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"Castle Eden"

New Zealand Bound

Voyage Account

List of Chief Cabin, and Fore Cabin, and Paying Steerage passengers in the Castle Eden, 930 tons, built Sunderland, England 1842 by J. & F. Soames.  Sailed from Gravesend 28th Sept.1850, and from Plymouth on October 3, but heavy weather drove her back, and she finally left Plymouth Sound on October 18.  Arrived Port Cooper (later renamed Lyttelton) 14th February 1851 with 204 passengers under the command of Captain Timothy Thornhill.

Chief Cabin
Beardmore, Septimus
De Bourbelle, Henry H.
Brice, Fred P.
Buchanan, John J.
Calvett, Charles A.
Fitzgerald, Gerald, Geo.
Freestone, Anthony
Hammer, Thomas
Hart, Thomas G.
Haylock, Thomas, B.    Nelson (Surgeon-Superintendant)
Haylock, Cornelius    Nelson
Haylock, Alfred J.    ditto
Jackson,  Dr. Thomas    Rev'd, the bishop designate of Lyttelton
Jackson, Mrs
Jackson, B.     son
Jackson, S.     son
Kent, Edward
Kent, Rhoda Mrs
Kent, Alice Rhoda    child
Kent, Laura Selina    child
Mansell, Charles T.
Mason, Mr
Mason, Mrs
Mason, Ann      child
Mason, Emily L.  child
Montague, Lord Frederick
Skinner, Christopher

Fore Cabin Passengers (intermediate)
Adley,  Mr Antile
Johnson, Benjamin     has not embarked
Beechy, Henry Wm.
Beechy, Harriet
Beechy, Caroline
Beechy, Emma
Beechy, William
Beechy, Henry Jnr. (steerage)
Beechy, Mrs
Bowley, John
Bowley, Mrs Eliza
Bowley, Louisa Anne
Bowley, Mary Elizabeth
Buxton, Mr Edward
Buxton,  Mrs. Martha
Buxton, Martha
Buxton, Adeline
Buxton, Cordelia
Buxton, Everida
Buxton, Alice
Buxton, Matilda
Bryan, Miss Rebecca
(upgraded from steerage to accompany Sarah Collins)
Collins, Miss Sarah
Davison, Thomas P.
Denham, Alfred
Fletcher, Henry
Fletcher, Mrs Hannah
Fletcher, Mary Jane
Holmes, William
Love, William
McCardell, James
Simpson, Miss Anne
Willoughby, Charles Henry
Willoughby, John
________, Mr.  Bishop's servant

