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by Eugene L. Scott


††††††††††† A few weeks ago we were inquiring if anyone could supply a list of the men who served in Captain William Turnerís company of State Guards during the waning months of the War Between the States.We now have such list, supplied by Miss Hila A. Richardson of Beckley, retired teacher, who wrote her Masterís Degree thesis on ďRaleigh County in the Civil War.ĒThe muster roll of Captain turnerís company is included in her manuscript.

††††††††††† The company of State Guards was made up of men from Raleigh, Wyoming and McDowell Counties.Captain Turner, who commanded he outfit, was then 24 years old.He had been seriously wounded in action at Cross Keys on June 8, 1862, and was honorably discharged from the Union army.After returning to his home on Sand Lick and recovering from his wounds, he was first placed in command of a company of 50 Raleigh County Scouts, later was placed in command of the Home Guards.

††††††††††† Second in command of the Home Guards was Lieutenant John (Jehu??) Dickens.Enlisted men were: Andrew J Allen, who was killed by guerillas on April 9 in Raleigh County, Carr Allen, Larkin Allen, Aaron Angle, John Asbury, George W. Balden, Abner Belcher, Abraham Belcher, Andrew Belcher, Daniel Belcher, Runnion Bishop, Henry Bishop, Hiram Blakely, James A. Blakely, Wiley Blakely, Lewis Blankenship, fourth sergeant, Fielden Bonds, Joseph Bonds, Rush F. Bonds, Wesley Bonds, James H. Brown, Wilson Brown, George A. Clay, John F. Clay, Maston Clay, Ralph S. Clay, second sergeant, William Clay, Peter Cline; JamesE. (?) Cook, Pemberton Cook, Rufus Cooper, Allison Davis, Francis Dickins, third sergeant, Ralph K. Dickins, Thomas Dickins, Isaiah Elkins, James H. Elkins, Charles Ellison, Anderson Graham, Lewis Graham, Luke Graham, Sr., Luke Graham, Jr., Hamilton Harper, sergeant, Francis M. Hendrix, James K. Hendrix, John High, Henry Hunt, George Jarrell, Gibson Jarrell, James Jarrell, John Jarrell, Alexander Laine, Henry Laine, Garrett P. Lambert, Hiram Lambert, Steel Laverty, sergeant, Floyd Lusk, Charles K. Lester, Henry P. McMillion, Meredith McMillon, Oliver Marshall, William P. Meadows, Dudley Miller, James W. Miller, James A. Mitchum, William Monroe, first sergeant, William Newsom, Squire Pauley, John E. Perfeter, Andrew J. Perry, Thomas Riggle, John Rowe, Joseph A. Sarrett, John r. Sarrett, Allen P. Saulsbury, James W. Saulsbury, LaFayette Saulsbury, James W. Saulsbury, Henry Stewart, Charles Totton, John B. Turner, Samuel Underwood, William Webb, Napoleon Wells, Jasper Workman, and John Workman.

††††††††††† William Turner was commissioned a captain and authorized to raise a company of 50 scouts in Raleigh County on February 11, 1864.His company was ordered to disband on May 11, 1864.Men enlisting in this outfit were: Andrew J. Allen, Jackson Arnold, James Arnold, John Beckett, Samuel Beckett, Michael Belcher, John Belcher, Aquilla Bond, Rush F. Bonds, David Brown, James P. Canterbury, Samuel Cantley, Booker Clay, William K. Clay, James E. Cooper, Ballard Cook, James P. Cook, Pemberton Cook, Jr., Lucien Davis, Ephraim Dickens, Henderson Dickens, Isaac Dickens, Francis Dickens, John (Jehu??) Dickins, Ralph Dickins, Amos Gallimore, Hamilton? Harper, Francis H. Hendrix, James E. Hendrix, James Jarrell, James Jones, Phillip Lambert, Alexander Laverty, Marion Laverty, Ralph Laverty, Steel Laverty, John Lykins, James McVey, Andrew Milam, James Milam, Lewis Morris, Costly Stanley, Alfred Stover, George Stover, Jubal Stover, John H. Sarrett, Eldridge Sarrett, William Sutphin, Levi D. Tharp, Parris Totten, Ballard Williams, Floyd Williams, Pleasant Williams, Stephen Williams, Elliott Wills, Jasper Workman, Joseph Workman, and Robert Wriston.

