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                                                   by Nyla Creed DePauk


Henry Taylor Wiseman was the first Wiseman of my line to move to Raleigh County, Virginia (now West Virginia).  He was born about 1813 probably in Monroe County, Virginia. He married Nancy Weikle on 12 February 1834 in Monroe County, Virginia. Surety was Isaac WisemanNancy, born 15 May 1810, died 4 March 1882 in Raleigh County, was the daughter of George Weikle, born about 1776 in Virginia, and Magdalena (Michael) Weikle, born about 1776 in Virginia. Nancy is buried at the cemetery above the Mattsville Community Church, Sandlick, Raleigh County, West Virginia.  Based on the 1850 Monroe County and the 1860 Monroe County census, Henry was born between 28 June and 28 July 1813.  Henry seems to have moved to the Raleigh County area about the time his daughter and son-in-law (Mary Jane and Lorenzo Atha) settled in the county.

1850 Monroe County, Virginia Census
(now West Virginia
29 July 1850 - #185/187
Henry Wiseman            37
Nancy                          40
Mary J.                        15
Alex M.                        11
George G.                    9
Emeline                        6
Wilson                          4
Amanda M                   2
Hannah M                    2/12

 On 6 May 1890, Henry T. Wiseman, age 77, born Monroe County, married Mrs. Elizabeth A. Bowyer (age 60) born Greenbrier County. They were married at Wilson Wiseman's. The information on the marriage certificate was given by George L. WisemanElizabeth Ann Thomas had previously married James Bowyer on 25 Dec 1849 in Fayette County, Virginia (new West Virginia).  Children of Henry Taylor Wiseman and Nancy Wiseman

1           Mary Jane Wiseman was born about September 1834 at Drooping Lick, Monroe County.  She married Lorenzo D (Dow?) Atha on 7 August 1856 at Wolf Creek, Monroe County.  They were married by Alfred BuhrmanMary Jane died 20 March 1923 at Mattsville, Raleigh County.  Lorenzo died 15 February 1899 at Mattsville.  Mary Jane and Lorenzo's children:

            -1         William Pembrook Atha was born ca 1857 in Monroe County.
            -2         Henry W. Atha was born ca 1859 in Monroe County.
            -3         Calvin Van Jesrook (Vandevere) (Vandervort) Atha was born January 1860 in Monroe County, according to his marriage record.
            -4         George Lewis Atha was born in May 1964 in Jackson County, Ohio. 
            -5         Amanda Ellen Atha, born 15 February 1865 in Jackson County, Ohio.  Amanda's birth is recorded  in Monroe County, West Virginia.  She died 14 March 1955 at Eccles, Raleigh County.
            -6         Nancy Virginia "Nan" Atha was born 5 September 1867.  Nancy died 5 December 1952 in Mount Hope, Fayette County.
            -7         Margaret Elizabeth Atha was born 15 December 1869.  Margaret died 18 June 1944 in Raleigh County.
            -8         James W.  "Jim" Atha was born 6 April 1872. 
            -9         Charles Alexander Athey was born 27 March 1876 in Raleigh County.  Charles’ family used the spelling Athey.
2          Alexander Matthew Wiseman  was born in Monroe County on 18 December 1837 and died 28 April 1915 in Hinton, Summers County.  He married Sarah Ellen Sims on 14 October 1858 in Monroe County.  Sarah was born about 1841. 

3          George Lewis Wiseman was born in Ohio about 1841. His wife was Emiline (Emily) Walker, born about May 1851 in Ohio.  George is buried at the Cook Cemetery at Mattsville.  George was a Union Soldier, serving as a private in Company "H" of the Second WV Cavalry from 27 August 1864-7 January 1865.  George died after the 1890 Special Veterans Census and before the 1900 census. George and Emiline's  children:

            -1         Zachariah Wiseman.  He was born in Meigs, Ohio about 1863.  He married Effie Jane Riffe on 22 October 1894 in Raleigh County. 
            -2         Samuel Wiseman, born 20 July 1867 in Vinton, Ohio, was married on 23 December 1897 to Sarah "Sallie" Arthur who was born 27 May 1878.  Samuel died 30 April 1952 and is buried at the Wiseman Cemetery at the Mouth of Dillon Creek, on Sandlick.  Sallie who died 9 July 1930 is also buried at the Wiseman Cemetery.  According to the 1910 census, they had four children, three were living.
            -3         Mary Jane Wiseman, born about 1872 in Vinton, Ohio, was married first on 19 April 1889 to R. H. Painter, born in 1867.  She married second James Remley Dickens on 11 June 1899. This was James Dickens' third marriage.
            -4         Albert "Birton" Wiseman, born about May 1873 in Ohio, was married on 19 April 1894 to Martha Ann Arnold, born 9 April 1877.  Albert was 20 and Martha was 17 when they were married.  Albert Wiseman was killed in the Eccles Mines explosion on 28 April 1914.  Albert and Martha are buried on the Westmoreland Property at Eccles.
            -5         Cora Rebecca Wiseman, born about 10 June 1876, was married first on 25 November 1897 to James Shannon Miller, born about 1875 in Raleigh County.  She married second Robert "Bob" Via Dickens on 2 October 1907.  Bob, born 22 May 1880 in Raleigh County, died 14 February 1958 in Raleigh County,  was a son of John and Mary Jane (Turner) Dickens.  It is possible that Cora married a third time since she is listed as Cora Wiseman, age 40, widow, in the 1920 census.
            -6         Anna J. (or K.) Wiseman, born 1880, married in July 1898 to William Austin Daniel who was born about1878. 
            -7         John "Johnny" Wiseman, born 12 August 1884, died in 1968 in Beckley, Raleigh County.  Johnny is buried at the Dillon Creek Cemetery at the mouth of Dillon Creek, Sandlick, Raleigh County.  Johnny Wiseman married Amanda Jane "Mandy" Atha on 5 May 1910. Mandy was born 21 August 1891 at Sandlick, Raleigh County.  She died 5 September 1987 in Toledo, Ohio.

