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'Brodick Castle'

New Zealand Bound

Southern Cross - Nov. 23 1875
The Brodick Castle, ship, from London, commandeered by Captain Thyne, may be looked for shortly, she brings 245 immigrants, under charge of Dr. Cleghorn.

The Brodick Castle arrived on March 23. She left London on the 7th October. Her delay has been owing to having been disabled off the Bay of Biscay, compelling her to return in tow of a steamer, and she was taken into Plymouth to refit. She left again on the 14th December for Auckland, and she has consequently made the passage in 99 days. The Brodick Castle is a new ship of 1,775 tons, is a fine specimen of marine architecture, belonging to the Castle Line of Messrs. Skinner and Co., by whom the barque Edinburgh Castle, now in this port is also owned. She is consigned to Messrs. Cruickshank and Co. There are in all equal to 239 statute adults on board, consisting of 269 persons. The Health Officer, after a searching inspection, admitted the vessel to pratique.

Southern Cross - March 25 1876 & April 8 1876
Dr Cleghorn (formerly of the Waimate) had charge of the immigrants. They appeared clean and healthy, and had, moreover, a look of suitability about them. All hands speak favourably of the doctor's skill, kindness and attention.
The deaths were as follows, viz:-
December 30, 1875, J. McGrath, 5 months, consumption;
February 22, 1876, Ellen McGrath, 7 months, consumption;
January 12, 1876, Hannah Wilson, 33 years, single, rheumatic fever.
(Ellen and John McGrath were twins who died on board)

The passage has not been uneventful. The captain has had to contend with opposition from a part of the crew, and appears to have exercised a commendable spirit of forbearance. Those of the crew, however, that persisted during the voyage in behaving mutinously were given in charge of the Water Police as soon as the anchor was let go.
Captain Thyne reports having taken departure from Plymouth on the 14th December last, with moderate S.S.E winds. Caught the N.E. trades in lat. 19 north and long. 28 west, on the 5th January. These were carried as far as 2 north, but proved very light. The equator was crossed on the 13th January, 31 days out. Fell in with the S.E. trades immediately after losing the N.E. They proved moderate, and bore the vessel as far as 27 S. Light winds and fine weather were experienced to the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope, which was crossed on the 12th February. Here the vessel was becalmed for nearly a whole week, and whilst in this quarter a large four masted steamer, which was taken to be the Zealandia, passed. Moderate breezes were again experienced on running down the eastings, which was accomplished in about 52 S. lat. The Three Kings were not sighted, but Cape Maria Van Diemen was made at 2 a.m. on Thursday last. Down the coast a strong S.W. gale accompanied with heavy squalls was experienced. Passed the ship Sailsbury outward bound off Tiritiri, on Thursday. On the 17th January spoke the ship Patriarch, Captain Payne, of Aberdeen, in lat. 9 41. south and long 35 W bound from London to Melbourne. Amongst the incidents of the voyage may be mentioned the following extracts from the official log-book, under date 25th December, 1875:- At noon to-day a vessel was seen on the port bow on her beam ends. Steered close under her stern to render assistance. Found her to be abandoned. Her name was the Sparkenhoe, of Dublin; all masts standing except mizentopgallantmast lower maintopsail set. The hull looked quite fresh. All the starboard bulwarks were in the water. Seeing no-one on board, and having immigrants, did not think I would be justified in taking charge of her, which could easily have been done. In two days she could not fail to reach Madeira herself. On the same day the crew were ordered to send aloft the topgallant yards, which had not been sent up before, at the request of the Plymouth Immigration Officer. This order the crew refused to carry out, at the instigation of a couple of ringleaders, and, for the sake of peace and good order, the work was effected by the officers of the ship. She brings the following passengers: 

