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The Coptic

NZ Bound
from London to Auckland in 1885


Daily Telegraph 4 November 1885, Page 3
London. November 3. Lloyd's telegrams from Capetown announce the arrival at that port of the Coptic with the loss of two blades of her propeller. The Coptic left Plymouth on October 10th for Auckland.

Manawatu Standard, 2 December 1885, Page 4
Auckland, Tuesday. The Coptic, Captain Kidley, arrived from London this morning. The total steaming time was 44 days 21 hours. She brings 2364 tons of cargo. Before going South she loads some 8000 packages of frozen meat.

 Auckland Star, 2 December 1885, Page 2 ARRIVAL OF THE COPTIC.
The S.S. and A. Company's Coptic arrived in harbour shortly alter 8 o'clock last evening, and berthed at the end of the Queen-street Wharf, having been previously passed by the Health Officer, who along with Captain Babot and the agents, met the vessel in the steam tug Awhina about Rangitoto Reef. The Coptic has had an uneventful passage except for the accident to her propeller, which made it necessary for her to remain longer than usual at the Cape and direct repairs. The Coptic is still under command of Captain W.H. Kidley, and her officers are the same as when she visited this port early during the present year. The Coptic brings 2361 tons of cargo, of which 760 tons are for Auckland. She has for Auckland 3 first cabin, 10 second, and 51 steerage passengers, and for the Southern ports 19 cabin, 32 second cabin, and 95 steerage passengers.
Report. Mr W. J. Rae, who still occupies the important office of purser, and to whom we are indebted for files and all other nesccessary information. The Coptic left the Royal Albert Docks at 1 p.m. on the 8th October, and embarked passengers at Gravesend the same afternoon. Sailed from Gravesend at 9 a.m., on the 9th, and arrived at Plymouth the following day at noon. Sailed from Plymouth, after embarking passengers and malls at p.m. on the 10th. .. On the 25th October, through some unknown cause, one blade of the propeller was lost, and on arrival at Capetown it was decided to put the vessel into graving dock and replace the missing blade. The steamer went into dock on the morning of the 4th, and was out again the following morning, having had the repairs effected. The whole of the repairs were done by the ship's own engineers under the superintendence of Mr Morrison, chief engineer.
Passengers. The following is a complete list of the Auckland passengers:-
First saloon: Messrs J. D. Williamson, F. C. A. L. Popham, Charles T. Perkin.
Second saloon: Messrs F. Bishop, W H. Closson, J. H. Joughin, F. Jones, O. Rogers, Miss Bishop, Mr and Mrs Bigg, Mr and Mrs G. J. Jackson.
Steerage: J. Clough, A. Smith, T. J. and Mrs Jordan, T. McManus, A. Custans, W. J. Kemplay, J. H. Hoskings and family (4), F. Hubble, D. Elston, C. Boultbee, A. Kalsbert and family (4), J. Gordon Jones and family (8), Thomas Collins, A. F. Langford and family (3), W. Wainhouse, P. May, Wm. Stewart, J. O'Halloran, J. Laroon, Thomas Dunham, P. Sadell, E. W. Dormor, J. Richards. W. T. Lilly, A. W. Anssomb, Charles Gibson, Thomas Hill, James F. Burns, Edward and George Martin, Charles Fricker and family (4), Miss Fanny Marshall, G. Nye, Mr and Mrs Foulds, R.F. Loffler, J. C. Christie, McGortle, George Hunter.

The Coptic commenced discharging shortly after arrival under the direction of Captain J. McKenzie, stevedore. In addition to Auckland consignments several lots of cargo for transhipment to Southern ports will be put out here. The steerage passengers for Southern ports will be taken on by the s.s. Manapouri, tomorrow and the saloon passengers for South will proceed thence with the Coptic. The steamer will be removed to the Railway Wharf when the Auckland cargo is discharged to load 3000 carcases frozen mutton for London, after which she will proceed to Wellington.

Evening Post, 5 December 1885, Page 2
Auckland. 4th December
Sailed— Manapouri for South. Passengers for Wellington— Misses Verne, Henderson and Keane, Masdames Graham, Jones, Pasley, George and child, Rev. Mr Calder, Major Tisdale, Messrs Graham, Bunling, Keane, Weston, Hunter, Reid, M'Macan, Johnston, Wallace, Gould, Berry and Gunn.
The ss Mannpouri, from Sydney via Auckland and East Coast, will not arrive until Monday morning. The Coptic's passengers arrive by her as the Coptic does not leave Auckland until daylight to-morrow, she will not reach Wellington before Tuesday morning.

Evening Post, 2 December 1885, Page 2 The S.S. Coptic at Auckland.
Auckland, lit December. The s.s. Coptic, Captain Kidley, arrived from London this evening. She brings 22 saloon, 42 second saloon, and 146 steerage. Among the saloon passengers are Lady Whitmore. At Hobart 19 saloon, 8 second saloon, and 80 steerage landed, the greater part of them being for Melbourne and Sydney. The passage was generally fine, and took 51 days, less 6 days 3 hours detention. The total steaming time was 44 days 21 hours. She brings 2361 tons of cargo, of which 766 tons are for Auckland.

