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"Duke of Bronte"

New Zealand Bound

The 'Duke of Bronte', 424 tons, a full rigged ship built in 1825 anchored at Port Lyttelton 5 June, 1851, under the command of Captain John Thomas Barclay after a lengthy, cold passage.  She had sailed 10 January 1851. The "Steadfast" arrived 8 June, 1851. Another listing.

List of Chief Cabin Passengers on leaving Gravesend

Bray 		William Bayley 		Civil Engineer
Bray 		Harriet
Bray 		Sarah Fredrica    	6
Bray 		Ellen, M. J.    	4
Bray 		Charles J.    		2
Bray 		Reginald    		1
Castle 		Julius    		for Wellington
Draper 		George    		12
Draper 		William     		Surgeon Superintentant
Elwin 		William
Fitzmaurice 	George    		transferred off the ship at Ryde
Hanmer 		George 			(appears on another handwritten list)
Heathcote 	Alfred S.
Pickering 	William
Smith 		Rev. Elijah    		Chaplain
Taylor 		Edward
Tuson 		Arthur B.
Tuson 		Sarah
Tuson 		Harriett Anne 		7 mos
Tuson 		Laetitia I. J.    	2
White 		Augustus, E.
White 		Clarissa E.
Wilmhurst 	Miss     		Governess to Mr. Bray 
Summary Males Females
15 18 23
Deduct George Fitzmaurice who left the ship a Ryde 1
Chief Cabin passengers on leaving Ryde 22

Fore-Cabin passengers on leaving Gravesend

Campbell, Frederic H.   27
Jones, Edward    	23 Schoolmaster
Lait, Henry    		45 [Sait]
Lait, Sophia    	43 [Sait]
Mallam, Henry G. 	22
Mallam, Elizabeth 	30
Schroder, Alfred    	25
Trew, Thomas    	19 [Frew]
Whitmore, Edward W.   	18
Summary Males Females
7 7 9
Deduct Alfred Schorder who left the ship a Ryde 1
Fore Cabin passengers on leaving Ryde 8

