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RUTH TURNER, fifth in the family, married John Lackey, and there were born to them six children, four sons and two daughters, by name in rotation as follows: Wm. Crawford, Georgia, Mariah, Letitia, Elkanah and Marshall. Mrs. Lackey was the first of her family to pass. She died March 14, 1844. She was an excellent woman, a member of the primitive baptist church. Her funeral was preached by Rev. Joshua Adams, of precious memory, from the text, "many daughters have done virtuously but thou excelleth them all." The family resided near Elamsville, Patrick county, Va.

Their eldest son, Wm. Crawford, married a daughter of Samuel Snead. They raised a family of six or seven children. One of his sons, Elkanah, is a Dunkard preacher, and a man of gigantic physical strength. Crawford died some five or six years since. His widow still survives. George, the second son, died suddenly of choleramorbus while out on a wagon trip over in Floyd county, V., in 1857. Mariah is presumed to be living still. She never married. Letitia was a physical beauty. She married Tazwell A. Thomas in 1856. He was a brave confederate soldier. They had quite a large family. They are both living, but are quite old and infirm.

Elkanah died in the Confederate army a beautiful youth, brave and heroic, of about twenty summers. Marshall, the youngest in youth as "beautiful as Absolem," whether living or dead, alas, we know not. Their father, John Lackey, lived to be the great age of 90 years.