Hawke's Bay Herald, 2 December 1885, Page 2
Tuesday. The Coptic, Captain Kedlay, arrived from London this evening. She brings 22 saloon. II second saloon, and 146 steerage passengers. The passengers for Napier are Lady Whitmore, Miss Hargrove, and Mr Daines. The Coptic had fine weather generally during her passage, which has occupied 51 days, less 6 days 3 hours' detentions. The total steaming time was 44 days 21 hours. She brings 8561 tons cargo, of which 780 tons are for Auckland. One birth occurred during the passage.

Press, 2 December 1885, Page 4
December 1. The Coptic, Captain Kidley, arrived from London this evening, and brings twenty two saloon and forty-two second saloon passengers. The following are the saloon passengers:—
For Auckland—Messrs J. D. Williamson, Popham, Perkins:
for Napier — Lady Whitmore, Miss Hargreaves, Messrs Dames;
for Nelson — Mr Tanner;
for Wellington — Messrs Bequite, C.H. Maxwell, W. H. Maxwell, Gamin and Moll;
for Nelson — Messrs Heffer;
for Canterbury — Messrs Max Sherider, Graham, Graham, Palmer;
for Dunedin — Mrs and Miss McKenzie and J. Gunn.
The passage was generally fine, and occupied fifty-one days, less six days three hours. The total steaming time was forty-four days twenty-one hours. She brings 2364 tons of cargo, of which 766 tons are for Auckland. There was one birth. The health of the passengers was good.


Press, 24 December 1885, Page 2 S.S. COPTIC.
Shaw, Savill and Albion Company's steamship Coptic steamed direct from the wharf yesterday at 4.30 pm. The Coptic is a full ship, and well down in the water, her draught being 24ft 7in. She has a few passengers, the list of which appears elsewhere.

Press, 24 December 1885, Page 2 Sailed
Coptic, s.s., 2857 tons, Kidley, for London, via Rio de Janeiro. Passengers Saloon— Misses Cowell, Gammock, Mr and Mrs Forward and six children, Mr Barron.
Steerage— Miss Fraser, Mesdames Kirkwood and Bond, Meesrs Taylor, Palling, Albech, Collins, Oxley, McNamera, Boyd, Nottage.
National Mortgage and Agency Company, agents.

Timaru Herald, 24 December 1885, Page 2 PORT OF LYTTELTON.
Sailed Dec. 23. Coptic, 8.8., for London (at 4.59 p.m-) The following are the passengers per s.s. Coptic First saloon.
From Auckland Mr James Barrow;
from Dunedin Mr and Mrs Arthur F. Soward and family (7).
Second saloon. From Christchurch Miss Jessie Gamack.
Steerage. From Auckland Miss Margaret Fraser, Messrs F. Oxley, S. Pullen, and E. Albeck
from Wellington Miss Bond, Mr A. J. McNamara
from Christchurch Messrs E. Boye, and A. Nottage,
from Dunedin: Mrs Kirkwood, Messrs J. Collins, and J. Taylor.  

Marie Coptic RANDRUP born 24 Nov. 1885 in at sea, on Board 'Coptic' . She died 1970 aged 85years. The family disembarked at Lyttelton. Niels Randrup married Andrea nee Jensen 21 March 1875. The parents immigrated to NZ with four children, and the fifth was born on board. Two were later born in NZ. The family settled in down in Greytown South, now Allentown, Otago. Later  Niels Randrup settled in Cambridge.

Evening Post, 19 January 1929, Page 11
The death has occurred at Hamilton of Mr. Maurice Randrup, aged 47, the proprietor of the Randrup milking machine, a former professional cycling champion. He leaves a widow and six children.
Buried at the Hamilton East Cemetery.

1909 Catherine Veronica Teahey married Octaviay (Octavian) (Octaviau) Anton Marious
Marius Octavius Anton Randrup b. 08 Oct 1881, Hobjerg, Viborg, Denmark and Catherine (Kitty) Taehen (sic) had Margaret Andrea Randrup b. 1912

Evening Post
, 19 January 1929, Page 11
The death has occurred at Hamilton of Mr. Maurice Randrup, aged 47, the proprietor of the Randrup milking machine, a former professional cycling champion. He leaves a widow and six children.

Auckland Star,
19 January 1929, Page 11
Maurice Randrup, who was Taranaki and New Zealand champion cyclist in 1905 has just died here. For 18 years he was chief travelling representative for the Ridd Milking Machine Co., but latterly he has been manufacturing milking machines at Hamilton. His death followed an operation at the Waikato Hospital.

Auckland Star,
24 January 1929, Page 9 OBITUARY.
MR. MAURICE RANDRUP. At the Waikato Hospital on Saturday Mr. Maurice Randrup died, aged 49 years. Born in Denmark, he arrived in New Zealand when four years, of age. As a young man Mr. Randrup was a successful long-distance cyclist, and in 1905 won a New Zealand championship. He was a member of several sports, bodies, and took great interest in athletic gatherings. Mr. Randrup was for 18 years a travelling representative for a milking machine company. Three years ago be started business with a milking machine, part of which is his own design. Mrs. Randrup survives her husband, There are six children.