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New Zealand Bound

(Twin Screw), 12231 tons, from London on 5th December, and from Plymouth 7th December, 1912 for Tasmania then on to New Zealand.
Commander Frank Hart, R.N.R.
Purser - R.H. Harris 
 Surgeon - Lionel Bradshaw, L.R.C.P. & S. (Edinburgh & Glasgow)
 Shaw Savill & Albion Company, Ltd
 Direct four-weekly service of Royal Mail Steamers between London and New Zealand calling at 
Plymouth, Teneriffe, Cape Town, and Hobart.  

 Cover  Fleet Information for passengers. 
 First Class   Second Class   Third Class page 1  Third Class page 2  
Third Class passengers page 1 & page 2 (586 names)

First Class - 31 passengers

Mr H. Biggs
Mrs Biggs
Master A. Biggs
Mr H.S. Coles
Miss R. Cowles
Miss E. Crawford
Mrs M. Cummings
Hon. A.L. Dawson
Mr T Edwards
Mrs L. Laidlaw
Mrs J. Menzies
Miss M. Menzies
Sir Cecil Moon, Bart.
Lady Moon
Miss C. Muir 
Mr S. Nicholson
Miss M. Pergrine
Mr C.E. Pronger
Mrs Pronger
The Rev. G.P. Quick
Mrs Quick
Mr C. Stoddart
Mrs L. Thomson
Miss Thomson
Mr J. Trewin
Mrs Trewin
Col. T.O. Underwood
Mrs Underwood and Maid
Mr. G.T. Walch
Hon. W.T. Whiteley
Hon. Mrs Whiteley 

Second Class
- 111 passengers
Mr. C.A. Allan
Mrs Allan
Master A. Allan
Master R. Allan
Master C. Allan
Miss A. Allan
Mrs D. Bayley
Miss M. Bayley
Miss O. Bayley
Miss E. Bayley
Miss C. Bayley
Miss V. Bayley
Mr R. Beetham
Miss F.L. Berry
Miss B. Berry
Mr J. Beverley
Mrs Beverley
Miss F. Beverley
Master E. Beverley
Miss E. Beverley
Mr H.G. Bird
Mrs Bird
Miss M. Bird
Mr L. Blacker
Mrs Blacker
Miss H. Blacker
Mr H. Blacker
Master E. Blacker
Mr J. M. Bowen
Mrs Bowen
Miss E. Bowen
Miss L. Bowen
Mrs A. Bryant
Miss E. Bryant
Miss L. Bryant
Miss L.P. Bryant
Miss E. Chapman
Mr J.A. Cherry
Mr F. Codd
Mrs Codd
Mr H.D. Dallimore
Mrs Dallimore
Master H. Dallimore
Miss L. Dallimore
Miss E. Dallimore
Mr I. Etheridge
Mrs Farley
Miss D. Farley
Mr H. Fisher
Mrs M. Gibbs
Miss J. Gibbs
Master F. Gibbs
Miss V. Gibbs
Master C. Gibbs
Miss N. Gilliatt
Miss E.Goldsbury
Mr E. Goldsbury
Mr J.A. Granger
Mrs Granger
Mr R. Guthrie
Mr H.von Haast
Mrs. von Haast
Mr J.C. Haldane
Mr R. Jones
Mr B. King
Mrs King
Miss A. Lawson
Mr A. Lewis
Mrs Lewis
Mr J. Lloyd
Miss Lloyd
Mr J. McDougall
Mrs McDougall
Mr J. Marks 
Mrs Marks
Mr T. Marks
Miss A. Marks
Mrs C. Marsh
Miss A.L. Miller
Mrs L. Moore
Miss L. Moore
Mrs A.S. Parker
Miss H.M. Parker
Master R.C. Parker
Mr H. Pengelly
Mrs Pengelly
Miss E. Pengelly
Mr T. Peters
Mrs Peters
Miss G. Peters
Miss D. Peters
Master G. Peters
Miss H. Peters
Master W. Peters
Mr R. Phillips
Miss M.B. Pilgram
Miss F.E. Price
Miss M.R. Roberts
Mrs A. Rodgers
Mr F.J. Rutty
Miss L. Sangster
Mrs M. Selby
Miss J. Selby
Miss M. Skutt
Mr J.H. Taylor
Mrs Taylor
Mr A. Tompkins
Mr L. Waller
Mr P.H. Waller
Mrs Wallers
Miss F.M. Wescott 

A photocopy of an original page of the passenger list, 1st & 2nd cabins, held by Archives NZ  - rather a fragile document

The source is the original brochure 'folders' given to passengers when boarding. The card 'folder' had seven sides, the passenger lists and the 'passenger regulations'.  Archives New Zealand in Wellington does hold the passenger list. Includes the passenger's ages. Dr. Gilbert Boyle, age 28, single male, is listed on the actual passenger list as a 2nd cabin passenger and not on the souvenir card above. First and second class card list and passenger list courtesy of Elwyn Goldsbury  posted May 25 2002. Total passengers 728 on this 1912 outward voyage.


The Corinthic, 500ft x 63.3ft (length x beam), one funnel, four masts, twin screw and a speed of 14 knots. She had accommodation for 121-1st, 117-2nd and 450-3rd class passengers and was equipped with refrigerated holds for the carriage of frozen meat. Built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast, she was launched for Shaw Savill & Albion - White Star Line joint service to New Zealand on 10th April 1902. Her maiden voyage started on 20th Nov.1902 when she left London for Cape Town and Wellington. Taken over under the Liner Requisition Scheme in 1917 and returned to her owners in 1920. On 20th January 1920 she resumed service on the UK - Panama - Wellington route and in 1923 rescued the crew of the Newfoundland schooner Marguerite Ryan. In 1926 she raced the New Zealand Shipping Co. ship Remuera outbound to NZ and the ships were virtually in sight of each other all the way. She commenced her last sailing from Southampton to Wellington on 14th August 1931 and in Dec.1931 was sold to Hughes Bolckow for scrap and was broken up at Wallsend-on-Tyne. [North Star to Southern Cross by John M. Maber] [Merchant Fleets by Duncan Haws, vol.10, Shaw, Savill & Albion]

The NZEF 23 Reinforcements, a total of 2094 troops, embarked from Wellington aboard the RUAPEHU on 14 March 1917 and the CORINTHIC on 2 April. The CORINTHIC, ship's master Captain F. Hart, disembarked at Plymouth on June 10 and the troops marched into Sling Camp, Wiltshire to become part of the 4th NZ Infantry Reserve Battalion. The REMUERA was lost during trooping duties during WW2.

    Wellington Harbour
    Port Chalmers

Suggested Reading

Ships That Passed : The Glorious Era of Travel to Australia and New Zealand. by Scott Baty. Stories and photos of the Athenic (1), Corinthic (1) and Ionic (2). Index of ships included. 326pp. Illustrated with b&w photos. Frenchs Forest, NSW; Reed Books (1984). (ISBN: 0730100081) Salute to six decades of international passenger shipping service in Australasian waters. A pictorial roll-call of ships on the Australia New Zealand run with excellent descriptions, specs. & histories.

Mr and Mrs Anthony Lewis (on that trip and whose menu this was) were not actually immigrating on this ship but returning to NZ from an extended trip to England. They left half their family in England (2 boys and 2 girls) and returned to two married daughters in NZ and two sons in Australia. The next generation flitted back and forth too. Menu courtesy of Kae Lewis. Posted 13 Dec. 2004