bolger 		Ann
Britton 	Margaret
Black 		Margaret
Foy 		Ann
Grierson 	Mary
Hamilton 	Mary
Hargrove 	Agnes
Hay 		Betsey
Herald 		James
Laurie 		Eliza
Laurie 		Andrew
Laurie 		William
Mackay 		Margaret
McKenzie 	Duncan
McKenzie 	Flora
McKenzie 	Alexander
McDonald 	Jane
McIntosh 	Mary Ann
Montgomery 	Jane
Rutherford 	Jane
Rodger 		John D
Taylor 		James

"Schleswig Bride" Oct. 8 1868
Boyhan 		Ann
Flanigan 	Mary
Grant 		Alexander
Gordon 		Margaret
Gordon 		Helen
Gordon 		John
Greatish 	Mary
Henderson 	James
s/b David Henderson and George Murray
Kelly 		Mary Jane
Kelly 		Jessie
Meldrum 	Betsy
s/b John Humphry, Frankton
Millar 		Helen
McKay 		Annie
McKeod 		Mary
McGeoch 	Sarah
McMurray	Matilda
McLean		Ann
McGavin		Alice
McArthur	Arthur, John, David
and Margaret
Neill		Agnes
Ross		Isabella
Selby		Isabella
Sinclair 	Adam C
s/b Andrew Wilson
Sillars		Barbara
Sillars		Mary
Sillars		Duncan
Sillars		Archd., junr
Sillars		Archibald
Strachan	William
Strachan	Isabella
Strachan	Andrew
Wymes		Helen

"William Davie" October 30 1868
Anderson Emily Watt
Bowie		Agnes
Brown		Alexander
Clancey		Alxager
Clarke		John
Cruikshank	James
Cruikshank	Jane
McPhil		Donald Senr.,
McPhil		Alexander, Donald, Chris

page 23
"Timaru" November 14 1868
"Robert Henderson" November 29 1868
"City of Dunedin" January 12 1869
Brown 		Jane
Carmichael 	Mary
Fitzpatrick 	Bridget
Henderson 	Charlotte
Jones 		William
King James  	s/b Thomas Donnelly
Taylor 		Peter
Thomson 	Margaret

"Edward P. Bouverie" March 16 1869
Borthwick 	Alexander
Briggs 		Annie
McTaggart 	Duncan
Mickle 		Isabella
Seed 		Jane and Elizabeth
Wardrop 	Mary

"Peter Denney" May 12 1869
Penn  		Sarah

"Challenger" July 19 1869
Rawle 		Mary and Emily

"Agnes Muir" July 26 1869

page 24

Judgments obtained against
475 David Robertson
938 Henry McCormick
1913 Peter Forbes

Arranged - New bills being granted
John Gillies
James Sim "Peninsula"
John Biggar

Examples page 21  
No. 4993 McDonald, Elizabeth    3            "Otago" Arrived Dec. 6 1869
No. 5029 McDonald, Jessie         6            "Christian McCausland" Arrived 19 Jan. 1870
No. 5124 McDonald, John          3             "William Davie" Arrived  7 Sept. 1870
No. 5125 McDonald, Alexander 13 10-/    "William Davie" Arrived 7 Sept. 1870. The average fare would have been 14 - 15.

Otago Witness Saturday July 19 1862 page 4
Assisted Immigrants who arrived per ship Storm Cloud, on the 30th July, 1861, are reminded that their Bills are over-due, and that payment must be made at this office without delay. Collin ALLAN, Immigration Agent, Immigration Department, Superintendent's Office, 17th June, 1862. 

John Pullar, wife and child, assisted migrants on the 'Storm Cloud' which arrived from Glasgow July 30 1861 (Otago Colonist June 28, 1861) this same John Pullar (Bill No. 45) as still owing 27 for this passage. 

List of some of the assisted immigrants, Debtors to  the Provincial Government of Otago for Passage Moneys.            page 22   March 12 1868 - Oct. 30 1969
Source: Hocken Library. 1869 list   page 22

An example from the 1869 page 22  list:  
The missing number 4753 is almost certainly another MacAndrew who paid back the fare in full before this date.  The difference in the amounts probably reflects the Province's higher subsidy for female immigrants who were in high demand. The Macandrew family were recorded as nominated for assisted passages by George MacAndrew and Peter Day, who would have been already resident in the Colony.  The bills outstanding against the Macandrew's as at August 4 1869 were:

4752 MacAndrew, Mrs. Ann   7 last paid Oct. 23, 1868
4754 MacAndrew, George 14
4755 MacAndrew, James 14
4756 MacAndrew, Helen   7

At the age of twenty William MacAndrew arrived at Port Chalmers, Otago on the Viola'  March 12, 1868 along with his parents and siblings. 

"Jimmy Grant" NZ rhyming slang for immigrant - short form jimmy.
The earliest example of rhyming slang is in the English writer Edward Jerringham Wakefield's, Adventures in New Zealand, 1845, in which he includes an account of the journey from the UK to the Southern Hemisphere: "The profound contempt which the whaler expresses for the 'lubber of a jimmy-grant', as he calls the emigrant." But over time this shifted to Pommy Grant,  'Pommigrant', later to pommy.

apple pie 'cry'
butcher's hook 'crook, angry'