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The 58th

New Zealand Bound
(Rutlandshire) Regiment of Foot

Deployment  Sydney  NZ
The New Zealander 1845 - Hone Heke Update
Waikato Militia
Ships of the old Royal Navy
Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

The New Zealander Saturday November 15th 1845
Narrative of Events at the Bay of Islands.  4 pages....
Full report of the H.M.S. Harzard in New Zealand waters. page 2. e.g.
On the 16th March, the whole of the inhabitants of Russell, arrived in Auckland in H.M.S. Hazard, the United States corvette, St. Louis, 24 guns, Captain McKeever, the Matilda, whaler, Captain Bliss, the Government brig, Victoria, Captain Richards, and the Dolphin, schooner, Captain Stewart.
On the 23rd March H.M.S. North Star, Capt. Sir Everard Home, bart., and the brigantine Velocity, arrived at Auckland, from Sydney bringing 230 men and Officers of the 58th regt.
On the 21st April, the barque Slains Castle, Captain Dawson, arrived at Auckland, from Sydney, with 200 rank and file of the 58th regiment, under Major Bridge.
On the 23rd April, H.M.S. North Star, sailed from Auckland, for the Bay of Islands, and on the 28th, the barque Slains Castle, with the 58th regiment, under Major Bridge, and the brigantine Velocity, and the schooner Aurora, with the 96th regiment, under Colonel Hulme, and about 50 volunteers, late inhabitants of Kororarika, under command of Mr Hector, arrived at the Bay of Islands.
On 2nd May H.M.S. Hazard joined the squadron at Pahia. Troops joined by 400 natives of Nene and Rewa. On Sunday 4th May troops reached Mr Kemp's station, on the Kerikeri. On Tuesday they marched to Nene's pah, though a dense wood, a passage through which had been previously cut, by the pioneers of the 58th regt. and Nene's natives. The following day was devoted to reconnoitering the pah of Heke, and selecting positions for rockets. The pah was strong, defended by three separate pallsadings, and a stone wall, with deep wide ditch inside. ... The troops returned to the Bay of Islands on the 10th May, and all re-embarked on board the Slains Castle and the Velocity. The North Star with all the wounded and Colonel Hulme, and sailed for Auckland on the 12th and arrived on Wednesday 14th May....

The New Zealander Saturday 19 July 1845
The Velocity has proceeded to Sydney from the Bay of Islands, and the Slains Castle and the British Sovereign will follow for reinforcements. The Victoria will return to Auckland, with the whole of the detachment of the 96th Regt., and Colonels Despard and Hulme. The 58th and 99th Regiments will remain at Waimate, under the command of Major Bridge. The Hazard also remains at the Bay of Islands.

Inward - Coastwise
July 17 - Vixen, schooner, Winter, master, from Wellington, in ballast. Passengers - Lieutenant Herbert, Dr Sullivan, 58th Regiment and Mr E. Shortland.

The New Zealander
Saturday, December 27 1845
Inwards - Foreign
Dec. 23. - Louisa, brig, Milton, master, from Hobart Town and Launceston via Norfolk Island, with sundries.

Calcraft 		Mrs and four children
Calcraft 		Captain
Garstin 		Mrs and child
Garstin 		Ensign
Edwards 		Lieut.
Middleton 		Ensign
McQuarie 		Assistant Surgeon

106 Rank and File 58th Regt. who were relieved from Norfolk Island station by 108 Rank an File 11th Regt. commanded by Captain Grant, Lieut. Chalmers, Ensigns Patterson and Hunter, and Assistant Surgeon McDonald. W.S. Grahame, agent.
Sketch of Kawiti's Pah Rua-paka-peka  pg 4 The New Zealander, Saturday, December 27 1845.

Daily Southern Cross, 4 November 1848 Departure
Oct. 28. Louisa, brig, 182 tons Millton, for Sydney, with part of original cargo. Passengers, Major Arney, 58th Regt., Lady, Child, and servant, Mrs. Hay and Child, Mr. W. Lewis, and Mr. Rogers.

