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Shipping News 1874 
New Zealand Bound
Saturday May 2nd in the Otago Witness

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Ships to Port Chalmers 1880
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Otago Witness May 2 1874 pg 16
Port Chalmers Arrivals

April 25 - William Davie, ship, Rankin, from London, January 14th, via Bluff, April 23rd. Passengers: 4 steerage.
April 27 - Asia, ship, 1445 tons, McMillan, from London, via Cork. A.C. Begg, agent. Passengers: Saloon: Mr Hare; and 389½ statute adult immigrants, nominated, free.

page 18
I hear that a ship lately arrived stopped at Queenstown on its passage out, and then and there picked up thirty- five girls out of the Reformatory. Their conduct on board was described as rowdy.

Otago Witness May 9 1874 pg 17
Did 33 of the female immigrants by the Asia hail from the Reformatory at Queenstown, or did they not? Officers and and passengers declare that the ship did lie off Queenstown Harbour, and that then and there 33 girls were shipped from the Reformatory. The conduct of the Asia's immigrants since landed has been simply disgraceful. From the drunken swarms of ruffians round the hotel opposite the Barracks to the other end of the city, the place has been full of the worst-looking lot of new chums that have been landed here for the last ten years.

April 25 - Samson, p.s., 125 tons, Edie, from Oamaru, James Mills, agents.

Barkley 	Mr
Gregor 		Mr
Morgan 		Mr
Roe 		Mr
Sanders 	Mr
and 11 steerage

April 26 - Beautiful Star, s.s., 146 tons, Hart, from Oamaru. James Mills, agents. Passengers:

Allan 		Mr
Edgar 		Mr
Malcolm 	Capt. 
Soloman 	Mr
and 5 steerage.

April 27 - Paterson, p.s., Mundle, from Timaru and Northern ports. W. and G. Turnbull and Co., agents.

Passengers - Saloon: 
Black 		Mr
Bruce 		Capt.
Fitzherbert 	Mr
Henderson 	Mrs
Henderson 	Masters (2)
Gillon 		Mrs
Gillon 		Miss
and 1 steerage

April 27 - Comerang, p.s. 152 tons, Hughes from Lyttelton and intermediate ports. W. and G. Turnbull and Co., agents.

Passengers - Saloon:
Knox 		Mr
Lees 		Mr
Olson 		Mr
Thomson 	Mr
Weir 		Mr

April 28 - Tararua, s.s., Clark, from Melbourne, via the West Coast and Wellington. Dalgety, Nichols and Co. agents.

Apes 		Mr
Bennett 	Mr
Captain 	Mr
Cullen 		Mr
Haines 		Mrs
Hamilton 	Mr
Hughes 		Mrs
Jackson 	Mr
Johnston 	Rev. Mr
Kaka 		Mr
Marks 		Mrs
Macnamara 	Miss
Orbin 		Mr
Polki 		Miss
Polki 		Mr and Mrs
Rankin 		Mr
and 13 in the steerage.

April 28
Phoebe, s.s., 416 tons, Worsp, from Lyttelton and the North. W.F. Wheeler, agent.

Bell 		Master
Cook 		Master
De Beer 	Mr
Grierson 	Mr
Haines 		Mr
Hardy 		Master
Levy 		Miss
Macandrew 	Mrs and Miss
McEwen 		Mrs
Montague 	Mr
Petherbridge 	Captain
Reynolds 	Honourable W.H. 
Strode 		Master
Walker 		Misses (2)
Williamson 		Mr
and 5 in the steerage

April 29 - Wanganui, s.s., Fraser, from the Bluff, H. Houghton and Co., agents.

Brown 		Mr
Curry 		Mrs and Misses (3)
Curry		Master (2)
Fergusson 	Mr
Irvine 		Mr
McCullen 	Mr
Neilson 	Mr
Neuter 		Mr and Mrs
Smith 		Mr
Smith 		Miss
Stevens 	Rev. J.
Thomson 	Mr (2)
Watt 		Mr
4 steerage

April 29 - Samson, p.s., 125 tons, Edie, from Oamaru, James Mills, agents.

Brown 		Miss
Grant 		Mrs
Gursiell 	Mrs
Kerr 		Mr
Page		Mr
and 9 steerage

April 30 - Wallabi - s.s., 101 tons, Leys, from the Bluff. Houghton and Co. agents.

