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Crossing the Line

My Aunt and Grandfather travelled around the world, first class, in May - November 1956 from South Canterbury, NZ. In those days travel was still measured in days and not hours. The TSS "Monowai", 11,000 tons, departed Wellington, New Zealand Thursday 10th May 1956 and arrived in Sydney Monday 14th.

The ss "Arcadia"(29,734 tons) left Sydney on Saturday 19th May via Melbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle, Colombo, Bombay and Marseilles and arrived in Tilbury Dock, London, England 19th June. Landlubbers (one who knows little about ships) who crossed the line, the equator, in 1956 on the ss Arcadia were given a certificate. postcards

By Command of
His Majesty

King Neptune

 Lord of the Seas
 Sovereign of All Oceans
Ruler of the Waves

This is to certify that Miss E. Bray on board Arcadia has been duly initiated as a Daughter of Neptune according to the ancient rites and ceremonies existing from time immemorial. We hereby grant her Freedom of the Seas and charge all kippers, haddocks and other denizens of the deep from molesting her in any way should she fall overboard. Given under our Hand on the Equator 31st May 1956.
G. C. Joust          J.W. O'Freeu.

Centenary Celebrations of the Victoria CrossEnid obtained the signatures of ten Victory Cross holders who with other Australian VCs were part of the 301 Victoria Cross recipients from across the Commonwealth who attended the Victoria Cross Centenary Celebrations in London. Widows and mothers attended the event for those who were awarded the medal posthumously. Afterwards they toured the battlefields of France and Belgium. The New Zealand contingent flew over to London.

Signed by
A. C. Borella 		VC MM (Military Medal)
Laura Brown		Brown
G. Cartwright 		VC E.P.?
H. Dalziel 		VC
L. Drench 		1.6.56
Bernie G Gordon 	VC MM
J. Hamilton 		VC
J. Maxwell 		VC MC (Bar) D.C.M. (Distinguished Conduct medal)
Laurie J McCarthy 	VC ?C.D.C.G 
N. Newton 		Mother - F/Lt. W.E. Newton. V.C.W.
W. ? Pula 		VC
James Rogers		VC
W. Ruthven 		VC M L ?O

I can't make out this signature or some of the abbreviations.

The Times, Wednesday, Jun 27, 1956; pg. 12
The High Commissioner for New Zealand and Lady Webb held a reception at their residence, 1 Cornwall Terrace, Regent's Park, last night for the Prime Minister of New Zealand and Mrs S.G. Holland. Among those present were the following New Zealand holders of the Victoria Cross and their relatives:
Brigadier L.W. Andrew V.C., and Mrs Andrew
Mr C.R.G. Bassett, V.C., and Mrs Bassett
Mr J. Crichton, V.C., and Mrs Crichton
Mr J.G. Grant V.C., and Mrs R.V. Mathews (sister)
Mr H.J. Laurent, V.C., and Mrs Laurent
Mr S. Frickleton V.C., and Mrs Frickleton
the Rev. Keith Elliot, V.C., and Mrs Elliot
Mr A.C. Hulme, V.C., and Mrs Hulme
Mr John D. Hinton, V.C.
Captain Charles Upham, V.C., and Bar and Mrs Upham
Mrs Maraca Ngarimu and Miss Horowai Ngarimu
Mrs N.B. Trigg
Wing Commander L.H. Trent, V.C., and Mrs Trent.

Own arrangements until October 4th then a tour.
London, Cambridge, York, West Hartlepool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin, Nottingham, Leamington, Bristol, Exeter, Bournemouth, London, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Leeuwarden, Amsterdam, Cologene, Wiesbaden, Koblenz, steamer on the Rhine, Lucerne, Interlaken, Paris, Rombouillrtt, St. Malo, Jersey (Channel Islands) and back to London.

Tuesday 	 4th Sept.    Arrived back in England from Europe
Thursday 	 4th October  Departed Southampton for New York "Queen Elizabeth"
Wednesday 	10th October  Arrived New York then to Vancouver via Niagara Falls and Canada.
Sunday 		28th October  Departed Vancouver for Honolulu by Qantas Empire Airways Ltd.
Wednesday 	31st October  Departed by Qantas Airways for Fiji.
November 	 2nd November Arrived Nandi.
Wednesday 	 7th November Arrived Auckland.

The 30,000 P&O Arcadia, was the largest passenger ship in the Pacific service. She is distinguishable by her "chimney-stack" funnel, specially designed to prevent ash falling to the deck level until it is clear of the ship. She has accommodation for 1,414 passengers (679 first and 735 tourist class) and a crew of 711. She was launched in 1853 from John Brown and Co., of Clydebank.


even those who flew in 1956 were also given a "Crossing the Line" certificates.

Crossing the Line - 1956King Neptune
Order of Equatorial Air Voyages
Know All Men by these Presents
That F.E. Bray
of South Canterbury, New Zealand
having this day gallantly crossed out Equator in a skyship now becomes a Freeman of the Air and all rights,
benefits and perquisites reserved for those who cross between the hemispheres in airliners are hereby graciously bestowed.
All ye powers and dominions subject to his most puissant Majesty Neptune take note.
The Royal Seal heron affixed
Time: 1440 GMT Date: 1.11.56
Aircraft: "Southern Star"
Witness: J.G. Morton Commander
Qantas Empire Airways Limited