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New Zealand Bound

(Twin Screw) 12,234 Tons,
 from LONDON 29th JUNE 1905 and PLYMOUTH 1ST JULY 1905
Commander  -  C H Kempson, R.N.R.
Surgeon  -  Dr. J C Hines
Purser  -  S C J Freeman-Matthews

Shaw Savill & Albion Company, Limited
Direct four-weekly service of Royal Mail Steamers between LONDON AND NEW ZEALAND calling at Plymouth, Teneriffe, Cape Town, and Hobart

Almond A  Miss
Cochrane-Brown, E  Dr
Burn, M E  Miss
Houghton, W  Mr 
Houghton,  Mrs
Houghton,  Miss
Houghton,  Miss 
Houghton,  Miss
Pollock, A M   Mrs
Pollock, D K  Miss
Ross, J  Mr
Ross,  Mrs
Russell, Wm,  Sir
Russell, Lady
Atkinson, L  Mr
Atkinson,  Mrs
Barlow, M  Mrs
Bowser, M  Mr
Brydone, T  Mr
Cameron, J B  Miss
Fleming, D  Mr
Gordon, W G  Mr
Harrison, A  Miss
Haybittle, W  Mr
Lewis, C J  Mrs
Lewis, P  Miss
Moore, H J  Mr
O'Bryan,  W  Mr
O'Bryan,  Mrs
O'Bryan, L  Miss
Reid, J D  Miss
Reid, J M  Miss
Soutar, F  Mrs
Soutar,  Miss
Soutar, C  Miss
Soutar, G  Miss
Soutar, B  Miss
Soutar, L  Miss
Soutar, M  Miss
Varnom, J  Mr
Williams, H  Mrs
Winn, S  Mr
Winn,  Mrs
Winn,  Miss
Winn, M   Miss
Woodward, B M  Mr
Abel, A J  Mr
Allden, C  Mr 
Allden,  Mrs
Anderson, H  Mr
Andrews, H  Miss
Bain, W  Mr
Barischman, S  Mr
Barker, N  Mr
Barnes, H  Mr
Baxter, F J  Mr
Baxter, Mrs
Baxter, T  Mr
Baxter  Miss
Baxter, E  Miss
Berry, A  Mr
Besley, W  Mr
Bind, L M  Mr
Blakey, J G  Mr
Blight, A M Miss
Boden, N  Miss
Bosman, V  Mr
Brady, J  Mr
Brady, G  Mr
Brew, A  Mr
Brown, W R  Mr
Bruce, D  Mr
Burbidge, L G  Miss
Burgess,  J  Mr
Burgess, W L  Mr
Burgess,  Mrs
Burnett, V  Mr
Carter, A E  Miss
Chapman, T A  Mr
Chapman,  Mrs
Chapman, E  Miss
Chapman, A Master
Charles, W  Mr
Charles,  Mrs
Charles, A  Mr
Charles,  Miss
Charles, E  Miss
Charles, M  Miss
Charles , F  Miss
Clark, W  Mr
Cockin, M  Mrs
Cockin, A  Miss
Collier, A  Miss
Conway, C  Mr
Conway,  Mrs
Cornish, E  Mrs
Crosby, H  Mr
Croston, J  Miss
Cuddon, W J  Mr
Cuthbertson, J  Mr
Cuthbertson, Mrs
Deart, H  Mr
Deart, A  Mrs
Dewar, R  Mr
Dickson, J  Mr
Duncan, J  Mr
Elliott, W  Mr
Ellis, J  Mr
Erwood, R D  Mr
Eva, T  Mr
Ewbank, J M Mr
Faulds, J S  Mr
Faull, R C Mr
Feather, W  Mr
Feather,  Mrs
Feather, W  Mr
Feather,  Miss 
Feather, A  Miss
Feather, M  Miss
Feather, E  Miss
Feather, F  Master
Ferguson, R  Mr
Ferguson, E  Miss
Fitzmaurice, M  Miss
Forbes, C  Mr
Giraud, J  Mr
Gordon, I  Mr
Gordon,  Mrs
Goudie, T  Mr
Graham, T  Mr
Graham,  Mrs
Grimson, S G  Mr
Gunn, J  Mr
Guthrie, J  Mr

