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Jeremiah Williams from Giles County, VA, had a large family.  Three sons  had descendants that settled in Fayette Co VA (now Raleigh Co WV).   These three sons are David "Lonesome Dave" Williams, Alexander Williams, and Andrew Williams.   David's son James is represented by Carl M. Williams.  Alexander's son Jeremiah "Jerry" is represented by William E. Williams.  Andrew's son Anderson is represented by James F. Williams.  Their DNA match.


Any male with the surname Williams that has roots in Raleigh County or Fayette County is encouraged to participate in the FTDNA. 


There are several other males who have been tested that also match the descendants of Jeremiah Williams.   However, we have not linked their paper trail to Jeremiah Williams.  This would lead me to think that the common ancestor was prior to Jeremiah Williams.