Brook 		Mr
Heller 		Mr
Lambert 	Mr
Lewson 		Miss
Matchton 	Mr
Merson 		Mr
Oliver 		Mr
Smyth 		Mr
Wilson 		Mr
and six in the steerage


April 26 - Warwick, ship, 1005 tons, Skinner, for London, Russell, Ritchie, and Co., agents. Passengers:

Hogg  		Mrs and 3 children
Lawrie 		Mr
Miller 		Mrs
Ross 		Mrs  and 3 children and servant 
Skinner 	Mrs  and 3 children 
Tilford  	Mr
and 16 second cabin.

April 24 - Tokatea, barque, 805 tons, McKinnon, for Sydney. Neill and Co., agents. Passengers 9 second class, and 29 original Chinese.

April 25 - Lady Bird, s.s., 286 tons, Andrew for Lyttelton and northern ports, W.F. Wheeler, agent.

Passengers: For Lyttelton - 
Denham 		Mr and Mrs
Dunlop 		Mr and Mrs
Howden 		Mr and Mrs and servant
Galloway 	Mrs
Matthews 	Miss
Matthews 	Mr
Osborne 	Mr
and 2 steerage
For Wellington
Kenny 		Mrs and 2 children
and 3 steerage

For Nelson:
Lusk 		Mr
and 1 steerage

For Manukau
Edgar 		Mr 
and 19 Chinese for Hokitika

April 28 Emulous, brigantine, 127 tons, Mathieson, for Oamaru. Neill and Co., agents.
April 29 - Tararua, s.s., Clark, for Melbourne, via Bluff.

Passengers for Melbourne:
Beavor 		Mr
De Beer 	Mr
Gellibrand 	Mr
Gordon 		Mr
Logan 		Mr
Lowe 		Mr
McNaughton 	Dr
May 		Miss
Stonehan 	Miss
and 26 steerage

For Bluff - 
Ambridge 	Miss
Beatie 		Mr and Mrs
Deek 		Mrs and 2 children and servant
Howden 		Mr
Mays 		Mrs
Moffatt 	Mr and Mrs and child
Price 		Mr
Sykes 		Mr
Tenage 		Mr
and 4 steerage

April 30 Omeo, s.s., Calder, for Lyttelton and Wellington.

Passengers for Lyttelton
Binney 		Mr
Cade 		Miss
Hornbrook 	Major
Morey 		Mrs
Petherbridge 	Captain
Rankin 		Mr
Shepparde 	Miss Hattie
and one in steerage

Lyttelton, April 27th
The ship Mallard has arrived, 126 days out from London; also the Rakaia, 86 days from Plymouth - with 504 immigrants, ten saloon and three second-class passengers. The deaths of six children are reported. Both vessels are chartered by the New Zealand Shipping Company.

Arrival: Bluff, April 27th
The s.s Omeo, 605 tons, Captain Calder, left Melbourne at 3 p.m. on the 21st, and arrived at the Bluff at 8 this morning. She brings 452 tons cargo, 35 horses, 26 saloon and 27 steerage passengers for all ports. Her cargo, 233 tons and 35 horses are for Dunedin, for which port the Omeo sails to-night.

Passengers list:-
Anderson 	Mr
Blythe 		Mr
Dalgety 	Mr
Donaldson 	Mr
Eskdale 	Mr
Fane 		Mr
Paterson 	Mr
Price 		Miss Gertrude
Richards 	Mr
Rowe 	Mrs and family
Roxby 		Mr
And 15 in steerage

Otago Witness May 9 1874 pg16
Port Chalmers Arrivals
May 1 - Maori, s.s., Malcolm, from Lyttelton, and intermediate ports. J. Mills, agent.

Cowan 		Captain
Dale 		Mr
Davison 	Mr
Robertson 	Mr and Mrs and daughter
Woodworth 	Mr
and five steerage

May 2 - Wellington, s.s. 263 tons, Carey, from Lyttelton and Northern Ports.

Andrews 	Mr
Clark 		Mrs
Crowhurst 	Mr
Cullam 		Mr
Dickson 	Mr
Gould 		Mr
Silk 		Mrs
Stephenson 	Mr
3 steerage

May 2 - Samson, p.s., 125 tons, Edie, from Oamaru.

Blakely 	Mr
Duncan 		Mr
Goody 		Mr
Gordon 		Mr
Soyell 		Mr
Williams 	Mr
Wood 		Mr
and 7 steerage

May 7 - City of Tanjore, 799 tons, Smith, from Glasgow, Jan, 24. Russell, Ritchie and Co., agents.