Steerage Passengers

Beckenham      Mary Anne      20   F   Y 1                                              
Beckenham      Sarah          9    F                                                    
Beckenham      William        30   M   Y 1 Shepherd                                     
Beechey        Fred           17   M       Laborer                                      
Beechey        George         20   M       Laborer                                      
Blackmore      Anne           37   F   Y 3                                              
Blackmore      George H. Davy inf  M                                                    
Blackmore      John           46   M   Y 3 Ag. Laborer                                  
Blackmore      John Davy       8   M                                                    
Blackmore      Thomas Davy     5   M                                                    
Bowley         James          24   M   Y   Gardener                                     
Bowley         Mary           23   F   Y                                                
Bryan          Rebecca        26   F       Domestic Servant  (she was upgraded to accompany Sarah Collins)                            
Burnell        Eliza          34   F   Y 2                                              
Burnell        Jane            2   F                                                    
Burnell        John           24   M   Y 2 House Servant                                
Burnell        John           10   M                                                    
Capil          Elizabeth      26   F   Y 2                                              
Capil          George         35   M   Y 2 Ag. Laborer                                  
Capil          James          4mos M                                                    
Capil          Thomas          3   M                                                    
Claridge       Elizabeth      29   F   Y 1                                              
Claridge       Rebecca        inf  F                                                    
Claridge       Thomas         24   M   Y 1 Ag. Laborer  Claridges Road, Christchurch is connected with Thomas Claridge who settled in the Harewood area.                                
Clarke         Joseph         unk  M                                                    
Clarke         Samuel         unk  M                                                    
Coad           Emma Amelia     1   F                                                    
Coad           Mary           28   F   Y 1                                              
Coad           Thomas         29   M   Y 1 Carpenter                                    
Collett        Sarah Isabella 21   F       Servant                                      
Dale           Thomas         32   M       Farm servant                                 
Davis          John Thomas    unk  M                                                    
Gibson         Isaac          24   M       Ag. Laborer                                  
Gilbert        John Edward    13   M       School Teacher                              
Godfrey        Ellen          25   F       Domestic Servant                             
Going          Thomas         18   M       Ag. Laborer                                  
Guilford       Ann            42   F   Y 3                                              
Guilford       James           9   M                                                    
Guilford       John            4   M                                                    
Guilford       John           39   M   Y 3 Ag laborer                                   
Guilford       William        12   M                                                    
Hamlett        Lucy           31   M   Y 2                                              
Hamlett        Lucy            4   F                                                    
Hamlett        Robert          1    M                                                    
Hamlett        Robert         30   M   Y 2 Ag. Laborer                                  
Hare           Caroline       30   FY   Y 1                                              
Hare           James          34   M   Y 1 Tailor & cook & gardener                     
Iresou         Charles        17   M       Ag. Laborer  
Jackson        Ann             2   F                                                    
Jackson        Charlotte      33   M   Y 5                                              
Jackson        Elizabeth      inf  F                                                    
Jackson        George          4   M                                                    
Jackson        Henry          32   M   Y 5 Ag. Laborer         
Jackson        James           2   M                                                    
Jackson        William         9   M                                                    
Johnson        Hannah         17   F   Y                                                
Johnson        Richard        21   M   Y   Ag. Laborer 
Kimber         Charles        8    M                                                    
Kimber         Esther         39   F   Y 5                                              
Kimber         Henry           5   M                                                    
Kimber         James          13   M                                                    
Kimber         Jane           11   F                                                    
Kimber         Sarah           2   F                                                    
Kimber         Stephen        35   M   Y 5 Ag. Laborer        [Kember]                          
Kingsford      Denne          unk  M                                                    
Leslie         Ann Elizabeth  7    F                                                    
Leslie         Charlotte      37   F   Y 2                                              
Leslie         Henry          29   M   Y 2 Cow Keeper                                   
Leslie         John Henry     2    M                                                    
Lewis          Charlotte      27   F   Y 2                                              
Lewis          James          unk  M                                                    
Lewis          Jane            1   F                                                    
Lewis          John           28   M   Y 2 Bricklayer & servant                         
Loader         Ann            inf  F                                                    
Loader         Charlotte      38   F   Y 4                                              
Loader         Charlotte      2    F                                                    
Loader         Emma           5    F                                                    
Loader         George         39   M   Y 4 Gen laborer                                  
Loader         George         7    M                                                    
Leake          Ellen          11   F                                                    
Leake          Henry          35   M   Y 1 Baker & Gen. Lab.                             
Leake          Sophia         32   F   Y 1                                              
Luxton         Elizabeth      9    F                                                    
Luxton         Grace          35   F   Y 3                                              
Luxton         John           39   M   Y 3 Ag. Laborer                                  
Luxton         John           6    M                                                    
Luxton         William Henry  1    M                                                    
MacGregor      Alexander      unk  M   Y 1                                              
MacGregor      Ann            inf  F                                                    
MacGregor      Isabella       unk  F   Y 1                                              
Mumford        David          34   M   Y 4 Bricklayer Lab.                              
Mumford        John           7    M                                                    
Mumford        Martha         30   F   Y 4                                              
Mumford        Samuel         5    M                                                    
Mumford        Susan          3    F                                                    
Mumford        William        9    M                                                    
Monday         Ann            30   F   Y                                                
Monday         Joseph         37   M   Y   Laborer                                      
Orchard        Samuel         29   M       Sawyer                                       
Powis          Ed. John       11   M       an adopted child of Hare                     
Rose           Robert        unk  M                                                    
Rouse          Amelia         27   F   Y                                                
Rouse          Chales Richard 27   M   Y   Cooper                                       
Rumsby         William        unk  M     
Ryder          Elizabeth      26   F       Servant                                      
Scarott        Elizabeth      23   F   Y                                                
Scarott        William        22   M   Y   Ag. Laborer                                  
Springthal     Benjamin       unk  M  
Suggett        Elizabeth B.   34   F       Schoolmistress & dressmaker                                                       
Thurling       James          20   M       Blacksmith                                   
Thurling       Muriel         21   F       Dressmaker & dom. Servant
Treleaven      Charles        10   M                                                    
Treleaven      Emma Jane      5    F                                                    
Treleaven      George Henry   7    M                                                    
Treleaven      James          12   M                                                    
Treleaven      Mary Anne      37   F   Y 4                                              
Treleaven      Samuel         34   M   Y 4 Painter & sawyer                             
Ware           Emma           4    F                                                    
Ware           John           2    M                                                    
Ware           Mary A.        27   F   Y 2                                              
Ware           Thomas         28   M   Y 2 Millwright & I. Maker                        
Wheeler        Elizabeth      33   F   Y 3                                              
Wheeler        Elizabeth      4    F                                                    
Wheeler        Fanny          2    F                                                    
Wheeler        Mary           7    F                                                    
Wheeler        Thomas         30   M   Y 3 Sawyer                                       
Wilbraham      Henry          18   M       Carpenter                                    
Witney         George         6    M                                                    
Witney         George         26   M   Y 3 Ag. Laborer                                  
Witney         Lucy           5    F                                                    
Witney         Lucy           31   F   Y 3                                              
Witney         Mary           2    F                                                    
Wright         Arthur Zealand inf  M                                                    
Wright         Eliza          37   F   Y 6                                              
Wright         Eliza          5    F                                                    
Wright         Eliza          37   F   Y 4                                              
Wright         Emily          2    F                                                    
Wright         Emma           10   F                                                    
Wright         Esther         4    F                                                    
Wright         Geo. Saml.     14   M       Laborer                                      
Wright         George         46   M   Y 6 Laborer & gardener                           
Wright         Henry          8    M                                                    
Wright         Henry          8    M                                                    
Wright         Hugh           5    M                                                    
Wright         James          33   M   Y 4 Ag. Laborer (wife Elizabeth gave birth on board)                                 
Wright         Sarah          11   F                                                    
Mother's name Sex of child Date of delivery
Eliza Bowley male Nov. 9th 1850
Hannah Johnson female Jan. 16th 1851
Fanny Wheeler male Jan. 25th 1851
Martha Mumford female Feb.  9th 1851 (in Harbour)


