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'La Escocesa'

New Zealand Bound

The following is a transcript from the The Daily Southern Cross Tuesday 25th April 1876.  

The ship, La Escocesa, under charter to the N.Z.S.Co., left London for Auckland on the 5th February. The following is a list of her passengers:-

Delahaye 	Mr L 
Eastman 	Mr Mr T
Walker 		Mr N
Walker 		Mr P
Second Class: 
Chandler 	Mr James
Chandler 	Mrs E
Harvey 		Messrs Edward and William W
Laurence 	Miss L.H.
Wigmore 	Mr and Mrs B and daughter
Carlow 		Mr and Mrs James, son and daughter
Cook 		Mr Frederick W
Davies 		Mr and Mrs Edward
Davies 		Miss Clara
Davies 		Mr Crawford
Davies  	Mr William
Davies 		Miss Madeline
and three children (Davies)
Dukes 		Mr James
Gaze 		Messrs O and A. W.
Gemisch 	Mr Otto
Jeffrey 	Mr Thomas 
McComb 		Mr Adam
Pointing 	Mr and Mrs William
Wheeler 	Mr Thomas

From the newspaper, The Daily Southern Cross, 25 April 1876

May 8 1876 

La Escocesa translated can mean "Scottish Lady" or the "The Scot"
The newspaper image above is off the wonderful NZ National Libraries website  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.