 4          Joseph Wilson Wiseman was born about 1846 in Monroe County.  Joseph married Louise D R B J McDowell on 11 November 1867 in Monroe County.  The1900 Raleigh County census  record for Wilson Wiseman, born September 1844, and Louise D. Wiseman, born July 1841, show they had  been married 34 years, had one child who was still living. Their sons:

             -1         Henry P. Wiseman was born about 15 October 1867, in Summers County according to his marriage record to Araminta A. “Minta” Maynor, born about 1864.  They were married 9 February 1885.  Araminta was a daughter of Dupee and Sinia MaynorMinta died from cold on 19 December 1885 at  the age of 22 years, 8 months, and 4 days  Henry married second Ruth E. Moles, born in 1868, on 3 March 1887.  Based on his marriage record to Rutha, Henry's date of birth would be 15 Oct 1867.   Henry was deceased when the 1900 census was taken.
            -2         George F. Wiseman was born about 1888.  He was a teacher.

Joseph  was married second on 12 October 1905 to Mrs. Betty Ann Stegall who was born in February 1854 in Raleigh County. 

 5        Amanda M. "Mandy" Wiseman, born about August 1848, in Monroe County was married about 1868 to James Clark "Jim" Wiseman, born 1 April 1846.  Mandy died about 1949 in Portsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio.  According to the 1900 census and 1910 census, she had 13 children, seven were still living.  Their children:

             -1         Margaret Emma "Maggie" Wiseman, born about 18 February 1868 in Monroe County, was married on 20 November 1884 to George Lewis Atha, born 10 May 1864 in Jackson County, Ohio. 
            -2         Clarence E. Wiseman was born 19 January 1870.  He probably died young.
            -3         Ida Jane Wiseman, born 2 March 1871 in Summers County, married first George Washington Cottle on 10 July 1888 in Raleigh County.  George was born in August 1864, died 16 February 1906 and is buried at the Maynor Cemetery at Cirtsville, Raleigh County.  Ida married second Marcus Cicero "Mark" Miller on 7 October 1899.  Mark, born 30 Mar 1866, died 5 Mar 1943, was first married to Sarah Elizabeth "Sally" Lester on 20 December 1888.
            -4         Laura B. Wiseman was born 3 March 1872.  She died 2 March 1893.  She was never married.
            -5         William Albert Wiseman, born on 4 November 1875 in Summers County, West Virginia, married Drucilla (Druzilla) Rorrer on 14 April 1892 in Raleigh County.  William was 16 years, 6 months, and 10 days old when they obtained their marriage license. Drucilla was 16 years and 6 months.  Drucilla was born ca November 1875 in Raleigh County.
            -6         Robert A. Wiseman was born 20 July 1876.   He probably died young.
            -7         Eddie Wiseman was born 18 April 1878.   He died 21 August 1879.
            -8         Erastus Albert Wiseman, born 1 January 1880, died 28 April 1914.  He was married on 28 April 1900 to Sarah Hattie Phipps who was born 27 March 1881.  He is buried at a cemetery on Old Mattsville Road between Route 3 and Harper, Raleigh County.
            -9         Almeda Wiseman, born 16 February 1883, married  Arthur Garfield "Gar" Turner on 13 October 1901.  She was 18, and he was 20.    "Gar" was born 4 April 1883 and died 12 January 1937.
            -10       Nancy Matilda Wiseman was born in August 1885.  She married John Aaron Arnold on 11 February 1904.  John was born 2 June 1883 or 11 February 1884  in Raleigh County.  Nancy had two children according to the 1910 census.  Nancy Matilda (Wiseman) Arnold died at age 70 on 7 January 1955.
            -11       Charles A. Wiseman was born 20 April 1889.  He probably died young.
            -12       Dema Wiseman was born 16 August 1890.   She died about 1939.  Dema married  John Newton "Jack" Aliff on 24 October 1906
            -13       Roena Wiseman was born in 9 October 1893.  She married first Lacy Dean Clyburn on 9 October 1908 in Raleigh County.  Lacy was born 12 June 1888 and died about 1921.  Roena married second George W. Williams, born 14 October 1885 in Raleigh County, died about 1954 in Pike County, Ohio.  Roena  died 24 May 1964 in Pike County, Ohio.

6          Elizabeth Wiseman, born about 1848, was probably a daughter.  She was married on 16 August 1876 to Edward W. Tyree, born 1823 in Powhatan County, Virginia. 

7          Hannah M. Wiseman was born in 1850.  She may actually be Harriet Wiseman who is listed below. 

8          Harriet M. Wiseman was born about 1852 in Monroe County.  Harriet Wiseman married Thadeus Remley "Thad" Maddy about 1870.  Thad was born about 1845, and died about 1913.  Harriet is buried at the Tilden Cemetery on Sullivan Road at Glen Morgan.  The dates on the tombstone are 1850 - 1945.  Thad is also buried at the Tilden Cemetery.  According to the 1900 and 1910 censuses, Harriet had given birth to twelve children; however, only six were living at that time.    Thad and Harriett (Wiseman) Maddy.    The Thad and Harrett (Wiseman) Maddy family.

9         Martha Wiseman, born in 1852 in Monroe County, died at age two on 28 December 1854 in Monroe County.  Harriet and Martha may be twins, or they possibly are the same person. 

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