 14 First  Saloon passengers
 32 Second Saloon passengers
231 Third Class   passengers
277 Total passengers 
Hall, R  Mr
Harker, G  Mr
Harris, F J  Mr
Heblethwaite, C J Mr
Herschell, R  Mr
Herschell, P  Miss
Herschell, T  Master
Heward, T  Mr
Heward  Mrs
Hill, C R  Mr
Hill,  Mrs
Hill, C  Mr
Hill, S  Mr
Hill, J  Master
Hill,  Miss
Hill, G  Miss
Hiscock, E  Miss
Hiscock, F  Miss
Jensen, S  Mr
Johnson, S  Mr
Johnson,  Mrs
Johnson,  Miss
Johnson,  Master
Johnson, A  Miss
Johnston, G W Mr
Johnston, Mr
Johnston, J  Miss
Jones, E C  Mr
Jones, E  Mr
Jones,  Miss
Jones, M  Mrs
Jordon, T  Mr
Jordan,  Mrs
Kalson, B A  Mr
Kerr, W J  Mr
Kirkness, J  Mr
Langelaan, F  Mr
Langelaan,  Mrs
Lauchlan, A F  Mr
Lauchlan,  Mrs
Lauchlan, W  Miss
Laurenson, M Miss
Lawry, S  Miss
Littler, J  Mr
Lloyd, F O  Mr
McClurg, M  Mrs
McClurg,  Miss
McClurg, M  Miss
McClurg, A  Miss
McMurray, J A Mr
Maclean, K  Mr
Maclean,  Mrs
Maclean, F  Mr
Maclean, D  Mr
Maclean, R  Master
Maclean, C  Miss
Meldrum, A  Mr
Metcalfe, H V  Mr
Milliken, H  Mr
Mills, M  Miss
Moore, W  Mr
Morton, S  Mr
Moseley, W H  Mr
Moseley,  Mrs
Moseley, D  Miss
Murphy, A  Miss
Myers, W Mr
Myers,  Master
Opie, J  Mr
Osborne, J  Mr
Passman, J W  Mr
Patrick, H C  Mr
Potts, L  Mrs
Potts,  Miss
Potts, W  Miss
Quayle, Mr
Radus, I  Mr
Rawcliffe, T P  Mr
Rawcliffe, W H  Mr
Riley, J J  Mr
Riley,  Mrs
Riley, M  Mrs
Riley, J  Master
Robinson,  Mrs
Robinson, A  Mr
Robinson, R  Mr
Robinson, S  Miss
Roos, A V  Mr
Roos, A  Mr
Rowe, G J  Mrs
Rowe, D  Miss
Sanderson, T  Mr
Sayers, W F Mr
Sayers,  Mrs
Sayers, E  Miss
Shepherd, W D  Mr
Shepherd,  Mrs
Smith, J C  Mr
Smith,  Mrs
Sonnegar, A  Mr
Sparrow, L C  Mr
Sparrow,  Mrs
Stark, T  Mr
Stark,  Mrs
Stevens, N  Mr
Stewart, G C  Mr
Stuart, E  Miss
Taylor, H C  Mr
Taylor W  Mr
Tabb, S  Mr
Thomas, N  Mr
Thomas, F L  Mr
Thomas  Mrs
Thomas, G  Miss
Thompson, T  Mr
Thompson, S A  Mrs
Tomlinson, M  Mrs
Tonkin, R J  Mr
Tressider, W J  Mr
Trythall, A B  Mr
Trythall,  Mrs
Trythall, Miss
Trythall, M  Miss
Urquhart, D R  Mr
Walters, J  Mr
Ward, G H  Mr
Ward,  Miss
Whittle, H  Mr
Wilkinson,  Mrs
Wilkinson,  Master
Williams, A  Mrs
Williams, J  Miss
Williams, M  Master
Williams, S  Mr
Williams, J  Mr
Williams, A  Mr
Williams, S  Mr
Williams,  Mrs
Williams, Miss
Willoughby, C  Mr
Wilton, E  Mr
Winder, R  Mr
Young, T  Mr    

Passenger list courtesy of Joan Willis  Posted Sept. 7, 2001. The source is the original 'folders' given to passengers when boarding. On the back is a section to enable them to keep a 'Log of Date, Weather, Dist Run, Latitude, Longitude, from London to New Zealand' or vice versa. Another section  has a very detailed map of New Zealand. According to the 'Daily Log', the first date written is July 2nd, so maybe they boarded in Plymouth and the last date given is 13 August - but no port. Presume it was Wellington. 

Athenic, TSS, 12,232 gross ton of White Star Line operated by Shaw, Savill & Albion. Built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast in 1901 as a dual purpose cargo / passenger ship for the New Zealand trade. Length 500ft x beam 63.3ft (152.4m x 19,29m), one funnel, four masts, twin screw and a speed of 14 knots. There was accommodation for 121-1st, 17-2nd and 450-3rd class passengers.  She was equipped with refrigerated holds for the carriage of frozen meat. Served as a WWI troop transport.  In 1928 the ship was sold to a Norwegian firm and converted into a whaling ship and renamed Pelagos. In 1941 the ship was captured by the German raider, Pinguin, in Antarctica. The Germans converted it into an oil tanker to refuel German U-Boats. On 24th Oct.1944 she was sunk at Kirkenes by a British sub. In 1945 the Norwegians raised and refitted it as a passenger ship where it served until 1962 when it was scrapped. Information from the ShipListphoto

Sir William Russell (1838-1913) was a member of the House of Reprehensive from 1875-1881 for Napier and 1884 to 1905 for Hawke's' Bay.  He served as Postmaster General, Colonial Secretary, Minister of Defence and Minister of Justice, and from 1893-1903 was Leader of the Opposition.  
Source. TVNZ NZ Encyclopedia

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