Daily Southern Cross, 17 March 1849, Page 2 Arrivals Foreign.
March 11. Cheerful, schooner, 124 tons, Capt. Jones, from Sydney 27th ult. Passengers, Mr. Wood, Mr. Blackman, sen., Mr. Blackman, jun., Mr. Paten, Mrs. Howe and four children, Miss Codlin, Mr. and Mrs. G. Walter and three children, Mr. C. Hue, Mr. and Mrs. Cunninghame and two children.
March 14. "Maid of Erin," brig, 150 tons, Capt. Heslop, from Sydney 27th ult. Passengers, Capt. Parrott, 58th Regiment, Mrs. Parrott, child, and servant, Mr. A. Motte, Ensign Cooper, 58th Regiment, Mr. and Miss Russell, Miss A. Stephens, Mr. Cooper, and 3 in the steerage, and 29 rank and file of the 58th Regiment.

Daily Southern Cross, 23 October 1849 Arrivals Foreign.
February 4. Camilla, 202 tons, Thos. J. Cundell, from Wellington 23rd February. Passengers, Captain Russell (58th Regt.). Lady, and 5 children ; Dr. White, (65th Regt) ; Messrs McIntyre. J. Francis, Mitford & Son; 36 rank and file 58th Regt., 4 woman and 12 children.

Daily Southern Cross, 23 July 1850
Cleared Out. July 22. 'Clara,' 360 tons, Captain Potter, for Swansea. Passengers Captain Petley, Ensign Duncan, Dr. Courtney and Lady, Mr. Bell, 4 Serjeants, 4 corporals, and 8 invalids, 58th Regt., 1 woman, and 2 in steerage.

The Times, Monday, Mar 07, 1859; pg. 10
The sailing transport Mary Ann, Captain Ashby, arrived at Spithead on Saturday from Auckland, NZ, with the head-quarters of the 58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment of Foot on board. The Mary Ann sailed from Auckland on the 20th of November, 1858, and arrived at Rio Janeiro on the 3rd January, arrived at Fayal on the 20th of February, and sailed again on the 24th. The following are the officers and troops on board:
Major C.W. Thompson, in military command
Captains H. Reynolds, L.J. Thompson and G.H. Wynyard
Lieutenants M. Tighe, J.H. Crosse, A.H. Russell, W.R. Russell, J.H. R. Harrison, G. Mariner, O.W. Hill and J.A. Tighe;
Ensigns H.J. Wynyard, and A.W. McCrae; Adjutant Bolton
Surgeon Thompson
Assistant - Surgeons Snell and B. Tydd
Quartermaster Slattery, Mrs Slattery, and four children
Mrs Bolton and one child
Miss Tighe
20 sergeants and 173 rank and file
15 women and 21 children
one sergeant and five privates (invalids), 65th Regiment
one corporal Royal Artillery
one sergeant Royal Engineers, wife and two children
The following passengers also came home in the ship:-
Lieutenant Herris, 65th Regiment
Mr and Mrs Lake
Mr and Mrs Marsack, two children and servant
Mr J.S. Hickson
The 58th Regiment commenced embarking for New South Wales by detachments, acting as convict guards in 1843. The headquarters, under Major Bridge, sailed for Sydney in May 1844, and after being stationed a few months at Parramatta, were ordered to proceed at a moment's notice to New Zealand early in 1845, in consequence of certain of the tribes in the northern district having risen in arms against the British authority, destroying the European settlement at Korveorika, and obliging the inhabitants to for safety to Auckland, the capital. After various engagements, with heavy loss in proportion to the numbers engaged (amounting in killed and wounded to one-fourth of the regiment), it under went considerable hardships from the unprepared state in which the troops were compiled to take the field. The insurrection was finally suppressed by the assault and capture of Kawiti Pah, or stockade, on the 11th of January, 1846, when the regiment was commanded by Colonel Wynyard, and for which services he received ten Companionship of the Bath. The regiment retuned to New South Wales in 1846 at close of the insurrection, and was again in 1847, ordered to New Zealand where it remained until its embarcation for England. The 58th will land at Portsmouth this day and proceed tomorrow by rail via Liverpool for Ireland (Camp Curragh of Kildare).

