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The Betts Family

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The history of my Betts family in New England starts with John and Mary Betts (The Widow). I have not found much on this family and what little information I do find, is basically the same information quoted from the same sources, written in different styles.

Mary was a school teacher and ran a school out of her home in Hartford. She is referred to as the Widow Betts and sometimes Goody Betts in most things concerning her.
Mary's father was John Bigge of Cranbrook and his father was Richard.
John Betts' father was Alexander and mother Joan Larkin.

Mary and John Betts had at least three children:

Mary: b. abt. 1623, d. Aug. 1684, in Wethersfield aged abt. 61 years. She married in 1641 to Samuel Boardman.

Martha: b. 1625, d. April 13, 1701 in Wethersfield at age 71. She married at Wethersfield on Jan. 16, 1655, Nathaniel Graver, who was born abt. 1629 and died in Wethersfield, April. 13, 1701 aged 53 years.

John: b. May 5th 1627, d. Hunington NY, early in 1697. Married 1st. to Abigail Elderkin who was born in Dedham Mass. Sept. 13 1641, they were divorced, Oct. 14, 1672. She was the daug. of John Elderkin, of New London, Conn. Married 2nd. Abigail (Semith) Adams, March 13, 1672/3. She was born in 1632, was the widow of John Adams of Hartfield Conn. and the daug. of Richard and Rebecca Semith.

I descend from Mary who married Samuel Boreman.

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Interesting Information about Mary Betts

A description of Mary and her school
from: Colonial History of Hartford
Map of Hartford with property owners
find Mary Betts' lot near the first deep bend in the river. It follows the curve in the bend and is on the Meeting House to Mill Road. Find Thom. Lord jr.'s lot and and Mary's butts up to it.
A description of Mary and her school
From: Scaeva's Hartford
The School-The Church-The Grave-Down to 1650
Some interesting information I found about a John Betts in Cambridge Mass. Seems like he could have been a brother to Mary Betts Boreman.