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'Lizzie Bell'

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Reference:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

Otago Witness Saturday 18th October 1879 page 14
Arrival October 15th Lizzie Bell, barque, 1036 tons, Moignard, from London (July 10th). Dalgety and Co., agents. Passengers listed. Voyage account.

Arrival of the Lizzie Bell.
A barque to the southward was telegraphed from the Pilot-station at Otago Heads on the morning of October 15th. She proved to be the Lizzie Bell, from London, and was towed into Port Chalmers by the p.s. Koputai. She was boarded off Deborah Bay by the Customs authorities, and at once cleared in. The Lizzie Bell is almost a new vessel, being now on her second voyage. She was built in 1878 at Sunderland, and has since made a voyage to Bombay, and from that port to Portland, thence Home, where she was loaded for Otago. She brings passengers and 2000 tons of cargo, of which 700 tons is measurement goods, and the rest dead weight. Her commander is Capt. Moignard, is not a stranger to new Zealand, having commanded the ship Martha Fisher at Auckland last year. The ship left London on July 9th, and proceeded down the Thames to Gravesend; left there on the next day. Took her departure from the Lizard on July 16th. Rounded Cape of Good Hope on the 5th September, latitude 39 and 41 S, and longitude 100E. Making the passage from port to port in 94 days and from land to land in 86 days.

The actual transcription from The Otago Witness 27 September 1879 courtesy of Leanne. Thanks Leanne.

Per Lizzie Bell from London July 10th photo
 (OW Oct.18th)

Hagli 		James E 	(not listed as arrived)
Leach 		Wm
Leach 		David
McFarland 	Miss J
Moignard	Master

Second Cabin:
Martin 		E K
Purdie 		James
Roxburgh 	A J 		(Roxborough)
Thompson 	F G
Back 		John
Back 		Alice
Back 		George
Back 		Adam
Back 		George
Ballantine 	J
Beaumont 	Samuel
Boys 		James
Campbell 	D
Campbell 	J
Douglas 	J
Flynn 		J  		(Flinn)
Fox 		J
Harison 	Edward 		(Harrison
Harison 	Sarah
Harison 	Ellen
Harison 	Edward
Harison 	Alfred
Hopwood 	J						diary
Johnston 	William
Maynes 		John
Niven 		H A
Sanders 	Thomas E
Sims 		Saul
Sims 		Mark
Sims 		Francis
Sims 		Arthur
Smith 		James P
Stewart 	Wm
Williamson 	L K
Williamson 	Peter