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New Zealand Bound

Sailed 4 May, 1866 from London.  Arrived Lyttelton 18 August 1866. Passage made in 105 days, or 94 land to land.  A report regarding the voyage was supplied to the Lyttelton papers by Captain Sellars. "Indeed it has been gale, calm, gale, calm, rolling continually round, flying about round the compass, for the past six weeks."  She was a full rigged ship, 937 tons, flying the Shaw, Savill flag. Reference: White Wings Vol. 1 by H. Brett.

CABIN (paying passengers)

Mrs Cardale and two children and Charlotte Druce servant.
Mr I.F. Isaacson
Mr & Mrs Jackson
Mr I. Smith
Mr & Mrs Sydney Smith 
Robert Webster
Walter Batt
R.H. Chattaway
Edward Hodges
A. Smith

Government Assisted Passengers

Anderson    Henry       23    M      Farm Laborer       Tryrone             
Anderson    Martha      21    F      Domestic Servant   Tyrone              
Angel       Mary        23    F      Domestic Servant   Wiltshire           
Atherton    Elizabeth   25    F      Nursemaid          Middlesex           
Balmer      Mary J.     28    F      Domestic Servant   Down                
Bassalt     Charles     33    M  Y   Wheelwright        Shropshire          
Bassalt     Sarah       31    F  Y                                          
Beach       Mary        27    F      Domestic Servant   Middlesex           
Boyle       Calhe       26    F      Domestic Servant   Donegal             
Broderick   Mary        20    F      Dairy Maid         Galway              
Brown       Isabella    20    F      Domestic Servant   Tyrone              
Brown       Letitia J.  20    F      Domestic Servant   Berkshire           
Connell     Ellen       22    F      Farm Servant       Galway              
Connell     Honor       20    F      Farm Servant       Galway              
Crisp       Mary A.E.   38    F      Nurse (Matron)     Middlesex           
Dempsey     Nancy       19    F      Domestic Servant   Antrim              
Devoy       Margaret    23    F      Domestic Servant   Wicklow             
Duggan      Honor       19    F      Dairy Maid         Galway              
Duggan      Sarah       20    F      Farm Servant       Galway              
Dunlop      Isabella    26    F      Domestic Servant   Down                
Dunlop      Martha      24    F      Domestic Servant   Down                
Easby       Caroline A. 22    F  Y                                          
Easby       Richard     24    M  Y   Painter            Staffordshire       
Eason       Mary        19    F      Domestic Servant   Worcestershire      
Edworthy    Eunica      24    F  Y                                          
Edworthy    John        28    M  Y   Shepherd           Devonshire          
English     Ann         24    F      Farm Servant       Down                
Fernsell    Alfred      40    M  Y   Laborer            Wiltshire           
Fernsell    George      28    M      Laborer            Wiltshire           
Fernsell    Harriet     32    F      Domestic Servant   Wiltshire           
Fernsell    Sarah       32    F  Y                                          
Fitzpatrick Mag. A.     17    F      Domestic Servant   Tyrone              
Fitzpatrick Thomas      19    M      Farm Laborer       Tyrone              
Flynn       Honor       18    F      Domestic Servant   Galway              
Flynn       James       20    M      Farm Laborer       Galway              
Flynn       Margaret    20    F      Domestic Servant   Galway              
Foster      Charlotte   22    F      Domestic Servant   Staffordshire       
Frances     Honor       22    F      Dairy Maid         Galway              
Francis     Cathe       20    F      Dairy Maid         Galway              
Francis     Cathe       19    F      Dairy Maid         Galway              
Francis     Ellen       16    F      Dairy Maid         Galway              
Francis     Mary        23    F      Dairy Maid         Galway              
Galbraith   Jane        25    F      Cook               Donegal             
Galbraith   Margaret    20    F      Nurse              Donegal             
Galbrath    Andrew      27    M      Farm Laborer       Donegal             
Gaway       Mary        17    F      Domestic Servant   Mayo                
Gibson      Hamilton    22    M      Farm Laborer       Down                
Gillespie   Alexander   27    M      Farm Labourer      Derry               
Gillespie   Robert      22    M      Laborer            Derry               
Gold        Margaret    20    F      Domestic Servant   Down                
Gough       Annie       22    F      Domestic Servant   Tyrone              
Goulding    Amelia      20    F      Domestic Servant   Middlesex           
Green       Emma        22    F      Domestic Servant   Surrey              
Green       Sarah       30    F      Domestic Servant   Cheshire            
Hamilton    Elizabeth   21    F      Domestic Servant   Dongal              
Hanna       Alice       24    F      Domestic Servant   Fermanagh           
Hanna       Isabella    19    F      Domestic Servant   Fermanagh           
Hazard      Matilda     28    F      Domestic Servant   Pembrokeshire       
Hellyer     Mary        25    F      Domestic Servant   Devonshire          
Hill        Emma        26    F      Domestic Servant   Staffordshire       
Hobbs       Annie       16    F      Domestic Servant   Mounouth            
Hobson      William Jno.23    M      Laborer            Antrim              
Hodgat      Albert      20    M      Blacksmith         Essex               
