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New Zealand Bound

From Glasgow on 30th November 1874. Arrived Port Chalmers 17th February 1875

Otago Witness, 20 February 1875, Page 12
Feb 17 – Oamaru, ship, 1305 tons, Stuart, from Glasgow Nov 30th. Russell, Ritchie and Co, agents.

Brown 		Mrs T and child
McEwan 		Mrs C
McLeod 		Mrs A B
McCaw 		Miss S
Guthrie 	Miss A
Henderson 	T
Sandeman 	J R
McEwan 		C
McCaw 		Mr
Guthrie 	J
Keith 		J
Keith 		G
Powell 		S
And 280 free and nominated immigrants 

Reference: Family Search browse Otago 1875

ASSISTED EMIGRATION to Otago, New Zealand by the Ship “OAMARU”

Nicol 		William 	29 Edin 	Ploughman
		Jane 		24
		Mary 	 	 1

Sutherland 	Geo 		25 Caithness 	Farm Laborer
		Mrs 		22

Syme 		James 		30 Lanark 	Laborer
		Agnes 		29
		Mary J 	 	 1
		George 		 3/12

Livingstone 	Thomas 		24 Doun 	Farm Laborer
		Mrs 		19

Thompson 	Daniel 		38 Ayrshire	Laborer
		Mrs 		28
		Agnes 	 	 9
		Catherine 	 8
		Elizabeth 	 6
		Mary 	 	 4
		Marion 	 	 1

Beath 		Andrew 		45 Fife 	Agri Laborer
		Jane 		42
		Isabella 	19
		Janet 		17
		Jane 		16
		Alex'r 		14
		Margaret	12
		Andrew 	 	 7
		George 	 	 4
		Joan 	 	 1

McLeish 	David 		42 Fife 	Baker
		Janet 		35
		David 		10
		Charles		 8
		Margaret	 6
		Ann 		 4
		Mary 		 2

Bell 		Thomas 		38 Dumfries 	Joiner
		Jane 		30
		Jemima 		10
		James		 6
		Elizabeth 		 4
		Alex'r 		 2

Whyte 		Robert 		33 Forfar 	Ploughman
		Ann 		32
		William 		 9
		Robert 		 7

Colman 		Joseph 		22 Ayr 		Tailor
		Janet 		19
		Infant 		 0

Banks 		William 	28 Orkney 	Farmer
		Jane 		24
		Jessie 		 4

Bews 		Samuel 		30
		Betsy 		20
		Henrietta 	2/12

Allen 		Robert 		24 Lanark 	Labor
		Jane 		24

Robertson 	Joseph 		24 Lanark 	Iron Moulder
		Agnes 23		
McKenzie 	Donald 		31 Lanark 	Carter
		Catherine 	21

Brooke 		Isabelle 	48 Lanark	Machinist
		Margaret 	23 		
		James 		19 		Compositor
		William 	13
		Isabella 	11
		Alex'r 		 9

Craig 		Mary 		32 Tyrone 	Dom Servt
		Eliza 		13
		Henrietta 	10

Kerr 		John 		26 Lanark 	Coach Painter
		Sarah 		24
		Jane 		5/12

Thompson 	James 		44 Ayr 		Laborer
		Elizabeth 	42
		Janet 		24 		Dom Servt
		Jane 		21 		Dom Servt
		Ann 		16 		Dom Servt
		Eliza 		14
		Aggie 		 9
		Jemima 		 7
		Maggie 		 2
		James 		 1

Serpus 		John 		26 Armagh 	Farm Laborer 
		Ann 		29
		Eliza 		 2

Armstrong 	William 	28 Northumberland Shepherd
		Elizabeth 	28

Mackie 		Thomas 		54 Ayr 		Dyer		Bills drawn by A. G? Bums of Mosgiel Factory Co.
		Mary 		50
		Margaret 	19 		Bonnet Maker
		Elizabeth 	12		Bonnet Maker

Miller 		Adam 		24 Ayr 		Shoemaker
		Mrs 		24
		Sarah 		2/12

Luke 		David 		24 Lanark 	Smith
		Helen 		24
		David 		 1

Elliot 		John 		26 Ayrshire 	Ploughman
		Mrs C 		25

Wybar 		George 		40 Lanark 	Painter
		Agnes 		38
		George 		17
		Mary 		16
		Agnes 		14
		Ann 		 8
		Thomas 		 1

McGuffie 	John 		38 Ayr 		Carpenter 
		Mary 		37
		Agnes 		14
		Catherine	11
		Mary 		 9
		Margaret 	 5

