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New Zealand Bound

The Otago Witness  Saturday September 15, 1860 page 4 & 5

Reference online: Papers Past Images online. NZ National Library. 

The "Bruce," from Glasgow, charted by Messrs. Holmes & Co., arrived off the heads on Wednesday. She is a remarkably fine clipper, of 2000 tons, and has a large cargo for this port, together with 110 passengers, chiefly single men sent out as servants to Mr Holmes, who has made extensive purchasers of land in Otago. The Captain, having endeavoured to enter the harbour without a pilot on board, ran his vessel on shore outside the heads, near to the spot where the "Revival" was wrecked.  Has it come to blow would probability, have been lost.  Fortunately the tides have been low, and were rising. She swung off on Thursday evening, with the flood-tide, and was yesterday, safely towed up to Port Chalmers by the Geelong. On Thursday her passengers landed in Dunedin. The "Bruce" had no business near that spot where she went ashore, but we hear it said that the Captain was misled by a red flag hoisted as a signal to the Custom-house, but which he took to be a signal to come on.

Shipping News 

Arrivals. Sept. 12 - Bruce, Thomas Meiklejohn, from Glasgow. 
Passengers - Cabin

McLeod		Hugh and wife
Smith		George W.
Urie		Rev. Mr. and wife

Aitken		Allan, wife and child
Allan		John
Alexander	James
Anderson	Mary
Angier		Robert
Annan		Alex.
Bannerman	David
Baird		Robert
Barr		Robert
Baxter		Robert
Blackwood	William
Branigan	Thomas
Bretherson	Henry
Brownlee	Gavin
Burke		William and wife
Burnside	William
Carruthers	Richard
Calder		John
Cassels		William
Clark		Edward
Clark		George
Calder		John
Colquhoun	Janet
Cook		William
Cooper		William
Dodds		William
Ferguson	William
Ferguson	Robert
Fleming		Andrew
Forrest		Robert
France		Robert
Frew		James wife and 3 children
Galbraith	William
Galliagher	Daniel
Galliagher	Francis
Goldie		Robert
Grahame		Samuel
Hamilton	John
Hanlay		Thomas
Hay		William
Henderson	John
Johnstone	Thomas
Kerr		James
Kilpatrick	James
Knox		James
Laidlaw		James, wife and child
Lamb		Arch. and wife
Lyon		John
Lyon		William
Main		Alex.
Manson		Francis
Marshall	George
Marshall	Janet
Martin		William
Murray		Isabella
McCaldon	George
McElwee		James
McDonald	Allan
McLennan	Alex.
McKenzie	Eliz.
McNaughton	Angus and wife
Paton		Peter
Pearson		William
Paterson	Gavin wife and child
Richmond	John
Richmond	W.C.
Reid		Helen
Reid		James and wife
Ried		James
Reid		Robert
Reid		Thomas
Robertson	James and wife
Robertson	Robert
Ross		Angus
Sadlier		Henry wife and child
Scott		James
Scott		William
Shaw		William
Shields		William
Smith		Edward
Strang		William and wife
Thomson		Peter
Vint		John
Vint		William
Waddell		John
Weir		Robert
Wood		Christina

Bruce Herald, 3 May 1871, Page 3 REV. JAMES URIE, of TAPANUI
The subject of this memoir was born at Rutherglen, near Glasgow, in 1818, and had therefore reached his 53rd year. His father was a surveyor, and provided his son James with the full quota of learning furnished by the parish school, including the elements of a classical education. At an early age he entered the establishment of Messrs Campbell and Co., Glasgow, the largest in the commercial capital of Scotland, and one of the most extensive in the world. His attention to duty and obliging disposition rapidly gained him the esteem of Mr Campbell, and he was speedily promoted through the several departments of their wholesale business, and with his increasing, responsibilities his salary rose in proportion.... The West Taieri congregation having applied to the Colonial Committee of the Free Church for a pastor, the appointment was offered him, and accepted from a wish to be instrumental in raising the gospel standard among his countrymen in the Great Britain of the South, and most successfully has he fulfilled his mission as an ingatherer to the Church. He sailed from Glasgow in the good ship "Bruce in June," 1860, having just before setting sail, married his exceedingly affectionate and suitable partner in life, who is now a widow. He arrived in Otago in September. He proceeded to the West Taieri, where he had a congregation to form, and nurse it from infancy.

Parents Catherine Graham and James Urie
b. 1863 Urie Margaret Aitken 
b. 1867 Urie Jane Ferguson
b. 1869 Urie Catherine Elizabeth

  Rev. Urie's grave, Tapanui Cemetery. Photos courtesy of Allan S. Dec. 2012
Rev. Urie's failing health declined more rapidly after hearing of his daughter's death in the January and he died four months later in April.


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Poverty Bay Herald, 18 November 1911, Page 3
(By Captain John Tombleson, N.Z.T.)

East and West, from South to North,
Neptune's squadrons charging forth ;
Every roller bears them on,
Gleaming white beneath the sun.
Save that where, his own bright beam
Drowns the picture ,in its gleam,
All the world seems white on blue,
Even changing, ever new.
Fair against our bows they ride,
Rearing up the vessel's side.
In the madness of their play
Leaping at us all the day.
Boisterous sport is their desire,
And they never seem to tire ;
Wetting with a gentle spray,
Off once more upon their way.
See the rollers burst in foam
As against our weight they come,
Sideways tumbling, seething, churning,
Even from our pathway turning.
Light and dark blue, white on green,
Mixed up colors quickly seen ;
Then away behind they race,
Countless others take their place.