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Emigrants for Auckland

The Bebington, from London to Auckland, with 236 passengers and general cargo, arrived at Spithead on the 14th of February, having been in collision with an unknown barque about 20 miles off St. Catherine's Point, and lost bowsprit and all attached, figurehead, foresail, and foreroyal mast carried away, two plates on port bow damaged, port lifeboat stove, and vessel making little water in fore compartment. The strange vessel proceeded without communication or assisting. She since been towed into harbour for survey and repairs. White Wings

Daily Southern Cross, 17 July 1876, Page 2 PORT OF AUCKLAND
Arrivals -July 15 Bebington, barque, Holditch, from London.

The signalling of a barque inside Tiritiri on Saturday morning, followed by the hoisting of the number PRHV dispelled the uneasiness which was beginning to be felt for the safety of the overdue Bebington. The long passage has been due, not to the sailing capacities of the vessel, but to the contrary weather, and two stoppages, the first of nine days at Plymouth, the second at Algoa Bay for a like period. Her run of 40 days from the Bay was not at all a bad one. The showing of the number was ... of the immediate chartering of he p.s, Tainui by Messrs Cruickshank and Co. the agents. The Harbourmaster ordered him to pilot her around to the the Quarantine Station, as 67 cases of fevers and other contagious diseases had occurred during the voyages and 15 deaths. On rounding the North Head the Bebington was seen beating up the channel under full press of canvas. The pilot going on board found out the state of affairs, classified as follows: 3 typhus and 12 typhoid fever, 23 scarlatina, 4 measles and 11 not determined, the rest pneumonia and infantile diseases. The first death took place while the vessel was at Portsmouth and the last at Algoa Bay and the number 16.
Tho following are the names and particulars:
February 17, Mary Jane Boyers, age 19 years, enteric fever (buried at Portsmouth)
March 13, Albert Chatfield, 11 months, hydrocephalus
March 23, infant child of Patrick Clark, child 15 months, congestion of the lungs,
April 3, Anne King, 7 weeks, mesenteric diarrhoea
April 5, Robert Wilkinson, 5 weeks, mesentene diarrhoea
April 8, Francis Tracey, 20 years, typhus fever
April 12, Richard Tracey, 20 years, typhus fever
April 17, Michael Fitzgibbon, 18 years typhoid fever
April 22, Thomas Leahy, 14 year, typhoid fever
April 25, Richard Hobson, 21 years, typhoid fever
May 12, Thomas Fisher, 22 years, married, typhoid fever
May 14, Agnes S. Davy, 16 days, M_samition and convulsions
May 19, George Shaw, 32 years, pneumonia
May 12, Michael Hanmnan, malignant scarlet fever
May 29, James Stewart, 24 years, pneumonia.
Thanks to the favourable weather, and the exertions of Mr. Ellis, Captain Holditch, the doctor, and those under their charge, the disembarkation was completed by about 4 p.m. The immigrants appeal now to have good health, and once more on term firma their spirits rose accordingly. The cases under treatment were ported yesterday as well on to convalescence. The Bebington is an iron barque, in her 18th year. She was built in 1859, by Messrs Hic son, of Belfast, and belongs to Messrs. Adamson and Ronaldson of London. She is of specially strong construction, being furnished with heaviest plating than Lloyd's rules require. She was also built under special survey. Her length is 183ft. 4in., breadth of beam 33ft. 1in, and depth of hold 20ft. 4in. She brings a large cargo as per imports, and immigrants numbering 300, as published below, and is consigned to Messrs. Cruickshank and Co.

Alphabetical passenger listing found on the comprehensive Auckland Cities library site was compared with the below transcription. Comments in brackets. Auckland inward passenger arrivals 1840-1885 from newspaper.  Trans-Tasman migration not included. Often those in steerage were also not included in the newspaper reports. To obtain a full listing just entered the name of the ship and the year. Try different spelling variations. Also vessel newspaper reference. 