Henderson	Robert 		25 Ayr 		Farm Laborer
		Mrs 		23

Boyd 		James 		24 Ayr 		Farm Laborer
		Jane 		24

Wilson 		Robert 		36 Ayr 		Miner
		Jessie 		29
		Robert 		 6
		Daniel 		 4
		John 		 1

Macdonald 	Arch'd 		21 Down 	Farm Laborer
		Eleanor 	18

Lawson 		John 		29 Lanark 	Mechanic
		Elizabeth 	31
		Mathina 	 8
		John 		 5
		Elizabeth 	 2
Watson 		Alexander 	39 Lanark 	Blacksmith
		Margaret 	37
		James 		 9
		Janet 		 1

Aile 		James 		29 Lanark 	Farm Labr
		Ann 		28
		James 		 3
		John 		6/12

Henry 		George 		49 Aberdeen 	Shoemaker
		Mrs 		38
		Mary 		20
		Jane 		18
		Eliza 		16
		John 		14
		Malcolm 	12
		Margaret 	10
		Robert 		 8
		George 		 4

McDowell 	Chris 		25 Armagh 	Farm Labor
		Jane 		25
		Rebecca 	 3
		Caroline 	 1

McKeown 	Janes 		21 Lanark 	Tailor
		Frances 	20
		Mary 		 1

Cousins 	John 		36 Armagh 	Farm Labr
		Margaret 	34
		Dorothea 	16
		Margaret 	 8
		John	 	 6
		Alexander 	 1

Pedlow 		James 		26 Armagh 	Farm Labr
		Eleanor 	24
		Margaret 	 7
		Edward 		 1

Morrison 	James 		25 Lanark 	Engineer
		Barbara 	21
		Mary B 		 2 ½
Logan 		Daniel 		12

Cairney 	Robert 		29 Lanark 	Boiler Maker	Otago 1175
		Georgina 	29
		James 		 7
		Elizabeth 	 5
		Mary 		 3
		Robert 		 ½

Russell 	David 		50 Lanark 	Gardener	Oamaru 133
		Marion 		49
		Alexr 		27 		Mason
		Agnes 		27
		David 		 3
		Agnes 		 2
		Sarah 		 8/12

Watt 		James 		39 Aberdeen 	Agril Labr	Dunedin 677
		Barbara 	61
Taylor 		William 	11

Fenton 		Francis 	33 Linlithgow 	Labour
		Elizabeth 	33
		James 		11
		Jane 		 7
		Robert 		 5

Sievwright 	David 		29 Forfar 	Shoemaker
		Ellen 		31
		James 		11
		Annie 		 9
		Jessie 		 7
		Colin 		 4
		David 		 1

Logie 		Gilbert 	30 Lanark 	Leadpipe Maker		Otago 104
		Margt 		30
		Jane 		10
		James 		 7
		Gilbert 	7/12

Watt 		John 		44 Lanark 	Tanner
		Sarah 		42
		John 		17

Henderson 	David 		23 Lanark 	Iron Turner
		Sarah 		22

Single Men - image 11
Johnston 	John		24 Nairn 	Farm Servant
Scott 		John 		24 Roxburgh 	Shepherd
Collie 		Alexr		20 Aberdeen 	Ploughman
Armour 		Wm 		20 Ayr 		Tailor
Williams 	Robt 		22 Ayr 		Gardener
Allison 	Alexr 		20 Aberdeen 	Farm Servt
Hunter 		John 		22 Armagh 	Farm Servt
Cully 		John 		20 Armagh 	Farm Servt
Cousins 	Samuel 		20 Armagh 	Farm Servt
Patterson 	Robert 		20 Lanark 	Miner
Caldwell 	James  		19 Lanark 	Miner
Forester 	Francis 	23 Lanark 	Machinist
Harris 		Thomas 		21 Antrim 	Agril Labr
Elliot 		Thos 		24 Ayr 		Ploughman
Harkness 	Alexr 		23 Argyle 	Cooper
McKay 		David 		20 Caithness 	Labourer
Rutherford 	Ront 		18 Lanark 	Labourer
Gordon 		George 		18 Aberdeen 	Farm Servt
Fearon 		Henry 		35 Armagh 	Farm Servt
Scorgie 	William 	20 Ayr 		Labourer
Montgomery 	Hugh 		23 Ayr 		Tailor
Johnston 	Wm 		18 Ayr 		Farm Servant
Johnston 	Robert 		16 Ayr 		Farm Servant
Miller 		Wm 		22 Ayr 		Shoemaker
Steel 		James 		19 Ayr 		Farm Servt
McMurren 	Jas 		18 Lanark 	Farm Servt
Boyd 		Hugh 		24 Ayr 		Farm Labr
Park 		Andrew 		21 Ayr 		Farm Labr
Frew 		Alex 		21 Lanark 	Joiner
Bunting 	James 		32 Armagh 	Farm Labour
Lorain 		Robt 		24 Lanark 	Coal Wright
Wylie 		Robert 		18 Orkney 	Farm Servt
Maxton 		David 		26 Lanark 	Engineer

