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'City of Florence'

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The following is a transcript from the Otago Witness April 17 1880 page 12 

Arrival of the City of Florence 

April 10 had the effect of bringing a Home ship into port. "A ship to the southward" was displayed from the flagstaff at Otago Heads, and shortly after midday the numerals of the commercial code - WHQL - signifying she was the City of Florence, were run up at the signal-station at Port Chalmers. The Koputai took the vessel in tow and although she was drawing 20feet 4 inches, brought her safely across the bar without her even smelling the ground, at 3 p.m. considerably before the time of high water. She was anchored at Pulling Point at 4. 30 p.m. and promptly cleared in by Customs authorities. The representatives of the Press were courteously received by Captain Hunter and supplied with the necessary information respecting the both vessel and cargo. The City of Florence is a handsome iron vessel of 1200 tons register, and is one of the "City" line owned by Messrs George Smith and Sons, of Glasgow, several of whose vessels have already been here. She is 13 years old. Mr Leask is the chief officer. Captain Hunter had been in Port Chalmers 15 years ago as chief officer of the ship Helenlee, under Captain Brown. She brings 40 passengers, and about 2000 tons of cargo, and in addition to this has 25 tons of powder stowed in a properly-constructed magazine.

Passengers Inward per City of Florence: From London on Sunday
Barry 		Captain W J
Bamlett 	Mr
Black 		Miss
Brown 		Mr and Mrs
Coulson 	Mr
Dickson 	Mr and Mrs and child
Howell 		Mr
McNally 	Dr
McPheely 	Mr and Mrs and child
Reeves 		Mr and Mrs
Symmons 	Mr
Thompson 	Mr and Mrs and 4 children
Tiddiman 	Mr (2)
Watkins 	Mr and Mrs and 6 children
Walton 		Mr and Mrs
Willison 	Mr and Mrs and child
Young 		Mr and Mrs

Otago Witness April 17 1880 page 13 
Captain Barry, the author of "Up and Down, or Fifty years of Colonial Life" on a book tour.

Resource: NZ National Libraries website  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.