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'R.M.S.S. Corinthic

New Zealand Bound

The following is a transcript from the Evening Post 21st February 1911, at 'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 
The departure &  arrival dates and Archives reference numbers:
5 January 1911 	London,  7 January 1911 Plymouth, arrival February 21st - SS1/513 NZ 
25 May 1911 	London, 27 May 1911 	Plymouth, arrival June 11th     - SS1/515 NZ
11 October 1911 London, 14 October 1911 Plymouth, arrival December 1st  - SS1/516 NZ 

Evening Post, 21 February 1911, Page 8

CORINTHIC, from London. Well up to time the R.M.S. Corinthic, from London, arrived in the stream at Wellington at 11 a.m. to-day. Medical inspection was carried out by the port health officer, and the vessel, berthed at the Queen's Wharf shortly before 1 p.m. The Corinthic left London on the 5th January and Plymouth two days later. Tenerife was reached on the morning of the 12th, departure being taken the same day for Capetown, which was reached at 8 a.m. on the 27th. Passengers and mails were embarked at Capetown, and after coaling, the vessel entered on the long voyage across the Southern Ocean at 11.30 p.m. The fine weather, which had characterised the first stages, of the trip, prevailed the arrival at Hobart on the afternoon of the 15th February. Hobart was left at 8.25 a.m. on Friday, light winds with smooth seas prevailing to arrival here. Captain F. Hart is still in command, and has the following officers with him :— Chief officer, Mr. J. Thompson; first officer, Mr J. Callom; second, Mr W. S. Hodgson; third, Mr S. Hall; fourth, Mr C. Euman; surgeon, Dr J. Simpson; chief engineer, Mr M. Hunter ; second, Mr J. E. Prichard; third, Mr J. McCann; fourth, Mr W. Senbert; fifth, Mr G. F. Lees; sixth, Mr Jas. Hills. Mr C. H. Niton is chief refrigerating engineer, Mr E. Kidley is second, and Mr R. H. Harris, late of the Afric, is purser. The boilermaker is Mr W. F. Bright, and Mr A. Hulrick is chief steward. The Corinthic has 6000 tons of cargo for New Zealand ports, and will proceed to Lyttelton from Wellington. In addition to the list of passengers already published, the following joined the vessel en route :— At Plymouth : Mrs Wing and Master Wang, Messrs O. P. Burroyles, R. Brett, P. Kiely, F. Morrall. At Capetown : Mesdames M. A. Bigelow, G. W. Coleman, J. E. Lynds, R. Merritt, G. W. McGuire, Miss J. Joll, Messrs W. Fischer, Captain A. A. Biggins, J. l. Lynds, E. Lynds, C. Wurm, jun , W. C. Bambridge, R. D. Briscoe, J Hadfield, F P. St Hill. At Hobart: Miss A. E. Stewart, General S. Hogg, Messrs W. Aikman, F. M Stewart.

Evening Post, 15 February 1911, Page 6

Passengers on board the Shaw, Savill and Albion steamer Corinthic, due here on Tuesday next from London, are as follow: — Saloon:
For Auckland — Sir and Mrs J. B. Brown.
For Wellington — Messrs Deacon, Dupree.
Second saloon— Misses Bolton (2), Bourke, Clarke, Cutting, Hughes, Lewin (2), Lomax, McPherson, McGuire, Pairman, Roper (2), Spratt, Mesdames Bourke, Harrison, Lomax, McPherson, Ormerod, Ryder, Spratt, Wing, Messrs Barker, Barran, Buller, Carruthers, Collis, Lomax, McPherson, Ormerod, Pairman, Smith, Spratt, Theophilus, Trail, Masters Bourke, Lomax, and Wing. Third-class: For Wellington— Misses Ashworth (2), Brown, Haddow, Critchlow, Hamilton (2), Evans (2), Philpot, Popham, Osborne, O'Sullivan, Newton, Moore, McCabe, McPhail, Loney, Lang, Sandilands, Stodart, Taylor, Jenkinson, Mesdames Ashworth, Barton, Brown, Clarke, Hare, Hood, Ingram, Knowles, Osborne, Newton, Martel, Leach, Sandford, Stodart, Fisher, Terrance, Weir, Williams, Messrs Ashworth, Barton, Beattie, Brown (2), Clarke, Connor, Cornfield, Cox, Cunliffe, Doyle, Drinkrow, Kendal, Jones, Jacobs, Mowatt, Irwin, Irvine, Holmes, Hillam, Hartland, Hamilton (3), Hackett, Grieve, Fell, Forward, Landan, Ledingham, McPherson, Malcolmson, Martel, Mumford, Nottage, Oliver, Osborne, Palister, Parsons, Perry, Pilling, Popham, Pratt, Wood, Williams, Wilde, Weir (2), Waistell, Vare, Torraace, Stodart, Snelgrove, Smith, Skelly. Sinclair, Shaw, Salton, Robinson, Masters, Knowles (3), Leech (2), Martel (2), Osborne, Mowatt, Stodart (2), Weir, Williams (3).

Evening Post, 21 February 1911, Page 8

The Corinthic brought to New Zealand to-day nearly five hundred immigrants. They come from all parts, of the United Kingdom, and represent mostly all callings from shepherds to bottle makers. Those of whom the High Commissioner has taken cognisance number 158, who have had Government assistance with their passages, and among them are 29 children. There are seventeen wives coming out to rejoin, their husbands, and seventy-one of the passengers have been nominated by relatives already in New Zealand. The High Commissioner has approved of 79 adult and 8 child passengers. The destinations of the newcomers are as follow : — Wellington. 123, Auckland 137, Napier 19, Gisborne 16, Lyttelton 49, Dunedin 34, Bluff 32, Westport 32, Nelson 2, Wanganui 5, New Plymouth 3 Greymouth 22, Timaru 7, and Oamaru 11. There are no less than fifty-one domestic servant passengers, but they appear to be all "booked" for places. Notwithstanding the large draft who come out the women's branches of the Labour Department continue to be besieged by anxious housewives for more domestic help, and still more than the Home ships appear to supply. The steamer Surrey from Sydney has a fairly large number of immigrants booked to New Zealand.


Was a 12,231 gross ton ship, length 152,40m x beam 19,29m (500ft x 63.3ft), one funnel, four masts, twin screw and a speed of 14 knots. She had accomodation for 121-1st, 117-2nd and 450-3rd class passengers and was equipped with refrigerated holds for the carriage of frozen meat.
    Built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast, she was launched for Shaw Savill & Albion - White Star Line joint service to New Zealand on 10th Apr.1902. Her maiden voyage started on 20th Nov.1902 when she left London for Cape Town and Wellington. Taken over under the Liner Requisition Scheme in 1917 and returned to her owners in 1920. On 20th Jan.1920 she resumed service on the UK - Panama - Wellington route and in 1923 rescued the crew of the Newfoundland schooner MARGUERITE RYAN. In 1926 she raced the New Zealand Shipping Co ship REMUERA outbound to NZ and the ships were virtually in sight of each other all the way. She commenced her last sailing from Southampton to Wellington on 14th Aug.1931 and in Dec.1931 was sold to Hughes Bolckow for scrap and was broken up at Wallsend-on-Tyne. [North Star to Southern Cross by John M. Maber] [Merchant Fleets by Duncan Haws, vol.10, Shaw, Savill & Albion]