May 6 - Beautiful Star, s.s., Hart, from Lyttelton and intermediate ports.

May 2 - Carnatic, ship, 871 tons, Moon, for London. A.C. Begg, agent.

Cassells 	Mr and Mrs
Gibb 		Dr 
Stephenson 	Mrs G.
Johnston 	Mr
and 3 steerage

May 2 - Phoebe, s.s. 148 tons, Worsp, for Lyttelton and the North.

McBride 	Mr
Rodgers 	Miss
and 1 steerage

For Wellington
McLean 		Mr
and 1 steerage

For Nelson
Fish 		Mrs

For Manukau
Beard 		Miss
Brown 		Mr
Fogel 		Mr
Harker 		Mr
and 2 Chinese for Hokitika

May 2 - Wellington, s.s. 263 tons, Carey, for Lyttelton and the North.
For Lyttelton
Mackay 		Mr
and 1 steerage

For Wellington
Cleland 	Mr
Davison 	Dr
Reid 		Mr
Sigley 		Miss
Woodward 	Mr

For Westport
Coate 		Mr
Cullen 		Mr
McCleod 	Mr
and 7 steerage

For Nelson 
Billsland 	Mr

For Manukau
Ord 		Mr

Otago Witness May 9 1874 pg18

Wellington, April 30th.
A ship, signaled coming up the harbour is either the Golden Sea or Wemmington, with immigrants.

May 4th
Eleven of the crew of the Golden Sea breached the cargo while the vessel was lying in quarantine and became intoxicated and mutinous. The captain fired his revolver at one of them, but did not wound him. The Lona took over a detachment of armed Constabulary, and the mutineers were taken into custody and brought before the Police Court and remained till tomorrow morning.

May 6th
A fresh case of scarlatina has broken out amongst the Golden Sea's immigrants. The case has been isolated.

Auckland April 30th
Sixty of the Dorette's immigrants proceeded to Poverty Bay by the Pretty Jane this evening under engagement. As many more are required, but cannot be got.

Otago Witness, 16 May 1874, Page 16
May 8-Jane, cutter, 25 tons, Divers, from Shag Point.
Cyphrenes, R.M. s.s., 1279 tons, Wood, from Kandavu via Auckland and coast ports. Passengers-Saloon : Messrs C. Spencer, Carruthers, Arkell, Higginson, Nelson, McKenzie, Jackson, Gloag, Williams, Hackworth ; and five steerage.
Taranaki, s.s., 291 tons, Wheeler, from Lyttelton and the North. W. F. Wheeler, agent. Passengers Saloon: Mr and Mrs Cranford and child, Mr and Mrs Mitchell Mrs Spence, Miss Power, Messrs Mitford, Hunter Dignan, Barnes, Palmer, Amyes Hutchinson, Thompson, Coll, Whitmore, Spence, and Money.
Lloyd's Herald, ketch, 41 tons, Arnott, from Catlin's River. Passed up.
Wallabi, s.s., 101 tons, Leys, from the Bluff. Passengers - Mrs Ash, Miss Menzie, Miss Walley, Miss Grace, Mr and Mrs Manning and child, Messrs Pell, Stone, Scott, Roskruge, Grace, Spence, Craig, Reid, Klaher, Gollett, Walker, George, Mengage ; and 12 steerage.
May 9— Fanny, ketch, Andrews, from the Molyneux. Master, agent.
Maori s.s.,118 tons, Malcolm, from Lyttelton and intermediate ports. Passengers : Miss Cannon, Dr Simpson, Mr Kilgour, and 3 in the steerage.
Omeo, s.s., 605 tons. Calder, from Lyttelton via Kakanui. Passengers : 5 in the steerage. Samson, p.s., 125,tons, Edie, from Oamaru. Jas. Passengers : Mrs D. McKenzie, Miss Auld, Miss Orr, Master Turnbull, Mr and Mrs Gibson and 2 children, Messrs Hurst, Williams, Kitland, Latham, Hurin, Farm, Jackson, Dickson, and 4 in the steerage.
May 10-Albion, s.s., 591 tons, Underwood, from Melbourne, via Bluff. Passengers : Mesdames Wood and child, Keay, Rev. Mr Haidie, Messrs Harper, Hart, Burke, Hill, Atkinson, and 20 in the steerage. From Bluff Mr howden.
Paterson, ps, 260 tons, Mundle, from Timaru. Passengers : Messrs Barrett, Bomett, Dome, Edwards, Masters Henderson.
Wanganui, s.s., 175 tons, Fraser, from the Bluff. Passengers : Mr and Mrs Conyers and 3 children, Mrs Townwend, Messrs Hyams (20,) Waddell, Ross, Benson, and 4 in the steerage.
Mary Ogilvie, schooner, 72 tons, Falconer, from Melbourne, the West Coast and Lyttelton. Passengers: Captain and Mrs Coleman, Mrs and Miss Muir, Messrs Hutton, Smyth, Geddes Todd, Lewis, and 15 in the steerage.
May 11 -Awarua, schooner, 48 tons, Shephard, from the Bluff.
Comerang, p.s., 152 tons. Passengers: Mr and Mrs Adcock, Messrs James, Kitchenman, Barbury.
Isabella, ketch, 52 tons,
Huon Belle, ketch, 42 tons, Saunders, from Catlin's River.
Cambria, schooner, 43 tons, Bern, from Catlin's River.
May 12 - Kate Brain, schooner, 118 tons, Mason, from the Bluff. Master, agent.
Jane Anderson, schooner, OH tons, Paterson, from Havelock. Keith Ramsay, agent.
May 13-Beautiful Star, .s.s., 146 tons. Hart, from Lyttelton and intermediate ports.
Lady Bird, s s., 286 tons, Andrews, from Lyttelton and Northern Ports. Passengers - H.J. C. Andrews, Miss Ida Bonifon, Messers Chapman, Thompson, Connie, Stewart, Russell, Hayman, Lambert, and 21 steerage.
Jane, cutter, 25 tons, Divers, from Shag Point.
Pioneer, 25 tons, Matheson, from Shag Point.
Anne, ketch, 29 tons, Haswell, from Kakanui.
May 14 -Wallabi, s.s., Leys, from the Bluff. Passengers: Mrs Mudie, Miss Wakefield, Messrs Shipton, Lynch, Matson, Beverly, Captain Hall, and 3 steerage.
Trial, ketch, 25 tons, Foreman. Master, agent.

