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'Loch Cree'

New Zealand Bound

The following is a transcript from the The Star Tuesday 12 March 1878

Arrived Lyttelton. March 12 - Loch Cree, barque, 779 tons, Jones,

The Loch Cree, from London, arrived this morning and anchored at 6 a.m. She is commanded by Capt. John Jones, and is under charter to the New Zealand Shipping Company. Her passage has been 82 days from the Lizard, and 79 days from that point to the Snares. The Loch Cree brings two second cabin and three steerage passengers, besides 15 Government immigrants, bound for Port Chalmers, all well. [passengers 28]

Second cabin-  

Mr John A. Bower
Mr Alfred Goldsworthy

Steerage -

Johns 		Cornelius
Johns 		Annie
Johns 		Alice
Johns  		Alfred 
Johns  		Charles
Joyce 		Edward
Joyce 		Mary
Joyce 		Robert
Joyce	 	Barbara
Joyce 		Edward
Kay 		Thomay 
McKisack 	George H.
Martin 		John
Martin 		Annie
Martin 		Minnie
Martin 		Samuel
Martin 		Mary A
Neele 		Edwin 
Seare 		Isaac
Seare 		Eliza
Seare 		Emma
Seare 		Ellen
Seare 		William
Seare 		Thomas
Seare 		Henry
Seare 		George

The Star March 14 1878

Voyage Account
The Loch Cree is a sister ship to the Loch Fleet which was here some few months ago and like her belongs to the Loch Line. She is under command of Captain Jno. Jones, this being his first command. Passage 79 days from land to land. 82 days from the Lizard to anchorage. Left London Docks Dec. 11; the Downs Dec. 13, took departure from the Lizard on Dec. 19. The surgeon of the ship is Dr Hockbridge. Those in the second cabin were lodged in the half-deck, while the steerage passengers and immigrants were quartered aft in the 'tween decks. They presented anything but a pleasing appearance. The voyage was a pleasant one.