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New Zealand Bound

R.M.S. "Corinthic" 

Departed London 5th December, 1912 
for Tasmanian and New Zealand


Aldred	 	Mr J
Aldred	 	Mrs
Allen	 	Miss
Allen	 	Mr G
Amery	 	Miss S
Anderson	Mr A
Anderson	Mrs 
Anderson	Master A
Anderson	Miss M
Anderson	Master R
Andrew		Mrs F
Andrews		Miss B
Andrews		Mr A
Ashford		Mrs B
Ashurst		Miss E
Atkinson	Mr J
Baghdikian	Mr R
Barlow		Mr W
Barmby		Mr H
Barton		Mrs L
Barton		Master C
Batchelor	Mrs L
Batchelor	Mrs L
Batchelor	Master S
Batchelor	Master A
Battersby	Mrs J
Beattie		Mr J
Beattie		Mrs
Beattie		Mr H
Beattie		Mr J
Beattie		Miss M
Beattie		Miss A
Beattie		Miss M
Bell		Mr R
Bird		Mr F
Birtwistle	Mr M
Black 		Mr T
Bond		Mr R
Boston		Mr C
Bowden		Mr A
Bowden		Mrs
Bowden		Miss D
Bowden		Master G
Bowden		Master A
Bradshaw	Mr W
Bradshaw	Mrs
Bradshaw	Miss B
Breese		Mr R
Bridgen		Mr R
Bridgen		Mrs H
Bridgen		Master C
Bridgen		Mrs H
Bridgen		Master C
Bridger		Mr W
Briscoe		Mr L
Brockie		Mr A
Brown		Miss K
Brown		Mr L
Brown		Miss R
Brown		Miss J   
Buchan		Mr P	
Buchan		Mrs 
Buchan		Master P
Buchan		Miss W
Buchan		Master A
Buchan		Master J
Burke		Mr T
Burnard		Mrs E
Burnard		Miss F
Burnard		Miss O
Burnard		Miss E
Burnard		Miss N
Burton		Mr P
Burton		Mr A
Burton		Mr H
Butcher		Mr J
Butterworth	Rev. W
Butterworth	Mrs
Butterworth	Miss P
Butterworth	Miss M
Butterworth	Miss S
Butterworth	Mrs J
Cameron		Mr G
Carlinson	Mr G
Carlinson	Mr C
Carlinson	Mrs
Carlinson	Miss K
Carman		Mr W
Carman		Mrs
Carman		Master W
Carr		Miss J
Carr		Miss E
Carrington	Mr W
Carroll		Mr M
Chalmers	Mr J
Christian	Mr D
Clark		Miss E
Clarke		Mrs M
Clarke		Mr J
Claughton	Miss E
Clifton		Mr C
Clifton		Mrs
Cloake		Mr T
Cock		Mr F
Cock		Mrs F
Cock		Mr E
Cock		Mr R
Cock		Miss F
Cock		Miss R
Cockburn	Mr G
Cockburn	Mrs
Cockburn	Miss G
Cocks		Mr R
Coins		Mr
Colebourn	Mr H
Collett		Mr J
Collett		Mrs
Collier		Mr J
Collier		Mrs
Collins		Mrs A      
Collins		Mr S
Collins		Master L
Collins		Mrs E
Collins		Miss L
Collins		Mr W
Collins		Mr A
Collins		Master T
Conn		Miss L
Cook		Mr C
Cook		Mr H
Cornsih		Mr H
Corrin		Mr H
Costam		Mr A
Costigan	Mr M
Coultas		Mr T
Cowlishaw	Mrs E
Cowlishaw	Mr P
Cowlishaw	Miss G
Cowlishaw	Master P
Craven		Mr T
Crellin		Mr W
Crook		Mr R
Croxon		Mr A
Crunden		Mr W
Culhede		Miss E
Culhene		Mrs A
Culhene		Master R
Curphy		Mr W
Curry		Mr G
