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New Zealand Bound

Sailing from Southampton 
12 November 1926
Via Panama Canal, to Wellington, New Zealand, Direct.

Commander -- E. Davies
Chief Engineer-- John E. Roberts
Purser-- E.W. Lancaster,R.D., R.N.R
Surgeon-- T.D.J.A. Fuller, M.B.,Ch.b., B.A.O. (Ireland)



Miss A. Anderson
Mr C. Ashton
Mrs Ashton
Miss A. Biden
Mr E. Bold
Miss C. Bold
Mr F. Brookbanks
Miss E. Common
Mrs I. Deas
Mr R. Gard
Mrs Gard
Miss A. Hampson
Mr K. Karlsson
Miss M. King
Rev. W. Langston
Mrs Langston
Miss K. Langston
Master R. Langston
Mr G. Macfarlane
Mrs Macfarlane
Miss A. Macfarlane
Mr A. Macfarlane
Mr J. Martin
Mrs F. Mason
Miss E. Masters
Mr J. Partridge
Mrs A. Scoon
Miss E. Scoon
Mrs M. Steel
Miss J.Steel
Miss M. Sutherland
Mr H. Turner
Mr A. West
Mr F. Wightman


Mrs I. Allen
Miss C. Ash
Miss C. Bell
Rev. F. Buckley
Mr R. Cazalet
Master C. Cazalet
Mrs M. Clark
Master W. Clark
Mr J. Creak 
Miss H. Creak
Mrs G. Dowding
Master H. Dowding
Master A. Dowding
Mrs L. Dymond
Miss L. Dymond
Mr O. Dymond
Miss M. Earp
Miss I. Eykyn
Mr R. Eykyn
Mr M. Freilich
Mrs Freilich
Master T. Freilich
Master H. Freilich
Mrs M. Holden
Master A. Holden
Miss M. Holden
Mrs B. Hovey
Master F. Hovey
Miss C. Hutton
Mr B. Jeffrey
Mrs Jeffrey
Miss M. Kinglsey
Mr H. Miller
Mr W. Penning
Mrs Penning
Dr E. Porteous
Mrs E. Rathmell
Mr I. Riches
Mr H. Shaw
Mrs J. Smith
Master J. Smith
Mr T. Smith
Mrs Smith
Mr C. Taylor
Mr F. Walsh
Mrs H. Watson
Miss H. Watson
Master W. Watson
Mr R. Weinzetl

Mr H. Armstrong
Mrs Armstrong
Miss M. Campbell
Mr A. Cossar
Mrs Cossar
Miss V. Cossar
Mrs E. Edgar
Rev. S. Hinson

Mr T. Horsley
Mr H. Millish
Mrs Mellish
Mr A. Pattison
Mrs Pattison
Mr D. Stewart
Miss A. Woolway

Pt. Chalmers

Mrs A. Johnston-Brown
Miss M. Johnston-Brown
Mr C. Newbound
Mrs Newbound
Miss D. Newbound
Master L. Newbound
Mr L. Rayner
Mrs Rayner
Miss I. Rayner
Master L. Rayner
Mr F. Stephens


Mr W. Craig
Mrs Craig
Master A. Craig


Mr J. Bird
Miss O. Luxton
Mr R. Thompson
Mrs Thompson
Master H. Thompson
Master R. Thompson


Mr C. Lewis
Mrs C. Watson


Miss A. Cockerill
Miss G. Stuart


Mrs R Fawcett
Master C. Fawcett
Mr T. Newman
Mrs Newman
Mr A. Trevett
Mrs Trevett


Miss J. Gale
Mr C Johnson
Dr. F. Rodway
Mrs Rodway
Miss E. Rodway
Miss D. Rodway
Miss J. Rodway
Mrs E. Tuxford