First Class: (at least 23)
Clarke 		Mr Charles
Clarke 		Mrs Maratha 
Cleghorn 	Mr
Hamilton 	Mr George M
Harbutt 	Mr Thomas and family (9) 
McKechnie  	Miss E.
Mossop		Miss  Harriet L. (married the surgeon Dr George Cleghorn Sept. 7 1877)
Mitchell 	Frank and family
Mitchell 	Mrs W.L. 
Mitchell 	Marian 
Herbert 	Mr Thomas and family
Skelton 	Miss
and a number of immigrants as follows: (267)
Atkin 		Enoch 		36 
Atkin 		Eliza 		30 
Atkin 		Enoch 		 9 
Atkin 		Annie 		 7 
Atkin 		Elizabeth 	 4 
Atkin 		Alfred 		infant 
Bateman 	James 		43 
Bateman 	Mary 		41 
Bateman 	Elizabeth 	10 
Batty 		James 		38 
Batty 		Alice 		32 
Batty 		Walter 		10 
Batty 		Gerald  	 1 
Bourke 		Patrick 	29 
Bourke 		Elizabeth 	29 
Bourke 		Bernard 	 4 
Bourke 		John 		 2 
Bourke 		Winifred 	infant 
Bryan 		Robert 		46 
Bryan 		Margaret 	43 
Bryan 		Grace 		10 
Bryan 		Margaret 	 8 
Clements 	David 		33 
Clements 	Annie 		28 
Coad 		William 	40 
Coad 		Catherine 	37 
Coad 		Samuel 		 7 
Coad 		Sarah 		 4 
Coad 		Albert 		 1 
Creamer 	George 		35 
Creamer 	Charlotte 	33 
Creamer 	Sydney 		 5 
Crook 		Thomas 		33 
Crook 		Rachael 	38 
Crook 		Flora 		10 
Crook 		Annie 		 8 
Crook 		Edwin 		 7 
Crook 		Alfred 		 6 
Donnelly 	John 		22 
Donnelly 	Eliza 		21 
Dorrington 	Thomas 		28 
Dorrington 	Emma 		24 
Dorrington 	Alice 		 ? 
Gannon 		James 		25 
Gannon 		Maria 		22 
Haughton 	Joseph 		27 
Haughton 	Mary 		18 
Haughton 	George 		 1 
Hay 		Frank 		26 
Hay 		Mary 		21 
Hayston 	Mr 		26 
Hayston 	Elizabeth 	29 
Hayston 	Fletcher 	 1 
Hayston 	Hannah 		infant 
Hunter 		James 		29 
Hunter 		Marcella 	24 
Hunter 		William 	 1 
Jones 		Thomas 		29 
Jones 		Anne 		33 
Jones 		Margaret 	 7 
Knight 		Walter 		24 
Knight 		Elizabeth 	21 
Knight 		Walter 		 1 
Larney 		Nicholas 	32 
Larney 		Margaret 	32 
Larney 		Maria 		 8 
Larney 		Margaret 	 6 
Larney 		Kate 		 4 
Larney 		Anne  		 1 
Luscombe 	Philip 		26 
Luscombe 	Kate 		26 
Mankleton 	William 	51 
Mankleton 	Arabella 	44 
Mankleton 	Thomas 		10 
Mankleton 	Sydney 		 8 
Mankleton 	Arabella 	 8 
Massey 		Edward 		43 
Massey 		Elizabeth 	36 
McGrath 	Nicholas 	40
McGrath 	Ellen 		30 
McGrath 	Daniel 		 5 
McGrath 	James 		 3 
McGrath 	Ellen 		infant 
McGrath 	John 		infant 
Messenger 	Mark 		25 
Messenger 	Ellen 		25 
Messenger 	Alice 		 6 
Montague 	John 		38 
Montague 	Eliza 		39 
Montague 	Emma 		10 
Montague 	Esther 		 7 
Morrow 		David 		30 
Morrow 		Ellen 		25 
Morrow 		Elizabeth 	 5 
Morrow 		William 	 1 
Newbold 	John 		33 
Newbold 	Mary 		25 
O'Brien 	William 	39 
O'Brien 	Sarah 		38 
O'Brien 	Amy 		 2 
O'Brien 	Sarah 		 5 
O'Brien 	Mary 		 2 
Preece 		Henry 		33 
Preece 		Emma 		33 
Rae 		John 		21 
Rae 		Emily 		20 
Regan 		John 		32 
Regan 		Mary 		26 
Smith 		Charles 	25 
Smith 		Mary 		28 
Spinley 	John 		40 
Spinley 	Ann 		39 
Spinley 	John 		10 
Spinley 	William 	 7 
Spinley 	George 		 5 
Spinley 	Robert 		 1 
Tait 		John 		33 
Tait 		Janet 		32 
Tait 		John 		 9 
Tait 		Francis 	 7 
Tait 		Janet 		 2 
Tregoning 	John 		31 
Tregoning 	Elizabeth 	28 
Tregoning 	John 		 1 
Truscott 	Edward 		44 
Truscott 	Mary 		43 
Truscott 	Elizabeth 	 7 
Truscott 	Anthony 	 5 
Webb 		John 		33 
Webb 		Betsy 		32 
Webb 		Emily 		 9 
White 		Patrick 	30 
White 		Honorah 	28 
White 		Thomas 		 6 
White 		Anne 		 3 
White 		Patrick 	 1 
Wilson 		William 	58 
Wilson 		Sarah 		56 
Wilson 		Sarah 		 5
Single men:

