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M.V. Rangitata souvenirs

The NZSCo. owned five passenger ships which maintained a monthly service between London and New Zealand; one of the calling points being Pitcairn Island, weather permitting to help break up for the passengers the eighteen days passage between Panama and Auckland/Wellington when there is very little to see except sea.  The colour of the funnel was yellow at that time, we had twelve lifeboats (six each side) We carried around one hundred and thirty first class, about three hundred and fifty tourist passengers and over two hundred crew this included five deck officers, eleven engineers, four radio officers, a doctor and nurse and hospital attendant, plumber/ deck mechanic and carpenter plus of course around fifty sailors, engine room staff and the catering staff which included the purser, assistant purser, writers, a full time printer, a shop keeper and a hairdresser, stewards and stewardess and a children’s nurse. Our speed was usually eighteen knots. The flag usually the red ensign although it could be the blue if the Captain and a certain number of crew belonged to the Royal Navy Reserve. R.H. Posted Sept. 2011

Photo of model of the Rangitata courtesy of Jo Featherston. 
Ship model image courtesy of Jo Featherston, posted Sept. 2011

Length 552ft 5ins
Breadth 70ft 0ins
Official Number 149564
Call sign GSZN
Port of Registry Plymouth
Gross Tonnage 16968.71 tons
Net Tonnage 10033.31 tons
Built by John Brown Shipyards, Glasgow.   

The beer tankard used at the crossing the line ceremonies to present their majesties with refreshment.
The second officer played the queen and drank most of the beer, the company was buying! 

Tankard and Crossing the Line menu courtesy of Richard Hall 

Menus courtesy of Jo Featherston  Menus courtesy of Jo Featherston 
Rangitata's Children's menu cover 28 Oct 1953 images courtesy of Jo Featherston, posted Sept. 2011 Rangitata's Children's menu cover 2 Nov 1953
A couple of children's menus, were saved by a mother in a scrapbook for her daughter from the Rangitata voyage from Auckland to London departing 24 Oct 1953.

       Menus courtesy of Jo Featherston 
Children's menu images courtesy of Jo Featherston, posted Sept. 2011. Thank you Jo.

 Menu courtesy of George Carr.   Menu courtesy of George Carr.  
Menu for a lunch and dinner on Friday 29th July 1960 on board the R.M.S. Rangitata from Wellington to Tilbury.  

Courtesy of George Carr     Courtesy of George Carr 

Courtesy of George Carr  
The ashtray was probably an item sold in the shop onboard.

The Children's menu cover from the MV Rangitiki. She left London on 26 November 1954 and arriving Auckland 1 Januay 1955.

Menus courtesy of Jo Featherston  
Rangitiki - Children's menu 26 December 1954 by H. Wagstaff

Menus courtesy of Jo Featherston  

Rangitata 1962