List of  Passengers in Steerage on leaving Gravesend

Allan      Thomas          29    M                            Single men dept.                                  
Baines     Hannah          32    F                                                                              
Baines     John            37    M      Iron Moulder                                                            
Baker      Charles         40    M  Y 6 Gardener                                                                
Baker      Emma            37    F  Y 6                                                                         
Baker      Henry           11    M                            Single men dept.    
Baker      Frances         10    F                                                                              
Baker      Emma H.H.       8     F         
Baker      George          6     M                                                                              
Baker      Sarah E.        3mos  F                                                                             
Baker      William         2     M                                                                              
Bullions   Elizabeth       13    F                                                                              
Bullions   George          38    M  Y 2 Labourer                                                                
Bullions   George          10    M                                                                              
Bullions   Henrietta       18    F      Servant               Nurse to Mrs's Bray's children, Single women dept.
Bullions   James           19    M      Labourer              Single men dept.                                  
Bullions   Janet           38    F  Y 3                                                                         
Cardcastle T.              32    M                            Paying steerage passenger, for Nelson             
de Joux    Gideon          18    M      Labourer              Single men dept.                                  
de Joux    Peter           22    M      Labourer              Single men dept.                                  
Delan(e)y  Charlotte J.    20    F  Y                         Paying steerage passenger, for Nelson             
Delan(e)y  Henry R. ?Harry 21    M  Y                         Paying steerage passenger, for Nelson             
Everest    Ann(e)          1     F                                                                              
Everest    Daniel          32    M  Y 2 Labourer                                                                
Everest    Fanny           4     F                                                                              
Everest    Mary Ann        25    F  Y 2                                                                         
Fenwick    Henry           28    M  Y 1 Farmer                                                                  
Fenwick    Henry           16mos M                                                                              
Fenwick    Rach(a)el       30    M                                                                              
Gibbs      Betsey          32    F  Y 5                       Paying steerage passenger, for Nelson             
Gibbs      Charles         14mos M                            Paying steerage passenger, for Nelson             
Gibbs      Clara L.        2     F                            Paying steerage passenger, for Nelson             
Gibbs      Elizabeth M.R.  10    F                            Paying steerage passenger, for Nelson             
Gibbs      George          3     M                            Paying steerage passenger, for Nelson             
Gibbs      Hannah S.       9     F                            Paying steerage passenger, for Nelson             
Gibbs      Mary Ann        5     F                            Paying steerage passenger, for Nelson             
Gibbs      William         31    M  Y 5 Paper Stainer         Paying steerage passenger, for Nelson             
Gibbs      William B.      6     M                            Paying steerage passenger, for Nelson             
Green      Henry           25    M      Cooper & Wheelright   Single men dept.                                  
Green      William         32    M      Clerk                 Paying steerage passenger                         
Hobson     John            13    M                                                                              
Hodson     Alice           5     F                                                                              
Hodson     Benjamin        3     M                                                                              
Hodson     Charles         15    M                            In single men                                     
Hodson     Charlotte       11    F                                                                              
Hodson     Charlotte       39    F  Y 6                                                                         
Hodson     Henry           7     M                                                                              
Hodson     Thomas          19    M      Labourer              In single men                                     
Hodson     William         44    M  Y 6 Labourer                                                                
Hodson     William         9mos  M                                                                              
Holmes     Eliza           23    F                            In single women dept.                             
Long       Elizabeth       41    F  Y 1                                                                         
Long       George          19    M      Labourer              Single men dept.                                  
Long       Samuel          39    M  Y 1 Labourer                                                                
Long       William         20mos M                                                                              
Magee      Ann(e)          16    F      Domestic Servant      In single women dept.                             
Magee      Catherine       18    F      Domestic Servant      In single women dept.                             
Magee      Henry           5     M                                                                              
Magee      Jane            8     F                                                                              
Magee      John            39    M  Y 3 Labourer                                                                
Magee      Maria           38    F  Y 3                                                                         
Magee      Mary            13    F                                                                              
Magee      William         0     M      Labourer                                                                
McLachlan  Thomas (John)   22    M      Farm Laborer          Single men dept.                                  
Moore      William         14    M                            Single men dept.                                  
Nash       Rosetta         28    F  Y 1                                                                         
Nash       William         30    M  Y 1 Carpenter                                                               
Nash       William R.      1     M                                                                              
O'Connor   John            35    M      Labourer              Sent ashore at Ryde                               
Prior      Harriet         4     F                                                                              
Prior      Mary            25    F                                                                              
Prior      Thomas          24    M      Gardner                                                                 
Prior      William J.      7mos  M                                                                              
Rogers     Frances         23    M  Y 1                                                                         
Rogers     George          2     M                                                                              
Rogers     William         28    M  Y 1 Labourer                                                                
Roots      Mary Ann        25    F  Y 1                                                                         
Roots      William         28    M  Y 1 Groom & Gardener                                                        
Roots      William J.      7mos  M                                                                              
Saville    Edward          1     M                                                                              
Saville    Jane            31    F  Y 3                                                                         
Saville    Jane            6     F                                                                              
Saville    John            3     M                                                                              
Saville    William         5     M                                                                              
Saville    William         33    M  Y 3 Farmer                                                                  
Smith      Benjamin C.     1�    M                                                                              
Smith      Charles         14    M      Labourer                                                                
Smith      Charles         36    M  Y 5 Bricklayer                                                              
Smith      George Fred'k.  11    M                                                                              
Smith      James           6     M                                                                              
Smith      Louisa Ann(e)   13    F                                                                              
Smith      Rachel          34    F  Y 5                                                                         
Smith      William H.      8     M                                                                              
Symes      Ann(e)          36    F  Y 4                                                                         
Symes      Elizabeth       7     M                                                                              
Symes      Henry           4     M                                                                              
Symes      John Horace     35    M  Y 4 Carpenter                                                               
Symes      Rowena          2     F                                                                              
Symes      Sophia          4mos  F                                                                              
Symes      Thomas          32    M                            Single men dept.                                  
Turner     Ellen           27    F  Y                                                                           
Turner     Mark            31    M  Y   Carpenter                                                               
Worsley    Charles         28    M  Y   Carpenter                                                               
Worsley    Mary            23    F                                                                              

Y = spouse
# = children

Summary of Steerage Passengers
Steerage Cabin 16
Single Men 13
Single Women 4
Married men~ 67
On leaving Ryde 100

Memorandum ~ O'Connor steward to the Second Cabin Passengers is not an assisted emigrant, but is to be partitioned at the Associations ____.   James Mackie sleeps in the Single Mens Department but as he presents as an Assistant to the Steward, is not rationed by the Association.

