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Every effort has been made to accurately transcribe the original document with no attempt to correct spelling, grammar, or punctuation.  Italicized words are those of the author and evidently reflect items of great importance to him.  Although I carefully proofread, I apologize for any errors inadvertently introduced.  Unfortunately, the Appendix (Great Grand Father), which is the last page, is partially illegible.  Should anyone have a better copy, I would certainly appreciate knowing the ages at their death of the children of William Turner. 

Capt. William Turner, his wife Martha, and their daughter Louise are buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery just outside Washington, D.C. 

Nyla CREED DePauk
A great-great-niece of Captain William Turner
Transcribed by njd: June 1985 
HTML: May 1998


and their large family of 
thirteen children and part of 
grand children named and to all grand 
children and their descendants, this
brief memorial is affectionately dedicated


Huntington, West Va. - Sept. 1914

The subject of this sketch, Rev. John Turner, was the third son of Wm. Turner, of Franklin country, Va; was born Sept. 21, 1779, and married Nancy, a daughter of John Burnett, of Patrick county, Va., in 1804. She was born Aug. 15, 1787. To this union there were born 13 children, 7 sons, 6 daughters. He resided in Henry country, Va., where all their children were born save their youngest, on the waters of Town creek. They sold their holdings in Henry county to a kinsman, Stephen Turner, and removed to Patrick county about 1828, and owned and occupied a farm of 433 acres on a branch of Goblin Town creek, a tributary of Smith's river. The farm adjoined that of his father-in-law, John Burnett, aforesaid postoffice address, Elamsville, Va.

They owned 10 or 12 colored servants. He and his good wife recognized the fact that they were human beings and accountable to God for the deeds done in the body, therefore, they were kind and indulgent to their colored servants, sharing liberally with them products of the farm such as food and substantial clothing. They were not tasked, nor spurred by threats of whip or lash.

He was not a classical scholar, but had a practical education. During "the war of 1812" he served a term as a soldier in defense of his country, and held the honored rank of "ensign." Was stationed at Norfolk, Va., and received honorable discharge immediately after the battle at New Orleans January 8, 1815. 

Morally he was clean and upright. Few men have lived nearer up to the Golden Rule. Intellectual, above an average; a man of fine native ability, he had and held the respect and confidence of his acquaintance. Politically, he was a staunch Clay and Webster Whig, and voted for Belle and Everett in 1860. Further politically this deponent sayeth not.

He was a Civil Magistrate in Patrick county many years prior to 1850. Religiously, he was a Baptist minister of the Gospel about 60 years. First a primitive, and when the split came on about 1850 he went with the missionary wing of Emanuel's army. If "all are children of God by faith in Christ Jesus," what does mere name or sect amount to, anyway?

He was not eloquent, but better, he was logical and conclusive. Was well red up, and blessed with a tenactious memory. His wife, died Nov. 19, 1871. Closing out a long laborous life. She served faithfully her day and generation as a devoted wife, a loving mother and a generous neighbor. He lingered after her demise lonely and sad, seemingly the objects of time and sense had lost their charms for him. So on May 20, 1874, in the 95th year of his age, he, too, quit the shores of time. Good old people. Their mortal remains slumber side by side about 600 feet north from their old mansion home house to sleep quietly the coming years away.

Their children were as follows, viz.:

1. George W. Turner, son of Rev. John Turner, was born June 15, 1805, in Henry county, Va. 

2. Crawford Turner was born May 5, 1807, in Henry county, Va. 

3. William Turner was born Dec. 23, 1808, in Henry county, Va. 

4. Judeth Turner was born Jan. 6, 1811, in Henry county, Va.

5. Ruth Turner was born April 5 1812, in Henry county, Va.

6. Permelia Turner was born April 19, 1814, in Henry county, Va.

7. John Burnett Turner was born Feb. 27, 1816, in Henry county, Va.

8. Nancy Tate Turner was born Jan. 17, 1818, in Henry county, Va.

9. Adelphia Turner was born Jan. 24, 1821, in Henry county, Va. 

10. Elkanah B. Turner was born Jan. 6, 1823, in Henry county, Va.

11. Elizabeth Jane Turner was born Aug. 23, 1825, in Henry county, Va.

12. Stephen Hubbard Turner was born Dec. 8, 1826 in Henry county, Va

13. James Cornelius Turner was born May 10, 1829, in Patrick county, Va

Appendix - Great Grand Father (William Turner)