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Otago Witness Saturday December 14 1861 page 3

Entered Inwards
Dec. 7 Chile, 878 tons, from London. Thomas Turnbull, commander. J. Jones & Co. agents.

List of Passengers per "Chile"
Cabin Passengers: [45]

Bamford	 Misses (2)
Boyd	 Mr
Dick	 Mr and Mrs and 4 children
Dixon	 Mr and Mrs and 1 child
Duncan	 Mr and Mrs and 5 children
Flint	 Mr and Mrs and 5 children
Eccles	 Dr. and 3 children
McCann	 Mr
Murdoch	 Mrs and 3 children
Owen	 Miss M.
Oswin	 Miss
Randall	 Mr
Skein	 Mr
Smith	 Mr
Squeers	 Messrs (2)
Wilson	 Mr

Steerage Passengers:-
Allen		John, Dorothy and Laura
Bareham		Ann
Bareham		Sydney
Barker		Thomas, Phoebe, John, Walter, George and Frederick
Beer		Phillip, Priscilla and Alphonos
Beer		Josiah, Catherine and Clara
Brotherton	Ann
Brotherton	Francis
Brotherton	Francis
Champion	George
Challia		John, Catherine, John, Ann, Catherine, Joseph, Elizabeth, Eustace, and George
Clinch		Stephen, Sarah, Stephen, junr., John, Henry, Alfred and Mary Ann
Davies		Richard, Ann, Sarah, James, Jane, Amelia, Richard, John, and David
Densby		George and Eliza
Evans		Daniel, Elizabeth, Margaret and L.
Evans		John, Elizabeth, and William
Fell		James
Hall		Margaret
Hicks		John, Elizabeth, and Eliza
Hocking		Blanche, Edwin, Ann, Mary, and Eliza Ann
Humphries	Richard
Iles		Thomas, Louisa, Robert, Walter and Edward
Jennings	John H., Mary Ann, Julia, Emily, Matilda, Thomas, John, Charles, Fanny and William
Javis		Mark and Jarvis
Jones		David, Margaret, and David
Jones 		Samuel
Lane		Margaretta
Lees		James
Lillingstone	Margaret
Matthews	John
McKay		William, Ann, William, Mary Ann, Catherine and Thomas
Moss		Joshua, Sarah, Sarah Jane and Fred
Murish		William
Neal		John
Owen		Edward, Elizabeth, David and Thomas
Palamountain	Arthur and Grace
Phillips	Grace and Elizabeth J.
Purves		William H. and Mary
Read		W.H.
Rees		Henry, Elizabeth and Ann
Renton		Robert
Reynolds 	George
Reynolds	Mary Ann, Ann and George
Roberts		William, Harriet, John and Sarah
Robertson	Emma
Savage		Edward and Elizabeth
Simpson		Edward, Lucy, Ellen, Edward, William, Allen, Catherine, Arthur, Charles and Emma
Smith		Sydney, Sarah and Emily
Thomas		John, Caroline, William and Leyshan
Vincent		Mary, W.H., Peter, Mary, Elizabeth and Joseph
Wetter		Thomas
Yates		William and James

Death: November 30th, 1861, on her voyage to New Zealand in the ship "Chile," lat. 50.8 S. long, 140º E., Maria, the beloved wife of Alfred Eccles, Esq., F.R.C.S., formerly of Tunbridge Wells, and second daughter of the late Sir James C. Anderson, Bart., of Buttevant Castle, Cork, from exhaustion, consequent on 90 days severe sea-sickness.

Otago Witness, 3 October 1874, Page 3
A number of emigrants left Granton during July for London, whence 20 of them sailed in the Chile for Nelson, and 60 in the Jessie Readman for Port Chalmers. Both detachments consisted principally of domestic servants, artisans, and labourers, and they hailed for the most part from Edinburgh, the northern counties of Scotland, and Shetland. The emigrants per Jessie Readman, during the two or three days they were detained in London prior to the sailing of the ship, were accommodated at the Emigration Depot, Blackwall. These emigrants were despatched by the Agent-General on the 15th July. Messrs. Patrick Henderson and Co.'s new ship Invercargill sailed from Greenock for Otago with 398 emigrants, equal to 335 statute adults. These emigrants were sent out by the Home Agent of Otago. On the 17th July, the fourth of Messrs. P. Henderson and Co.'s splendid new vessels was launched at Port Glasgow by the builders, Messrs. Robert Duncan and Co. She called the Auckland, and is 1250 tons register.

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