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New Zealand Bound

2655 tons
Lyttelton for RIO de JANEIRO and LONDON 19th March 1891
Commander  -  J.A. Sutcliffe
New Zealand Shipping Company, agents.

Arkwright 	Mr Francis 
Arkwright 	Mrs Eveline 
Arkwright 	Miss M 
Bacon 		Mr Tapley 
Bacon 		Miss
Baker 		Rev. R W 
Calvert 	Mr O A 
Donnell 	Mr C E 
Feilden 	Mr G A 
Feilden 	Miss
Harrison 	Mr H N A 
Lawson 		Dr Bernard 
Lee 		Mr R H 
March 		Mr Reginald 
March 		Mrs
March 		Miss Margaret
March		Miss Mary
March		Miss Edith
Petrie 		Mr John
Reynolds 	Mr T A
Rosina 		Mrs
Somervil 	Mr A W
Somervil 	Mr James
Stilman 	Mr H T
Stilman 	Miss M
Taylor 		Miss Clara
Williams 	Mr J H
Ahlfeld 	Mr Adolf
Ahlfeld 	Mrs L A
Ahlfeld 	Master L
Anchitel 	Master
Anderson 	Mr
Anson 		Mr H V
Anson 		Mrs Francis
Anson 		Archibald
Anson 		Miss Francis 
Anson 		Miss Mildred
Back 		Mrs Alice
Battens 	Mr Henry
Battens 	Mrs Selina
Belford 	Miss Sarah
Chivers 	Miss M E
Copeland 	Rev. Joseph
Cunningham 	Mr John (2)
Cunnigham 	Mrs W.B
Dewey 		Mr George
Durant 		Mr. Thomas
Fitzgerald 	Mr Maurice
Fitzgerald 	Mrs Nora
Harrison 	Mr Thomas
Harrison 	Mrs Florence
Hawes 		Mr Owen
Hayter 		Capt. Francis R.M.
Hayter 		Mrs
Heywood 	Mrs M J
Heywood 	Miss Emily
Heywood 	Miss Mary
Hosking 	Mr John
Littlejohn 	Mrs Margaret
Littlejohn 	Miss Elizabeth
Milne 		Mrs Agnes
Pirie 		Mr John
Porter 		Mr A H R
Richmond 	Master George
Robertson 	Master Gilbert
Robertson 	Miss Eliza H
Rowden 		Master J S
Smith 		Mr A Y
Webb 		Mr F T
Wilson 		Mr F
Wrigley 	Miss Mary
Berd 		Mr Robert
Bridle 		Mr George
Brown 		Miss Mary 
Burnell 	Mr W
Burnell 	Mrs Jan
Burnell 	Miss Mary
Chapman 	Mr J H
Chapman 	Miss Clara
Chapman 	Master
Chapman 	Misses (2)
Colechin 	Mr C E
Craven 		Mr M A
Creive 		Mr
Creive 		Mrs
Creive 		Master
Creive 		Miss
East 		Mr Henry
East 		Mrs Eliza
East 		Miss Eva
Emerson 	Mr Joseph
Hill 		Mr J
Jennings 	Mrs
Jennings 	Master
Keenan 		Mr Peter
McKean 		Mr J D
Minnett 	Mrs 
Minnett 	Miss
Mole 		Mrs Marion J
Mole 		Master D D
Mole 		Master Stephen
Moller 		Mr L
Moller 		Mr Charles F
Savage 		Mr G
Stubbs 		Mr E
Thompson 	Mr George
Thompson 	Mrs Janet
Varley 		Mr J E R
Vivian 		Mr H
Vivian 		Mrs Gertrude
Vivian 		Misses (2)
Wakerman 	Mr W
Whittle 	Mr Alex T
Withers 	Miss Eliza
Woolgar 	Mr C 
118 Total Passengers
27 Saloon Passengers
45 Second Saloon
46 Steerage Passengers

Timaru Herald Monday 1st June 1891
A private cable has been received announcing
the death of Captain Hayter, of Burke's Pass, who went home in the Aorangi, which arrived there about six weeks ago. It is supposed death was the result of an operation for stone in the kidney, from which Captain Hayter suffered, and which he went Home to have removed.

Aorangi photo 1892

Evening Post 3rd April 1891
Expected arrivals
Otarama left London 25th Nov.
Maori left London 4th Feb. via Auckland
Ionic left Plymouth 27th Feb.
Duke of Westminster left London 2nd March
Ruapehu left Plymouth 7th March
Duke of Buckingham left London 12th Mar. via Pt Chalmers
Tainui left Plymouth 21st March
Nelson left London 22nd Jan.
West York left Hamburg 3rd Feb.
Camana left Liverpool 18th Feb.

Source: The Star Thursday March 19 1891 pg3
The New Zealand Shipping Company's direct liner Aorangi took the following mail for London to-day:- Letters 2911, books 151, newspapers 415, contained in six bags. She is not the mail steamer under contract this voyage, hence the small mail.

The Star Monday 21 March 1891 pg2
Cleared - March 20 - Wellington, ship, 1247 tons, Cowan, for London, Dalgety and Co., agents.

Cooke 		Mr George
Oatway 		Miss Amy
Oatway 		Mrs
Oatway 		Mr Edwin
Oatway 		Master Herbert

The Star Monday 23rd March 1891
Arrived Lyttelton
March 22 - Coptic, R.M.S.S., 4448 tons, C.H. Kempson, R.N.R., from London via Teneriffe, Capetown, Hobart and Wellington. Passengers:
Miss, Mrs and Mr Thompson. From Wellington - Colonel Pearee.

The Star Monday 26 March 1891
Wellington, March 25
The R.M.S Rimutaka, arrived at seven o'clock this evening. She left Plymouth on Feb. 9 with 1920 tons of cargo and 48 saloon, 21 second and 44 steerage passengers, and one of the heaviest mails ever brought by the direct steamers, 252 bags and 21 boxes parcel post. She landed 17 passengers and 280 tons of cargo at Hobart. C.H. Lovett, able seaman and W. Fenelow, second cook, died on the voyage.

Passengers for Christchurch - 
Elsdale 	Mrs and son
Greenstreet 	Miss
Lewis 		Rev. and Mrs
Smith 		Miss

second saloon
Brown 		Mrs
Fyffe 		Miss
Haslam 		Professor 
Osbourne 	Mr
and six steerage

Evening Post October 10th
Expected arrivals
Mamari left London 21st Aug. via Dunedin
Doric left Plymouth 5th Sept.
Duke of Buckingham left London 6th Sept. via Auckland
Maori left London 19th Sept. via Auckland
Arawa left Plymouth 3rd Oct.
Rangitikei left London 24th Aug.
Cordillera left Liverpool 27th May
Euterpe left London 15th July
Lutterworth left Liverpool 29th July
Castor left Portland 5th August