Ahearne 	John 		23 
Barton 		William 	22 
Bateman 	Robert 		15 
Bennet 		William 	18 
Berry 		Henry 		25 
Brown 		Edward 		24 
Bryan 		William 	16 
Bucknell 	Thomas 		20 
Butler 		Michael 	28 
Cable 		James 		18 
Coad 		William 	19 
Coad 		John 		18 
Collins 	William 	21 
Condan 		William 	22 
Connell 	Patrick 	19 
Connor 		Michael 	22 
Cox 		John 		23 
Cronin 		Bartholomew 	29 
Daly 		James 		21 
Deasy 		Hugh 		19 
Deasy 		Thomas 		18 
Dowling 	Patrick 	22 
Edwards 	Edward 		34 
Flack 		William J 	19 
Galloway 	Alexander 	18 
Grange 		Joshua 		26 
Gray 		Samuel 		22 
Harkness 	Thomas 		15 
Harman 		Edward 		19 
Henderson 	Colin 		29 
Horgan 		Thomas 		24 
Hyde 		George 		32 
Jones 		George 		13 
Keating 	Martin 		21 
Kenny 		James 		22 
Lewis 		Richard 	28 
Lewis 		John D 		28 
Looney 		Michael 	28 
Lyons 		Dennis 		21 
Mankleton 	John 		13 
Mankleton 	George 		14 
Mankleton 	Montague 	13 
Manwell 	Charles 	23 
Massey 		Robert 		15 
Massey 		James 		13 
McCabe 		John 		24 
McGrath 	Michael 	13 
McNamara 	Thomas 		39 
McPherson 	Archibald 	21 
Mortimer 	Frederick 	17 
Noye 		Joseph 		19 
O'Brien 	James 		18 
O'Brien 	Patrick 	15 
O'Callaghan 	Denis 		23 
O'Callaghan 	John 		20 
Pattie 		David 		32 
Prenter 	Thomas 		17 
Remnan 		Alfred 		26 
Reynolds 	Edmund 		19 
Rouse 		Francis 	21 
Rouse 		Christopher 	26 
Ryan 		John 		30 
Saumens 	William 	21 
Shea 		John 		18 
Simmons 	John 		19 
Smith 		John 		24 
Smith 		Samuel 		20 
Spinley 	Joseph 		13 
Stack 		John 		25 
Stuart 		Andrew 		22 
Sullivan 	Maurice 	27 
Sweeney 	Michael 	19 
Tong 		Samuel 		26 
Truscott 	John 		14 
Welford 	George 		19 
Whittenbury 	William 	27 
Wilkinson 	Charles 	23 
Wilkinson 	Jonathan 	17 
Williams 	Lewis 		35 
Wilson 		Charles 	22 
Wilson 		William 	19 
Wilson 		Henry 		14 
Wooley 		James 		24 

Single Women: 

Appleton 	Caroline 	26 
Bateman 	Mary 		17 
Bateman 	Christine 	13 
Bell 		Elizabeth 	20 
Brody 		Margaret 	20 
Bryan 		Mary 		18 
Bryan 		Harriet 	12 
Clark 		Caroline 	27 
Colgan 		Mary A 		17 
Connell 	Annie 		22 
Cox 		Sarah 		20 
Crook 		Amy 		18 
Crook 		Emma 		16 
Donnoghey 	Ellen 		28 
Driscoll 	Mary 		21 
Driscoll 	Mary 		17 
Fletcher 	Martha 		23 
Gleeson 	Mary 		17 
Halford 	Hannah 		29 
Haydon 		Elizabeth 	19 
Healy 		Mary 		18 
Johnstone 	Francis 	27 
Knight 		Frances 	29 
Kroplein 	Frieda 		21 
Laurenson 	Isabella 	20 
Lemon 		Elizabeth 	30 
Lennard 	Margaret 	21 
Lennord 	Catherine 	20 
McGrath 	Bridget 	15 
McGrath 	Margaret 	12 
McMullen 	Matilda 	17 
Montague 	Mary 		16 
Moore 		Mary 		 6 
Mulviney 	Agnes 		28 
O'Brien 	Annie 		13 
O'Neill 	Mary 		20 
Power 		Margaret 	22 
Reeves 		Emily 		21 
Shea 		Mary 		19 
Sparshott 	Elizabeth 	28 
Sprilly 	Sarah 		18 
Sprilly 	Elizabeth 	12 
Thompson 	Gertrude 	 4 
Truscott 	Polly 		12 
Wilson 		Hannah 		32 
  Image of the Brodick Castle












