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'Aliquis' Auckland in 1865

New Zealand Bound

31 July 1866Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 
The Southern Cross
26 Oct. 1865


The London immigrant ship Aliquis, 1,121 tons register, Captain Davidson, anchored off the North Head at midnight, 91 days out. She left on the 26th of July late, and has had a remarkably fine passage throughout. We hold over her report until our next, owing to the late hour at which she arrived.
    The passengers, to the number of 125, have all arrived in good health, under the medical charge of Mr Foster. The wife of John Logan gave birth to a child; and a third class passenger named Robert Ishurwood died during the passage.
    Among her passengers are, Mr Archibald Clark and family, who have returned to settle amongst us after a long absence.
    The following is a list of passengers by this vessel:-

Ashton 		Miss
Collins 	Mr Wm 
Harden 		Mrs
Harden 		Misses (3) and servant
Hieginson 	and child
Hussey 		Mrs and child
Jamieson 	Mr Thomas R 
Oldham 		Mr and Mrs J. and family (7) and servant
Pelham 		Mr 
Richadson 	Mr 
Thurnburn 	Mrs and Misses (2) 
Thurnburn 	Messrs Wm and Charles

Second Cabin:-
Blythe 		Mr
Bowman 		Mr
Duval 		Mr 
Frodsham 	Miss (2)
Langford 	Miss
O’Shannessy 	Mr
Reeves 		Mr
Wade 		Mr and Mrs
Winter 		Mrs and family (4)

Steerage (assisted):-
Asmuss 		Jane, Anne and Henry
Bowden 		William 
Burrell 	James and Alice 
Carde 		David, Jardine, Helen, Michael and Margaret 
Carlan 		John, Hannah, Anne, Mary, John and William George
Connelly 	Mary and James 
Cossidy 	John 
Curry 		Catherine 
Dick 		Adam 
Dinning 	John, Mary, Archibald, Martha and William 
Egan 		Edward 
Furlong 	Martin and Ellen 
Gault 		William, Margaret, William, Robert and Jane 
Gilpen 		James 
Griffiths 	Thomas 
Hackett 	Mary Ann 
Hanley 		John 
Hill 		John 
Howard 		Mary, Elizabeth and George Boswell
Herk 		John and Margaret
Lipsey 		George
Loughman 	William, Anne, Margaret and William 
Lynn 		William
McCarthy 	Daniel 
McComas 	Sarah 
McGregor 	Charlotte 
Martin 		Sarah 
Meredith 	James and Elizabeth 
Meredith 	James and Emma 
Moloney 	J
Moore 		John 
Munro 		Elizabeth 
Murphy 		Felix, Mary, Letitia, Francis and Margaret 
Nicoll 		Thomas, Agnes, Thomas and Grace 
O’Connor 	James 
O’Donogher 	M
O’Neill 	Bridget 
O’Sullivan	Ellen
Plush 		Maria 
Quinn 		Mary 
Rare 		Janet
Ritcher 	Anna Mary, Marian, Margaret, Anna, Edgar J, Elizabeth G and Marla D 
Robinson 	Johanna, Mary, Jane, William, Caroline, David and Henry
Robinson	James and Charles
Thompson 	Mary Ann and Freeman
Vasey 		Edward and George
Ware 		Edward Thomas
Williams 	James
Total: 125

18,000 slates, order; 3 cases, M Pollard: 200 casks, order: 90 bundles, 1,600 sash-weights, 5 tons iron, 100 kegs, 20 sheets, 5 tierces, 18 casks, & hhd., 2 boxes, 2 cases, S H Smith; 1 case, Seccombe and Son; 320 cases, A Woolley and Co; 112 tons coals, order; 77 cases, Superintendent of Stores; 1 ditto, Assistant Superintendent of Stores: 32 pkg S Moss and Co: 5 cases, A Asher; 4 pkg Gilfitlan and Co: 4 case, 10 bales, 7 cases, 1 crate, 7 cases, 15 bales, 1 case, 3 bales, 3 cases, 7 casks, 1 case, 20 bales, 2 casks, 3 cases, 1 cask, 6 casks, 137 bundles, 70 table tops, 140 trestles, 6 trucks, 80 pots iron, Deputy Superintendent of Stores: 1 box, as addressed: 16 bales, W C Wilson; 240 kegs, Brown and Campbell – 2 cases, F H Lewisson: 1 cask, 1 case, S H Smithd 1 parcel stationery, 20 wagons, 34 wheels, 20 chokers, 5 grindstones, 5 troughs, 3 vats, 39 bales, 55 cases. 118 kegs, 53 B and

My Count: Total 144 arrived:	
30 	cabin
15 	second cabin
99 	steerage

How did the newspaper come up with 125 passengers when there are 144 passengers??
John Logan and wife and newborn mentioned in the arrival account but missing from the passenger list.
Robert Ishurwood died during the passage so this is an disembarkation list as he is not mentioned.
Mr Archibald Clark and family are mentioned in the arrival account but not on the passenger list.

Off site passenger list

Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean
And the pleasant land.