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'Dover Castle'

New Zealand Bound

Otago Witness 18 Oct. 1873, Pg 12
Shipping Port Chalmers Arrivals
Oct 10 - Dover Castle, ship, 1063 tons, Culbert, from London, 30th June, Start Point, 5th July. Dalgety, Nichols and Co, agents. 161 nominated passengers and immigrants.

Reference: Family Search browse Otago 1873

Image 3 Families and Children 
Allbouy 	George 		28 Sussex 	Bricklayer
		Fanny 		26

Douglas 	George 		42 Roxburgh 	Shepherd
		Mary 		42
		Euphemia 	19 
		Cecilia 	17 	
		Robert 		14 	
		Mary 		10
		Agnes 		 8
		Alice 		 6
Eassen 		William 	17 

Davey 		Henry 		29 Devon 	Farm labourer
		Julie		29

Harper 		James 		38 Shetland 	Farm Labourer
		Ann 		38
		James 		13 
		Robert 		11
		Jane 		 9
		Christina 	 7
		William 	 3
		John 		13/12

Hall 		John 		29 Middlesex 	Ry Signal Master
		Emma 		30
		Frederick Jno 	 1

Image 4
Holdaway 	Daniel 		30 Hants 	Bricklayer
		Lucy 		23
		Daniel 		 2
		Malina 		2/12

Marchant 	George 		21 Surrey 	Labourer
		Emily 		21

Macpherson 	Peter 		40 Haddington 	Gardener
		Eliza 		31
		Edith J 	 9
		Jessie A	 8
		Elizabeth M 	9/12

Paris 		William 	41 Sussex 	Bricklayer
		Harriet E 	38
		Harriet 	18 
		Jane 		16 
		Ann 		14 
		Mahala 		10
		Frank 		 8
		Thomas 		 6

Stannard 	Alfred 		35 Surrey 	Basket Maker
		Ann 		34
		Lilly Maud 	 2

Image 5
Teal 		Thomas H 	32 Hants 	Laborer
		Elizabeth 	25
		Elizabeth T 	 7
		John 		 5
		Thomas William 	 3

Truster 	James 		43 Surrey 	Farm laborer
		Mary A 		44
		Charles 	19
		James 		16
		Fanny O 	13
		William 	10
		Samuel 		 3
Thomas 		Richard 	45 Cornwall	Engine Driver
		Mary		45
		Richard 	17
		George Henry 	12
		Edwin 		 8
		Mary 		 5

Shrimpton 	Daniel 		30 Hants 	Carter
		Lydia 		29
		Kate? E 	 4
		Wilfred G	 2

Image 6
Benfell 	Nathaniel 	40 Surrey	Laborer
		Mary A 		32
		Clara M 	10
		Owen 		 8
		Agnes L 	 6
		Beatrice E 	 5
		Joseph 		 2
		Sarah A J 	3/12

Taverner 	John		35 Devon 	Carpenter
		Elizabeth A 	32
		Maude 		 7
		John 		 4
Williams 	Charles 	27 Suffolk 	Gardener
		Ann 		26
		Lilly Anne 	 3

Tearff 		Daniel 		27 Suffolk	Gardener
Little		Richard		28 Durham	Fitter
		Marg 		30
		Elizabeth M 	 7
		Harriet M 	 5

Johnstone 	James 		24 Morayshire	Blacksmith
		Alexandrina 	21

Image 7
Mcapherson 	James 		60 Donegal	Farmer
		Ann 		53
		Jane 		19
		Catherine 	17
		Minnie 		15
		James 		14
		Celinda 	13

Burgess 	Charles 	34 Warwickshire	Bricklayer
		Sarah A 	31
		Annie 		11
		Charlotte 	 7
		Charles 	 5
		Clara 		 2

Loers 		Adolph 		23 Germany 	Stick Maker
		Louise 		24

Walter 		William 	32 Germany	Blacksmith
		Mary 		31

Waldman 	Philip 		29 Germany 	Bricklayer
		Ellen 		25

Cunningham 	Michael 	31 Galway	Saddler
		Jane 		25

Skeen 		Andrew 		24 Lancashire	Tailor
		Alice 		20

Image 8
Bruton 		John 		26 Dublin 	Carpenter
		Mary A 		23

Bills 		Thomas 		40 Sussex 	Laborer
		Caroline 	39
		George 		14
		Charles 	12
		Edward 		10
		Emma 		 7
		Henry 		 6
		Alfred 		 4
		Albert 		 3
		Walter 		4/12

Mitchell 	Richard 	27 Dublin 	Wheelwright
		Frances 	27 
		Richard 	 2
		Charles 	6/12	

Image 9 	blank page
Single Men Image 10 
Douglas 	Robert 		14 Roxburgh	Laborer
Eastern 	William 	17 Roxburgh 	Laborer
Harper 		James 		13 Shetland
Truster 	Charles 	19 Surrey	Ploughman
		James 		16
Thomas 		Richard 	17 Cornwall 	Smith
		George Henry 	12