Deduct John O'Connor sent on shore at Ryde for want of cleanliness and insufficient outfit which leaves  13 Single men in Steerage on leaving Ryde

Henrietta Bullions: Nurse to Mrs. Bray's children with whom she takes her meals and sleeps.  She came on board at Ryde.

Lyttelton Times June 28 1851

Testimonials to Capt. Barclay, of the ship "Duke of Bronte"
Dear Sir,- having been requested by my fellow-passengers to transmit to you the enclosed letter, I take this opportunity of specially thanking you in my own name, and that of the steerage passengers, for having, during the voyage, facilitated and assisted me in the execution of my duties, and for having made us all as happy and comfortable as it lay in your power to do.
Wishing you, in return, every happiness and prosperity,

I remain,                                    
Yours very truly,            
W. Draper, Surg. Sup.
Lyttelton, June 20.


Dear Sir,-"Ere you leave this port, we, the undersigned, Chief and Fore Cabin passengers by your ship, feel desirous to express to you our most sincere and heartfelt thanks for having conducted us in safety to the termination of a long and arduous voyage. Also to bear testimony to your straight forward and gentlemanly deportment, as well as your unremitting attention to secure the well-being, comfort, and harmony of the passengers of all classes. wishing Wishing Mrs. Barclay and yourself may years of health and happiness,

We remain,                     
Yours very faithfully,
(Signed by all the chief and fore-cabin passengers)

Lyttelton, June 20.

Mails for India and London, via Singapore, per the "Duke of Bronte" will close on Thursday 31st July at noon.

Reference: Canterbury Association Shipping Office (London, England) Lyttelton Shipping List  Published: Salt Lake City, Utah : Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City, 1973. Copy of passenger lists of some Canterbury Association emigrant ships held in the Canterbury Museum.  Available on microfilm at Family History Centres worldwide through their loan programme. Item #1066515  There were two lists for the 'Duke of Bronte' on the microfilm.   One made on leaving Ryde and the other an earlier list with a few of the ages decreased by one year.  Cardcastle and William Green do not appear on the Ryde list.  No deaths or births were mentioned.  Ryde is a town on the Isle of Wight in the English Channel opposite Portsmouth.

The Canterbury Museum has a diary by William Draper and the Canterbury Association shipping papers including the passenger list.  Passenger Lists of Canterbury Association Ships published in 1900 will contain additional details on the above passengers.  A passenger list for a 7 June 1851 arrival can be found in the Lyttelton Times at New Zealand Room, the Canterbury Public Library, Christchurch, New Zealand

Maria Draper Bronte SMITH was born May 1851 at sea aboard the 'Duke of Bronte' one month out of Lyttelton. Draper was the ship's Surgeon Superintendent. Information courtesy of Wes. 

Star 30 May 1885, Page 3
In the late Mr W. B. Bray death has removed one of the few remaining pioneers of settlement in this part of the Colony. Mr Bray was not a " pilgrim," though he came to Canterbury shortly after the arrival of the "first four."  Previous to making his home here Mr Bray had had a long and varied experience as a civil engineer, and had acquired in the exercise of his profession a reputation for thoroughness and straightforwardness which he amply sustained , while among us. Though of a retiring nature, and not by any means given to sounding his own praises, his value as a practical man was recognised by all who had occasion to meet him in his professional capacity. His training had been of the best, and he had made good use of it. The contour survey for the Egyptian railway was one work on which he was engaged, and he was also employed by the celebrated Robert Stephenson in survey work in connection with Italian railways. On his arrival in Canterbury he considered his professional career finished, and settled down to farm some land at Avonhead. Like other settlers in the early days he had to maintain an uphill fight for a considerable time, but, also like other pioneers, he won in the end. His talents as an engineer caused his services to be sought after on several occasions by the Provincial authorities. He was engaged in the contour survey of the Heathcote Valley, in order to determine the point where the Moorhouse tunnel should enter the Port Hills. At a later date he was occupied in surveying the main roads in South Canterbury, notably in the vicinity of Timaru. He is, however, perhaps best remembered, on account of the warnings which he gave of the danger to Christchurch from a possible overflow of the Waimakariri, warnings which at the time- did not receive quite the attention they deserved, but which were amply verified one summer's night in 1868. Mr Bray was one of the oldest, if not the oldest, members of the Institution of Civil Engineers, London, which he joined as an associate in 1836, becoming a member in 1845. Though he had been living in retirement for several years previous to his death, there are not a few who will mourn his loss, as a man and a friend, as , well a a skilful engineer.

