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WILLIAM TURNER, the third son, was raised up to maturity on the farm and received a plain, simple education. By occupation was a practical farmer and stone mason. He married Martha, a daughter of Edward Philpott, Sr., who resided at the mouth of Town creek in Henry county. He settled with his bride on waters of Sycamore creek, a tributary of Smith's river, in Patrick county. His family consisted of one daughter, Ruth, born about 1839. She married Mat. T. Lawson, a surveyor, of Patrick county. They had quite a large family. Mr. Lawson* died during the Civil War. Ruth still lives and resides on the "Meadows of Dan" in Patrick county. Her father sold out his holdings, and bought a nice farm on the Meadows of Dan, situate on the west border of Patrick county, Va., where he died of measles at age 80 years of age. He was well-built, strong man, medium height, weight about 165 pounds; was quite well informed; companionable; a fine talker, and scrupulously honest; had many friends and comparatively few enemies; in sentiment a Whig and Missionary Baptist. Truly it may be said of him, "he kept his mouth and tongue out of mischief (making) an kept his soul from trouble." His good widow survived him eight or ten years and passed out, doubtless to rejoin him in the land far away, where the inhabitants never more say I am sick. Blessed world, happy dwellers over yonder.

*Note: Madison Thompson "Matt" Lawson actually died of typhoid fever on 4 Nov 1893. See picture of Matt and Ruth and additional information from Wilma Padgett.