Macpherson 	James 		14 Donegal
Robson 		William 	28 Durham 	Laborer
Scott 		David 		25 Fifeshire 	Moulder
Sutherland 	David 		23 Morayshire 	Farm Labourer
Pickford 	Thomas Henry 	27 Dorset 	Carpenter
Duffy 		Peter 		22 Monayhan	Farm Laborer
Duffy		Owen 		20 Monayhan
Skeen 		Robert 		18 Lancashire	Tailor
Leggs 		Christopher 	27 Cornwall 	Laborer
Moffat 		John 		27 Herts	Gardener
Bills 		George 		14 Sussex
Bills		Charles 	12 Sussex

Image 11 Single Men Colonial Nominated Emigrants
Randell 	George 		18 Middlesex 	Butcher		(Otago -West Taieri £5)
Norman 		Leonard 	11				(Otago £2)
O’Brien 	John 		17 Cavan 	Laborer		(Otago £8)	
		Luke 		17

Image 12 Blank

Image 13 Single Women
Douglas 	Euphemia 	19 Roxburghshire Servant
		Cecilia 	17 “ 		“
Paris 		Harriet 	18 Surrey 	Servant
		Jane 		16 “ 		“
		Ann 		14 “ 		“
Truster 	Fanny O 	13 “ 		“
Macpherson 	Jane 		19 Donegal	Servant
		Catherine 	17 “ 		“
		Minnie 		15 “ 		“
		Celinda 	13 “ 	“
Bain 		Mary 		25 Kincardine	Housemaid
Rendell 	Susan 		24 Somerset	Cook
Robbins 	Charlotte 	19 Jersey	Servant
Wellings 	Ellen 		49 Middlesex	Nurse
Howe 		Theresa 	20 Galway 	Servant
Lunn 		Julia 		20 Middlesex 	Servant
Walden 		Ann F 		19 Middlesex	Servant
Benfell 	Anne 		22 Surrey 	Servant

Image 14
Sutherland 	Cath 		20 Rossshire	Servant
Sheen 		Mary 		17 Lancashire	Servant

Image 15 Single Women Colonial Nominated Emigrants
Casey 		Mary 		21 Sligo 	Servant		Otago 		No. 327  V. 303
Ward 		Maria 		20 Roscommon 	Servant
Willcocks 	Margaret 	28 Cumberland	Servant		Dunedin 	12
Ferguson 	Caroline 	16 Middlesex 	Dressmaker?	Riverton 	3.1 free
		Sophy 		20 “ 		“		
Cavanagh 	Honor 		17 Galway 	Servant		Southland 	54
O’Connor 	Catherine 	57 Clare 	Servant		Otago  		312 £4

Image 16 Blank
Image 17 Promissory notes 
Image 20
Male Adults 		52
Female Adults 		57
Male Children 		23
Female Children 	23
Infants 		 5
		 Total 161 equals to 132½ Adults Stature

Image 21

Divided according to the Trades and Occupations of the Emigrants
Farm laborers 7
Gardeners 4
General Laborers 8
Ploughman 1
Carpenters 3
Stickmaker 1
Wheelwright 1
Brick and Stone
Bricklayers 5

Single Women
Cooks 1
Dressmakers 2
General Servants 19
Housemaids 1
Nurse 1
Butcher 1
Shepherd 1

Blacksmiths 3
Fitter 1
Moulder 1
Ry Signal Maker 1
Basket Maker 1
Carter 1
Engine3 Driver 1
Saddler 1
tailor 2
Total Labor 68

Image 22
Number of Souls who embarked by the Ship "Dover Castle" for Otago and their nationalities.

English 		102
Scotch 			 28
Irish 			 24
German 			  6
Channel Islands 	  1
Total souls 		161

Otago Daily Times 10 October 1873, Page 2
The frigate-built ship Dover Castle, from London, upwards of 1_0 days out, showed herself off the Heads yesterday afternoon, and signalled. The signals were repeated at Port Chalmers flagstaff at a quarter-past four, and shortly afterwards the ship was observed from the Port to round the South Head simultaneously with the welcome signal all well. She remained outside for the night, but will be towed up at 8 o'clock this morning. A few minutes before the Dover Castle made her appearance, the American barque Jewess, from Newcastle, was signalled, and the Geelong, which had just towed to sea the ship St. Kilda, for Sydney, fastened on to the Jewess and brought her up to an anchorage. The Jewess left Newcastle on the 23rd September, and had tempestuous weather, the barometer for three days standing at 29.2 inches. On the 4th inst., when 100 miles to the west of Stewart's Island, she encountered a heavy N.W. gale, with mountainous sea.

Evening Post, 11 October 1873, Page 2 Port Chalmers
10th October. The Dover Castle has been berthed at the railway pier and the immigrants conveyed to Dunedin by the forenoon train.

