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New Zealand Bound
20 October 1875 - 5 February 1876, Wellington

From the "Evening Post" online - Papers Past website.(Evening Post, Wellington 5 February 1876)
Images from 'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.


The fine new clipper ship, 1343 tons, Commonwealth, commanded by Captain Cooper from London, arrived in our harbor at 9 o'clock this morning, after a passage of 97 days from pilot to pilot. She left the docks on the 20th October, and landed the pilot on the 1st November off the Start Point. She experienced strong westerly winds till crossing the Equator on the 4th of December, 33 days from land; fine weather was then experienced till the 28th December, when nearly off Cape of Good Hope, a heavy gale set in, and caused the vessel to ship a large quantity of water. She sighted New Zealand on Wednesday last, passing the Snares at 4 a.m., and came right up the coast with the southerly wind. Pilot Holmes boarded her at 8 this morning and brought her to an anchor at 9.30. The present is her maiden voyage. She was built last year by Messrs. Russell and Co., of Port Glasgow. She brings a large general cargo, a valuable cow, 17 pure-bred sheep (two others having died during the voyage) and three well bred pigs. She brings some saloon and steerage passengers, but no Government immigrants. There has been no sickness during the passage. She is chartered by the New Zealand Shipping Company, and Messrs. Johnston and Co. are her agents. Her passenger list [45] is as follows:-

Bacon 		Mr John L. and family
Carrick 	Mr Patrick
Cox 		Mr Josh. and family
Davies 		Mr Daniel
Follett 	Miss Ellen
Fuings 		Miss Emma
Harris 		Mr and Mrs E.
Harold 		Mr Henry Pearce
Heath 		Mr Josh. H. R.
Kenny 		Miss Mary
Lovering 	Mr George
Matthew 	Mr George F.
Moorey 		Mr Robert 
Oswald 		Mr C. C.
Pearce 		Mr and Mrs R.B. and family
Pearce 		Mr Wm
Preston 	Mr John
Sayers 		Mr and Mrs Alfred
Shattock 	Rev G.
Taylor 		Mr Thomas
Thornton 	Mr and Mrs [George and Maria, nee Fox, ex Kent]
Walker 		Mr John R.
Woolley 	Mr W. E.
Evening Post, page 6