March 8-Samson, p.s., 125 tons, Edie, for Oamaru.
Cyphrenes, R.M.S., 1270 tons, Wood, for Kandavu via coast ports.

Passengers - Saloon : 
For Wellington 
Belmont  	Mr
Edwards 	Rev. Archdeacon 
Nevill 		Right Rev. Bishop  and Mrs Nevill  
Williamson 	Mr
For Auckland 
Clarkson 	Mr and Mrs
Fergusson 	Mrs and 3 children
Taylor 		Miss 
Willoughby 	Mrs and 2 children

For San Francisco- 
Clayton 	Mr S.  
second cabin- Messrs
Ritchie   	Mr J.
Ross 		Mr
Rianson 	Mr
 For Liverpool  
Stewart 	Mr
For Napier-four steerage. 

Bencleuch, schooner, 65 tons, Francis, for Oamaru.
Mau 9 - Jungfrau, barque, 584 tons, Scotland.
May 9 - Trail, ketch, 25 tons, Foreman, for Waikouaiti. Master, agent.
Defiance, ketch, 22 tons, Burke, for Moeraki.
Dunedin, schooner, 60 tons, Stewart, for Wellington.
May 11 - Hope, cutter, 21 tons, Gay, for the Coast.
Warrior Queen, ship 989 tons, Wilson, for San Francisco.
Wallabi, s.s., 101 tons, Leys, for the Bluff.
Sea Gull, brigantine, 122 tons, Best, for the Bluff.
Jane, cutter, 25 tons, Divers, for Shag Point.
Pioneer, schooner, 23 tons, Matheson, for Shag Point.
Omeo, s.s., 605 tons, Calder, for Melbourne, Passengers: For Bluff -Messrs Jackson, Gloag, Beetham, Turton, McKeord. For Melbourne— Mrs Campbell and 4 children, Mr Townsend, and 13 steerage.
Albion s s , 591 tons, Underwood, for Melbourne, via Lyttelton and Coast Ports. Passengers: For Lyttelton- -Messrs Hart, Foster Nicolls, Dank, and 1 steerage. For Wellington Messrs Gillies, Calcutt, and 1 steerage, for Melbourne—Mr Webb, one steerage.
Alhambra s.s., 487 tons, Sinclair, for Melbourne, via Bluff. Passengers: For Melbourne-Mr and Mrs Lillon, Mesdames Wilson and 2 children, Webb, Ziele, Albertie, Messrs Welsh, Anderson, Nelson, Bell, Blair, Coombe, OBrien and 4 steerage. For Bluff - Mrs Brunton, Miss Cook, Mr Petrie, and 1 steerage.
May 12 - Taranaki, s.s., Wheeler, for Lyttelton and the North. Passengers for Lyttelton -Mrs Bird,. Messrs Pryde, Dodson, and one steerage. For Wellington-Mrs Jones, Mr Rendle and one steerage. For Manukau - Messrs Meyers and Somerville. For Nelson one steerage.
Paterson, p.s. Passengers: Mr and Mrs Henderson, Miss Carrington, Masters Henderson.