Holland     Royal       19    F      Domestic Servant   Kent                
Huddy       William     21    M      Farm Laborer       Cornwall            
Hutchinson  Mary J.     17    F      Domestic Servant   Kent                
Jamieson    Jane        20    F      Domestic Servant   Edinburgh           
Keiffe      Ellen       24    F      Domestic Servant   Kildare             
Knight      Ann         21    F      Domestic Servant   Kent                
Luirlaw     Annie       23    F      Domestic Servant   Cork                
Mahon       Margaret    22    F      Domestic Servant   Roscommon           
Malone      Bridget     20    F      Domestic Servant   Clare               
Malone      Honora      18    F      Domestic Servant   Clare               
Marshall    Isabella    21    F      Domestic Servant   Tyrone              
Martin      Mary A.     24    F      Domestic Servant   Devonshire          
McClintock  Alexander   16    M      Laborer            Donegal             
McClintock  Martha      43    F  Y 3                                        
McClintock  Mary        19    F      Nurse              Donegal             
McClintock  Matidla     21    F      Dairy Maid         Donegal             
McClintock  Walter      45    M  Y 3 Laborer            Donegal             
McCloy      Susannah    22    F      Domestic Servant   Antrim              
McGuire     Mary        30    F      Dressmaker         Cavan               
McHugh      Ann         27    F      Dressmaker         Galway              
McHugh      Cathe.      25    F      Domestic Servant   Galway              
McKee       Mary        18    F      Domestic Servant   Antrim              
McKenzie    Duncan      3     M                         Argyleshire         
McKenzie    Mary        27    F    1 Domestic Servant   Argyleshire         
McLeod      Flora       22    F      Domestic Servant   Suverneslhe         
McWilliams  Jane        19    F      Domestic Servant   Carlow              
Morley      Maria A.    17    F      Domestic Servant   Surrey              
Mufson      Robert      26    M      Farm Laborer       Nottinghamshire     
Murland     Margaret R. 20    F      Domestic Servant   Down                
Murphy      Ellen       22    F      Dairy Maid         Galway              
Myerhoff    Anna        25    F      Dairymaid          Germany             
Nancarrow   Ellen       23    F  Y 1                                        
Nancarrow   James       26    M  Y 1 Laborer            Cornwall            
Nancarrow   James P.    10mos M                                             
Naueasson   Michael     22    M      Blacksmith         Cornwall            
O'Neil      Timothy     21    M      Laborer            Clare               
Pairsell    Ann         29    F  Y                                          
Pairsell    Geo.   R.   29    M  Y   Miller             Suffolk             
Palmer      William     23    M      Farm Laborer       Somersetshire       
Patrick     Alexander   11    M                                             
Patrick     John        24    M      Slater             Ayrshire         
Pepper      Benjamin    26    M  Y 3 Saddler            Yorkshire           
Pepper      Edward Rob. 2mos  M                                             
Pepper      Jnr. Wm.    2     M                                             
Pepper      Mary        21    F  Y 3                                        
Pipe        Alice       19    F      Domestic Servant   Suffolk             
Price       Mary        27    F                         Fermanagh           
Reed        Ellen       25    F      Domestic Servant   Surrey              
Rocke       Maria       25    F      Domestic Servant   Wexford             
Ross        William     22    M      Farm Laborer       Ross-shire          
Sawtell     Emma        26    F      Shop woman         Somersetshire       
Schubert    Mary        20    F      Domestic Servant   Germany             
Seabrook    Anne        30    F      Domestic Servant   Wexford             
Sharp       Mary I.     24    F      Domestic Servant   Somersetshire       
Sheperd     Fanny E.    20    F      Domestic Servant   Gloucestershire     
Silk        Ellen       20    F      Dairy Maid         Galway              
Slattery    Honora      20    F      Domestic Servant   Tipperary           
Smith       Alice       20    F      Domestic Servant   Suffolk             
Smyth       Marlow      21    F      Domestic Servant   Carlow              
Stephens    Martha      18    F      Domestic Servant   Pembrokeshire       
Stocks      Mary        21    F      Cotton Worker      Yorkshire           
Thompson    Flora       19    F      Domestic Servant   Down                
Todd        Margaret    18    F      Domestic Servant   Antrim              
Tubman      Eliza J.    10mos F                                             
Tubman      Elizabeth   30    F  Y 3                                        
Tubman      Robert      37    M  Y 3 Farm Laborer       Fermanagh           
Tubman      Robert      2     M                                             
Tubman      Thomas      4     M                                             
Watson      Jas.        25    M      Farm Laborer       Aberdeen            
Welch       Ellen       21    F      Cook               Cork                
Wilkie      Ann         21    F      Domestic Servant   Donegal             
Wilkie      Jane        20    F      Cook               Donegal             
Wilson      Elizabeth   20    F      Domestic Servant   Middlesex           