Otago Daily Times 11 October 1873, Page 2
The frigate-built ship Dover Castle, reported in our yesterday's issue as at the Heads, from London, "All well," was anchored there for the night. The tug Geelong proceeded down yesterday morning at 4 o'clock, with the Health Officer, Captain Thomson, J. P. Monson, H.M.C. Boarding Officer, Colin Allan, Immigration Agent, and Dr O'Donoghue, Medical Immigration Commissioner. Finding all satisfactory, the vessel was towed up to a berth at the end of the Railway Pier. After inspection, the authorities reported:—"Having inspected the ship and mustered the passengers, we find the vessel well fitted, ventilated, roomy; and the passengers have expressed themselves as well satisfied with provisions and treatment received on board." Dr Young, the surgeon of the ship, reports the health throughout as being first class. One death, that of a seaman named Charles Seymour, occurred on the 26th August, from liver complaint. This was in lat. 37.15 S., long. 15 26 W. On the 22nd of August. Mrs Hall gave birth to a male child in lat. 32.40 S., long. 26.22 W. both mother and child have done well. Her passengers as a whole are a mixed class, but apparently of the right stamp for our requirements. They comprise 107 souls, including 27 single females, the remainder being married couples and single men as usual in immigrant vessels. The former's compartments are the cleaner, while the others are fair. The whole of the passengers with luggage were despatched to Dunedin by the 11.30 train. Their disembarkation made the pier quite lively. The Dover Castle left Gravesend on the 30th June, had westerly winds in the Channel, parted with her pilot and took her final departure on the fifth July off Start Point. Westerly breezes continued across the Bay of Biscay and to the N.E. Trades, caught in 35 N. on the 15th July. Lost them in lat. 12 N. Southerly and S. W. breezes, light, then prevailed till crossing the Equator on the 5th of August in long. 24 W.; had moderate S. E. Trades to 14.17 S., reached on the 13th; on the following day met with a terrific gala from same quarter, and carried away upper foretopsail yard; next day more moderate, continuing till the 21st, when westerly winds set in. On the 27th, in lat. 39.38 S., was in company with a ship, the wind blowing hard K.N.W. at the time observed the ship to round to as if a man was overboard, the afterwards bore away. Greenwich was crossed on the 29th, in lat. 40 S., with strong N. W. gale. On the 1st September a heavy sea burst in stern windows, carried away part quarter gallery, filled after cabin. Shipped great quantities of water on deck, part of which went below. Hove to for 24 hours. Passed the Cape on the 3rd September. Her easting was run down on a general parallel of 43 S., and was characterised by very stormy indifferent weather. Made the Solander on the 6th inst.: the wind then coming on easterly, shaped a course round the Snares, passing them on the 8th; from thence had a good run till reaching the Heads on the afternoon of the 9th.

The view has not changed.
At the entrance of the Otago Harbour, Nov. 2009.  The immigrants would have enjoyed the same beautiful outlook 136 years earlier.

New Zealand Tablet, 18 October 1873, Page 10
One hundred and sixty-one immigrants, equal to 131½ statute adults, arrived at Otago, ex the Dover Castle, all well. The hiring took place at the Immigration Barracks, and the wages were as follows Cooks and household servants, £30 to £40 a year and found the demand being greatly in excess of the supply. Farm laborers found ready employment at £1 a week and kept. A number of mechanics are still open for employment. The sanitary arrangements of the Barracks are excellent.

Otago Daily Times 10 November 1873, Page 2
The ship Dover Castle was clear of cargo on Saturday night, and in all likelihood will haul into the stream on Tuesday, and there finish ballasting. Her present destination from this port is Sydney, there to load for England. (Departed 21st Nov.)

George Marchant was born on 20th December 1851 at High Mill, Farnham, Surrey, England, the seventh (and last ?) child of John Marchant & Mary Winter. He was baptised in Farnham on 25th January 1852. Both George and his father were Agricultural Labourers. George married Emily Halfacre on 19th January 1873 in the Parish Church at Farnham, when they were both 21 years old. Emily's father was a carpenter. They departed England on 30th June 1873 on the Dover Castle and arrived in Dunedin, Otago (Port Chalmers) in New Zealand on 9th October 1873. Between 1874 and 1885 they had six children, 3 daughters and 3 sons, all born in Dunedin. Emily died 10th September 1905 in Christchurch and George died on 30th January 1938 in Dunedin. Information courtesy of Maurice. Post 11 Aug. 2012


The Cyclopedia of New Zealand
[Otago & Southland Provincial Districts] page 413
Councillor David Sutherland was elected to the Roslyn Borough Council in 1902. He was born in Elgin, Scotland, in 1849, and was educated at Invergordon and Tain. He was brought up to farming, and came to New Zealand in 1873, in the ship “Dover Castle.” For nine years after his arrival, Mr. Sutherland was engaged in farming and contracting, in the Taieri district, but in 1899 he opened his present business as a grain and produce merchant in High Street Roslyn. Mr. Sutherland was married, in 1884, to a daughter of Mr. F. McIver, and has three sons and two daughters. 

Vessel history and photo

Otago Heads Lighthouse, Nov. 2011
Otago Heads Lighthouse, Nov. 2011