McKellar 	Charles 	22 Edmr 	Cooper
Farquhar 	John 		24 Lanark 	Baker
Bunting 	James 		23 Armagh 	Farm Labour
Arnott 		Alexr 		22 Clackmannan 	Labour
Riddell 	Wm 		22 Lanark 	Machinist
Turner 		Daniel 		21 Lanark 	Sawyer
Watt 		Charles 	26 Lanark 	Cabinet
Cassels 	John 		40 Lanark 	Turner		Southland No. 624 2 free
Cassels 	Andrew 		14 Lanark 	Turner
Ross 		Donald 		24 Rosshire 	Agril Labr
McNiven 	Archibald 	23 Lanark 	Shipbuilder	Otago 1132
May 		David 		18 Antrim 	Printer
Kerr 		Robert 		22 Argyle 	Blacksmith
Kerr 		Charles 	24 Argyle 	Labourer
Mackie 		Andrew 		23 Roxburgh 	Farm Labr
Dugan 		John G 		37 Roxburgh 	Farm Labr
Harvey 		John G 		21 Orkney 	Farm Labr
Edward 		Albert 		20 Armagh 	Farm Labr
Taggart 	Robert 		21 Tyrone 	Farm Labr
Farquhar 	William 	29 Lanark 	Shoemaker
Brown 		Charles 	33 Lanark 	Labourer
McKenzie 	Kenneth 	27 Lanark 	Gardener
Morton 		Matthew 	23 Lanark 	Labourer
Rae 		James 		25 Lanark 	Agril Labourer
Rae 		Samuel 		28 Lanark 	Shepherd
Creaney 	John 		18 Armagh 	Farm Servt

Page 18 Blank

Single Women image 14
Orr 		Elizabeth 	34 Antrim 	Farm Labr
Wilson 		Jane 		18 Ayr		Dom Servt
McKenzie 	Flora 		23 Lanark 	Dom Servt
Serpus 		Mary 		20 Armagh 	Dom Servt
Robertson 	Margret 	20 Ayr 		Dom Servt
Casey 		Ellen 		20 Derry 	Dom Servt
Cathcart 	Isabella 	19 Forfar 	Dom Servt
Atkinson 	Elizabeth 	21 Antrim 	Dom Servt
Bremner 	Jane 		26 Forfar 	Dom Servt
Morgan 		Sarah 		18 Ayrshire 	Mill girl	Oamaru 1261
Martin 		Marjory 	37 Forfar 	Housekeeper	Otago 1270
Spence 		Agnes 		26 Renfrew 	Nurse		Otago 1303
Taylor 		Jane 		28 Lanark 	Dom Servt
Kerr 		Mary 		19 Argyle 	Dom Servt
Blair 		Ann 		26 Selkirk 	Dom Servt	Otago 1218
English 		  2
Scotch 			238 
Irish 			 39
Totals souls 		279 Souls

