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CRAWFORD TURNER, the second son, was raised up on the farm. Was very studious; hungered after knowledge; received a practical ducation, and by dint of his own perseverence made himself a scholar. At the age of 26 he married Susan, a daughter of Daniel Ross, a well-to-do old time farmer, on the 26th day of November, 1833. She was born Sept. 14, 1817. She was a young bride, but said to be very pretty. They began housekeeping highly favored. A home paid for, farm stocked, and colored servants to serve for profit and pleasure. There were born unto them four children as follows, viz: (1) Rufus Turner was born Sept. 15, 1834; (2) Murry Turner was born Aug. 2, 1837; (3) Arminta Turner was born Aug. 21, 1839; (4) Mattie Turner was born March 15, 1843. Mattie still lives, the only survivor of the family.

Rufus was a large, vigorous, good looking man, a fine mathemetician, well known and popular, a Whig in politics. Was elected Sheriff about 1856. Served a term successfully. Married Miss Rachel Critz March 12, 1857. Four children were born to them. He died of "diptheria" Sept. 19, 1862. Much lamented, his widow still serves at 82; lives with her son Edgar, near Stuart, Va.

Murry was also a fine looking, large portly man; was quite prominent; was also elected Sheriff of Patrick county and served 8 consecutive years. He married Miss Sallie Rangely Jan. 3, 1866. To this union were born 5 or 6 children. Politically he became a Republican and was a U. S. Revenue official. Owned a valuable property; resided at Stuart, Va., and died Nov. 20, 1889.

Arminta died Feb. 4, 1864. Was never married.

Mattie the youngest, was a great beauty; the idol of the family. Was religiously enclined, hence she became an early seeker and sure finder of the "pearl of great price." Has been an earnest Methodist church worker for the past 30 or 40 years. She married Capt. J. Thomas Clark January 8, 1867. He died May 2, 1884, leaving her a widow with two orphan children.

Thos. Lee, born Oct. 21, 1867, and Annie, born Sept. 18, 1869. Thos. Lee is quite a prominent citizen and resides at Stuart, Va. Annie married Dr. Boothe and resides at Pearisburg, Va.

Crawford Turner was a public-spirited citizen. Like his father, was an ardent Whig. Was popular and widely known in his early days. Was a Civil Magistrate for several years; was a Court Commissioner in Chancery; was elected two terms to the Legislature of Virginia; was the Whig candidate for State Senator in the District composed of the counties of Patrick, Henry, and Franklin. Archibald Stuart was the Democratic candidate. In Patrick and Henry Turner's majority was unusually large, but Franklin was overwhelmingly Democratic. Stuart was selected by a reduced plurality. He was for many years Colonel, commanding Patrick county's regiment of Virginia Militia way back in the 40's and 50's. Was elected Sheriff of Patrick county, Va., and served two consecutive terms. The war for the union, 1861 to 1865, coupled with the irreparable loss of a son and daughter of great promise, virtually crushed the life out of Colonel Turner. He died rather prematurely July 17, 1865; age 58. His widow survived him 23 years. She died March 4, 1888; age 71 years.