May 23 1874
May 19 -
Margaret Galbraith, ship, 841 tons, Peebles, for London.

Passengers - 2nd cabin.
Callender 	Mr
Jenkins 	Mr
Lyon 		Mr
McLeod 		Mr
McIndoe 	Mr
McMorron 	Mr
Robertson 	Mrs and child
Wallace 	Mr and two sons

The good ship Margaret Galbraith left for London on Monday. She is the thirteen wool ship of the season, and took a full cargo including fern roots, 2000 bales wool, 4669 bags wheat, 101 casks tallow, 276 bags flour, 1345 cases preserved meats, 14 bales skins.

Otago Witness, 30 May 1874, Page 16

May 22— Otago s.s., 642 tons, McLean, from Melbourne, via Bluff. Passengers -Saloon: Mesdames Oare, Foggerty, Trewern, Misses McEwen, Solaman, Messrs Jinck, Barton, Wilton, Jones, Lowe, Brown, McKenzie, Leggett, Doun, and 48 in the steerage..
Claud Hamilton, s.s., 570 tons, Bawden, from Melbourne, via Coast Ports. Passengers - Saloon : From Melbourne— Mr and Mrs Brough. Coastwise— Mr and Mrs Hams, Misses Morrow, Mr and Mrs Ballantine, Dr Harris, Messrs Nichols, Morrison, Rentle, Wood, and 12 in the steerage.
Wallabi, s.s. 101 tons, Leys, from the Bluff. Passengers : Mr and Mrs Chisholm and 2 children, Mr and Mrs Wilson, Messrs D. and T. Thompson, Webb, Cheeseborough, Waddle, Constable Ede and prisoner, Morrison, and four in the steerage.
May 24 - 'James Nicol Fleming', ship, 902 tons, Peacock, from London, February 18th.

Passengers— Saloon : 
Rev. 		Mr Nicoll, 
Fulton 		Messrs W. and G. 
Waites 		Mr
and 302 statute adults, immigrants. 

May 27 - Southern Cross, barque, 324 tons, from Hobart Town, May 9th. Passengers: Saloon— Mr and Mrs Barwin and two children, Mrs Jowler and two children, Mrs Watkins, Miss Murphy, Messrs Johnston, Button, Hatch ; and 6 in steerage.

May 23- Claud Hamilton, s.s., Bawden, for Melbourne, via Bluff. Passengers— Saloon : Governor Du Cane and suite, Mr and Mrs McFee, Mr Byrne, and 22 steerage. For Bluff Mr Smith and 2 steerage.
May 24 - Otago, s s., 640 tons, John M'Lean, for Melbourne, via Coast Ports. Passengers -Saloon : For Lyttelton— Messrs Robertson, Fielding, Ostler. For Wellington -Hon. Mr Holmes, Messrs Tolmie, Murray. For Melbourne— Mesdames Farr, Forlong, Messrs Swanston, Handyside, and 4 steerage.

Port Chalmers  - the artist was a chemist in Wellington.

Charles Decimus Barraud (1822-1897) at age 27 arrived at Wellington on 20 August 1849 in the "Pilgrim" with his wife. He was a noted watercolourist and was a founder of the NZ Academy of Fine Arts. Barraud's work reached a wide audience with the reproduction in 1877 of thirty paintings in his book 'New Zealand: Graphic and Descriptive.'  Barraud died in Wellington on 26 December 1897 and was buried in the Bolton Street cemetery, after a service in Old St Paul's Church in Mulgrave Street, Wellington. He painted the illuminated texts which adorn the nave.