Cutts		Mr G
Dalton		Miss G
Dalton		Mrs E
Daniel		Mr V
Darlington	Mr F
Darnerell	Mr J
Davey		Mr C
Davidson	Miss J
Dawber		Mr J
Dawber		Mrs
Dawber		Miss M
Dawber		Master C
Dewar		Mr W
Dixon		Mr R
Dobie		Mr C
Dobie		Mrs
Dobie		Miss M
Dorr		Mr M
Dorr		Mrs
Dorr		Master M
Dorr		Miss I
Duke		Mr G
Durkin		Mr M
Dutton		Mrs H
Edgar		Mr J
Edman		Mrs M
Elliot		Miss F
Evans		Mrs S
Evans		Miss M
Everard		Mr G.
Everson		Mr W
Everson		Mrs
Everson		Master E
Everson		Master W
Farley		Mr F
Farley		Mr A
Farrell		Mr J
Faulkner	Mr J
Fillmore	Mr G
Flicker		Miss O
Fox		Miss L
Fox		Miss E
Francis		Mr G
Francis		Mrs
Francis		Miss B
Francis		Miss E
Francis		Mr G
Gamon		Mr A
Garside		Mr J
Gillanders	Mrs J
Gillanders	Laster A
Ginders		Mr G
Ginders		Mr H
Goffin		Mr H
Goffin		Mrs 
Goffin		Master H
Goffin		Master N
Gordon		Mr A
Gough		Mr R
Gough		Mrs
Gough		Master A
Gow		Mr W
Gowan		Mr A
Graham		Miss M
Greaves		Mrs E
Green		Mr A
Green		Mrs
Green		Master A
Green		Master A
Green		Master F
Green		Mr F
Green		Mrs
Green		Miss G
Hall		Mr W
Hall		Mrs M
Hall		Miss L
Halliday	Mr W
Hampson		Mrs L
Hampson		Miss E
Hampson		Miss E
Hampson		Master J
Harrison	Mr T
Harrison	Mr W
Hawke		Mr A
Hayman		Mr A
Hearn		Miss E
Herd		Mr D
Hesketh		Mr C
Hesketh		Mrs J    
Hesketh		Miss L
Hillock		Mr T
Hitchman	Mr C
Hitchman	Mrs
Holberton	Mrs A
Holberton	Miss J
Holliday	Miss R
Hollingshead	Mr W
Holmes		Miss A
Holmes		Miss E
Hooper		Mrs A
Hooper		Mr A
Horton		Mr R
Horton		Mrs
Huggins		Miss C
Hughes		Mr J
Hughes		Mr W
Hutton		Mr J
Hutton		Miss D
Inkster		Mr L
Isaac		Mr J
Jackson		Mr G
Jackson		Mrs
Jackson		Mr G. Jr.
James		Miss E
Jamieson	Mr M
Jenkinson	Mrs F
Johnson		Mr R
Johnson		Mrs
Johnson		Master S
Johnson		Miss N
Johnson		Miss L
Jones		Miss A
Jones		Mr A
Jones		Mrs
Jones		Mr J
Jones		Mrs M
Jones		Master A
Jones		Miss M
Jones		Mr E
Jory		Mr E
Kearton		Mr J
Kearton		Mrs
Kearton		Mr T
Kearton		Master J
Kearton		Master A
Keating		Mrs N
Keating		Miss W
Keating		Miss P
Kelf		Mr A
Kelly		Miss M
Kelly		Miss M
Kelly		Mr C
Kerry		Mr E
Kerry		Mrs
Kerry		Miss V
Kerry		Miss I
Kerry		Mr T
Kimber		Mr M	 

First & Second Class  

The source is the original 'folders' given to passengers when boarding.  The card 'folder' had seven sides including two pages listing the third class passengers, Page 2.  Archives New Zealand in Wellington does hold the passenger list.