The image below is off the wonderful NZ National Libraries website  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 
The following is a transcript from the The Daily Southern Cross Tuesday 25th April 1876.  The ship was chartered by Shaw Savill Co. The following is a complete list of the emigrants on board the ship Bebington, which sailed from Gravesend on February 11.  For Auckland - 

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Auchinlech	John 		34
Auchinlech	Caroline 	33
Auchinlech	Ellen 		15

Boyers		Robert 		42
Boyers		Faith 		37
Boyers		Edw. 		17 	[Library expanded to Edward]
Boyers		Maria 		11
Boyers 		Mary 		 9
Boyers		Charlotte 	 7
Boyers		Sarah 		 5
Boyers		John 		 2

Buckton		Thomas 		35
Buckton		Mary 		33
Buckton		Thomas 		13
Buckton		Samuel 		 8
Buckton 	Sarah 		 7
Buckton		Hester 		 5
Buckton		Henry 		 4

Chatfield	Henry 		31
Chatfield	Clara 		24
Chatfield	Henry 		 3
Chatfield	Albert 		 1

Clarke		Patrick 	30
Clarke		Ellen 		27
Clarke		Thomas 		 4
Clarke		Michael 	 2
Clarke		Patrick 	 1

Condon		Timothy 	38 	[check spelling]
Condon		Margt. 		34
Condon		H.		15
Condon		Mary 		13
Condon		Thos. 		12
Condon		Ellen 		10
Condon		John 		 8
Condon		Bridget 	 5
Condon		Jas 		 3

Corcoran	James 		36
Corcoran	Johanna 	30
Corcoran	Ellen 		18
Corcoran	Honora 		16
Corcoran	Patrick 	14
Corcoran	Wm. 		12 	[Library expanded to William]
Corcoran	James 		 5
Corcoran	Thos.    	 1

Cuttle 		Wm. 		26
Cuttle		Elizth.		22

Davey		Edwin 		33
Davey		Elisabeth 	32
Davey		Kate 		 6
Davey		Edwin 		 4
Davey		Nellie		 2

Fisher		Thomas 		29
Fisher		Winifred 	25
Fisher		Johanna 	 6
Fisher		Mary 		 4
Fisher		Michael 	 2
Fisher		Benjamin 	 1
[Library gives no indication of two families]
Flynn		Wm. 		44
Flynn		Ellen 		38
Flynn		Mary 		18
Flynn		Honora 		18
Flynn		Margaret 	15
Flynn		Ellen 		11

Flynn		Maurice 	39
Flynn		Margaret 	35
Flynn		Daniel 		14
Flynn		Eliza 		12
Flynn		Johanna 	 8
Flynn		Margaret 	 3
Flynn		Michael 	 2
Flynn		Patrick 	 1

Franks		Wm. 		24
Franks		Eleanor		21
Franks		James 		 1

Green		Frances 	20
Green		Patrick 	20

Halliman	James 		44
Halliman	Anastasia 	38
Halliman	Michael 	14
Halliman	Mary 		12
Halliman	Kate 		11

Healey		Thos. 		45
Healey		Anne 		40
Healey		Maurice 	14
Healey		Thos. 		12
Healey		Maria 		10

Irwin		Britton 	32
Irwin		Matilda 	26
Irwin		Britton 	 2

Johnson		Edwin 		32
Johnson		Minnie 		27
Johnson		Kate 		 6
Johnson		Edward 		 4

Joice		Geo. 		33
Joice		Annie 		32
Joice		Mary		 2
Joice		Matthew 	30	[to be checked out]

Jones		Herbert 	26
Jones		Jane 		26
Jones		Elizabeth 	 1

Keep		Thomas 		39
Keep		Jane 		40
Keep		Thomas 		14
Keep		Hannah 		 9
Keep 		George 		 6
Keep		Lavina	 	 4
Keep		Florence 	 1

King		Thomas 		31
King		Emma 		27
Keep		William 	 2
Keep		Annie 		 1

Lock		David 		23
Lock		Hester 		27
Lock		Henry 		 1

McCabe		Michael 	27	[Library does not show age]
Mc Cabe		Eliza 		26
Mc Cabe		Mary 		 3
Mc Cabe		Anne 		 1