Y = spouse
# = children

Married Couples and Children      19�
Single Men     19�
Single Women    94�
Total 133�

Reference: Canterbury Association (London, England) Lyttelton shipping list [microform 35 cm].  Published: Salt Lake City, Utah : Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City, 1973. Copy of passenger lists of some Canterbury Association emigrant ships, 1850-1866, held in the Canterbury Museum. Available on microfilm at Family History Centres worldwide through their loan programme.

Mr Georgey Sydney and Alice Elizabeth Smith were paying passengers on the ship together with their baby son Denton Sydney, who died at sea on the 16th May 1866. A newspaper report given by Captain Sellars to a reporter of an account of the voyage which also mentions the baby dying of dysentary and being buried the same day.  Confirmation also comes from a diary written of the voyage by George and another account of the voyage written by Alice and an item from "Early Shipping Days" Vol. 3  p 14 - 15 listing all passengers, paying as well as Government Immigrants. Information on the Smith family courtesy of Noreen. If you have a great great grandaughter. Please contact Noreen if you would like addition information on the Smith family or have information to share. Thanks. Posted 26 January 2003.

Auckland Arrival:
"The Bombay left Gravesend at 8 o'clock on the morning of November 26th, 1864 with a total of 386 passengers and arrived in Auckland on 18th March 1865.  Ian Rawnsley has offered to do lookups from William G M Heerdegen's book  The Green Hill. History of the pioneers of Bombay and the ship which gave the settlement its name. "There was another ship bearing the same name Bombay, a boat of 400 tons register, which has no connection with her namesake. She arrived at Nelson on December 14th 1842 under Captain Moore after a very wearing passage of 135 days." Reference: The Green Hill.

The Bombay of the Shaw Saville & Albion Line made four voyages to New Zealand
Sailed Arrived Destination Days Captain
June 17 1862 Sep 9 1862 Port Chalmers   84 Sellars
Aug 26 1863 Dec 8 1863 Auckland 104 Sellars
Nov 26 1864 Mar 18 1865 Auckland 112 Sellars
May 5  1866 Aug 18 1866 Lyttelton 105 Sellars

Mary Beach was born on the 5 July 1837 in Laleham, Middlesex, England. Her father was William Beach, born around 1803 in Staines, Middlesex. His occupation was that of an agricultural Labourer and Church Sexton at Staines Parish Church Saint Mary's. Mary's mother was Sophia Beach (nee Hutchings), born Moulsey, Surrey. Mary was one of 13 children. Her last known address (to me at present), according to the 1851 Census was: 166 Southside of  London Road, Staines.

The information I have of Mary's life in New Zealand comes from a total of six letters (the originals are in the keeping of my aunt.) which she sent to her brother Richard's (my Great Grandfather) wife, Amy. The letters were written between 1910 to 1913. The last letter, which is actually an additional seventh letter was written by her husband, a Mr. James R. Sutton, dated 30 June 1913.

Mary lived at number 189 Kilmore Street, Christchurch. According to the letter dated 11 January 1910, the numbers in that street were altered, so records before that date would show she lived at another number in that street. The freehold of the house was owned by Mary herself, her occupation is not known to me, one of the letters states the house was built by James Sutton but the house was 'Settled upon' Mary. It would appear that Mary had only been married for approximately the last 20 years of her life. Mary died around 1912/13.