Persons who have left the Ship
Henry Beechey, Jun. at the Cape
George Beechey at the Cape

Who have died on the Voyage

Elizabeth Scarott
Jane Lewis
Sarah Beckenham
Henry Leslie in Harbour

To join at Plymouth
Blackmore (5), Coad (3), Luxton (5), Orchard (1), Scarnott (2), Suggett (1), Treleaven (6), Ware (4) and Wheeler (5),

The following were shut out of the first four ships and have received a package by this vessel.
Blackmore (5), Luxton (5), Orchard (1), Scarott (2), Wheeler (5)

Paying Steering Passengers
Beechy, Clarke (2), Davis, Kingsford, McGregor (2 & infant), Rose, Rumsby and Sprintall

Y = spouse
# = children

Reference: Canterbury Association Shipping Office Canterbury New Zealand.  Published: Salt Lake City, Utah : Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City, 1973. Copy of passenger lists of some Canterbury Association emigrant ships held in the Canterbury Museum.  Available on microfilm at Family History Centres worldwide through their loan programme. Item #1066515

Note: castleeden.gif (290015 bytes)The microfilm contained two different hand written passenger lists:

Total Paying Adults Children Souls
Steerage 9 2 11
Fore cabin 26 8 34
Chief cabin 21 7 28
56 17 73

Wm. Bowler Superintendent of Shipping

- 2 left
- 4
+ 3

Sir Henry Brett 'White Wings' figures
27 Cabin
32 Fore-cabin
145 Steerage

Log of Logs by Nicholson lists Canterbury Museum Archives, Christchurch, NZ related holdings:
George Wright's passenger diary 25 Sept. 1850 - 1 Mar. 1851
Jessie R. Radford, notes regarding 1851 voyage
Newspaper cuttings, of 1930s with diary of  Rev. Thomas Jackson
Canterbury Museum Archives Shipping Papers
Passenger List

Passenger Lists of Canterbury Association Ships published in 1900 will contain additional details on the above passengers

BDM's at Sea 

3 births, 3 deaths and 3 marriages

Shipping Papers: Item 66 - Surgeon's List of Passenger�landed in NZ. Includes births and deaths. Item 66 notes Fanny Wheeler giving birth. But Fanny is only 2 years of age, it should be her mother Elizabeth Wheeler.

George Wright's diary states that there were three marriages. 
The first being Muriel Thurling and William Rumsby on 6 Jan. 1851;
The second being Thomas Davison and Ellen Godfrey on 9 Jan. 1851;
The third on 21 Jan. 1851. By studying the passenger lists, can't determine who else got married. All of the other single women who embarked also disembarked. Unless one married a crew member, so her name didn't change as far as the immigrant list was concerned. Or whether it was a marriage to legalize the claim of Mr & Mrs on the voyage, or a couple renewing their vows in a nautical manner! 

Winsome discovered a book at the National Library in Wellington, NZ 
A Pilgrim of the Nineteenth Century : or, A sketch in the early days of Canterbury, New Zealand
/ by M.H.A.B. Printed for the author by Cassell and Company, Limited, Ludgate Hill, London in 1893. 139 p. Just three books known to be in New Zealand - reference only in the NZ Collections, one at the National Library, one at Waikato University and Canterbury University has made a photocopy and made it copyright. 