 The above images are from the Southern Cross 8 April 1876  page 2
The image below is off the wonderful NZ National Libraries website  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 


Southern Cross Saturday 15 April 1876 page 2
The ship Brodick Castle flew her ensign at half-mast yesterday as a mark of respect to the memory of Mr Charles Clarke, who came out in the vessel as a passenger, and died of consumption on Thursday last.

Clarke- On April 13, at the residence of Mr W. Ewen, of consumption, Charles, fourth son of the late George Clarke, Esq., of Lang Sutton (?Long Sutton), Lincolnshire. The funeral will leave Park Road at 3.30 p.m. today (Saturday), the 15th instant.

Timaru Herald Saturday 25 March 1876
Auckland, Friday evening
Arrived - Brodick Castle, 99 days out from Plymouth, with 270 adults. Two children and one women died during the voyage. There were several births. A fine passage was experienced, but very high winds prevailed. All the passengers are well. The Captain of the Brodick Castle reports passing the ship Sparkenhoe, of Dublin, off Madeira, abandoned, and boats all gone.

Southern Cross Saturday 25 March 1876 Imports - March 24
Per Brodick Castle, ship, from London; Winks and Hall.
6 cases iron bedsteads
4 bales mates
4 cases sundaries
4 bales carpets
2 cases glasses
3 cases sundries

Per Brodick Castle, ship, from London; E. Port and Co.
110 bundles hoop iron
124 bars and bundles iron
42 bundles galvanised hoop iron
6 casks castings
2 packages castings
1 cask tool
1 cask saws

Per Brodick Castle, ship, from London; Owen and Graham
20qr casks
10hhds rum
25 qr-casks ginger wine
10 qr. casks and 200 cases Hennessy's brandy,
200 bags salt (fine and coarse)
30 package's oilmen's stores
200 cases Blood's stout
and a number pf packages drapery.

Ship "Brodick Castle" 
AJHR 1876 Section H26 page 17  Return of Wrecks
Date of Casualty : 	24 Mar 1876
Name of Master : 	James THYNE
Age of Vessel : 	1 year, A1 at Lloyd's
Rig : 			Ship
Register Tonnage : 	1785
Number of Crew : 	55
Number of Passengers : 	282
Nature of Cargo : 	General
Nature of Casualty : 	Stranded; partial loss
Place of Accident : 	Shoal off Bean Rock, Auckland Harbour
Wind Direction : 	NW to W
Wind Force : 		Fresh
Finding of Court of Inquiry: Pilot in charge sole cause of casualty.
Passenger totals differ:
Our count:  			290 (267 immigrants plus 23 cabin passengers)
AJHR 1876: 			282
Southern Cross from Nov. 1875: 	266 (245 immigrants plus 21 cabin passengers)
Southern Cross from Apr. 1875: 	269 persons
Auckland Cities Library site : 	281 (includes the cabin passengers)

Southern Cross 8 April 1876
The Brodick Castle has exercised dispatch in turning out her cargo, and has now only a quantity of railway iron to deliver. As soon as this is discharged she leaves for Newcastle, to load coal for California, and thence home with a grain cargo.

The Marlborough Express Sept. 12 1877 pg 5 Marriage
Cleghorn - Mossop - On Set. 8 at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Picton, by the Ven. Archdeacon Butt, George Cleghorn, M.R.C.S., England, of Blenheim, to Harriet Louisa, eldest daughter of Charles Mossop, Esq., Chelcea, England.

The alphabetical passenger listing can be found on the comprehensive Auckland Cities library site. Auckland inward passenger arrivals 1840-1885 from newspaper.  Trans-Tasman migration not included. Often those in steerage were also not included in the newspaper reports. To obtain a full listing just entered the name of the ship and the year. Try different spelling variations. Also vessel newspaper reference.  The AKL City Library site lists 281 passengers and that includes the first cabin passengers.

Transcribed by Joan  N. - June 2006.