Mary states that the main bulk of her expenditure was made on two trips back to England. The second trip was made in 1909, I know this as Mary's first letter dated 19 January 1910 gives a description of her saying goodbye to relatives prior to embarkation. On that second trip she brought with her a female called Gracie. It is not known if Gracie was her daughter, but from the letters it is evident that Gracie was Henry Sutton's daughter. My grandmother told me in order to ensure Mary's money was safe during her passage to England she sewed her gold sovereigns into the hemlines of her skirts.

Mary mentions that another of the Beach family came out to New Zealand. Jennie Beach (not positively identified by me yet), for some reason Jennie changed her first name to Alice. She married a 'rouseabout' who lived about '34 miles from Christchurch and 6 miles from the station' and took the married name of 'Duke'. Please contact Rob Beach if you have any further information on Mary. Posted Oct 11, 2000. The edited letters below are courtesy of Rob. The entire letters give insight into the hardships of the 1910s.

"January 19 1910

My dear sister,

I may say it is such a long way out here that is the drawback to New Zealand the distance tell Harry he must excuse us not saying goodbye for the crowd was so great and it was pouring with rain that I lost them altogether and did not say goodbye to any of them the people were crowding and they called out only those who were passengers were to go up a certain platform it made such confusion everyone was up that platform and there was a crowd they all had to come back and that was were we lost them and it did rain heavy just then However we arrived home safe on 27 of July ....

...we have always been thrifty and industrious and when I came out here first I saved my wages and bought a piece of ground and had a house built and let it and we have it clean and no rent to pay and Mr. Sutton has never drank but always been steady the extent of my spending has been my two trips to England .... There has been a lot of people come out here the most of them seems to have left Christchurch I expect they are gone into the country it is rougher they do not like the country they all want to stay in town there is no work in the towns for nearly a thousand they must rough it as we have all done that came here in the early days myself amongst the rest and had to work like ni.....

...Alice now she said that was her name is married she said she was the pet of the ship when she came out and was engaged to one of the employees of the vessel and was going to be married at once I told her Mr. Sutton nor myself did not think very much of it a man she had only known a few weeks and very likely a married man there are plenty of girls get taken in that way by these stewards on the vessel and when they arrive here they marry live with then for a few days then leave them so she said she didn’t care took a situation as a cook but however he never turned up after arrival she got 1 pound a week she is very industrious and makes the most of every minute of time with her needle I think she will make a good wife, then she got a situation up country and then married the rouseabout is was whilst we were away on the farm I think she could have done better if she had only have waited she could have done better if she had only waited for a time for she is a good worker ad quick he gets 6 shillings a day and has 2 rooms to live in I have not seen him it is about 34 miles from Christchurch and 6 miles from the station.

From your affth sister Mary."

"Dear Amy,

..they are going to bring out boys from England to work on the farms 50 came in a few weeks ago the youngest was 16 years it is nearly all farm work and cattle raising I have never been on a farm I was always at a disadvantage coming out here alone I never made any friends it always seems to me you cannot trust anyone until I met Mr Sutton ... Gracie was a naughty girl to leave me in the way she did I was so thankful when she got married she comes in now and again it is a poor looking home she has though the rent is 10 shillings a week and over two miles out of town ...

From your loving
Sister Mary. "

Dear Amy
..we do not want much there are plenty of housekeepers wanted no objection to one or 2 children so if you want to run away I think you could get an assisted passage and not much trouble to get a billet when you arrive then you could gratify your whim to take a peep at me but you will also have to work if Dick was 40 years younger then he could come but I think he had better wait for that old age pension they have an old age pension out here but you must have been out here so long before you would get it so do not think of getting this out here.

I must now close this rubbish
With my love to all from your loving sister


June 30th 1913 189 Kilmore Street

Dear Sister,

I received your letter. We are now in the middle of winter so far it has been fine hard sharp frosts July and August are usually our worst months, but of course with us the days are getting longer.

I have made up my mind to pay a visit to England leaving here about next march so perhaps I will be giving you a call I shall put up the house for sale in September and I will go and board somewhere until I leave for England the house is too large for me by myself and when I come back I will get a smaller one. I am glad to hear you are all well I am in the best of health myself. I think the colder weather agrees with me. With kind love to you all.

I remain
Yours truly

James R Sutton

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A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.