The Nourmahal was a troop ship engaged in the Maori Wars 1840 to 1865,
846 tonnes, Captain Master Brayley and came from London and arrived in
Auckland on 5 December 1859 - detachment of 65th Regiment.

CHERRINGTON The gumdigger Cherrington, found dead in his whare at Ngapipito, a few miles from Kawakawa, was a man on in years, and was well-known in the district for fifty years past. When a young man he fought with the 58th Regiment at Ruapekapeka. He was mixed up with the Maoris, and had been married to Maori women, having half-caste children. He was of a quiet, sober, and retired disposition, generally found fencing, gardening, etc., with the natives of Waiomio, or gumdigging when occasion required. (1892)
RG 1892/647 as John Charrington - Discharged in N.Z. lists this man as No. 2173, Corporal John Charrington, born Suffolk, labourer, discharged at Auckland 31st March 1853.

COFFEY Another veteran colonist in the person of Mr James Coffey, of Vermont Street, Ponsonby, passed away at his residence suddenly yesterday morning, the cause of death being heart disease. The deceased came out to the colony nearly 50 years ago with the 58th Regiment, under the late Colonel Wynyard and Major Nugent. On his arrival here, the deceased was promoted to the rank of sergeant, and was engaged with the troops in road-making in the North. He shortly afterwards purchased his discharge, and settled at Onehunga, where he was engaged in agricultural pursuits, also as a carting contractor, during the Maori war, under the Commissariat Department. Subsequently he entered the service of the Department of Justice, being appointed as warder of the Mount Cook Gaol, Wellington. He was afterwards removed to Auckland, and served here for 27 years at Mount Eden Gaol. He retired on reaching the age limit, about three years ago, since when he has resided at Ponsonby. The late Mr Coffey was a man of exemplary character, and was highly respected. He owned a considerable extent of property at Onehunga, where his remains will be interred today at the Waikaraka Cemetery. The deceased leaves a widow and five daughters, three of whom are married, one being Mrs Banks, wife of Mr Banks, of the S. M. Court, Wellington, and formerly of Coromandel, another, Mrs Green, of Raglan, and the third, Mrs Donovan, of Sydney. May 1905?

COOPER On October 6, 1889, at Sydney, Major Isaac Rhodes Cooper, formerly of the 58th Regiment.
N.S.W. RG 1889/01576 as the son of Isaac S. Rhodes and unknown mother.

COYLE On January 15, 1885, at his son's residence, Fernleigh Street, Ponsonby, Patrick Coyle, late H.M. 58th Regiment, aged 75 years. This man became a Fencible after taking his discharge from the regiment but it is not known whether he left New Zealand and returned, or decided to stay when his regiment returned to England.

The Southern Cross 29 June 1863 pg3
Reinforcement of Troops
The hired sailing transport 'Elizabeth Ann Bright' left Plymouth on the 2nd April with the head-quarters of the 2nd battalion of the 18th Regiment (Royal Irish), under the command of Lieut.-Colonel Chapman, for New Zealand. The 'Norwood' sailed with the second division of the same regiment on Sunday, from Portsmouth. The remainder of the 2nd battalion 18th Regiment (Royal Irish) arrived at Portsmouth on Saturday from Parkhurst, Isle of Wright, and embarked on board the hired sailing transport 'Norwood,' alongside the dockyard, in the following strength:-
Col. G.J. Carey, in command
Capt. W. Kempt
Lieut. E.A. Marsland
Assistant-Surgeon Spencer
8 sergeants
4 drummers
6 corporals
106 privates
27 women
and 32 children.