Winsome collated it with the other two diaries- that of George Wright and Bishop Jackson and along with Captain and surgeon's ship's correspondence, the daily events tally accurately.  It is a very full account of the voyage of the Castle Eden in 1851. There are 42 pages of the 76 devoted entirely to the voyage - the toast agenda is found on page 77 - the events leading up to and departure of the first four ship are covered in Chapter 1. The remainder is the little book is a fascinating account of Canterbury in the first years. It states in the preface that it is the original diary kept by "Jack" (Winsome has tried to ascertain the writer's identity but not totally sure) and is a true account of the youthful pilgrim's impressions and life in Canterbury. Below is an extract. Thanks Winsome.
Page 33. Monday August 28th
" During Divine Service on Sunday 5th January 1851, a third marriage was announced. In the evening two of the children in the steerage died. After prayers, at 11 o'clock on Monday, the 6th of the month, the first marriage took place between Mr Rumsby and Miss Thurling, who were steerage passengers, and Jack facetiously named as "belonging to the parish of the Castle Eden". After the wedding, part of the "bridecake' was sent up, with the compliments of the newly wedded pair. 
Joy and sorrow often go hand in hand together and in the afternoon of the same day, the funeral of the two children who had died the previous day took place which had a saddening effect on the spirits of the bridal party.' 

"On the 8th the ship passed St Pauls's by about 100 miles to the south. Next day another wedding took place, Mr Davidson being the happy bridegroom on this occasion."

"On Thursday the 16th of the month, the Castle Eden arrived off Australia; this caused much satisfaction. The day proved to be an eventful one on board. The first mate Mr Reid, fell from the main top and three or four sailors fell on top of him. Mr Reid received a severe shaking, and his leg was so badly hurt as to render him unfit for duty. In the evening one of the steerage passengers, Mrs Johnstone, hailing from Biggate gave birth to a child."

"The wind fell and cold weather set in. The marriage of Mr Francis McArdle and Miss Sarah Collins took place on Tuesday the 21st, immediately after morning prayers. This was the third marriage on the ship. The cold and rainy weather continued. A heavy gale was experienced on the 24th. Next day a complete change took place, and it became quite warm . A child was born during the afternoon; its mother was Mrs Wheeler in the steerage. A curious fact, worth noticing, is that during the voyage there were three marriages, three births and three deaths. This enabled the Castle Eden to arrived with her full complement of passengers."

 Port Jackson 

In the COLONIAL SECRETARY : REPORTS OF VESSELS ARRIVED / Jan - Dec 1851, the arrival at Port Jackson of the Castle Eden has listed:
3 Chief Cabin passengers - Mr Freestone, Mr Hancock [? probably Haylock] & Mr A. Haylock;
8 Fore Cabin passengers - Mr E. Buxton, wife & 2 daughters, & mistresses Buxton, A. Buxton, C. Buxton & E. Buxton; 
and 2 Steerage - Mr Rumsby [without wife] & Mr Sprintall (?)
difficult to decipher the writing of these last two names.

Lloyd's Register CASTLE EDEN (1851)
Master:  Captain Thornhill
Rigging:  Ship; sheathed in felt and yellow metal in 1849
Tonnage:  760 tons using old measurements and 930 tons using new measurements
Construction:  1842 in Sunderland
Owners:  J. & F. Somes
Port of registry:  London
Port of survey:  London
Voyage:  sailed for New Zealand

Thomas Richardson of Castle Eden, England and John Parkin of Sunderland established a shipyard at Old Hartlepool in 1835 and built The Castle Eden ship.

Hawera & Normanby Star, 10 September 1909, Page 7 OBITUARY.
The death occurred in Hawera last evening, after a short illness, of an old and respected colonist in the person of Mr Frederick Beeehey, at the age of 79 years. The deceased, who had been ailing for some years, came out to the colony in the ship Castle Eden (one of the first four, ships to come to New Zealand) about the year 1849. The deceased has been a resident of Hawera for about thirty years, and has many friends who will learn with regret of his demise. He was a nephew of Admiral Beechey. The deceased leaves a widow and a grown-up family to mourn his loss. His children are: � Mr J. M. Beeehey, schoolmaster, Clareville; Mr F. Beeehey. Raurimu (Main Trunk line) ; Mr J. W. Beeehey, Hawera ; Mr A. E. Beeehey, Taihape; and Mrs S. A. Fryer, Hawera.

Sydney Thomas Claridge was b. on Christmas Eve 1893 in Papanui, Christchurch, to  William and Meddy Claridge. Sydney was one of the 22 boys who attended Harewood School and who gave their lives in the Great War. Sydney�s father, William Claridge, was the third son of Thomas and Elizabeth Claridge who came out to NZ on the Castle Eden. William married and took up a farm at 103 Claridge Road (named after his father).  He had two older sisters, Ada and May, one older brother Frank and later, a younger brother Owen. He attended Harewood School along with his cousins, Benjamin, Isaac and Thomas who were also killed in WWI.  He was conscripted and registered for compulsory military training under the Defence Act 1909. For three years prior to his enlistment he served in the Territorial Force.  