Reginald BRAY
The Star Christchurch Friday 3 July 1908 page 3  Death -
BRAY - 2 July at the Christchurch Hospital, Reginald, only surviving son of the late W.B. Bray, C.E. of Opawa (Pioneer, Duke of Bronte)

Charles BAKER (son of William Baker, labourer) married Emma King (daughter of James King and Charlotte Clark) on August 16, 1838 at St Mary Haggerston Church in Middlesex, England.  By January 1851 when they embarked on the Duke of Bronte for New Zealand, they had 6 children - Henry Francis (11), Frances (10), Emma Harriet Haines (8), George (6), William (2) and Sarah E (3 months).  On the voyage Charles acted as surgeon's mate and was presented with 10 pounds by surgeon William Draper for faithfully and diligently performing his duties  (!!). Unfortunately for the family, in September 1851, not long after their arrival in Lyttelton, both Frances and Sarah had died and were buried in the Barbados St Cemetery in Christchurch. According to the GR MacDonald Dictionary of Canterbury Biographies, held at the Christchurch Museum Library, Charles Baker landed cattle and sheep at Magazine Bay (once called Bakers Bay).  Meanwhile Emma Baker sat in Lyttelton hoping to go home.  I have only managed to find one child of theirs born in New Zealand, my ancestor Winifred Alice Baker born in 1853.  On 27 October 1868, Charles Baker fell from his horse and broke his skull. His death was ruled accidental and he left an estate of 10,000 pounds.  Emma then moved to Christchurch where she died on 12 August 1889. The children who arrived on the Duke of Bronte married as follows:
Henry Francis Baker                                                       married Ellen Augusta Holmes on 30 Sept. 1857 and had 6 children
Emma Harriet Haines Baker                                           married David Broom Bowie (1837-1914) on 18 Oct 1866 in Christchurch
George Baker                                                                   married Mary Jane Vincent in Lyttelton and had 6 children
And my first Kiwi ancestor Winifred Alice Baker     married Jasper Pyne O'Callaghan (1839-1895) on 18 Apr 1872 in Christchurch and had nine children.
If anyone has anything to add, please feel free to email.  In addition to the GR McDonald source, I would like to thank Mrs Constance Clarke who was kind enough to send information to the Canterbury Museum in 1967 which has helped at least one of her Duke of Bronte cousins. Sarah Hewitt
. Posted 3 September 2000. Updated July 2006.

Evening Post, 4 May 1912, Page 5
Mr. James Boleyn, of Okains Bay, an early pioneer of Canterbury, is dead. He was born at Caputh, Perthshire, Scotland, in the year 1830, and arrived in New Zealand, with his parents, in the ship Duke of Bronte in 1851. The family soon made its way to the Peninsula. Mr. Boleyn first took up land in 1856, purchasing a fifty-acre section at Stony Bay West, in the Okains Bay district, from the old Canterbury Land Association. He added to his holding from time to time. For some years he was a member of the Okains Road Board and the Akaroa County Council.

Evening Post, 19 December 1904, Page 5
Another of the colony's pioneers has gone, in the person of Mr. Noble Campbell, who died in Masterton yesterday. The late Mr. Campbell, who was until 1890 a well-known business man in this city, was born in Middlesex in 1830, his father being one of the members of the New Zealand Association, and captain, of the Adelaide, the fourth ship that reached Wellington, her date of arrival being January, 1840. .Mr. Noble Campbell joined the employ of Mr. Stayner of the N.Z. Company, and in June, 1881, arrived in Lyttelton in the Duke of Bronte, in the infancy of the Canterbury settlement. He shortly afterwards left for  Nelson and Marlborough, where he stayed for rather over a year, when he returned to Lyttelton to enter the service of Messrs. Cookson and Bowler. In the course of time he started a business of his own, and came to Wellington in 1876, when he became one. of the firm of Beauchamp and Campbell. When Mr. Beauchamp retired Mr. Campbell carried on business with Mr. Laery under the title of Laery and Campbell till the partnership was dissolved. He retired in 1890, and lived for a time in Nelson, and afterwards, until his death, at Masterton. He leaves a widow and a grown-up family of four sons and two daughters.

