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Welcome to My Mattsville Genealogy Page!

Mattsville, Sand Lick, Raleigh County, West Virginia 
ca Spring 1925 

Row 1: Orville Bailey; Sylvia (Dickens) Herron (born 3 Sep 1923), daughter of 
Gilbert Haven Dickens; unknown boy from Pax; unknown man from Pax; 
John Dickens (born Jan 1846); Will Newman (born 1866).

Row 2: Claude Newman (born 1895); George Henderson (born 1875); 
unknown boy; unknown boy; unknown girl; unknown girl; unknown girl; 
Bessie (Bailey) Roberts; Edith (Dickens) Atha; Almeda (Dickens) Bailey.

Row 3: Robert Via Dickens (born 22 May 1880); Hubert Turner; Sidney Dickens; 
Dewey Turner; Garfield Turner; Edith (Allen) Turner, wife of Garfield; unknown; 
unknown; Mae (Newman) Dickens holding baby (probably Dorothy Beatrice, 
born 15 Oct 1824); Icy (Taylor) Dickens; Mary Etta (Turner) Dickens.

Row 4: Millard Dickens (wearing hat); Suse Newman; Harrison Turner (wearing hat);
Sarah Elizabeth "Liz" (Dickens) Henderson. 

If you can identify any of the other unidentified individuals, please let me know.

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