Mr J. Whittle
Third Class Passengers
Mr J. Allan
Mrs M. Andrews
Miss F. Andrews
Mr R. Beadle
Mr S. Beattie
Mrs Beattie
Master J. Beattie
Miss J. Beattie
Mr G. Beck
Mr R. Bell
Mrs Bell
Mr H. Bell
Mr E. Bell
Miss E. Bell
Miss J. Bell
Mr L. Birch
Mr T. Bosworth
Mrs Bosworth
Miss M. Bosworth
Miss H. Bosworth
Master A. Bosworth
Miss B. Clark
Mr L. Cook
Mr J. Coomber
Mrs Coomber
Miss K.Coomber
Mr T. Finnegan
Mr M. Fraser
Mr F. Gallacher
Master W. Gallacher
Mr R. Gibson
Miss M. Gibson
Miss M. Gibson
Miss I. Gibson
Mr V. Gorden
Mr T. Graham
Mrs Graham
Miss J. Graham
Miss H. Graham
Master T. Graham
Mr J. Grant
Mr R. Grigg
Miss M. Haggart
Mrs E. Haggas
Mr S. Hogarth
Mrs Hogarth
Miss A. Hogarth
Master S. Hogarth
Miss L. Howard
Mrs M. Hunter
Mr W. Hunter
Master J. Hunter
Mr G Knotts
Mr R. Knox
Mrs Knox
Miss A. Knox
Mr R. Knox
Miss L. Knox
Miss J. Knox
Miss J.Knox
Mr F. Langridge
Mrs Langridge
Master F. Langridge
Master C. Langridge
Mr J. Lightfoot
Mr D. MacKenzie
Mr H. Mauger
Mr J. Crosson
Miss M. McDonald
Mr W. McIntyre
Mrs McIntyre
Master W. McIntyre
Master T. McIntyre
Master J. McIntyre
Mr H. Morgan
Mrs Morgan
Master K. Morgan
Master H. Morgan
Mrs M. Nicholas
Master W. Nicholas
Mr J. Peacock
Mrs Peacock
Miss D. Pickering
Mr H. Pitt
Mrs Pitt
Mr H. Purle
Mrs Purle
Mr N. Quenet
Mrs Quenet
Mr E. Quirk
Mr A. Quirk
Mr B. Rainey
Mr J. Reid
Mr J. Spencer
Mr T. Stacey
Mrs Stacey
Miss N. Stacey
Mr G. Strachan
Mrs Strachan
Master G. Strachan
Master T. Stachan
Master J. Strachan
Master A. Strachan
Mr W. Swabey
Mrs Swabey
Miss D. Swabey
Mr R. Taylor
Mrs M. Taylor
Mr C. Taylor
Mr A. Taylor
Miss S. Taylor
Miss M. Taylor
Mr W. Taylor
Mr J. Thomas
Mr A. Thomson
Mrs M. Weston
Miss M. Weston
Miss M. Weston
Miss B. Weston
Miss I. Wheeler
Mr J. Wheldon
Mrs Wheldon
Miss E. Wheldon
Master D. Wheldon

Mr J. Alderdice
Mr H. Bulmer
Mrs Bulmer
Mr G. Campbell
Mr J. Cole
Mr J. Dunwoody
Mrs Dunwoody
Mr J. Dunwoody
Miss E. Dunwoody
Miss E. Dunwoody
Master L. Dunwoody
Mr L. Elsender
Mrs Elsender
Master A. Elsender
Mrs E. Fellingham
Mr J. Fleming
Mrs Fleming
Mr R. Fleming
Mr D. Fleming
Miss M. Fleming
Miss I. Fleming 
Master J. Fleming
Miss M. Fleming
Master D. Fleming
Master W. Fleming
Mr J. Fleming
Miss I. Greathead
Mr J. Guthrie
Mrs Guthrie
Master J. Guthrie
Mr A. Harding
Mrs Harding
Mr G Hayes
Mrs Hayes
Master B. Hayes
Mrs M. Howey
Miss M. Howey
Mr J. Hunter
Mr H. Jamieson
Mr H. Jaques
Mrs Jaques
Miss M. Jaques
Mr D. Laird
Mrs Laird
Master D. Laird
Mr A. Longstaff
Mrs Longstaff
Miss M. Longstaff
Miss N. Longstaff
Master A. Longstaff
Mr W. Mallows
Mrs Mallows
Mrs G. Matthews
Master D. Matthews
Mr E. McFadden
Mr P. McFadden
Mr E. Mc Geachie
Miss J. McGeachey
Mr J. McGuffog
Mr A. McKenzie
Mrs McKenzie
Master R. McKenzie
Mr W. Milne
Mr H. Norris
Mrs Norris
Miss K. Norris
Miss C. Norris
Miss E. Page
Miss A. Peterson
Mr H. Plummer
Mrs Plummer
Mr R. Prichard
Mrs Prichard
Miss F. Prichard
Master R. Prichard
Master F. Prichard
Master G. Prichard
Master J. Prichard
Master P. Prichard
Miss I. Prichard
Mr A. Probyn
Mrs Probyn
Mr A. Rainey
Mrs Rainey
Mr A. Scorgie
Mrs M. Scorgie
Miss M. Scorgie
Mr A. Scrimgeour
Mrs Scrimgeour
Mr G. Shepherd
Mrs Shepherd
Mrs E. Stiffe
Miss F. Stiffe
Miss B. Taylor
Mr G. Tennant
Mr W. Thomas
Mrs Thomas
Miss P. Thomas
Miss G. Thomas
Miss B. Thomas
Miss M. Thomas
Mrs M. Thomson
Miss A. Thomson
Miss G Thomson
Miss M. Thomson
Miss C. Thomson
Miss M. Thomson
Master R. Thomson
Miss C. Thomson
Mr W. Thomson
Mr W. Thomson
Mr S. Thomson
Miss J. Thomson
Master A. Thomson
Mr F. Thornley
Mrs Thornley
Mr H. Titterton
Mrs Titterton
Miss L. Titterton
Miss J. Titterton
Master L. Titterton
Mr M. Tolmie
Mrs Tolmie
Mr T. Whitmore
Mr J. Wilkin
Mrs Wilkin
Third Class Passengers continued