He was admitted to a Casualty Clearing Station on 12 Oct. 1918 with gunshot wounds to both knees. He was transferred to the 12th New Zealand General Hospital at Rouen on 31 Oct. 1918. Sydney died there, on 16 Nov. 1918, five days after the armistice, as a result of the wounds he received in action.

Sydney is buried at the St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France. During the war, British camps and hospitals were placed on the southern outskirts of the city. Numerous hospitals at Rouen were there for practically the entire war ; the majority of their dead being buried at St Sever. The extension to the cemetery was needed by Sept. 1916. There are now over 8,500 World War One fallen soldiers commemorated in this site.

Woodcutters Licensees

The HAMLETT family were a large family who arrived in Charlton Kings in Glocestershire in about 1758 and have lived there ever since.  They were Yeoman farmers and owned  property in the town.  A large family, things were difficult in the 'hungry 40's' because it was then that four members of the family left Charlton in the same year some going to Canada and the USA and Robert Hamlett with his wife Lucy and their 2 children coming to New Zealand settling in Christchurch.   Robert built the first house in Kaiapoi and had the first Hotel licence there also. Please contact Patsy if you have information on the Hamlett family or you would like information.

Patsy is also researching the ORCHARD family line. The Randolph and Castle Eden Orchard's are related. They were from Polesworth in Warwickshire. Samuel was a sawyer - means he cut down trees and worked in the bush

Ellesmere Guardian, 24 December 1926, Page 5
The death of Mr Charles Kimber, which occurred at his residence, Springston South, on Monday, has removed one of the oldest identities from that district. On January 18th, 1925, Mr and Mrs Kimber celebrated their diamond wedding. : Mr Charles Kimber was born at Wiltshire, East Grafton, on March 10th, 1842, and came to New Zealand by the fifth vessel, "Castle Eden," on February 9th, 1851. After his arrival he camped in a whare where Hagley Park is now situated. The country was then in its native state, with rushes, flax, etc., growing everywhere. He came to New Zealand with his father, the late Mr Stephen Kimber, who lived to the age of 101 years. Mr Chas. Kimber was of a family of five (two daughters and three sons), and with the exception of Mr James Kimber, of Spreydon, all have passed away. From Hagley Park Mr Kimber went to the Springston district, where he remained up till the time of his death, fallowing agricultural pursuits. Throughout his life he suffered practically no illness, and up to the time of his death, was in no way incapacitated. A widow, five sons and four daughters, and nineteen grandchildren are left to mourn their loss. The sons and daughters are: Messrs A. C. Kimber, H. H. Kimber, T. J. Kimber (all of Springston South), G. Kimber (Temuka), F. Kimber (Southbridge), Mrs G. J. Roberts (Springston South), Mrs S. Douglas (Rakaia), Mrs F. Greaves (Springston South), Miss L. Kimber (Springston South). The cortege, which left deceased's late residence, was a large one, and showed the respect in which the deceased was held. The remains were interred at the Springston Public Cemetery on Wednesday. The pall bearers were Messrs F. and H. Burgess, W. Kimber (deceased's nephews), and F. Greaves, (son-in-law). The funeral service was conducted by the Eev. C. L. Wilson. Amongst the chief mourners were Mr Jas. Kimber (deceased's brother), who is now 92 years of age. Beautiful wreaths and other floral tributes were received from: Wife and family, Jas. Kimber, Percy and Elsie; Thelma, Vera, Gwen and Fred; Mrs T. Kimber and family; Mr and Mrs H. Kimber and family; Mrs F. Kimber and family; Mr and Mrs T. Streeter and family; Springston Gun Club; Mr and Mrs N. Powell and family; Springs and Mrs N. Powell and family; Mr and Mrs E. J. Hams and family; Mr and Mrs McBean; Mrs Ryan.

John GUILFORD (1810 Easton Royal - 1895 Wanganui) and his wife Ann nee Plank (1808 Chirton - 1862 Christchurch) left Easton Royal, Wiltshire where they were married 1834 and with their three surviving sons sailed as assisted immigrants on the 'Castle Eden'. Their first home at Christchurch was a sod hut thatched with rushes at Hagley Park before purchasing land at St Albans in 1854 and building a four roomed wooden house.  In 1859, on land purchased from E. J. Wakefield the Guilfords built a two storied dwelling on Papanui Road. They were prominent members of the Methodist Church. In 1862 John bought 95 acres at Arowhenua and 10 acres at Raukapaka Bush, Geraldine.  After Ann's death John's married Emma Newnham (1815 London - 1890 Christchurch) who arr. on the 'Gananoque' 1860.  In 1892 John joined son James at Wanganui where he is buried.  Children -