††††††††††† One of Capt. Turnerís scouts, Andrew J. Allen, was captured by Confederate guerillas while returning from scout duty on April 6.Another, James E. Conner, died on February 4, 1865, of wounds received on January 12.Resigning from the Scouts to enlist in the Union Army were Pemberton Cook, Jr., Philip Lambert, Marion Laverty, and Parris Totton.




March 14th, 1917

Washington, D. C.

453 Irving Street, N.W.


John B. Turner

Esau, W. Va.

My only surviving brother.

Dear John,

Each of us are old now having well nigh done our do. Soon we shall pass out and, in time, be forgotten.So tis true ďman at his best estate is altogether vanity.Ē

I sometimes abhor the thought of passing out to be remembered no more!Twas this thought that caused me to write out and have printed in booklet form a brief memoriam of our Grand Parents Rev. John Turner and his family of 13 children and a number of their grand children et als.Some future writer can refer to my brief for dates, names, ages, and localities.In this a Turner history can be perpetuated and traced.Take good care of yours.I sent you a copy, didnít I?If not, I can send you one.

I am quite proud of my ancestry.The original Turnerís were a fine race of people.English Stock.Our Motherís Stock was Dutch.John, I have you an alphabetical list of the names of the Military Company I had the honor to command from February 11th, 1864 to August 1st, 1865.Grand list of old boys.I loved them all.Native Virginians.At least 50% of them have past over to answer roll call on the other shore.I thought it would please you to have a list of their names.

John, our brief life history has been checkered and strange indeed.Our road from the cradle on thus far has been seasons of storm and sunshine.Our road way, very hilly in part, and in part smooth and very pleasant.So on the whole, weíve little to complain of.This is the best world we were ever in.Iím in love with it.The fellowship of kindred minds is like to that above.The two worlds have many striking resemblances I think.ďOne family we dwell in Him.ĒPart of which has crossed the flood and part of crossing now.Out of the storm, into the house.I get lonesome sometimes.So many of my old chums have passed over.The passing of William H. Abbott, my dear old brother, heísthe gained, I doubt not.

1864 & 1865 All Privates:

Arnold, Jackson (1 month - not mustered)

Arnold, James (1 month)

Clay, Booker

Davis, Allison S.

Dickens, Ralph K.

Dickens, Thomas

Elkins, Isaiah

Elkins, James R.

Ellison, Charles

Gallimore, Amos

Graham, Anderson

Graham, Lewis

Graham, Luke

Graham, Luke, Jr.

High, John H.

Hendrix, Francis W.

Hendrix, James K.

Hunt, Henry

Harper, Hamilton

Jones, James

Jarrell, George

Jarrell, Gibson

Jarrell, James

Jarrell, John

Jarrell, William

Laferty, Alexander

Laferty, Marion

Laferty, Ralph

Laferty, Steel

Lambert, Hiram

Lambert, Garrett P.

Lambert, Phillip

Lester, Charles K.

Lykens, John

McMillion, Henry F.

McMillion, Meridith

McVey, James

Marshall, Oliver

Meadows, William T.

Miller, James W.

Mitchem, James A.

Morris, Lewis

Newsom, William

Pauley, Squire

Perfater, John E.

Perry, Andrew J.

Riddle, Thomas

Rowe, John

Saulsbury, Allen P.

Saulsbury, James W.

Saulsbury, Lafayett

Simpson, William L.

Stover, George

Stover, Jubal

Surratt, Joseph A.

Sutphin, William

Tharp, Levi D.

Totton, Charles

Totton, Parris

Turner, John B., Jr.

Underwood, Samuel

Webb, William

Williams, Ballard

Williams, Stephen

Walls, Napoleon B.

Wilson, Robert W.

Wriston, Robert

Total 113 men discharged at Brownston, W. Va. 1st August 1865.Goodbye old Boys.

Wm. Turner