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(14) REV. DR. JOHN4, 5th President of Harvard College,
(22) " born at Coggeshall, in Essex, England, Jan. (11 m.) 1630," came with his father to New England, 1636 - was graduated at Harvard College, in 1649, studied as was usual at that time, both Physic and Divinity, and assisted his father, Mr. Cobbet, and Mr. Hubbard, in the ministry at Ipswich. He took the principal charge of the Thursday lecture, while they attended to other church and parish concerns. His salary, voted here 'till 1681, was less than theirs, because they were expected to do more in the ministry he being much otherwise employed as the principal physician in the town.

In June, 1676, he was unanimously chosen President of Harvard College, which office he declined : after the decease of President Oakes (who was a class-mate) he was again elected in April, 1682, and installed August 12th, 1683; this event he did not long survive, but died suddenly on the day succeeding commencement of the next year ; the duties of that occasion hastening his end, having been thus cut off while his varied prospect of usefulness was bright and full of promise.

" So sweet was his disposition, that the title of Delicice humani generis might have been given him. And his real piety set off with the accomplishments of a gentleman, was like a gem set in gold."

The following verses by President Rogers, addressed to Anne, wife of Gov. Simon Bradstreet and daaughter of Gov. Thomas Dudley of Mass., a poetess, and one of the most accomplished ladies of her time, afford a specimen of the classical taste and elegance of the early New England scholars.

The following Epitaph upon his tombstone, in the burial ground at Cambridge, (of which at this day no traces are visible) is supposed to have been written by one of the Students, Dr. Cotton Mather.

Mandatur huic Terroae & Tumulo
Humanitatis AErarium,
Theologiae Horreurm
Optimarum Literarurm Bibliotheca,
Rei Medicinalis Systema,
Integritatis Domicilium,
Fidei Repositorium,
Christianae Simplicitatis Exemplar,


Se. Domini Reverendissimi
DEDHAMENSIS, in veteri Anglia per
Orbem. Terrarum. clarissimi, nepotis
Collegii Harvardani
Lectissimi, ac merito dilectissimi PRESIDIS
Pars Terrestior
Caelestior, a novis erepta fuit
Julii 2d A.D. M.DC.LXXX. IV,
AEtatis suae, LIV,
Clara est pars restans nobis & quando cadaver.

The relict of President Rogers, Madame ELIZABETH, died at Ipswich, 13 June, "23, AE. 82. She was the only daughter of Major General DANIEL DENISON, of Ipswich, and PATIENCE DUDLEY, a daughter of GOVERNOR THOMAS, (son of Capt. ROGER DUDLEY) and sister of Gov. JOSEPH DUDLEY of Massachusetts.

REV. JOHN ROGERS,4 (14) President of Harvard College, and Elizabeth Denison, had children:

(22) III. REV. JOHN,5+
(23) IV. DR. DANIEL5

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