William Guilford (1838 Abergenney- 1906 Tarata)   Employed first by John Hay at Pidgeon Bay and afterwards by Caverhill at Double Hill Station.  William next bought a bush section from the Maoris between Kaiapoi and Woodend and started pit sawing and getting fencing and firewood for sale.  The bush became worked out so went on to Arowhenua and Pleasant Valley Bushes. In 1859 he went to Victoria doing bushwork and mining and on his return in 1862 he again worked in the Geraldine district. 1865 William went to the Hokitika and on his return had the hotel at Pleasant Valley, Geraldine.  He married 1866 Ann Benbow (1849 Burford - 1930 New Plymouth) the daughter of Wm and Mary Benbow (arr. "Huntress" 1863) of Waitohi. The Guilfords had 16 children and adopted two.  Their farm was next to St Anne's Church and they left in 1902 to live at Tarata, Taranaki where William is buried.

James Guilford (1841 Abergavenney - 1898 Halcolm) James worked for Mr Laine at the mouth of the Avon then the Kennaway brothers . He may have joined his brother at Kaiapoi next before going on to Marlborough doing shearing, pit sawing and fencing at sheep stations before rejoining William at Pleasant Valley where he did labouring and bush work in the Geraldine area for 7 years.  In 1874 he married Kate Lynch (1856 Ireland -1889 Wanganui) arr. 'Isles of the South' 1874. They lived at Waihi Bush before moving to Geraldine 1877. Bushfires ended the milling era in the region and James and his family of seven moved to Wanganui where five more children were born and Kate died in childbirth.  In 1892 James married Emma Elizabeth Johannah Schwass (1865 Nelson - 1945 Auckland) her parents Christian Ernst Heinrick and Anna Sophia Maria Schwass arr. 'Skiold' Nelson 1844. Emma had a daughter and James and she had three children.  James is buried at Halcolm.

Henry John Guilford (1846 Easton Royal - 1912 Invercargill) At 16 John went to sea on the brig 'Mountain Maid' trading between Sydney and New Zealand ports, mostly Lyttelton.  At Pleasant Valley with his brother William, he started bushwork and doing carpentry until his marriage to Jane Cowan ( 1854 Renfrewshire - 1932 Dunedin) the daughter of Robert and Jane Cowan (arr. 'Lady Elgidia' 1861 Post Chalmers) in 1875 at Owaka, Catlins, Otago. He continued building  houses, dredges, wharf and bridges and in many parts of Southland, Otago and the West Coast. Jane and John had 10 children.

Information courtesy of Winsome Griffin.  Please contact Winsome if you have further information or would like information on the above families or the 'Castle Eden'. Posted 17 Aug. 1999  Winsome did extensive research on the 'Castle Eden' voyage in "John and Ann Guilford - New Zealand is Your Destination" which can be access at Alexander Turnbull, New Plymouth, Hocken, Christchurch and Fairlie libraries.

Press, 22 April 1935, Page 12  MR HENRY LESLIE
By the death last week of Mr Henry Leslie, of Waimairi road, Upper Riccarton, Canterbury has lost another of its pioneer settlers. Mr Leslie was born in Kent, Canterbury, England in 1849. and came to New Zealand in the fifth of the Pilgrim ships, the Castle Eden, with his parents. His father secured a 50-acre section of rural land in London from the Canterbury Association, and was granted the town section in Gloucester street upon which the Jewish Synagogue now stands. His father contracted a chill on the voyage and died just as the ship dropped anchor in Lyttelton harbour in February, 1351. After residing in Salt's Gully. Lyttelton. for four years, the family removed to Christchurch by way of the Bridle Path. Mrs Leslie having had a cottage built on the section in Gloucester street. Mr Leslie was a foundation pupil of the Scottish School, opened by the Rev. Charles Eraser on the present site of St. Andrew's Church, and was probably the last scholar living who attended that school. When Mr Leslie was 10 years old the family removed to Waimniri road. He resided there until his death. Mr Leslie was the oldest living member of the original St. Andrew's Church, having attended the services of that denomination held in the Durham Street Church while the original church was in course of erection. He was for many years an elder of the kirk session of St. Andrew's, and was in regular attendance at the church services until a year ago. when growing infirmity prevented him from making the journey from Upper Riccarton. Mr  Leslie was married late in life. He leaves a wife and two step-daughters, one the wife of the Rev. James Young, of Rotorua and the other he wife of a son of the late Rev. Frank Rule. The Funeral The funeral of Mr Leslie tonic place on Saturday from his home in Upper Riccarton to the Addington cemetery. The services in the house and at the graveside were taken by the Rev. J. Lawson Robinson, minister at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, of which Mr Leslie was the senior member. Members of the St. Andrew's congregation attended the funeral, as well as many who had known Mr Leslie during his long residence in Canterbury. The pall-bearers were Messrs L.H. Leslie. C. V. Leslie. E. Eaves. A. Cox, G. Masterton and D. Bulmer.

