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New Zealand Bound

Otago Witness Saturday February 11, 1860 page 5

The steamer Airedale, from the other Provinces, arrived at Port Chalmers on Tuesday evening with above 100 passengers, including the Bishop of Christchurch, Mr and Mrs Sewell, Mr Commissioner McLean, &c., and 82 immigrants selected in Auckland by Mr Adam, to whom, as will be seen by his letter in another column, a large number of applications made. The steamer on her next trip, will bring a similar number of immigrants from Auckland.

Shipping News 

Arrived. Feb. 8. Airedale, s.s., 286 tons, Johns, from Lyttelton. Young & McGlashan, agents.

Passengers - Cabin:

Aylmer		 Mr
Brown		 Mr
Doughterty	 Mr
Duncan		 Mr
Harper		 Bishop
Jones		 Mr
Newcome		 Mr and Mrs and child
Palmer		 Miss
Redwood		 Mr
Reynolds	 Mr
Sims		 Mr
Sinclair	 Dr
Sewell		 Mr and Mrs
Turnbull	 Mr
Whittaker	 Mr
Baird		Mrs., Elizabeth, and Alex. (?Ellen)
Clark		William
Clout		James
Crawford	Mr and Mrs
Crawford	James, Mary, Thomas, and Jane
Dale		Gorden, Mary, Kate, and Thomas
Dale		Mr and Mrs
Dodd		Henry, Mary, Louisa, and Harriet
Douly		Mrs
Douly		Helen, Biddy, James and Margaret
Esperie		Mary Jane (?Elspie)
Evans		Mr and Mrs William Bishop
Finch		William and Albertina
Garden		James
Garby		Joseph, Margaret, John, and James (?Gorby)
Grant 		S
Howell		George
Hunter		Alex.
Jacobs		George
Johnson		William, Mary, Mary Ann, Eliza, and Matatoka
Jones 		Mr Roger and Mrs
Jones		Mary and Ellen
Kirby		James and Ann
Lewis		Henry and Adlard
Longworth	John
Matson		Peter
Moore		Robert (?Moor)
Murray		William
Murtagh		Patrick, Elizabeth, Ann, and William P.
McKenzie	Mr and Mrs Henry
Ostler		Robert
Quayle		George
Ramsay		John
Reid		Charles
Reid		Thomas S.
Robertson	David
Rutherford	Archibald
Smith		Henry
Smithson	Mr and Mrs Thomas
Sweeston	Joseph (?Sneeston)
Thompson	Walter
Tylar		Mr and Mrs (?Tyler)
Tylar		Isabella, Lucy, Mary Ann, and Edward
Williamson	James
Winepress	Mr and Mrs John
Winepress	Margaret
The above list of steerage passengers by the Airedale includes 12 ploughmen, 2 shepherds, 7 labourers, 1 mason, 6 carpenters, 2 sawyers, 2 tailors, 1 bricklayer, 1 painter, 1 fencer, 2 servants, and 1 dressmaker.

"The Raid of Otago".
About fifteen months ago the demand for labour in Otago was so great that the Government sent 20,000 to Edinburgh for the purpose of assisting two thousand immigrants to the colony. During the months of September and November 1859, a thousand of these were landed at Dunedin, and by the middle of December Otago felt as if such an importation had never been. In consequence of the scarcity of labour, a memorial was presented to the Superintendent requesting him to send to Melbourne or elsewhere. The elsewhere "alluded" to was Auckland. 
    Mr James Adam's mission, to obtain a sufficient number of hands to enable the Otago Government to carry on road-making and other public works, during the season most advantageous for such work, until the stream of immigrants again sets in from Great Britain, caused a considerable amount of attention in Auckland.  Mr Adam presented a letter to Superintendent of Auckland from Captain Cargill. The Superintendent of Auckland, Mr Williamson, sanctioned Mr Adam's mission. Mr Adam, an Emigration Agent, was acting on behalf of the Otago Government. He had a great number of applications for assisted passages, to about a third of which he gave a favourable answer. Auckland, 14th January, 1860.

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