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Port Nicholson 1841-1842

New Zealand Bound

Reference: Australian Cooperative Digitisation Project
The Australian and New Zealand Monthly Magazine

Volume 1, Number 4 (1842) page 260 

Arrivals Port Nicholson 

Nov. 25 1841 The brigantine 'Abercrombie,' 180 tons, Delvin, from the Thames, Sydney, and Auckland with sundries.
The sloop 'Royal William' 43 tons, Lovett, from the East Coast, cargo, 52 pigs
The brig 'Arrow,' 179 tons, Gears, from Nelson Haven, in ballast. Passengers: Messrs. Heaphy and F.G. Moore.
The schooner 'Henry,' 27 tons, Daymond, from Kapiti
Nov. 21 The brigantine 'Vanguard,' 61 tons, Murray, from Auckland, with sundries,
The schooner 'Kate,' 70 tons, Smith, from the Thames, with 1,500 baskets maize and 2,000 feet timber
Nov. 20 The schooner 'Ariel' Mulholland, from Perake with 40 tons black oil, three tons whalebone, five tons of flax and sundries.
Nov. 19 The ship 'Oriental,' Wilson, from New Plymouth having landed all her passengers.
The American ship 'Robert Pulsford,' 406 tons, Clough, from Hobart Town, with her original cargo from Boston. Passenger: Mr G. Pepper.
Nov. 15 The schooner 'Look-In,' Canning, from Perake a southern port with 24 tuns of black oil, six tons of bone and sundries.
The schooner 'Gem,' 76 tons, Pearce, from Hawkes's Bay, cargo, pigs, potatoes, and maize.
The barque 'Eleanor,' 496 tons, Holderness, for Sydney, with 100 head of cattle, 500 sheep, and sundries. Passengers, Messrs. Styles; Masters; W. and G.T. Dawson; M. Smith; E. Jamieson; W. Conver; R. Burns, M. Drew; G. Tapper; R. Lockwood; J. Hood; and N.P. Castle.
The schooner 'Eliza,' Ralph from Nelson Haven.
Nov. 10 The schooner 'Jane,' from Wanganui, with potatoes, pigs and hams. Passengers, Messrs Charton; Fell and Jackson
Nov. 9 The schooner 'Susannah Ann,' 79 tons, Anderson, from Kapiti, with 10 tons of whalebone, four tuns of black oil and sundries.
Nov. 3 Schooner 'Balley,' 163 tons, Sinclair, from Hawkes's Bay, with 113 tuns of black oil, eight tons of bone, 26 pigs, maize and potatoes. Passengers, Messrs. F.V. Martin and Beauchamp.
Nov. 2 The schooner 'Black Joke,' from Queen Charlotte's Sound
The brig 'Caroline,' Combs, from Chatham Island, cargo, oil bone, and potatoes.
Nov. 1 Barque 'Matilda,' 214 tons, Roberts, from Sydney, cargo of cattle and sundries,
Oct. 31 1841 The barque 'Gertrude,' 500 tons, Stead, from London. Passengers, Messrs M. Copps, T. Nowles, T. Howell, Mr and Mrs Garrett and child; and 169 emigrants.

Departures Port Nicholson 

Nov. 24 1841 The barque 'Clydeside,' 230 tons, Mathieson, for Wanganui and Nelson Haven with a general cargo. Passengers, Miss Styles, Master Dawson and servant; Mr Harrison and two servants; Mr and Mrs Lowther; Capt. and Mrs Campbell and four children; Dr and Mrs Rees, Mr and Mrs Thring, Messrs Charton, Tod, Lyin, Paterson, Mathieson, Duncan, Barton, Brown and ten intermediate. 
Nov. 25 The schooner 'Mana.' 27 tons, Barker, for Nelson Haven, with general cargo
Nov. 25 The schooner 'Lady Leigh,' 122 tons, King, for Auckland and Sydney, general cargo. Passengers, Messrs Fitzherbert and Wilkson, Mr and Mrs White and three children, and four in the steerage.
Nov. 21 The schooner 'Eliza,' Raloh, for Nelson Haven, with general cargo. Passengers, Mr and Mrs Wright and child, Mr I. Draper.
Nov. 19 The schooner 'Sally Ann,' Anderson, for the coast.
Nov. 17 The 'Adelaide' Harburgh, for Hobart Town, in ballast.
The 'Matilda.' Roberts, for Kapoto. 
The Schooner 'Jane,' Fabin, for Wanganui. Passengers, Messrs Schweden and W. Wansey. 
Nov. 10 The schooner 'Black Joke,' Crosby, for Queen Charlotte Sound.
Nov. 4 The schooner 'Ariel,' Mulholland, for the Southern Ports
The 'Santa Maria,' Michell, for Akorou
Nov. 3 The ship 'Oriental,' Wilson, for Taranaki,
Oct. 30 The schooner 'Harlequin,' Phillip, for the Bay of Islands. Passengers, Capt. Mayhew, Messrs Lewis, Rogers, Fareweather and Brown


Oct. 20. The 'Portentia', for Sydney, in leaving the harbour grounded near Baruk Point, was got off without damage. 
Oct. 30. The 'Surprise,' McGregor, in passing the bar at Wanganui, got against the breakers and became a total wreck, crew and passengers saved. 
The 'Regina,' Browne, was wrecked at New Plymouth (Taranaki) during a gale on the 4th of Nov., part of the cargo (oil) saved. The 'Amelia Thompson,' Dawson, and the 'Oriental; Wilson lost anchors and chains whilst discharging at New Plymouth.