George and Eliza MASON settled at Mason's Flat, Hawarden, North Canterbury.
George Edward MASON b 10 Apr 1822 was the son of Edward Wood MASON and Elizabeth (nee WOOD) of Beacon House, Painswick, Gloucestershire and Horsley Court Manor Farm, Horsley, Gloucestershire. George married Eliza Ann THORNE at St Marys, Islington, Middlesex on 29 July 1848, she was the daughter of George THORNE & Martha Ann HANDS of Bristol. George MASON had leased Bonsonwood Farm, Fiddington, Somerset before coming to NZ.  He & Eliza settled in the area now known as Mason's Flat, Hawarden - their first home was at Horsley Down, then 'Birchdale' and later 'Springbank'. Their first NZ born child was born in the Horsley Down area in 1853. They also had a cottage at Lyttelton where some of the children were born. George explored the North Canterbury area and mountain passes - Mt Mason, Lake Mason, Mason river all bear his name. He was a stockowner running sheep on pastoral lease runs. He named Horsley Down after the family property at Horsley. Their family were:

Annie Eliza	 b 1848 England				d. age 3, in 1851 Lyttelton
Emily Sarah	 b 18 Oct 1849 London			d.13 Feb 1884	m. 28 Jul 1868 James Edward BARNES
Elizabeth Wood	 b 19 Nov 1853 Waipara district		d.12 Nov 1924	m. in 1877 Francis William Clarke LUKEY
Mary Lucy	 b  3 May 1856 Lyttelton		d.27 Aug 1930	m. 30 Mar 1877 William John  PILCHER
Margaret Frances b 18 Mar 1858 Lyttelton		d.12 Apr 1926	m. 14 Oct 1877 Michael Joseph HOBAN
Alice Eliza	 b 11 Oct 1859				d. 6 Feb 1926 	m.  1 Feb 1881 Richard WRIGHT
Charles Edward	 b 21 Sep 1861				d.21 Mar 1952	m.  1 Feb 1910 Alice Maud PHILPOTT
William Reginald b  1 Jul 1864				d. 7 Feb 1923	Not married
Laura Maud	 b 16 Sep 1866				d. 3 Feb 1944	m.  1 Mar 1888 James DALZELL
Frank Ernest	 b 21 Apr 1869				d. 6 Nov 1920	m. 16 Mar 1904 Lucy Jane PHILPOTT
Edward Wood	 b 25 Mar 1871 at 'Springbank'		d. 8 May 1949 	m. 20 May 1908 Mary Rose Helen STORER

The above information courtesy of Ann Loffhagen (d.)  Posted 26 July 2000.
Clayton, Alice G., 1922-   Explorations and exploded myths Masons through the Weka Pass Publisher: A. Clayton, c2000, (Templeton, Hilton Press) 206 p. ill. (some col.), maps, ports. 31 cm. Includes bibliographical references (p. 205-206) Subject Headings: Mason family. Mason, George Edward, 1822-1910. Mason, Eliza, 1827-1895. Weka Pass History. Weka Pass Genealogy. Hurunui District.

Colonist, 18 June 1910, Page 4
Mr George Edward Mason, of Springbank, Mason's Flat, died at his residence on Wednesday at the age of 86 years. Mr Mason was born in Gloucestershire in 1824, and was brought up -as :a .farmer. He arrived at Lyttelton in the ship Castle Eden in 1851 and first leased the Horsley Downs: run, 34,000 acres in extent, and afterwards the Black Hull run, of 30,000 acres.' He fixed his first homestead at Horsley Downs, the flat country of which became known as Mason's Flat. Subsquently Mr mason leased a run of 30,000 acres on part of which Mount Mason is situated, and at a later date took: up the Virginia run. In the early days Mr Mason did a great deal of exploring work, and discovered five lakes; the principal one being Lake Sumner. By his efforts a large area, of back country was made known and opened up, and he claimed to have been, the first white man to go north of the Waipara Flat

MUMFORD, Emma North born at 1am on  9 February 1851. Ship at anchor in Lyttelton Harbour. The time of birth was recorded in a shipboard diary written by a passenger named George Wright held at the Canterbury Museum. Emma North DAVIES (nee Mumford) was Margaret's grandfather's foster mother at Christchurch, New Zealand. 