In addition, there also embarked for the same destination Captain Brooke, 1 bugler, and 13 men of the Royal Engineers; and Mr T. Matravers, 2 women and 2 children of the Purveyor's Department. The 'Norwood' was towed out of Plymouth at 2 p.m. on Thursday, and out to sea clear of the Nab light ship by a Government tug, and, on the tug casting off, made sail down the channel for New Zealand, with a fine fair wind from the south-east. She is a ship of 849 tons, Sutherland built, has a height between decks of 6 feet 7 inches in her poop cabins, and 7 feet 1in on her main troop deck. She carries Dauk's patent blower ventilators, and stows 200 tons of water for the use of her crew and troops. A vessel of the same name ('Elizabeth Ann Bright') had sailed from Liverpool for Melbourne with cargo and passengers but the two vessels must not be confounded.

Aug 4 1863
Cleared Customs Aug. 3 - Elizabeth Ann Bright, ship, 1,929 tons, J. Starkey, for Point de Galle, Ceylon, in ballast.

The Southern Cross August 3rd 1863
The ship Norwood, 850 tons, Captain Bristow, arrived yesterday evening, after a long passage, from Portsmouth (12th April) with the remainder of the 18th Regiment (Royal Irish), a company of Royal Engineers, and 25 boys of the Royal Navy in charge of a warrent-officer, for the men-of-war now on this station, and 5 men, including a gunnery instructor for the Armstrong guns. On the 8th July, one of the navy boys, of the name Berringer, fell overboard. The vessel was immediately stopped, life bouys were thrown over, and boats lowered, but to no purpose, and the poor boy met with a watery grave. There were two births and no death, excepting that resulting from the fatal accident we have recorded. The 'Norwood' is a moderately sized vessel, of 850 tons, and is commanded by Captain Bristow. The officers on board are:
Colonel Carey, in command
Captain Kemp
Lieut. Marsland
Assistant-Surgeon Spencer and Mr Matravers of the Purveyor's Department
There are also 132 of the Royal Engineers onboard, under command of Captain Brooke. Mrs Carey, Mrs Kemp, Mrs Marsland, and Mrs Matravers, are also passengers by this vessel

She brings
10 cases, Officers' mess
1 case Capt. Bulkeley
1 case Capt. Kemp
1 case Captain Thomas Law

The Southern Cross 4 July 1863 pg2
Port of Auckland arrivals
July 3 'Elizabeth Ann Bright', ship, from Portsmouth.
The splendid Black Ball liner Elizabeth Ann Bright, 1919 tons, Captain John Starkie, came up to anchorage yesterday morning. She brings the headquarters of H.M.'s 18th Royal Irish) regiment, numbering 28 officers and 688 rank and file. Two soldiers and four children died, and five births took place on the passage. The whole cargo consists of about 150 tons Government stores.
Passengers in the saloon:-
Lieut-Colonel A.A. Chapman
Captains Inman, Bishopp, Ring, Fearnley, and Noblett.
Lieuts. Wray, Briggs, Corrie, Thacker, Nicholls, Minnitt, Croft and Russell
Ensigns J.R. Jackson, C. Dawson, A.J. Chapman
Paymaster and Major Heatley
Lieutenant and Adjutant Dawson
Quarter-master Stainforth
Surgeon Peake
Staff-Assistant Surgeon Berry
Total, 28 officers. 5 ladies and 12 children.
Non-commissioned officers and men, 688; with 72 women and 102 children. Total number of souls on board, 908.

The Southern Cross 29 June 1863 pg3
H.M. s.s. 'Eclipse,' Captain Mayne, arrived in the Manukau yesterday bringing Colonel Gamble, Deputy Quartermaster General, Brigade Major Paul, and 316 officers and men of the 40th, 65th and 70th Regiments, under command of Major Ryan, of H.M. 70th Regt. The following officers have arrived by the 'Eclipse,'
Lieut. Hobbs, Ensigns Philips and Ducrow of the 40th Regiment
Captain Gresson, Lieuts. Lewis and Chevalier of the 65th Regiment
Captain Tovey and Lieutenant Grierson, of the 70th Regiment.

August 25 1863
The ship Portland, for China.

