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New Zealand Bound

The following is a transcript from the Star 3 August 1875.
The image below is off the wonderful NZ National Libraries website.  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

The tonnage loading on the berth at London on June 10 for India, China, and the Cape of Good Hope, amounted to 54,183 tons and for Australia and New Zealand to 60,417 tons.
The following particulars regarding ships loading and sailed for Canterbury are taken from the European Mail of June 11;
Blairgowrie, 1550, at London, sailed May 25;
Lactura, 1,808, at London, sailed June 8;
, 1,053, at London April 20;
Waikato, 1,021, at London June 7.
The Star. 3 August 1875Passengers per Messrs Shaw, Savill and Co.'s Blairgowrie, from London May 23 - For Canterbury:

Basset 		Miss Madeline 
Basset 		Mr S. K. 
Bassett 	Mrs Sarah 
Bassett 	Mr W. J. 
Cardiff 	Mr W. M. 
Ellis		Florence
Ellis 		Mr Francis 
Ellis 		Mrs 
Husband 	Dr 
Sweet 		Charles A. Esquire
Woodruffe 	L. R. Esquire
About 430 emigrants.

Per New Zealand Shipping Company's Lactura, from London, June 2. For Canterbury

Armitage 	Miss 
Henderson 	Mr Thos. S. 
Hull 		Mr F. 
Louche 		Mr Jno. H. 
Marcroft 	Miss 
Marshall 	Mr E. 
Millington 	Mr Gordon 
Peel 		Mr S. 
Price 		Dr. 
Shearman 	Mrs and family
Shearman 	Rev. J. 
Tyerman 	Mr B. 
White 		Mr H. B. 

Second cabin: 
Allsop 		Mr and Mrs Jas. T. and family 
Furze 		Mr Fred. 
Glozier 	Miss Ada
Glozier 	Mrs 
Harborow 	Mr Jno G. 
Hughes 		Mr and Mrs T. 
Jacobs 		Mrs Mary A. 
Ranson 		Mr Alfd. 
Ranson 		Mr Chas. 
Parsons 	Mr J. 
Piper 		Mr Jas. S. 
Skipper 	Mr and Mrs Chas. P. 
Tatham 		Mr L.S. 
White 		Mr and Mrs Jas. F.
Wollage 	Mr H. E. 
Wychodil 	Mr A. 

Armstrong 	Mr Wm.
Armstrong 	Mr Josh 
Dawson 		Mr Alfd. 
Halliburton 	Miss
Halliburton 	Mr and Mrs Wm. 
Hibbs 		Mr Jno 
Jack 		David 
Jack 		Jas. M. R. 
Jack 		Miss Bethia 
Jack 		Mrs 
Jack 		Mrs Alexander 
Jack 		Thos. 
Johnstone 	Mr Jas. 
Lightfoot 	Mr and Mrs E. J. and infant 
Rusk 		Mr C. 
Spooner 	Mr and Mrs Albt. 
Stephens 	Mr Jas 
Turner 		Mr Jno. 
Watson 		Mr Geo. 

Additional Intelligence
Blairgowrie passed Deal May 26, at Plymouth 27 thence 20, Lactura, passed Deal June 8, off the start 6.
The European Mail of June 11 says: - On June 8 Messrs Wingate and Co. launched from their shipbuilding yard at Whiteinch, Glasgow, a fine iron screw-steamer, named the Arawata, of the following dimensions, viz. : - Length, 245 feet; breadth, 80 feet; depth, 23 feet; 1100 tons builders' measurement - for Messrs M'Mccham, Blackwood and Co., Melbourne. The vessel will be fitted with compound surface-condensing engines of 800 horsepower nominal. The Arawata is a sister ship to the Ringarooma, launched by Messrs Wingate for the same owners about six weeks ago. Both will be employed in the Australian mail service.