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"Chariot of Fame"

New Zealand Bound

The Southern Cross  Saturday 9th January 1864 pg3

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

Arrivals Port of Auckland
Australian, s.s., from Rangoon, via Melbourne, with troops.
Chariot of Fame, ship, from Queenstown, with troops
Courier, ketch, from Napier.

Outward Foreign
Jan. 8- Western Star, 179 tons, Webb for Sydney in ballast. Passengers - John Plumpten, A. Stephens.

Arrival of the Chariot of Fame, Captain Hugh Clarke, from Queenstown, with troops.
She made a good passage of 93 days, having made her final departure from Queenstown on the 7th October last and passing inside the Cape de Verde Islands crossed the line on the 8th November. On the 10th October the foretop-gallant mast was carried away during a squall. Mr Selkirk, chief mate.

The Chariot of Fame is a fine roomy ship of 1,639 tons, commanded by Captain Clarke, who has been in these waters before in command of the little Blue Jacket. The Chariot of Fame brings drafts for the several regiments already in the colony; and the 65th, besides men, gets a great accession to the number of its officers, which was much wanted in the regiment, as duty for some time past has been pressing very hard upon them

List of Officers
18th Regiment:
Captain J.D. Baker
Captain Hall

40th Regiment:
Captain E. Mansergh
Ensign T.H. King

50th Regiment:
Ensign T. Waring

57th Regiment:
Captain T.W.J. Lloyd

65th Regiment:
Lieutenant-Colonel W. P. Young (Commanding the Troops)
Captin C. Blewitt
Captain W. Higgins
Ensign W. Byan
Ensign T.G. Thompson
Ensign A.T. Toulminn
Ensign A. Chayten

70th Regiment:
Lieutenant G.J. Menteigh
Ensign Martin

Royal Artillery
Lieutenant Carre

Staff surgeon E.M. Bawtree
Staff assistant surgeon E. Chandler
And 510 rank and file, 64 women and 67 children.

The number of men according to Regiments is as follows:
Royal Engineers 15
Army Hospital Corps 27
Corps of Armourers 2
18th Regiment 154
40th Regiment 70
50th Regiment 19
57th Regiment 71
65th Regiment 36
70th Regiment 136

Passengers in the cabin, Mrs Lloyd and 2 children.

There were 9 births on board during the passage. One women died and 8 children; and a private of the 70th Regiment named T. Lannon, is missing supposed to have fallen overboard on the night of the 3rd December. The troops will land this morning at nine o'clock. The vessel is consigned to Mr David Nathan.

Cargo - 79 cases Assistant Superintendent of Stores at Auckland
700 pickaxes, 760 sash weights, 36 barrows,3 boilers, 1 crab weight, 200 tons coal...

To Auckland in 1864as a troop ship
'Chariot of Fame'; arr. Auckland 9 Jan. 1864. The troop ship Chariot of Fame, a White Star clipper of 1639 tons, Capt Clark, arrived .

Her next voyage under the command of Captain Clark, departed from Queenstown 7 October 1863 and arrived in Auckland 8 January 1864 with 520 troops for the Maori War.

Taranaki Herald, 23 January 1864, Page 3

The White Star clipper Chariot of Fame, 1639 tons, Captain Clarke dropped anchor off the wharf yesterday shortly after 4 p.m. She has made a good passage of 93 days from Queenstown, whence she sailed on the evening of the 7th October. The ship comes into port in a clean and creditable condition, and in her commander we have to welcome back an old friend, Captain Clarke, of the little Blue Jacket, who was here some few years since. There were nine death's during- the passage, of whom eight were children, and the other Mary Ann Evers, the wife of a private in the 65th regt., who expired on the 26th October. On December 3rd, Thomas Lennon, of the 70th regt., was found missing, and supposed to have been washed overboard during the night. There were nine births. The following is an analysis of the detachments on board :
126 rank and file of the 70th
154 of the 18th
70 of the 40th
7l of the 57th
36 of the 65th
19 of the 50th
15 of the Royal Engineers
27 Army Hospital Corps
and 2 armourers
total 510 rank and file, 64 women, 67 children.

Officers :
Lieutenant-Colonel Young
Captains C. Blewitt and W. Higgins
5 Ensigns W. Byam. T. G. Thompson, A. Chayter, and A. Toulmin
65th regiment ; Ensign Waring
50th regt. : Lieutenant Menteith and Ensign Martin,
70thregt. ; Captains J. D. Baker and Hall,
2nd bat. 18th Royal Irish ; Captain Mansergh and Ensign T. H. King,
40th regt. ; Captain T. W. J. Lloyd,
57th regt. ; Lieut. Carr, Royal Artillery; Staff Surgeon E. M. Bawtree, and Staff Assistant Surgeon E. A. Chandler. Mrs Lloyd and two children are also passengers by the Chariot of Fame. New Zealand Herald, Jan. 9.

Queenstown 7/10/63 to Auckland 8/1/64 with 520 troops.