Reference: 'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.
Otago Witness, 20 February 1875, Page 12 ARRIVAL OF THE OAMARU.
The ship seen off the Ocean Beach on Tuesday afternoon, turned out to be the Albion Company's new ship Oamaru, in command of the well-known Captain Stuart, late of the Otago. She reached the heads after dark on Tuesday night, and was towed inside on Wednesday by the tug Geelong. As the customary signal' of all well when an immigrant ship arrives here with a clean bill of health had not been made, it was considered to be just possible that sickness of some kind had appeared amongst the Oamaru's passengers and so unfortunately it proved, for when the Health and Immigration Officers went alongside, they were greeted by the announcement of scarlatina having broken out on the 5th inst., but, happily, was so far confined to two children, both of them having reached the convalescent stage. The way-bill presented by Captain Stuart set forth that the ship had 280 immigrants and passengers on board, and 42 of a crew that three deaths— all in the case of children— had occurred one from water on the brain, one from the effects of sunstroke, and one from croup. They were evenly balanced by 3 births, so that the Oamaru arrives with as many souls on board as she left Glasgow with. Two cases of a mild form of measles had been dealt with on the passage. They appeared on the 17th December, and were convalescent on the 30th. The clothes, bedding, &c., of the patients, both children, had been destroyed, and the ship submitted to a rigorous course of disinfecting, whilst ample ventilation fore and aft had been kept up. Captain Stuart reported the general health of the immigrants had been very good, and the doctor of the ship stated It to be his opinion that the infection of scarlatina must have lain concealed in clothes or bedding brought on board, because it was not imparted to the children stricken by it until so late on she passage. As it came on to blow and rain whilst we were alongside the ship the report obtained of her was necessarily meagre. She is a brand new ship, and a splendid vessel to boot, of 1305 tons register, and built at Greenock by Messrs Scott and Sons, who put together those flue ships the Jessie Readman and Christian M'Ausland. She is a worthy companion to the noble ships comprising the Albion Company's fleet, and has commenced her career auspiciously in making the fastest passage of the season, the run from Glasgow having occupied 79 days from port to port, and 75 from land to land, neither Stewart's Island nor the Snares being the landfall at this end, but Chasland's Mistake, to the northward of the Bluff. If the usual landfall further south had been made, we daresay 74 days would have represented the time. This passage very nearly equals the clipping run made from London to Melbourne by the ship Ben Vorlich, her time being 60 days. Striking off a day for difference of time, reduces the Oamaru's run to 74 days, only eight days in advance of the Ben Voirlich's. Five days from the longitude of Melbourne to Chasland's Mistake would be fair average running for any ship, and hence the Ben Vorlich is the victor by only three days, and the is regarded as a full clipper ship, while the Oamaru, a capitally lined ship nevertheless, certainly is not. Captain Stuart kindly supplied us with a few memos from his private log, to wit that the Oamaru sailed from Glasgow on the 30th November last, and cleared the land on the 2nd December. A run of N. E. and easterly winds attended her from soundings to the Line, where she was humbugged by calms and light variables for one whole week finally picked up the S.E. Trade, and crossed on to south latitude on the 26th December, in long. 27.68. The Trade proved moderate and steady, held to an average limit, and was succeeded by a short spell of variable winds about the Capricorn tropic. On the 11th January, lat. 41 S., long. 15 W., the westerlies, which had been coquetting with the ship during the previous day or two, blew home steadily, and the Oamaru so tied down to hard sailing, crossed the meridian of the cape on January 18th, and kept it up to 135 east longitude She was then 10 degrees west of the central meridian of Tasmania, and there lost the good passage winds, the remainder of the run being characterised by variable winds She made her easting on about the 40th parallel, and sighted one iceberg in the Southern Ocean. Nothing was seen of the City of Dunedin. Stewart's Island was passed during Sunday night, and on Monday the land about Chasland's Mistake was sighted, and on the following afternoon the ship hoisted her ensign off the Ocean Beach. The signal, a usual one with Captain Stuart, was recognised on shore, and hence a few in the secret inferred that it was the Oamaru, and not the City of Dunedin. No doubt, "the wish was father to the thought" on the part of those who regarded the new comer as the latter vessel, and we wish, with all our heart, that it had proved so. At the same time, we tender the Oamaru a hearty welcome, and congratulate her commander upon the success, first and last, of her maiden trip She is full of cargo below the beams, much of it being dead weight iron. The passage was governed by fine weather only one gale was experienced, and in that the ship behaved well.

Otago Daily Times 10 April 1876, Page 3
On the 24th March, at Hillside road, South Dunedin, the wife of George Wybar, painter, late of Edinburgh, Scotland, of twins, son and daughter, all doing well.

Otago Daily Times 4 July 1879, Page 2
On the 1st July, at the residence of the bridegroom's father, by the Rev. Dr Stuart, George Wybar, jun., eldest son of George Wybar, hotelkeeper, to Emma Barnes, eldest daughter of Samuel Barnes, of Dunedin.

Otago Witness 4 June 1881, Page 22
Fatal Railway Accident near Kenningston, Dunedin. The body was identified as that of Thomas Bell, a carpenter employed at the railway workshops. Mr M'Beath, a fellow worker, and Mr G. Wybar, who arrived in this Colony in the same ship as the deceased, recognised the remaining portion of the face, and a document was found on him which left no doubt as to his identity. The deceased was 60 years of age, a married man, and leaves a family of seven. His wife says that ho left home to take a walk at about 4 o'clock. He had not been to work that day, having been up all the previous night attending to his children, who were down with the measles. Evidently at the time of the accident he was returning home by way of the railway-line, as he lived at the workshops.