Oct. 30 At Kororareka, Bay of Islands, by the Rev. Robert Burrows, C.B. Brewer, Esq., of Auckland, barrister-at-law, to Elizabeth Eleanor, eldest daughter of Capt. G.T. Clayton, of Bay of Islands.
Oct. 22 At Government House, Auckland, David Rough, Esq., Harbour master, to Ellen, daughter of the late George Short, Esq., of Exeter.
Oct. 16 At Port Nicholson, by the Rev. Mr McFarlane, Mr J.M. Levein, to Miss J. Whittaker, formerly of Kennisley, Worcestershire.
Oct. 25  Mr James Inglis, to Betsy, daughter of Mr C. Souter, late of Birmingham.

Hobart Town 

Arrivals Aug. 23 The schooner 'Sir John Franklin,' Gill, from New Zealand (1st inst) with sundries, Passenger, Mr Dowdell.
Departure. Oct. 7 1842 The barque 'Brillant,' Ritchie, for New Zealand, with sundries.

Sydney Arrivals

Oct. 31 The barque 'Magnet,' McFarlane, from New Zealand with oil. 
Oct. 30 The schooner 'Shamrock,' Dalby, from the Bay of Islands, with sundries. Passengers: Capt. Forster, Mr and Mrs F. Johnson and child, Mr Gunner, and 11 in steerage.
Oct. 30 The schooner, 'Success,' Melbourne, from Hokianga, with 30 tuns of black oil.

Sydney Departures

Nov. 2 The 'Eleanor,' Holderness, for Port Nicholson. Passengers: Cabin - Moss Styles, W. Dawson, G.F. Dawson and Margaret Smith. Steerage: E. Jamieson, W. Connor, R. Burns, M. Dew, G. Tiffett, R. Lockwood, and I. Woods.

Volume 1, Number 1 (1842) page 60
Arrivals Sydney

Aug. 13 The 'Regia,' from Copiti, New Zealand, Capt. Kyle, with oil. Passengers, Mr and Mrs Stanton, Mr and Mrs Gellewray, and five in steerage.

Departure Sydney

Aug. 2 1841 The 'Caroline,' for Auckland, New Zealand, Capt. Coombes, with sundries. Passengers, Mr J. Pollack, Mr Stewart and Mr Addison.
Aug. 2 The 'Jewess,' for Port Nicholson, Capt. Crew, with sundries. Passengers, Messrs Clarke and Kaw.
Aug. 5 For New Zealand, the surveying ships 'Erebus' and 'Terror,' under the command of Captains Ross and Crozier.
Aug. 6 The 'Lady Raffles,' for Auckland, New Zealand, Capt. Osborne, with sundries. Passengers, Mr Greenway, Mr Mackay, Mr Cormack, Mr Wilson, Mr and Miss Woodford, Mrs Stewart, a French missionary, and two in steerage.
Aug. 11 The 'Margaret,' for New Zealand, Capt. McKennon, with sundries. Passengers: Mr Wardrop, Mr Bird, Mr Girdwood, and five in the steerage.

Arrival Gravesend 

March 26 The 'Balley,' Sinclair, from Port Nicholson
March 13 The 'Cuba,' Kissoch, from Sydney

Departures  Gravesend 

March 27 1842 The 'Medusa,' Purdie, for Sydney and New Zealand
March 12 1842 The 'Tobago' Thomas, for New Zealand
March 11 1842 The 'Indemnity,' Adams for New Zealand

Arrivals Dover

March 22. The 'Balley,' Sinclair, from New Zealand. Cargo 113 tuns of black oil, 14 tons of whalebone, 14 packages of merchandise. Passenger, Mr Heaphey, draughtsman to the New Zealand Company

Arrivals Sydney

October 17 The 'Minerva,' 90 tons, from New Zealand. Passengers, Mrs Simmons and four children, Messrs Biswick, Campbell and Mitchell.

spelling - sic
Tuns: A measure of liquid capacity, especially one equivalent to approximately 252 gallons (954 liters).
(spelling varies) Peraki Bay is on the southern side of Banks Peninsula, Canterbury, NZ.  Peraki was an on-shore whaling station established in 1837 by Captain George Hempleman.  Mrs Hempleman was stated to be the first white woman to live in Canterbury. 

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