McGovern	Patrick 	27
McGovern	Maggie 		19

Parrich		Mark 		25
Parrich		Mary 		27
Parrich		Ellen 		 6
Parrich		Elizabeth 	 3

Sergeant	Charles 	31
Sergeant	Ann 		30
Sergeant	Charles 	 8
Sergeant	Ann 		 5

Simpson		Henry 		24
Simpson 	Margaret 	23

Stewart		George 		27
Stewart		Ellen 		25
Stewart		Marian 		 4
Stewart		Elizabeth	 1

Symons		William		36
Symons		Mary 		36
Symons		Bessie 		11	[Missing on Library list]
Symons		William 	 4
Symons		John 		 1

Tisdale		George 		29
Tisdale		Elizabeth 	28

Wernham		William 	38
Wernham		Sarah 		33
Wernham		William 	 4
Wernham		Mary 		 3

Wilkinson 	Robert 		32
Wilkinson	Caroline 	30
Wilkinson	Mary 		 1
Wilkinson	Robert 		 1

Willis		Samuel 		31
Willis		Mary 		21
Willis		Sarah 		 3
Willis		Emma 		 1
Single Men
Browne 		William 	23
Campbell	Angus 		30
Chambers	Samuel		21
Clements	John 		20
Cochrane	James 		28
Conroy		Michael 	20
Cuthbert	Turnbull 	-
Downing		B		23
Fitzgibbon	M 		18
Gilmour		John 		28
Grosse		Wm 		22
Hanlahon	Pat. 		22	[Library has Haulahon]
Healey		Martin		33
Heath		Patrick 	19
Hobson		Richard 	21
Houston		James 		30
Hughes		Richard 	22
Kellihis	John 		29  
Kelly		Patrick 	21
Law		George 		32
Leatry		Wm  		16 
Leatry		Thos 		14
Leatry		Daniel 		11
McAllen		Michael 	20
McKee		Louis 		20
McKee		Wm. 		 8
McKinney	John 		34
McLeod		John 		33
McNamara	M 		25
Millard		Albert 		20
Neylan		Patrick 	22
Ramsay		Hugh 		22
Ryan 		John 		31
Ryan		Charles 	25
Silver		Frederick 	29
Smyth		Joseph 		27
Smyth		Patrick 	20
Stevenson	Jeremiah 	14
Stewart		James		24
Strathern	John 		25
Stringer	Joseph 		25
Tourney		Arthur 		21
Trassey		Francis 	22
Trassey		Richard 	20
White		Thomas 		24
Willey		George 		23
Willis		Brophy Patrick 	22	[Library does not show Patrick]

Library lists a Turnbull Mr - however Turnbull is the first name of Mr Cuthbert
Single Women
Bettelheim	Fanny 		20
Bettelheim	Jemima 		14
Boardman	Mary 		 7
Bourke		Bridget 	18
Dugan		Catherine 	23
Duncan		Mary 		25
Gilmour		Alice 		18
Heath		Margaret 	22
Houlihan	Ellen 		26
Kelly		Honora 		20
Kuhy		Ann 		30
Lampra		Harriet 	20
Lease		Susan 		30
Lease		Jessie 		 9
Lynch		Margaret 	28
McKee		Elizabeth 	23
Menzies		Rachel 		23
Moore		Madge 		23
Mulverhill	Mary 		20
Munro		Mary 		20
Murrish		Mary 		40
Murrish		Mary 		16
Murrish		N. 		13
Murrish		Annie 		12	[Library has this as Anne]
Murrish		Charlotte 	10
Noble		Mary 		24
O'Donnell	Annie 		25
Owens		Bridget 	28
Portch		Emma 		32
Regan		Margaret 	28
Shea		Margaret 	53
Stewart		Esther 		16
Tabby		Ellen 		18
Tovey		Eliza 		15
White		Kate		20
Wilson		Henrietta	21

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