The Southern Cross Friday June 22nd 1860
entered Inwards
June 21 - Nugget, ship, 1128 tons, Bond, from Sydney. The Nugget arrived at last on Wednesday morning, after experiencing very severe weather during the trip. She was off Cape Rodney during the height of the gale. She landed her passengers, soldiers of the 65th and royal engineers, in the afternoon.

Passengers - 
Warren         	Lieut. J. 65th
Warburton     	Lieut. R.E.
Grace           Lieut. M.S.
Hargreaves 	Mr
Oakes 		Mr
Willonghby 	Mr
169 soldiers, 65th Regt.
40 Royal Engineers
16 women
20 children 
- Brown Campbell, agents.

Imports - Foreign
Per Nugget, from London, via Sydney, N.S.W. -
2 cases Officer Administering Government
1 case Officer Commanding 65th regiment
7 cases, 40 bales, 27 bundles, Assistant Military Storekeeper
1 case Officer Administering the Government

Friday June 22nd 1860
The Victoria left at 4 p.m. for Wellington with Ensign St. Hill and 20 men of the 65th Regt. The soldiers of the 65th and the Royal Engineers who arrived per Nugget landed on Wednesday afternoon, at about 4 o'clock, and proceeded with the band of the 65th playing in advance, to Albert Barracks. The Engineers seemed fine salwart men, and had the appearance of having seen service; the 65th were mostly younger men, and although small with the men of old, had an active, serviceable look about them. We believe that they will shortly be sent to Taranaki.

Ships that transported the 65th

The Times - 25 July 1861
The Iris, 26, sailing frigate, Commodore W. Loring, C.B., arrived at Spithead early yesterday morning from Australia and New Zealand, having sailed from Auckland on the 6th April. She touched at St. Helena on the 7th of June. She left that island next day, as did also Her Majesty's steamer Assaye, coming to England under canvas, with a portion of the Enniskillen Dragoons on board; the Sirocco, hired troopship, with part of the 24th regiment on board, bound to Spithead; and the ship George Kendall, also homeward bound. The Iris has experienced generally fine weather during the passage home, with the exception of a heavy gale on the 21st inst. In lat. 55 20S., long 120 W., a large iceberg was passed, breaking up rapidly.

The Times Saturday July 7 1866
Plymouth, Thursday - The hired transport ship, Maori, Captain Roberts, belonging to Messrs. Stuart, Simpson, and Co., of London, from Auckland, April 4, and the Western islands, June 25, arrived in the Sound this morning. She brings a general cargo, and the following troops:-
226 rank and file belonging to the 43rd Regiment, 75 rank and file 68th, one sergerent 12th, and one sergeant belonging to the Army Hospital Corps, with 20 women and 45 children. Two deaths and one birth have occurred. The troops are under command of Colonel Mould, C.B., Royal Engineers, who is accompanied by Colonel Carey, late Deputy Adjutant-General, Major Fitzgerald, Captains Berners and Blyth, Lieutenants Cairns, Pearson and Burke (68th), Ensign Collinsplat and Assistant-Surgeon Grant in medical charge. There are also passengers the Misses Mould (4), and Mrs Carey and three children. The Maori is under orders to land her troops at Portsmouth.

The Times - 19 July 1866
The troops brought to England from Auckland, New Zealand, in the Maori, hired sailing transport, were disembarked on Saturday, at Portsmouth, and joined the head-quarters of their regiment, the 43rd and 68th, now stationed in the garrison.

The Times 26 Sept. 1868
The Charlotte Ann, which arrived at Gravesend from Auckland, New Zealand, disembarked a detachment of the Army Hospital Corps yesterday, and the men were sent to Netley.

Otago Witness Thursday 21 Nov. 1889 pg 12
The dead body of a man named Thomas McConnell was found in the Auckland harbour on Tuesday. The deceased, who was a street porter, had been a soldier of the 65th Regiment.

The Star, Christchurch Feb. 27 1892 pg 3
Mr John Gylnan, of Onuku, died Wednesday night, at the age of seventy-three. He was one of the oldest Peninsula residents, having arrived in Akaroa early in the fifties. He came to the Colony in the 58th Regiment, and saw a great deal of service in the Maori Wars.

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