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Antipodes Island Shipwrecks

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"Spirit of the Dawn" 1893

Captain Fairchild, of the Colonial Government steamer Hinemoa on 30th November rescued the chief and second and third officers and eight crew of the 'Spirit of Dawn,' belonging to Johnston, Bell, and Co., of Liverpool. The vessel had left Rangoon on the 18th of June last, loaded with a full cargo of rice, bound to Talcuhano, on the west coast of South America. On the 4th September last, about 4.30 a.m. she struck in thick fog, the captain an d four of the crew being drowned. The place where the vessel was wrecked was on a reef of rocks about half-a-mile seawards on the south side of the island. Captain Fairchild had observed a flagstaff erected (made from the boat's mast and an oar) on a high knob and getting closer a flag was hoisted indicating someone was there on the Antipode Island and the Hinemoa immediately showed its ensign. The first salutation was "God bless you! We have been here 88 days." They did not find the Government depot was which about three miles away.

Mr Davies alluding to Captain Fairchild. "He is a gentleman" There was the Premier's daughter on board, and she treated us as an equal. The late Captain Millington leaves a widow and two children, who are resident in Liverpool. "A better sailor never trod a vessel's deck." "He was a gentleman, a navigator, and a seaman."

The 'Spirit of the Dawn' was an iron barque of 716 tons gross and 692 tons net register; classed *AA1 at Lloyds. She was built at Sunderland in 1869 by T.R. Oswald and Co., and was owned by Messrs J. Bell and Son, of Liverpool.

The survivors
R.H. Horner, chief officer
J. Morrissey, second officer
Harry Davies, third officer
E.M. Bergthiem, apprentice
W. Clementson, apprentice
Thomas E. Ballard, A.B.
Frank McLaughlin, A.B.
C.D. Mason, A.B.
Bernhard V. Anderson, A.B.
Felix Hewbert, A.B.
(an Eurasian boy, half-caste Indian boy shipped at Rangoon)
John J. Peers

Those who drowned with the vessel:-
Captain R.T. Millington
J. Peterson (carpenter), a Swede
Peter Dawson (cook), a native of Liverpool
____ Ceto, (steward), of Copenhagen
Frank Bauitter (A.B.), of Jersey