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The Pease Family

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The history of my Pease family in New England starts with the Widow Margaret (King) Pease who was married to Robert Pease (the Locksmith) and her son Robert Pease who came from Great Baddow, Essex, in England.

Margaret King was born abt. 1570 at Chelmsford in England and was the daug. of Francis King. She married Robert Pease abt. 1586, in Great Baddow. He died Apr. 16, 1623 in Chelmsford. Her son Robert was born Oct. 28 1589 in Chelmsford. She and her son Robert came in the Frances in 1634, where they landed in Boston or Ipswich and settled in Salem. It is said that Robert's brother John was also on the ship, as well as his eldest son Robert. Robert's wife Marie (French?) and other children are said to have come at a later date on another ship.

He settled in Salem where in January of 1637 he and his brother are given grants of land.

The Widow Margaret Pease's will was dated Sept. 1, 1642 and proved Jan. 1, 1645. In it she mentions a grandson John son of Robert.

Robert was admitted into the Salem Church on Oct. 1, 1643 and two weeks later three of his children were baptized there. The inventory of his estate was filed Aug. 27, 1644.

History of Salem Vol 1. pages 370 -372

Mrs. Margaret Pease1 was probably widow of Robert Pease, and is said to have come from Great Baddow, Essex County, England. With her son Robert, she sailed in the Francis for America from the port of Ipswich in April, 1634, and landed at Boston. They settled in Salem.

MRS. MARGARET PEASE1 died in the winter of 1644-5; child:
1. Robert,2 born about 1607.

ROBERT PEASE2 married Marie --; died in the winter of 1644-5; she survived him; children :
1. Robert,3 born about 1628;
2. John,3 born about 1630;
3. Abraham;3 living in 1645;
4. Nathaniel,3 baptized Oct. 15, 1643; married Mary Hobbs March 15, 1667; living in 1673;
5. Sarah,3 baptized Oct. 15, 1643; m. Oct. 22, 1667, John Sampson of Beverly
6. Mary,3 baptized Oct. 15, 1643. prob. m. Isaac

I decend from Robert and Marie's son John.

John Pease son of Robert was born in England abt. 1630 and came to this county when a boy. He received by his Grandmother Margaret's will a major portion of estate and placed him in the care of Thomas Watson, of Salem to "dispose of as his own child."

He settled in the part of Salem known as Northfield, where he owned a farm. On July 4, 1667 he joined the Church of Salem, and April 29, 1668 he was admitted as a freeman of the colony.

He and his wife were dismissed from the Salem church to join the church at Springfield Mass., settling in the part that later become Enfield Conn. In 1682 he was back in Salem to testify in a lawsuit involving a boundary line.

He was considered a good citizen and active in the church. He died suddenly on July 8, 1689 while making preparations for building a house.

He married first to Mary Goodell, who was born abt. 1630 in Salem and died Jan. 5, 1668. She was the daug. of Robert and Catharine Goodell. He married secondly to Ann Cummings on Dec. 8, 1669 she died at Enfield on June, 29, 1689. She was the daug. of Isaac Cummings.

JOHN PEASE;3 his grandmother, in her will, gave him to Thomas Watson as his own child; removed to Enfield, Conn., in 1682; married, first, Mary Goodale; she died Jan. 5, 1668-9; married, second, Ann Cummings of Topsfield Dec. 8, 1669; she died in Enfield June 29, 1689; he died there July 8, 1689; children:

Children of John and Mary are:
1. John,4 born May 20, 1654;
2. Robert,4 born May 14, 1656;
3. Margaret,4 born Oct. 8, 1658;
4. Abraham,4 born June 5, 1662; lived in Enfield; married Jane Mentor; died in 1735, without issue;
5. Mary,4 baptized May 5, 1667; probably married Alexander Renalds, July 16, 1686;
6. Jonathan,4 born Jan. 2, 1668-9; lived in Enfield; married Elizabeth Booth Oct. 11, 1692; died in 1721; had children;

Note: in the Cuttler's NE Families he lists Mary as being born Oct. 8, 1658 instead of Margaret and he no Margaret is listed among his children with Mary or Ann.

Children of John and Ann are:
7. James,4 born Dec. 23, 1670; lived in Enfield; married Hannah Harmon Oct. 18, 1695; died at Enfield in 1748; had children;
8. Isaac,4 born July 15, 1672; lived in Enfield; deacon; married Mindwell Osborn in 16gi; died July 9, 1731;
9. Abigail,4 born Dec. 15, 1675; died in Enfield July 9, 1689.

CAPT. JOHN PEASE,4 joiner; removed to Enfield in 1682; married Margaret Adams of Ipswich Jan. 30, 1676-7; died in Enfield in 1734; children:
1. John,5 born April 22, 1678; lived in Enfield; married Elizabeth Spencer of Hartford, Conn.; died at Enfield in 1761;
2. James,5 born in 1679; lived in Somers; married Mary Abbe in 1710;
3. Margaret,5 born Jan. 24, 1683, in Enfield;
4, Ann,5 born Oct. 29, 1685, in Enfield;
5. Jonathan,5 born Jan. 29, 1687;
6. Mary,5 born May 24, 1688, in Enfield;
7. Sarah,5 born Sept. 27, 1689, in Enfield; m. Timothy Root
8. Joseph,5 born March 10 1692, at Enfield.

I have found a few other interesting notes on John Pease:

According to Miss. Caulkins in her History of Norwich;

There was a John Pease located at Norwich his name and lot registered in the Town Plat, as a Proprietor in the N.W. extremity of the settlement along with the first planters of Norwich. She goes on to say that he must have been there as early as 1660, as the town book was started and that his name appears on a contract which was made with John Elderkin in 1654, to erect a corn-mill for the town of Mohegan, and was now understood to be erected on the land of John Pease or at Norman's Acre, before Nov. 1661.

A John Pease was also found at New London, Farmer says;

John Pease was a member and Captain of the Ar. Co. in 1661. He might have returned to the Plymouth Colony, and from thence removed to Enfield, or he might have removed direct from Norwich or New London to Enfield in 1683. As the name and age of the man appears to be the same as that of John Pease who had resided at Salem, there is little doubt he was the same man. He was a good surveyor and a gentleman of education.

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Some interesting Pease information:
Committee Book- Introduction to the records of the town of Enfield

More of bits of information about the Enfield Pease
An Historical Sketch of the Town of Enfield,
By John Chauncey Pease, M. D., 1829.

Enfield's first first: from the Abby Memorial

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