Christchurch Press Wednesday 7 May 1924
Auckland - obituary - Mr G.D. DRAPER -
Another old colonist, Mr George Dye Draper, died at Auckland last week at the age of 86. He arrived on the ship Duke of Bronte, accompanied by his brother-in-law, Mr. James Edward FITZGERALD, who was the 1st Superintendent of Canterbury. ---- he married the widow of Major H.B. Hunter, and leaves a family of 2 daughters and 1 son. [I don't see J.E. Fitzgerald mentioned on the passenger list.]

Evening Post, 2 August 1866, Page 2
An accident, which terminated fatally to one of our old and well-known neighbours, occurred last night. Mr. Frew, formerly of the American Store in Lyttelton, while on board the Prince Consort, off Sumner, appears to have been seized with a fit. He fell overboard, and on being rescued, was conveyed to the Sumner Hotel. There he was seized with a second fit, from which he died. Mr. Frew came here from England in the Duke of Bronte, in 1851 ; after some years stay, went home to his friends in Ireland, and thence to America ; there made arrangements for the establishment of the firm above mentioned ; and about the year 1859 or 1860 returned to Canterbury.

Arthur Baily TUSON was born abt. 1819 in England and died 7 December 1898 in Gisborne, NZ. He married Sarah Clementson. Emigrated with his wife Sarah, daughters Harriett (aged 7 months) and Laetitia (aged 2 years) on the "Duke of Bronte" as Chief Cabin Passengers. They family lived on Banks Peninsula in the 1850s. Moved via Governor's Bay and Akaroa to a farm at Okains Bay which they occupied from 1857 and began a school. From June 1860 Arthur Tuson was postmaster as well as storekeeper until 1872. He later became a timber merchant and general commission agent, issued timber licences for the Provincial Government and was returning officer at elections. Moved to Dunedin around 1872. Mr A B Tuson was headmaster at Gummies Bush School from 1872 - 1876. Arthur left Riverton in September 1878 to take up the post of headmaster of South Wyndham School. Mr A B Tuson as Lay Reader faithfully conducted services over the entire district under the supervision of the Rev. Edward Shears, Vicar of Tapanui.
Children of Arthur and Sarah Tuson:
        Laetitia Isabella Jane Tuson, b. c. 1849; married Mr Gay, abt. 1866, NZ Marriages Index Ref 1867. She was buried 26 August 1935, Karori Cemetery, Wellington
        Harriot Annie Tuson, born 19 June 1850, Ipswich, England; married. Anders OLSON, 1866, NZSG Fiche (Ref No 1938).
        Cornelius Haviland Tuson, b. Banks Peninsula, NZ. Baptism: 27 Nov. 1853, Sponsors - Emily Tuson per Miss Dyer: Frederick De Joux: Christr A Calvert: W.W. Willock  Burial: Riverton Cem., d. 18 April 1934.
        Evangeline Tuson, born 13 Nov. 1855, Akaroa. Christening: Sponsors - Kate Aylmer; Mrs Davie; Wm. Aylmer
        Clement George Tuson, b. 22 Dec. 1858.
Information courtesy of David Tuson. July 27 2007.
Gummies (originally Gummy's) Bush 31 miles NW from Invercargill, Southland, miles from Riverton was named after James Leader who had no teeth and was a sailor, pitsawyer, blacksmith, boatbuilder, what-have-you, and who kept pigs and had a little whare there. Evangeline married (1) James Francis Leader in 1875 in Riverton, Southland. Any connection to James Leader? He died 8 Nov. 1879.

The Star Monday 25 August 1884 page 3
Death of old Settler - TURNER - another old and respected settler has departed this life. Mr Mark Turner came to Lyttelton in the ship Duke of Bronte in 1851 and settled at Little Akaloa, ---- He made arrangements for a trip to England and had actually taken his passage, but caught a cold ------ expired yesterday aged 66. Mr Turner was a native of Farningham, Kent.

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