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Otago Witness Saturday December 29 1860 page 4

The "Chile" sailed from the Downs for Otago on the 18th September 1860 and arrived during the past week, has brought an additional 114 souls to the population, amongst whom are more than our usual number of capitalists seeking investments in the Province.

Dec. 26. Chile, 767 tons, Thomas Turnbull (late of the "Bosworth",) from London, with large general cargo. Passengers.

Ayerst		Mr and Mrs
Chaplin		J.T.
Clark		John K.
Cook		George
Douglas		Thomas
Duncan		Mr
Finlay		George B.
Goodard		Martha
Henderson	Mr and Mrs and infant
Jackson		Fanny
Jones		Alfred
Logan		J.R.
Martin		Betsy
Murray		Catherine
Ord		Mr., John, Archibald, Christina, James, and Ann	 
Robertson	George H.
Robinson	Henry
Rutherford	Mr and Mrs and infant
Taylor		Mr and Mrs
Ticehurst	Edward
Youle		Robert

Passengers in Intermediate:
Anderson	Robert
Arthur		William
Ashwin		Charles
Burton		Frederick W.
Buick		John W. and wife
Calcutt		Stephen
Campbell	Margaret and three sons
Cove		William wife and two daughters
Cunninghame	Peter
Dalton		James
Faell		Frederick
Fitzgerald	Thomas
Frings		Edward
Hornigan	Michael
Hunter		Adam, Janet, Thomas, Esther, Jane, and Sarah
Johnston	George
Lawrence	Henry
Loomes		William
Mack		John
Mathews		Joan
Nicol		Robert and wife
Paterson	Alexander
Pennell		James C. wife and son
Petrel		Alexander
Pilbrow		Edward and James
Ramsey		William wife
Redhead		George 
Ross		James and wife
Saisted		Charles
Thame		Alexander wife and two sons
Thompson	William
Thompson	Margaret and Isabella
Whitelaw	Peter
Woodroffle	Alfred

Assisted Passengers:
Aldridge	Edward, wife and son
Batten		Samuel
Beckingham	James, wife and son (?Buckingham)
Bishop		Thomas, wife, 3 sons, and 2 daughters
Blundell	Henry wife, 3 daughters and 1 son (?Brundell)(Eliza Winchester paid £56 passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago)
Bramish	(?Beamish)	Henry wife, 3 sons, 2 daughters
Canning		Alfred
Dawe		Mary Ann
Howard		William
Howell		Ann
Longworth	Hannah, son and daughter
Ludford		John
Mill		Richard
Morgan		John and wife
Ogilvie		Margaret
Philip		John
Potter		Edwin
Robinson	William
Ronstead	John, wife and daughter
Smith		Louisa
Smith		William Thomas
Soloman (?Salomon) William, wife, and 2 sons
Winter		David wife and 2 sons
Woodcock	William and wife

The above comprise the following occupations:- 2 ploughmen, 10 labourers, 6 carpenters, 1 blacksmith, 1 shoemaker, 2 masons, and 7 domestic servants.
Total number of souls on board, 146; equal to 127½ statue adults.  J. Jones and Co., agents.

    For London direct.  The great speed of the "Chili" renders her an opportunity seldom to be met with for shippers of Wool. For freight or passage apply John Jones & Co. The first-class celebrated clipper ship "Chili," A1 12 years, 1800 tons burden was to take the place of the Black Swan, and leave London on the 15th Sept. The Tornado from Glasgow on the 3rd October, and the Egidia from the same port on the 10th, all with passengers for this Province. The "Chili" is one of the noblest passenger ships afloat. The saloon, spacious and elegant is fitted up with state-rooms furnished with the greatest comfort. The cabins are lofty, large,, and well lighted, and found in bedding, washing-stand with water laid on, and have all the convenience of an ocean going steamer. There is also a Ladies' Private Cabin, 30 feet in length, with piano, &c. 


Otago Witness Saturday 14 January 1871 page 13
Port Chalmers. Arrived. Jan 13 - Chile, ship, 767 tons, Culbert, from Timaru. Dalgety, Nichols, and Co., agents. Passenger - Mrs Culbert  


The following is a transcript from the The Star Monday 17 February 1879

Arrived Lyttelton Feb. 16 - Messrs' Shaw, Savill and Co.'s barque, Chile, barque, 767 tons, Culbert, arrived from London after a passage of 105 days. Edwards, Bennett and Co., agents. Remarkably fine weather was experienced throughout the whole passage, together with very light winds. There was no sickness or accident of any kind during the voyage. The Chile has part cargo for the Bluff.

Passengers- second cabin:
Mr and Mrs George Criehton and family (7)
Mr Hurley
Mr Parker
Mr and Mrs W.H. Parry and family (2)
Mr Pitcher
Mr Trenchard

Mr and Mrs J.A. Westfield and family (3)
Mr D. Walsh

Voyage report The Star Tuesday 18 July 1879 page 2 

The Star 18th Feb. 1879
The barque Chile, from London arrived at Lyttelton on Sunday evening and was towed up to anchorage by the p.s. Lyttelton at 7.30 p.m. The Chile is commanded by Capt. Culbert, last here as master of the Dover Castle, and previously of the Robert Henderson. The passage has occupied 105 days from London or 98 days from land to land. The Chile brings 25 passengers, all told, second and steerage, the second passengers having been quartered in the saloon. The vessel brings a full cargo, some 400 tons of which are for the Bluff. The majority of the passengers are for Wellington, only two families remaining here. Captain Culbert reports leaving Gravesend on Nov. 2. and took here final departure from the Lizard on Nov. 4. Running of the whole passage was made, 210 miles being run; No ice was seen. 

Otago Witness Feb. 11 1865
Entered Outwards Feb. 9 - Chile, 768 tons, Curthoys, master, for London, with cargo and passengers. Cargill and Co., agents.

Otago Witness Saturday 18 Feb. 1865 pg12
Per Chile, for London - Feb. 14
Austin 		Mrs and Miss
Binney 		Mr M
Constantine 	Mrs
Crighton 	Mrs
De Groor 	Mr P
Dummic 		Mr D
Fox 		Mrs
Gowan 		Mr James
Halliday 	Mr C
Havenfiled 	Mr and Mrs
Herbert 	Mr
Hill 		Mr Jas
Langdon 	Mr and Mrs and two children
McDonald 	Mr
McLean 		Mr
Minton 		Mr Charles
Prescott 	Mr W
Robinson 	Mr J
Swiney 		Mr T
Thomson 	Mr J
Tudor 		Mr and Mrs
Turnbull 	Mr J
Walker 		Mr J
Wisenden 	Mr
Whiteman 	Mr and Mrs

Otago Police Gazette pg 9 1 Feb 1865
WILSON, Thomas, Seaman's Cook, died on the British Ship "Chile" 11 January 1865
Inquest 13 Jan 1865; coroner T M Hocken; verdict acute bronchitis.

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