February 9th (Sunday).  A child born at 1am.  Mr Lessley died at 8pm after 6 weeks illness.  He left a wife and two children.  Father came from the plains at 9pm.
February 10th. Still on board on account of the sailors strike.
February 11th. Disembarked today and remained until the 20th.
March 1st. We embarked aboard the "Catherine Johnson" along with Alexander McGregor & family and arrived Wanganui 14th March 1851.

David, a labourer & Martha MUMFORD (nee MASON) were from Stonely, Kimbolton,
Huntingdonshire.  They were a poor family. The seat of the Duke of Manchester and the heir to this title, Viscount Mandeville was at Kimbolton Castle.  The family had estates in New Zealand so that is probably why the Mumford family was recommended by Viscount Mandeville and possibly why they decided upon New Zealand to immigrate. David & Martha's children were, William Robert, John James, Samuel & Sarah Susannah, all born Kimbolton. Emma North Mumford was born on board the "Castle Eden" while at anchor in Lyttelton Harbour.  They settled in Christchurch. David, Martha and their many descendants are buried in various Christchurch cemeteries. I doubt that the MASON's on the Castle Eden were related to the Mumford's
seeing as they paid their fare and had their own cabin.  The MUMFORD's were as poor as church mice.

John James Mumford owned a hotel and was accidentally shot and killed by a friend while out rabbit shooting in 1885.  Three of Samuel Mumford's grandchildren were drowned in a lake at the Riccarton Race Course, Christchurch in 1916.  Information submitted by Margaret Armstrong  8 March, 2001.

Muriel THURLING (1828) and James THURLING (b 1830) were two of six children born at Hardingham, Norfolk, to William & Elizabeth Thurling. They left the family at White Horse Farm, Stow Bedon, Norfolk, to take up the challenge of a new life in the Colonies with assisted passages from the Canterbury Association to the Canterbury Plains, New Zealand. Muriel met William RUMSBY (b 1824) of Fressingfield, Suffolk, on board the ship and were married at sea on 6 January 1851 by the Rev. Thomas Jackson, the first marriage on the voyage.

William RUMSBY, was a paying steerage passenger with passage to Nelson. After arrival at Port Victoria (name as known in 1849 - originally Port Cooper, later renamed Lyttelton), Muriel & James would have had to seek the consent of the Canterbury Association, for Muriel to continue on with her new spouse, and James to accompany his only immediate family. That concession achieved, they remained on board and departed for Nelson on 5 March 1851.

Near the entrance of Cook�s Strait, the ship ran into severe weather encountering south west to westerly gales, which continued with unabated often reducing ship to a close reefed main-top-sail, and on one occasion were obliged to take that in. The crew, almost wholly composed of inexperienced landsmen were, with difficulty, induced to make and shorten sail, with many knocked up from fatigue and wet, making the ship impossible to work. Provisions for passengers were exhausted, had to be supplemented from the ship�s stores. Unable to make Nelson, decision made to bear up to Sydney, Australia, where the ship arrived on 2 April 1851. James THURLING, and William & Muriel RUMSBY had obviously had enough of sea travel, relinquishing the voyage (the ship was to return for Nelson) and voluntarily quitting the �Castle Eden� at this port. 

They all travelled north and initially settled at Paterson in the Hunter Valley district of New South Wales. James married Hannah Pinchen (b 1835 Hillscotts, Wiltshire : arr �Tory� 1849 Sydney) at St. Paul�s Church, Paterson and they had two children (1st died). In 1854, brother Benjamin THURLING (b 1832 : arr �Genghis Khan� 1854 Moreton Bay, Queensland) to join James and Muriel at Paterson. 

Around 1856, James & Hannah THURLING moved south to Western Sydney at Prospect, where they settled for a few years having four more children (latter two died). Around 1865 they again moved, heading west over the mountains where they finally settled at Kelso (near Bathurst) and had 8 more children (one died). It was here that James established a Blacksmith�s business. James died in 1898 aged 67 years, with Hannah dying in 1920 aged 84 years, both at Kelso, being buried in the cemetery at Holy Trinity Church of England at Kelso. 

William and Muriel RUMSBY had nine children (two died) at, or near Paterson up until 1868, after which they moved north to the northern tablelands of NSW at Barraba. Muriel was travelling north to Elcombe to meet up with her daughter, pausing at the 'Pallal Station' when she took ill and died in 1894 aged 65 years at Bingara, and is buried on a selection of the �Pallal Station� property. The Gwydir and Horton Rivers were in flood at the time of Muriel's death with access to Bingara cut off, hence her burial on the property. William lived until 1909 when he died at the age of 85 years at Rookwood Asylum, Sydney, and is buried in Rookwood Cemetery. 

Information submitted by Russell Thurling (Great-grandson). Posted June 5 2002

The Castle Eden's safe arrival at Calcutta is notified, therefore setting aside at once the late rumour of her loss. Otago Witness.  6 March 1852 page 3

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