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New Zealand Bound

The Southern Cross Friday 12 October July 1860 pg2
Oct. 11 - Caduceus, ship, 1106 tons, John Cass from London. Our whilome visitor the Caduceus, Capt. Cass, long expected, was signalled at last, yesterday morning. She left Gravesend on the 23rd June - the Start on the 28th. The line was crossed on the 25th July, but on account of the Trades proving very southerly, she was driven towards the South American coast, which she sighted at Cape St. Roque. The highest latitude reached whilst running down her Easting was 48 80S. On the 6th Sept., in lat. 43 30S, long. 49, an iceberg, and some drift ice, was fallen in with. Capt. Cass brings a clean bill of health, and neither births nor deaths to report. The number of passengers - all told- which she brings is 130.

Cabin Passengers    
Burningham 	Sharies   
Canullus 	Mrs   
Carter 		Silas   
Carter 		Patience   
Carter 		William   
Carter 		Patience   
Clark 		Edward   
Dean 		Frederick C   
Dean 		Mary Ann   
Fenton 		Alicia   
Fishbourne 	Ann   
Fysh 		James H   
Harty 		Eliza   
Hobbs 		Henry   
Jones 		Henry   
Laishley 	Richard   
Laishley 	Ann   
Laishley 	Richard   
Laishley 	Charles    
Laishley 	Charlotte   
Laishley 	George    
Lister 		Robert   
Marchant 	Francis   
Marchant 	Charles E   
Mauley 		George K   
Mauley 		Eliza   
Mauley 		Benjamin   
Mears 		Thomas L   
O'Neill 	James   
O'Neill 	Catherine   
O'Neill 	Mary   
O'Neill 	Jane M   
O'Neill 	Louis   
O'Neill 	Kate   
O'Neill 	James P   
O'Neill 	Isabella   
O'Neill 	Margery   
O'Neill 	William   
O'Neill 	Heremon F   
Page 		John   
Pastorelli 	Augustus   
Pastorelli 	Florence   
Penny 		James B   
Pugh 		Maurice   
Redde 		Geo.   
Ridings 	William   
Ridings 	Rosina L   
Ridings 	Richard   
Terry 		Edward   
Terry 		Mary   
Thornton 	Daniel   
Warrington 	Martha   
Way 		Herbert   
Aitken 		William   
Allen 		Joseph   
Andrews 	Henry   
Andrews 	Ann   
Bailey 		George   
Batley 		Frederick   
Beck 		Richard   
Beck 		Julia   
Bird 		John   
Bowers 		Elizabeth   
Bowman 		David   
Bryce 		Archibald   
Bryce 		Elizabeth   
Calvert  	John E   
Cammans 	John   
Dale 		William H   
Dixon 		John   
Galert 		Basil   
Gardiner 	John   
Gardiner 	Margaret   
Gardiner 	John   
Good 		Edward Mr  
Good 		Caroline Mrs  
Good 		Wallis   
Good 		Edward   
Good 		Walter   
Good 		Adolphus   
Good 		Caroline   
Good 		Ambrose   
Good 		Eugene   
Good 		Edgar   
Good 		Robert Mr  
Good 		Jemima Mrs  
Good 		Jane   
Good 		Elizabeth   
Good 		Alice   
Good 		Ada   
Good 		Frederick   
Granger 	Rich.   
Hamerton 	John    
Hamerton 	Amy   		b. Yarwell, Northamptonshire, England
Herbert 	Alfred   
Herbert 	Margaret   
Herbert 	Christopher   
Herbert 	James   
Hodge 		William   
Hodge 		Elizabeth   
Holder 		James   
Holder 		Charles   
Holder 		Thomas   
Humphreys 	Wm   
Inglis 		Ellen   
Jones 		Jessie   
Jones 		Isabella   
Kennedy 	Colin   
Laurie 		William   
Lytle 		Hugh   
Mairo 		Samuel W   
Mason 		Elizabeth   
McCallum 	Malcolm   
McDonald 	Donald   
McKellar 	Angus Mr  
McKellar 	Margaret Mrs  
McKellar 	Mary   
McKellar 	Angus   
McKellar 	John   
McKellar 	Neil   
McKenzie 	Rebecca   
McNamara 	Alex   
Monks 		Samuel   
Muirhead 	John   
Muirhead 	Ann   
Niman 		Henry F   
Percy 		George   
Percy 		Jane   
Rardy 		Michael   
Reay 		Wm   
Reay 		Elizabeth   
Reay 		Betsey A   
Reay 		Charles   
Reay 		Elizabeth   
Rerehau 	Samuel   
Roper 		Frank   
Roper 		Leonard   
Toetoe 		Wm   
Turk 		Charles Mr  
Turk 		Lydia Mrs  
Turk 		William   
Turk 		Henry   
Turk 		Eliza   
Turk 		Ellen   
Turner 		Caroline   
Waylen 		Benjamin   
Willway 	Wm. Henry   
Willway 	Matilda   
Willway 	Eliza   
Willway 	Annie   
Willway 	Clara   
Willway 	Kate   
Willway 	Ellen   
Wyttie 		James 

Transcribed by Joan N. June 2006. Although the paper states there are 130 passengers by my count there are 154 names. AKL Libraries site count - 154.

 The image below is off the wonderful NZ National Libraries website.  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 
The alphabetical passenger listing can be found on the comprehensive Auckland Cities library site. Auckland inward passenger arrivals 1840-1885 from newspaper. 

Made five voyages to Auckland, New Zealand.
1859 - Capt Cass 95 days
1860 - Cass - 112 day - above
1865  - Holton - 71 days. March 27 NZ Herald passenger list. Left London for Auckland on the 30th Nov. 1864 taking final departure from the Start, Dec 13th.
1870 - Capt. D.T. Roberts - 97 days
1871  - Capt. D. T. Roberts - 106 days. The diary by Catherine Parnell is at the Alexander Turnbull library.

From the Lloyd's Register:
Master: a) Captain Holton; b) Captain D. Roberts
Rigging: Ship; sheathed in felt and yellow metal in 1864.
Tonnage: 1,116 tons
Dimensions: 186.2 feet long, 34 foot beam and holds 21.5 feet deep
Construction: 1854, Fletcher Son & Fearnall, London in London
Owners: a) Fletcher; b) Shaw Savill Line in 1869 after several voyages on charter and sailed out of Liverpool for Australia.
Port of registry: London
Port of survey: London
Voyage: sailed for New Zealand
Possibly later re-rigged to a barque. Wooden hull.
1873 sold to H. Edwards, South Shields and used as a Spanish trader
1874 wrecked.