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The image below is off the wonderful NZ National Libraries website  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

Otago Witness Saturday 18th October 1879 page 14
Arrival October 15th Calypso, ship, 1013 tons, Hird, from London (July 22nd), Dalgety and Co. agents.
(Passengers listed.) Voyage account.

Arrival of the Calypso
The clipper ship Calypso, arrived off the Heads on October 14th, was towed across the bar on the 15th, Pilot Kelly boarded, and anchored on the Powder-ground. She was boarded by the Health Officer and Customs Boarding Officer and cleared at once. The Calypso comes into port in excellent condition, the passage from port to port only having occupied 84, and land to land 79 days. Shies is under command of Captain Hird, her former chief officer, whom we congratulate on his well-merited promotion. He brings Mr Gordon (formerly second officer) as chief officer, Mr Hopkin as second, and Mr Botelier as third. Dr Young comes out as surgeon while Mr and Mrs Pollock are still in their old positions as steward and stewardess. She brings 1200 tons of cargo, of which 700 tons are light goods and the remainder dead weight. She had 19 saloon, 36 cabin, and 96 steerage, passengers. She left London on July 22nd. and put into Falmouth on the 26th. Embarking passengers, and left the same day. Rounded the Cape of Good Hope on August 18th, in latitude 43 S. The Calypso will discharge at the Railway Pier.
The actual transcription from The Otago Witness 27 September 1879 courtesy of Leanne. Thanks Leanne.

Per Calypso (Captain Leslie) from London July 22nd

Allen 		Mr Arthur
Allen 		Hy F
Bassett 	Mr J Ch
Bassett 	Mrs Ann  and nurse
Bassett 	William (child)
Bassett 	Lee	(child)
Benn 		John jun
Brown 		Mr Herbert
Budd 		Rebecca
de Vallancey 	G 
de Vallancey 	Mrs and child
Gough 		Mr F H
Hugli 		James E  (Hugh)
Middleton 	Mr Frederick J
Smith 		Mr Arthur P
Sutherland 	Mr G
Sutherland 	Mrs G J (Miss)
Waerner 	Miss L  (Warner)
Young 		Dr James
Second Cabin:
Brearey 	James
Cook 		Robert
Cook 		Mrs
Cook 		Wm
Cristie 	Andrew
Cristie 	Mrs
Cristie 	Jessie J
Cristie 	Barton
Cristie 	Agnes
Cristie 	Jane
Cristie 	Andrew jun
Cristie 	James C
Cristie 	John
Denton 		Aline
Duggall 	Alfred
Hoole 		Charles Henry
Jackson 	Mr F
Joll 		G R
Joll 		Mrs F
Joll 		John
Jones 		Franklin
Jough 		Jane
Kessell 	T N
Kessell 	S E
Kessell 	Jane
Kessell 	Henry
Martin 		E K
Nichol 		James
Petty 		William
Petty 		Martha
Plant 		Joseph
Pratt 		Richard
Robertson 	James
Scoby 		R T E
Scoby 		Margaret
Scoby 		Ceres
Scowen 		Joseph
Scowen 		Mary Ann
Taylor 		John C
Taylor 		Deborah
Taylor 		Frederick W
Taylor 		Emily
Taylor 		Arthur
Taylor 		John
Webber 		Henry
Webster 	H B
Whitehorn 	E

Allen 		Wm
Andrew 		G J
Bacon 		Henry
Ball 		E M
Ball 		Mary
Ball 		Jesse
Baird 		Andrew
Barlow 		Francis
Barr 		Wm
Banks 		Jas
Barrett 	W H
Beecroft 	Wm
Belcher 	William
Bennett 	Chas
Brayson 	Robert
Brayson 	Sarah
Brayson 	Matthew
Breadley 	James
Brun 		F H
Brun 		John
Brun 		Mrs
Brun 		Jas
Brun 		Thomas
Burkett 	Alfred
Burkinshaw 	Wm F
Burkitt 	Benjamin
Campbell 	John
Clark 		James
Clarkson 	Wm
Cannot 		Thomas
Chaplin 	Mary
Davies 		Ed
Drider 		Hy
Downing 	H W
Elston 		Peter
Evans 		T F
Farrar 		George
Farrar 		Sarah Ann
Fellow 		Henry
Field 		George
Field 		Robert
Field 		F. Elizabeth
Gortan 		Eli
Guttery 	Wm
Hamilton 	Alexander
Henshaw 	S
Hill 		Edwin
Hill 		Esther F
Hill 		Ernest
House 		Noah
Huges 		John
Huggins 	Wm
Hunter 		John Thomas
Jerman 		David
Jones 		Hugh
Kidmore 	Richard S
Kidmore 	Elizabeth
Kidmore 	Elizabeth
Kidmore 	Mary Ann 
Kidmore 	Richard
Lane 		F
Lawrence 	Robert
Lawrence 	E
Leak 		Henry
Leak 		Annie
Leak 		Joseph
Leak 		John W
Lyall 		Smith
Mason 		Walter H
Mason 		P
Mason 		G L
Meston 		Andrew
Melly 		Wm M
Morris 		Jos
Morris 		Chas
Morgan 		Alfred
McKeown 	Patrick
McCall 		James
O'Gorman 	Ed
Payne 		Wm
Pearce 		Wm H
Perkins 	F T
Perry 		Chas
Pitchforth 	Wm S
Pollard 	Matthew
Pollard 	Mary Ann
Pollard 	Thomas
Pollard 	George
Pollard 	Wm
Pollock 	J R  (JS)
Pollok 		Mrs
Pratt 		Newton
Prichard 	Thomas
Prenkerd 	Samuel
Robinson 	Charles
Robinson 	F H
Shields 	Wm
Shrewsbury 	Henry J
Smyth 		Frank
Snowdon 	J D
Snowdon 	Wm
Stewart 	John
Taylor 		Robert
Taylor 		Samual
Taylor 		Walter
Wallace 	Martin
Waterow 	Ed
Williams 	J
Wilson 		James
Wilson 		A
Yates 		William