Miss C. Farquhar
Mr J. Hamilton
Mrs Hamilton
Mr J. Hitchman
Mrs Hitchman
Miss H. Hitchman
Miss R. Saint
Mrs M. Smith
Miss D. Smith
Mr D. Smith
Mrs Smith
Miss M. Smith
Mrs M. Strom
Master L. Strom
Mr A. Thomson
Mr T. Viggers
Master V. Viggers
Master H. Viggers


Mr A. Corscadden
Mrs Corscadden
Master R. Corscadden
Miss C. Corscadden
Mrs A. Forshaw
Miss A. Forshaw
Miss E. Forshaw
Master J. Forshaw
Mr I. Lory
Master D. Lory
Mr W. Mason
Mrs Mason
Miss M. Mason
Miss G. Slater

Mrs E. Adams (Elizabeth nee Keyte)
Master F. Adams (Frederick)
Miss F. Adams (Florence)
Miss E. Adams (Edith)
Miss E. Adams (Elizabeth)
Miss A. Baxter
Mr S. Bell
Miss W. Bell
Mr R. Bolton
Miss J. Brown
Mr W. Cameron
Mrs M. Clark
Miss H. Dunlop
Mr G. Frame
Mrs Frame
Miss C. Frame 
Miss J. Frame
Master J. Frame
Mr J. Glen 
Mr J. Glen
Mrs Glen
Miss M. Glen
Master G. Glen
Mr J. Hannah
Mrs Hannah
Master J. Hannah
Master A. Hannah
Mr C. Hendry
Mr T. Howard
Mrs Howard
Mr J. Kermode
Mrs Kermode
Mr D. Key
Mrs Key
Mr J. Marley
Mr B. Marley
Miss S. Mather
Miss H. Mather
Mr C. Maxtone
Mr A. McNeill
Mr T. Robinson
Mrs Robinson
Master T. Robinson
Master D. Robinson
Miss V. Verity
Mr H. Weatherhead
Mrs Weatherhead
Mr S. Weir
Mrs Weir
Miss D. Weir

Mr H. Dugdale
Mrs Dugdale
Master H. Dugdale
Master H. Dugdale
Mrs M. Halls
Miss B. Halls
Mr A. Johnston
Mrs Johnston
Master A. Johnston
Mrs A. Thompson
Mr J. Thompson
Mr S. Thompson
Mr N. Thompson

Pt Chalmers

Mr R. Anderson
Mrs Anderson
Master R. Anderson
Mr I. Archbold
Mrs A. Baird
Mr R. Chisholm
Mrs Chisholm
Mr R. Davidson
Miss J. Davidson
Mr J. Fenwick
Mrs Fenwick
Master J. Fenwick
Mr A. Fraser
Mrs Fraser
Master A. Fraser
Miss E. Fraser
Miss J. Fraser
Master S. Fraser
Mrs M. Grundy
Mr T. Grundy
Mr L. Grundy
Miss A. Grundy
Master J. Grundy
Miss J. Grundy
Master W. Grundy
Miss M. Grundy
Miss P. Grundy
Miss C. Grundy
Miss M. Haggart
Mr W. Hopper
Mrs Hopper
Mr T. Lees
Mrs Lees
Master C. Lees
Miss F. Lees
Master N. Lees
Mr E. Lowans
Mr A. Miller
Mr G. Morren
Mr G. Mortlock
Mr G. Pinkney
Mrs Pinkney
Mr T. Pinkney
Mr G. Pinkney
Mr G. Pinkney
Miss E. Pinkney
Miss A. Pinkney
Master H. Pinkney
Mrs N. Wellgreen
Miss S. Wellgreen
Master R. Wellgreen
Mr J. Youngson
Master T. Youngson

Passenger list 536 names (138 names in second class and 398 in third class) courtesy of Michelle.  The source is a copy of the original passenger list folder that Michelle's gr-grandmother received as she boarded the 'Athenic' for the journey to New Zealand, departing Southampton 12 November 1926.  The folder appears complete and there isn't any first class passengers listed.  Michelle's gr-grandmother name and the names of her children are listed in third class.  Now, it appears that their names are not on any other lists, i.e. Archives New Zealand.  Has anyone come across this before? Are the lists at Archives New Zealand subject to transcribers errors?  How many other names are missing from how many other lists?  Posted January 29 2003. 

The Times, Saturday, Nov 13, 1926; pg. 9
Twenty miners and their families, one numbering 13, were among the 480 settlers who left Southampton yesterday in the White Star liner Athenic for New Zealand. Most of the families were from Tyneside and the South of Scotland.

Additional information: ShipListphoto

"Our ancestors were much more mobile than we generally think."

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