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New Zealand Bound

(Twin Screw), 12231 tons from Wellington for London, 24 June 1904

Commander  - INMAN SEALBY,  RNR 
    Purser -  R J LARGE
      Surgeon  -  T. TAYLOR BARK, MB, ChB.

The Passengers' Line. 
 Direct Monthly Service of Royal Mail Steamships between NEW ZEALAND & LONDON, calling at Rio de Janeiro, Teneriffe and Plymouth.


FIRST SALOON            From
Allen, H C  Mr          Wellington
Collins, W E            Wellington
Collins,  Mrs           Wellington
Gilpin, H F  Mr         Napier
Goodwin, W  Mr          Auckland
Marsh, H  Miss          Auckland
Marsh, F  Miss          Auckland
McNab, J  Mr            Invercargill
Melland, E  Mr          Dunedin
Melland, Mrs            Dunedin
Melland, M  Miss        Dunedin
Melland,   Miss         Dunedin
Melland, R  Miss        Dunedin
Melland, E G  Master    Dunedin
Moore, S M, Captain, RA Wellington
Musters, J C Mr         Wellington
Newman, A K Mrs         Wellington
Newman, F  Mr           Wellington
Prosser, T H Captain    Wellington
Russell, G Gray, Mr     Dunedin
Russell, Mrs            Dunedin
Argall, W A Mr          Auckland
Argall,  Mrs            Auckland
Boddington, M  Miss     Wellington
Cooper, H  Mr           Wellington
Cooper, S  Mr           Dunedin
Crawshow, E  Mr         Dunedin
Crowe, J  Mr            New Plymouth
Dockrill, J S  Mr       New Plymouth
Earee, U  Master        Wellington
Earee,  E  Miss         Wellington
FitzGerald, G  Miss     Wellington
Harrison, W  Mr         Dunedin
Hooper, F A  Mr         Wanganui
Hooper,  Mrs            Wanganui
Hooper,  Miss           Wanganui
Hooper,  Master         Wanganui
Houchen, M  Miss        Christchurch
Kirkwood, W  Mr         Dunedin
London, T  Mr           Dunedin
Mander, E  Mrs          Auckland
McDonald, M  Mr         Dunedin
McIntosh, D  Mr         Dunedin
McLean, I  Miss         Wellington
McPherson, J  Mr        Dunedin
Robertson, D  Mr        Auckland

21 First class passengers
25 Second Saloon passengers
71 Third Class passengers

Total passengers 118

Andrews, E G Mr        Christchurch
Atkinson, W R  Mr      Christchurch
Anstice, G S  Mr       Nelson
Bates, E  Mr           Auckland
Biddle, H  Mr          Wellington
Biggins, S  Miss       Wellington
Burns, R  Mr           Wellington
Cade, C  Miss          Christchurch
Campbell, H F Miss     Auckland
Chadwick, M A  Mrs     Wellington
Clarke, W  Mr          Westport
Cochrane, B  Miss      Wanganui
Crawford, J  Mr        Christchurch
Crawford,  Mrs         Christchurch
Crawford, L J  Miss    Christchurch
Crawford, G  Master    Christchurch
Crawford, R  Master    Christchurch
Crossley, J  Mr        Wellington
Freethy, A  Miss       Wellington
Galt, J  Miss          Invercargill
Galt, A  Miss          Invercargill
Gasson, C  Mr          Christchurch
Gasson, Mrs            Christchurch
Glendinning, T  Mr     Invercargill
Godwin, J B  Mr        Wellington
Grace, C  Mr           Auckland
Healey, J  Mr          Auckland
Hendry, A  Mr          Invercargill
Honeybone, J  Mr       Auckland
Jackson, G S  Mr       Wellington
Jefferies,  Mrs        Timaru
Keig, A  Mr            Wellington
Keir, R  Mr            Wellington
Kelly, N  Miss         Wanganui
Kendall, F J  Mr       Wellington
Marriott, S  Mr        Christchurch
McGregor, J  Mr        Wellington
McKenzie, J  Mr        Wellington
McMillan,  Mrs         Timaru
Moore, W  Mr           Dunedin
Neill, A  Miss         Wellington
Nuttall, W  Mr         Wellington
O'Leary, J  Mr         Wanganui
O'Leary,  Mrs          Wanganui
O'Leary,  Miss         Wanganui
O'Leary, D  Mr         Wanganui
O'Leary, C Mr          Wanganui
O'Leary,  J  Master    Wanganui
O'Leary, H  Miss       Wellington
Parker, C  Mr          Auckland
Priddey, H J  Mr       Wellington
Potton, C H  Mr        Melbourne
Quelch, H  Mr          Auckland
Riley, T  Mr           Wellington
Robb, J  Mr            Auckland
Rowe, E G  Mrs         Wellington
Rowe, D M  Miss        Wellington
Rush, G  Mr            Wellington
Sariegh, L  Mr         Auckland
Sariegh, A  Mr         Auckland
Shields, J A  Mr       Wellington
Thornley, H R  Mr      Wellington
Thornton, F  Mr        Wellington
Thorpe, S  Mr          Auckland
Thorpe, C  Mr          Auckland
Turner, W B  Mr        Auckland
Webster, C F  Mr       Christchurch
Webster, F  Mr         Wellington
Wells,  G F  Mr        Wellington
Wilding, S H  Mr       Auckland
Woods, C A  Miss       Auckland      
Passenger list courtesy of Joan Willis Posted Sept. 7, 2001. The source is the original 'folders' given to passengers when boarding. On the back is a section to enable them to keep a 'Log of Date, Weather, Dist Run, Latitude, Longitude, from London to New Zealand' or vice versa. Another section  has a very detailed map of New Zealand. According to the 'Daily Log' the ship 'arrived at the docks' in London on 7 August 1904.

London to NZ 1904 outbound voyage.
London to NZ 1912 passenger list

The Star Saturday 3 January 1880 page 2
Lyttelton. January 3. Cleared.
Rangitikei, ship, 1225 tons, Captain Milman, for London. New Zealand Shipping Company, agents. Passengers: second cabin - Mr and Mrs Bedson and 2 children; steerage - Mr G.A. Dolman.

Evening Post, 11 April 1914, Page 4
COMING FROM HOME. The following passengers are coming from London by the Shaw, Savill, and Albion liner Corinthic; which is due at Wellington about the 2lst instant For Wellington : First saloon — Mrs Marshall, Captain H. J. T. Marshall, R.N., Mr H. Blake.
Second saloon— Misses E. O. Lowe, R. Waldron, E. E. Watts, Mrs Waldron, Messrs F. H. Davies, A. T. Ditnent, A. Hilde, A. B. Hocken, D. Thomas, J. Waldron, W. J Waldron. 44 third class. There are also 132 other passengers in all classes for various New Zealand ports.