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The Clark (Clarke) Family

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The history of my Clark family in New England starts with Joseph Clark, son of Thomas Clark. Joseph was born in England, December 9, 1618, and baptized at Westhorpe, December 16. He along with his two brothers, Thomas and Rev. John, came to New England in 1637. Living first in Boston, then moving the next year to Newport, Rhode Island. The family name also appears as Clarke in the town histories and records.

According to J.H. Semith's History of Chenango & Madison Counties New York;

The brothers were friends and associates of Roger Williams and the Coddingtons, founded the settlement of Newport, and effected the first settlement of the island of Aquidneck, now called Rhode or Rhoda's Island. In 1663. John went to England to procured the Rode Island and Providence Plantations Charter from King Charles. The Charter was the "organic law and only constitution of that colony and State until 1842, a period of 179 years."

Thomas died October 2, 1674, followed by John on February 20, 1676, neither leaving male descendants.

According to Cuttler: The Clark family of Rhode Island is descended from an ancient family of Westhorpe, a manor in the hundred of Hartsmere, county Suffolk, England, owned at the time of the Doomesday Book (1081) by Gilbert De Bund, and once the seat of Charles Brandern, duke of Suffolk.

1. John Clark, to whom the lineage of the American family has been traced, was from county Suffolk, England where he was buried March 3, 1559. He had sons: John, and Thomas.

2. John Clark son of John (1), was born in February, 1541, and was buried in Suffolk county , April 7, 1598. He married Catherine Cook, daughter of John Cook.
John ;
Pasor. 1574;
John, 1577;
Margaret, 1579;
Mary, 1581

3.Thomas Clark, son of John (2) Clark, was born on All Saints Day, November 1. 1570, and died July 27. He married Rose Kerige .
The family from which the three immigrant brothers* descend.

Margaret, born 1600;
William, 1617 ;
Rev. John*.
Joseph, born, Dec. 9, 1618.*

In 1638, Joseph Clark was admitted an inhabitant of the Island of Aquidneck at Newport, in 1641 was admitted a freeman.
In 1644 he was one of the original members of the First Baptist Church of Newport.
In 1646 became a member of the general court of trials.
He was commissioner in 1655-57-58-59 and an assistant in 1658-63-64-65-78-80 and 1690. He was deputy to the general assembly from 1668 to 1672 and again in 1690.
His name appears among of the inhabitants Westerly in May, 1669, and in 1677 he was a member of the court of justices of the Peace.
He and his wife Margaret were of Newport in 1680. He was twice married. His wife Margaret died1694. The name of his first wife is not known. According to the LDS web site his 2d wife was Margaret Turner born 1621 and they were married Nov. 16 1664. Joseph died Jun. 1, 1694.

Children of Joseph Clark are:
1. Joseph, jr. b. Feb. 11, 1642, Newport RI, d.Jan. 11, 1726, Westerly, RI
2. William, b. Sep. 30, 1643, Westerly, RI, d. Sep. 30, 1683, Jamestown RI
3. Mary, b.1645, Westerly, RI, d. 1695, Jamestown, RI
4. Sarah, b. Jan. 29, 1663, Westerly, RI, d. 1695
5. John, b.1645, Westerly, RI, d. Apr. 11, 1704, Newport, R.I
6. Susanna, b. 1653, Westerly, RI, d.
7. Joshua, b. 1649, or 1660, Westerly, RI, d. 1702, Newport, R.I
8. Thomas, b. Mar.17, 1656, Westerly, RI, d. 1705,
9. Carew, b, Abt 1665, or 1668, d. Jun. 5, 1759
10 Elizabeth, b. 1667, Westerly, RI,

Joseph Jr. born, Feb. 11, 1642, he married, Bethiah Hubbard daug. of Samuel Hubbard and Tasy (Tacy) Cooper, Nov. 16, 1664. Bethiah was born in Springfield Mass. on Dec 19, 1646 and died Apr. 17, 1707.

Children of Joseph and Bethiah are:
1. Judith b. Oct. 12, 1667, Newport, RI, d. Jul. 17, 1747
2 Susannah B. Abt 1669, Westerly RI,
3. Joseph b. Apr. 4, 1670, Westerly RI, d. Jun. 5, 1719
4. Elder Joseph b. Apr. 14, 1670, Westerly RI, d. Jun. 5, 1719
buried: Clarke Ground, Westerly RI,
5. Samuel b. Sep. 29, 1672, Westerly RI, d. Jul. 25, 1769 Stonington, Ct
6. John, b. Aug. 25, 1675, d: Apr.11, 1764
7. Bethiah, b. Apr. 11, 1678, Westerly RI, d. 1756
8. Mary b. Dec. 27, 1680, Westerly RI, Died: 1760
9. Susannah b. Aug. 31, 1683, Westerly RI, d. 1761
10. Elder Thomas, b. Mar. 17,1686, Westerly RI, d. Nov. 26, 1767
Buried: Clarke Ground, Town Of Westerly, RI
11. William, Born: 21 Apr 1688, Westerly RI, d. Feb. 28, 1767
12. Bethia, b. abt 1690, Westerly RI, d. Apr. 17, 1717
Bethiah Clark married Rev. Thomas Hiscox, their daughter Edith married Joseph Crandall. They had a daug. Edith who married George Denison, they moved to Brookfield, Madison county NY, sometime after the Rev. war.

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Note: The Founder of Clarksville, in Madsion County, NY was also a descendant of Joseph and Bethiah, through their son Joesph, 1670 (above), his son, Joseph, Oct. 1728, his son, Capt. Samuel, then, Joseph, the founder of Clarksville who held many offices during his long productive life. He seems to have been a very busy and interesting man.